Chapter One: What?

It was a beautiful day in the country of Clow. The sun was high in the clear blue sky and the air had a spring feel to it. Everyone in Clow was enjoying the beautiful weather, well, everyone except a certain brown haired, amber eyed archaeologist. He walked the streets of Clow with a scowl on his face and bags under his eyes. You could say that he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or actually, not on the bed at all. It all started on that same beautiful day, only very, very early in the morning.

Syaoran woke up on the floor of his room shivering. It was still dark outside and hardly anything was visible. He got up stiffly and lit the lamp next to his bed. His room was bathed in light and the said light revealed a very simple room. A bed, night stand, bookshelf, desk, window, and a random box of books in the middle of the floor were the only things in the room. Syaoran put a hand over his face and sighed. Of all days he could have woken up like this, it had to be today. Today was the day that Syaoran had to report his findings at the archaeological dig site to the king.

Syaoran and the king did not have a very good history together. A few years ago, when the king was still a prince, he and Syaoran had had a fight, to put it simply, and if the prince had been the king at that time, Syaoran might not have his head. Neither Syaoran nor the king had ever forgotten that fight, and it seemed to Syaoran that the king was looking for a good reason to expel him from the country or a chance to make his life a nightmare. Needless to say, Syaoran was not looking forward to today.

Syaoran got up and decided to move the box of books to safer location while he was awake. He grabbed the side of box and realized the it was a lot heavier than he remembered. As he carried the box of books towards the book shelf, Syaoran felt his grip on the box slipping fast. Before he was able to set the box down, it slipped out of his hands and landed right on his big toe. He grimaced with the pain and let out a quiet "argh", along with a few curses under his breath. He pulled his right foot out from under the box and proceeded to hop around his room clutching his injured toe.

After he was finished hopping around, he sat down on his bed and bandaged his toe. Great, Syaoran thought sarcastically to himself, the perfect way to start a great day.

And that is how we got such a stormy faced teen on such a beautiful day. As Syaoran walked down the road that lead to the royal palace, he couldn't help but feel that the weather was mocking him, having such beautiful day on one of the worst days of his life.

Syaoran realized, after looking up at the sun, that if he didn't hurry, he would be late for his appointment with the king. After he got through the gates and into the palace he broke into a run towards the throne room. As he turned the corner, he ran right into someone. That "someone" was a girl who looked about his age with bright green eyes and short, light brown hair. Having never seen the princess of Clow during any of his prior visits to the palace, he had no idea who he had just plowed into.

On any other day, Syaoran would have immediately apologized to the girl he had just run into and offered to help her to her feet. But today, because he was in such a bad mood, and because the girl he ran into had managed to tread on his injured foot before she fell, he treated her very rudely. "Hey watch where you're going!" he said, glaring at her for a few seconds. Then he turned and ran off in the direction of throne room.

Sakura had never been so surprised in her life. She was walking down the hallway when all of the sudden, a boy about her age ran right into her. And not only that, but he had the nerve to treat her so rudely! She felt like she wanted to cry and explode with rage at the same time. Then she realized that the guy who ran her over might be an intruder, or some sort of convicted criminal. That was probably why he was running, she thought. She immediately went to report to her brother, the king, taking a short cut on the way.

Sakura burst into the throne room almost out of breath. "T-Touya!" she yelled, then took a deep breath, "There's an intruder in the palace!"

"What?" Touya replied in a bored tone.

"There's an intruder!" Sakura repeated.

Touya looked over at his sister, his disinterest clear on his face. "What did he look like?" he said in the same tone.

"Well," Sakura said, "I didn't get a good look at him, but he looked about my age, with brown spiky hair about this long." She put her hands a few inches away from her hair to indicate the length of the spikes.

"Oh yeah!" she exclaimed, "He was also wearing a big green cloak!"

"Oh it's just him" Touya said with disgust. "So how did you get acquainted with this, uh what did you call him? Intruder?"

"Uhm, well I was walking down the hall, when all of the sudden, he just ran right into me, knocking me over! And then he blamed the whole thing on me!" she said angrily.

"Oh did he now?" Touya said with and evil grin spreading across his face. Finally! He thought, now have a reason for whatever I decide to do to him.

"Touya," Sakura said, slightly confused, "why are you smiling?"

Just then, there was a knock on the door. "Enter" Touya said, barely keeping the excitement out of his voice. The door opened and the intruder (aka Syaoran) walked into the room. When he saw the person he had knocked over standing so close to king, a look of shock, confusion, and a hint of fear crossed his face. He stopped for moment, he was so surprised, but then he remembered his manners and knelt down and bowed to the king. "YOU!" Sakura shouted, pointing a finger at Syaoran. Syaoran looked up at the princess. She was glaring at him fiercely, so he glared right back. Their eyes were locked for a few moments until the king cleared his throat and said, "Well, let's hear that report! What did you find?"

Syaoran tore himself away from the intense gaze and explained briefly what he had found over the past few weeks. As Syaoran was explaining his findings, Touya noticed the fierce glare his sister was giving Syaoran, and he noticed that whenever Syaoran looked at her he glared right back. Suddenly, he had an idea. A brilliant idea if he said so himself. Touya mental called himself a genius. He had thought of way to get revenge on his sister for putting pond water in his face-washing basin, not to mention all the other pranks she had played on him and gotten away with, and Syaoran at the same time. A sly smile appeared on his face, but he quickly hid it. Fortunately for the king, Syaoran didn't notice this because he was having a short glaring contest with the princess at the moment. "Okay then… uh very…interesting." Touya said after Syaoran had finished speaking. "Now it's time for what I have been looking forward to for so long." Syaoran looked at him questioningly until he saw the sly grin spreading across the king's face. His questioning look immediately evolved into a look of fear. Syaoran knew something very bad was about to happen to him.

"It has come to my attention," the king said in a stately manner, "that you ran over my sister a few minutes ago."

The king paused to let what he had just said sink in to Syaoran's head. Syaoran paled. That was the princess he ran into! He'd done it now. He glanced over at the princess, who had a smug grin on her face. She was having a hard time fighting the urge to make faces at Syaoran.

"And," the king continued in the same stately tone, "you were very rude to her and you didn't even help her to feet." Syaoran gulped. "I have half a mind to expel you from the country right now in fact." The king stated. Syaoran winced at this. "But…" the king said after a pause, "I have an even better idea." Syaoran was now genuinely afraid and it was written all over his face. "Seeing as my sister doesn't have a bodyguard and because she has seemed so bored and lonely lately…" Touya trailed off in a mysterious tone. Sakura turned toward her brother. She didn't like where this was going.

Touya continued "you will be the princess's bodyguard and constant companion. You are not to leave her side for any reason, except maybe for private matters and sleeping, but otherwise, you two will do everything together from now on."

"WHAT!!" The princess yelled. "Touya!" she said in a loud, half whiny tone. "I don't want to have to spend all my time with him!" she said pointing at Syaoran.

Syaoran's jaw dropped. This was worse than being expelled from the country, well for him at least. Sure it was better than dying, but this would be torture for Syaoran. Having to escort someone who hates him isn't exactly his ideal job, but not being able to continue his career as an archaeologist was unbearable. At least he would have been able to continue his career elsewhere if he was kicked out of the country.

"You have until dinner to move into the guest room right next to Sakura's bedroom. If you try to run away, I will have people go out and track you down, and when they find you, you will be executed. Now get to it, dinner will be served at sunset and I expect you to escort the princess to dinner as your first job." Touya told Syaoran in a smug tone.

"Y-Yes sir." Syaoran replied, still shocked. He walked out of the throne room in a daze. He couldn't believe what had just happened.

Then it clicked in his brain that he only had a few hours to move all of his things from his house to his new room in the palace. He snapped out of his daze and ran out of the castle gates and all the way home. He started throwing his clothes into a leather bag. He also packed his books, his extra pair of boots, as well as few other items. He loaded everything into an old wagon that he used for bringing things to the dig sites he visited and pulled the wagon to the palace. At the gate, some servants were waiting to show him to his room and help him carry his belongings there. After all his things were put in his room and he received directions to the dining hall, Syaoran closed the door to his new room and lay down on his new bed. He couldn't believe what had happened in such a short time.

Meanwhile, Sakura was in the throne room arguing with Touya. "Why did you do that?" Sakura yelled. "I don't want to have him following me around for the rest of my life!"

"Simple," Touya answered with a smile. "For revenge, and because I can."

"Revenge for what?" Sakura asked.

"Well the brat and I had fight a long time ago and he got away without being punished, while I on the other hand was grounded for a month! And as for you," Touya said looking straight at Sakura, "I still have a lot of things I never got back at you for. Plus, this should be fun to watch."

Sakura was going to argue, but then the more rational side of her took over and she realized that no matter what she said or did, she wouldn't be able to change Touya's mind. So she stormed off to her room in a huff.

"This going to be good," Touya said to himself after Sakura had gone.

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