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"I'm not going and you can't make me!" I shrieked down the stairs

"You will and I can!" my mother yelled back

"There is no way in hell that I'm going to that stupid small green town!"

"Yes there is!"

I ran to my room and slammed my door. I looked around for my stuff but it was all gone. My mother must have packed it. Crap, she really wanted me gone. I couldn't understand why she would want me to leave, I mean she loved me didn't she? Maybe she didn't. I was worthless. Why would she want me here? I opened my bedroom door and slipped out, I stomped down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"FINE! You win! I'll go, but only because you obviously don't want me here!"

"Is that what you think?"

"Yes." I muttered darkly

"Darling, I would never want to get rid of you."

"Then why the 'I can make you, you are going!' bit earlier today?"

"Are you sure you want to know?"

"Your father has demanded joint custody. He demands you go live with him for at least the year, first I told him no, defiantly not in your last year. But then he told me he could sue me for everything I had if I didn't let you live with him for a bit. So now you have to go. I'm sorry honey, I wanted you to leave with no hard feelings for your dad, but I wouldn't want you leaving thinking I didn't want you." I tried to smile.

"When do I leave?"


"What time?"

"An hour." she said sheepishly

"Come on then, lets go to the airport." I said with a sigh. The drive to the airport was long, the flight was long and the drive back to Charlie's house I even longer than that. I sighed.

"What?" Charlie asked "What's the matter? You didn't want to come did you?"

"No, no it's not that it's just…well, it's just so green here."

He laughed and then we returned to our silence for the rest of the trip. When we got back to the house Charlie showed me the old truck he had bought for me, I was in shock, I mean it wasn't like the newer more expensive cars but it would fit in fine in this little town. I unpacked my things into my new room, I went to turn on the computer, then I realized how ancient it was so I decided to go make some supper for Charlie and I, when I came back up with my food it should have been loaded. I made something simple for supper tonight, a homemade pizza. It was delish. I called to Charlie who was in the front room to let him know that there was pizza there and then I made my way back up into my room. My mom had already emailed me 3 times. I laughed and quickly responded to her email. Telling her everything was good and that Charlie had gotten me a car. That I was excited for school, things like that.

I took my bathroom bag and got ready for bed, tomorrow would be an adventure. I fell asleep quickly after my long day of travel. The morning came quickly, to quickly. When I woke up I jumped into the shower, showers always calmed me down, relaxed me. When I got out of the shower I stuck my hair up into a ponytail and dressed in my powder blue v-neck shirt and favourite blue jeans. By the time I got down stair Charlie had already left for work, he left me a note giving me directions to the school, I smiled as I read it at least he was trying, he didn't seem so bad. I ate my breakfast quickly and then grabbed my backpack while walking out the door making my way to my new, or old, truck.

The drive to school wasn't a long one, I mean, a drive to anywhere in this town wasn't a long one. I parked near the main office and went to get my schedule. I didn't stay in the office long, I made my way to class quickly. The day went slow, my first class was English. I sat next to a girl named Angela, she seemed nice enough, she asked me to sit next to her at lunch, and luckily she was in 4 other of my classes, the one she wasn't in was Biology. Which I had after lunch. Lunch came eventually and Angela introduced me to her friends, Jessica, Lauren, Eric, Mike, and Tyler. They all seemed fairly nice, although Jessica and Lauren didn't seem very pleased to see me at their table. I turned around to see what the other people in town were like and a stunning person caught my eye. I needed to know who he was.

"Angela. Who are those people?" I turned around once again to take a good look at all of them, they were all amazingly beautiful.

She laughed quietly. "Those, are the Cullen's, their handsome hey?"

"Yeah, sort of."

She laughed again, "Sort of she says…" I glanced back again to take another look the one that caught my eye was now laughing, his eyes were golden he wasn't the biggest one there and he wasn't the blond one.

"Who's that?"


"The one in the middle."

"Oh, that's Edward Cullen, but I wouldn't try anything with him. He doesn't date any girls around here."

"Ahem." Jessica and Lauren piped up

Angela rolled her eyes " They claim that they almost have a date with him now."

"I see."

"Which is why, you can't make a move on him. He's ours, and only ours."


"Don't worry, they thinking that he lies them, but everyone knows he doesn't." she whispered in my ear. I turned around once more, he was smiling, what a wonderful crooked smile. My heart melted at the sight of him. Then Lauren stood up from our table, fixed her shirt and asked Jessica about her hair, who gave her a thumbs up. Then Lauren walked over to the Cullen table gracefully and tapped Edward on the shoulder.

"Excuse me." I managed to pick out. "Could I have a word with you?" I started to snicker, but shut myself up so I could hear better. Lauren lead them over to an empty table and they sat briefly, I glanced back over at Edwards table who were now hooting with laughter and looking at Edward from across the cafeteria. I looked back to Lauren and Edward

"I was wondering, Edward, if maybe you would like to catch a movie this week-end?" she asked him with a smile I stifled a laugh

"It's Lauren right?" she nodded. "I'm sorry Lauren but it it's sunny this week-end I'm supposed to go on a hike with my family."

"What about if it isn't sunny out?"

"Well, if it isn't sunny, I have a date."

"With whom, may I ask."

"Time will tell." he said with a wink, then he stood gracefully from the table and walked silently back to his family members.

I was trying very hard not to laugh at Laurens expression, and apparently so was Angela.

"It's you isn't it!" she half yelled at me. I looked up confused.


"You already managed to seduce him into dating him behind my back!"

"Lauren, even if I did seduce him, which I didn't! it wasn't behind your back because I only met you 15 minutes ago!" I saw him watching us argue, along with the rest of his family and half of the student body. So I decided to add something else. "Plus,. He's not my type, so maybe next time you accuse me you should ask me first!"

She looked down, keeping her eye contact with Jessica as they exchanged glances. Then slowly, a cheering and clapping erupted from the cafeteria. I started laughing along with Angela who straightened up after a minute and started clapping with her. I was still laughing but I manage to turn around to see Edward clapping ever so slowly. I noticed the big one, who Angela told me later was Emmett, Anyways, Emmett was clapping loudly and then stopped to whistle. The gorgeous blond girl smacked him on the back of the head. The pixie like girl was clapping and squealing while the blond boy simply looked amused and clapped along with the cafeteria. I laughed some more and winked at Edward, then I returned my attention to Angela.

"Why is everyone clapping?" I said with a laugh

"Nobodies ever stood up to Lauren before! Most people would just go along with it!"

"Why would anyone do that!?"

"They're scared of her, she can be a real female dog…if you know what I mean."

I laughed harder. "A bitch?"

"Exactly." she said with a wink. "But you didn't hear it from me. What do you have next?"

"Biology, what about you?"

"I'm taking Chem." the clapping and whistling in the cafeteria had died down now so Angela and I made our way out of the cafeteria. I stopped by my locker and made my way to class, I was one of the last people at class. I gave my teacher the slip and he pointed out the last chair available. Right next to Lauren. Great, this was going to be a fun year. I rolled my eyes and placed my books on the desk. I looked over to Lauren to gage her reaction to me sitting next to her. She looked at me and glared with intense hate in her eyes. I looked away quickly, she wasn't going to be very forgiving.

From across the room I could see Edward looking at me with a little bit of sympathy in his eyes. Near the end of class our teacher gave us a little time to talk. So I got up and crossed the room intending to talk to Edward.

"Hi." I said with a smile. I looked him over his golden eyes had changed to black. Maybe he had contacts? His hands were clamped to the desk.

"Hello." he said taking a sharp breath as if I reeked.

"Are you okay?"

"Sort of."

"Okay… well I'll talk to you later maybe?"

"Umm, we'll see.."

"Bye." I was a bit confused, he seemed nice from across the room but as soon as I got close he was repulsed by me. I looked across the room at him again he was wearing a half smile but his eyes were still close to black. I tried to smile back but I was awfully confused so it turned out as an ugly grimace, which I believe is why he was laughing at me. Then the bell rang and I was off to my last class of the day, math, with Angela.

"Hey Angela, how was Chem.?"

"Oh, you know, same old same old."

I laughed. "That's not always a bad thing."

"How was Bio?"

"Uhmm, well it was interesting."

"Interesting was it? What happened?"

"Well, I got a seat next to Lauren…and Edward was acting really weird to, I'd like to be friends."

"You wouldn't want to be more?"

"No, probably not, I'd want to be friends, that's what I'm good at."

She laughed, "So how was Lauren?"

"Um, she was…interesting, she gave me the death stare and then ignored me for the rest of the class, but I'm sure it will get worse."

"It honestly wouldn't surprise me if it did, sorry."

"That's okay, I can handle Loony Lauren."

She stifled a laugh and we continued to chat for the rest of class, soon the bell rung for the end of the day and I made my way out to my car. One day down, a lot more to go.