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It has been over three years now, and he still wasn't over it. Everyone else thought he was, and at times, he thought he was. He forgave Amy, and he forgave Adam. Or so everyone had thought. There was nothing more in the world he wanted than for Adam to experience what he did.

He knew there were no girls on Smackdown that Adam was even the least bit interested in, but Raw was a different matter. Even better than that, this girl was scheduled to be moved to Smackdown in the coming weeks, giving him enough time to lay out a plan.

The only thing standing in his way was whether or not this girl would agree to the plan. He was sure with a little offering and a few promises, she would agree to anything he said. Who wouldn't do it for a hundred grand?

One way or another, Matt Hardy was going to get Adam Copeland to fall in love with Maria Kanellis, and proceed to rip Adam's heart from his chest.

Just like Amy and he had done to him only three short years ago.


It was her last night on Raw, though fans wouldn't know that until this coming Thursday. Her reaction was torn from being heartbroken and excited. She knew if she stayed on Raw, she'd never get the women's title. Their was Mickie, Beth, Melina, and Katie, who were all better wrestlers then her. But on Smackdown, it was only Natayla. Even though she was excited to go, part of her was saddened. She had spent years building up friendships on Raw, and she felt like she was abandoning them.

On the flip side of the coin, there were a few others who she became close with on Raw, also leaving for Smackdown. The newly proclaimed The Brian Kendrick, Jeff Hardy, and surprisingly enough, Umaga. That didn't settle her stomach when she thought about the other stars on Smackdown. She didn't know them well, and never really talked to them. The girls seemed stuck up, and the guys didn't seem to friendly. Maybe it'd all work out when she got over there, who knows? Maria was brought out of her thoughts by her cell phone ringing.

"Hello?" It said unknown name, which was odd.

"Maria? This is Matt Hardy." Now she was confused. She knew Matt, but never talked to him. She heard things about him through Jeff.

"Uh hi Matt. Do you want Jeff? He's in catering right now, I could go.."

"No, no. I called to talk to you." Matt told her, rolling his eyes at her rambling.

"Oh, sorry. Did you want something?"

"You're coming to Smackdown, right?" He asks, more than sure she was.


"Will you be at the tapings tomorrow?"

"No, next week." Dammit, he would have to wait an extra week. Oh well, whats seven days compared to three years?

"Great. Find me when you get here. I need to ask you something." Matt said, then hung up.

Maria was confused. What would Matt want with her? She didn't know, but maybe things were looking up. She wasn't even there yet, and someone wanted to talk to her.

Maybe the switch wouldn't be so bad.