Title: Concern

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: CM Punk/Colt Cabana

Disclaimer: Everything from WWE belongs to Vince McMahon

Spoilers: Unforgiven

Summary: Colt's concerned when he reads the Unforgiven results.

Feedback: Please

As soon as I read online that Punk was taken out of the Championship
Match, I call him to see how he's doing and what happened. I've gotten
yelled at for being a "mother hen" but I'm always concerned about him. I
was scared when I went with him to the hospital after he fractured his
skull during a match. I thought that should have been healed by now
since it was seven years ago, but it could have been irritated by a kick
to his head or something else.

We were both injured when he had the second hour long draw match with
Joe, but he still managed to have a five star match despite the back injury.

He's wrestled with various knee and back injuries over the years, so it must
be serious for him to be taken out of the match. When I call him and he
doesn't answer I get even more concerned that something happened to him
since he always answers. I'll probably get yelled at for the message I leave for him, but I'm concerned right now.

I'm relieved when I get a call back from him a little bit later, but the
relief turns into disappointment when it turns out he was fine and was
taken out of the Championship Match for storyline. I can hear the
disappointment in his voice at losing the belt so soon, and feel the