Hello everyone! This is my first time writing so please go easy on me. First, I know it sucks, so don't continue repeating yourself. Second, even though they are not my favorite couple, this is a SasuHina fic, and don't leave reviews saying "Why SasuHina? They will never be together," I know that already. But who knows? They might get together…maybe… coughsprobablynotcoughs…Lastly, I had first written this story for my friends that had no idea what Naruto is, so if you're expecting any ninja action I suggest you turn back right now. They are normal people leading semi normal lives. Oh! And I know that Hinata's dad is supposed to be alive, but I changed it to her mother. It works better.

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Prologue She walks to school with the lunch she packed…

Normal P.O.V.

"Ahhh!" Hinata screams as her small, petite form hits the glass table. Blood covers her clothes and stains the floor around her.

"Get up and clean this mess," Natsume, her mother, says into Hinata's ear. The smell of alcohol stings Hinata's nose as she struggles to get up, but fails miserably.

"Disobey me will you?" Natsume says as she raises up the broken beer bottle, getting ready to strike Hinata again.

"What did I do, Mother?" Hinata asks weakly as she stares at the beer bottle.

"You were born," Natsume says as she brings the bottle down, aiming at Hinata once again.

"Please, stop." Hinata begs as she closes her eyes, already awaiting the impact she is sure was going to come. But before she closes her eyes completely, Hinata sees the horrid bottle aimed straight at her, then…

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