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Epilogue Concrete Angel.

Normal P.O.V.

On the date of November 11, 2008, Hyuga Hinata is proclaimed dead. All of her friends are heartbroken by the fact that they couldn't save her, but none more then Uchiha Sasuke.

The cremation ceremony was short; no one having the heart to say their final goodbye's out loud (or to be able to look at the body). So her casket was burned, the ashes kept in the Uchiha graveyard, under Sasuke's orders.

School soon went back to being normal; classes, lunch, homework. But everyday, all of her friends would gather together to remember her before dusk.

True, all of the people were never the same; Sakura stopped chasing Sasuke, Ino stopped spreading gossip, Shikamaru stopped saying everything was troublesome, and Lee stopped acting like a drunk idiot. Everyone has their own way of expressing their sadness, yet they tried to go on.

Sasuke went back to his old ways of never opening up, except to his friends. But he always goes to talk to Hinata before going home, and that has comforted him. His love for her never ceased, and he never even looked at another girl the way he had Hinata. Until one day at school.

Sasuke was walking on the pathway that led to his next class outside. There, he noticed her.

The girl's hair was cropped short, a midnight blue. Her skin, a pale white. But what had captured his gaze were her eyes: a pupil-less, pale lavender.

He ran up to her, to see if it was really true. When he stopped behind her he said the one word that he thought he would never get to say again,


To Be Continued…

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Teaser for the next story:

Past The Illusions


I stand behind her as I say her name. She doesn't move, almost as if she didn't hear me, so I grab her shoulder and shake her gently.

"Hinata," I say again. This time she does turn around, but more out of alarm then from me calling her name.

"Aa, I'm sorry," she says. I look deeply into her eyes, the same eyes that have haunted me for as long as I can remember, and I find that I can't breathe.

`She's here. Really here.`

"Um, do you mind letting go of my shoulder, please?"

I snap out of my state of utter bliss at the sound of her voice.

"Um, hello? Are you alright?" she says as she waves her hand in front of my face.

"Sorry. I'm just surprised to see you."

She gives me a confused look, and the reason why I was so shocked to see her comes rushing into my head.

"Why?" she asks.

I look at her again, and take a deep breath.

"Well…" I trail off, not knowing how to say it. So instead, I embrace her. "Let's just say you haven't been around for a long time and that I'm just really glad to see you."

We stay in the same position for a while. But instead of Hinata returning the hug, her body stiffens. I can feel her tense up at my touch, and when she calms down, Hinata does the one thing that I never expected or wanted her to do…She pushes me away.