Chapter Three: Titanic With No Worries

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I woke up that morning, realizing that Jasper stayed. I couldn't help but to feel superbly happy. I mean, come on, I have the epitome of perfection cuddling with me! I turn to face him, and he's looking at me, smiling. I couldn't help but to smile back, and give him a hug. I glance at the clock, holy crap, it's early. The neon green numbers tell me its 8:27 am. I groan, and turn back to Jasper.

He looked at me, and mentioned my sleep-talking. I realized, horrified, that I dreamed about him. He obviously heard me talking about him. I tried to change the subject as fast as I could. I realized that I hadn't taken my human moment yet.

-"Ugh, it's only like, 8:30… I need a 'human moment!'" I groaned, rolling out of bed, and grabbing my bathroom bag.

-"I'll be here when you get out, darling," Jasper said, giving me a wink. I could feel my cheeks blush. I scurried out of the room, tripping on the way, of course. I heard Jasper chuckle, so I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him.

-"Very mature Bella!" He said, laughing at me.

After he said that, I continued to the bathroom. I turned the shower on scorching hot, and got in. I replayed yesterday's phone conversation in my mind…

-"Edward, hi!" I said, enthusiastically. I really missed him.

-"Uh, Bella, hi..?" He replied, sounding confused and distant. I couldn't help but to wonder why… My train of thought was suddenly interrupted by Alice's voice. It suddenly didn't sound so musical, it sounded like screechy violins, clashing horribly.

"Eddie, who is that? We aren't done what we started… you've been very naughty, and only I can punish you! Hurry up, sexy!"

I snapped myself out of it, and realized I was still in the shower. I got out quickly, and dried off. I looked down for my clothes, which I normally always put next to my bag, and realize I forgot them in my room. My room, where Jasper was. Oh god, how am I going to get myself out of this one..? I pulled my towel tighter around me, and went to my room. Before I opened my door, I took a deep breath. I turned the doorknob, and… I saw Jasper, looking better then ever, in a pair of skinny jeans, a grey long-sleeved shirt, and a white hoodie. He looked amazing. He saw me, and his breath caught in his throat.

-"Bella, you look… gorgeous!" he breathed. I couldn't help but blush, and thank him. I grabbed my clothes as fast as possible, and went back to the bathroom. Once in there, again, I look down at the clothes I chose. I giggled when I realized I grabbed skinny jeans too. My outfit consisted of white skinny jeans, a midnight blue thermal long-sleeved shirt, and matching flats. I got dressed, blow-dried my hair, and even straightened it. To finish off my look, I rimmed my bottom lash line with black eyeliner, and the top with mascara. I looked good, and I did it all by myself. I smiled satisfied, and proceeded to my room. I found Jasper in my rocking chair, reading Wuthering Heights. He noticed me staring, and put the book in his lap.

"Shall we get going, my dear?" He asked, standing up and holding his hand out for me grab.

"Yes, where are we going?" I asked, curiously, taking his hard, granite hand in my warm one. People are serious when they say opposites attract.

"I was thinking we could stop off at the house to grab some of my stuff, to leave them here, if that's okay with you?" He said, giving me the most pathetic looking puppy dog face ever. I couldn't help but to say yes. I would be able to get some of my clothes, and see Carlisle and Esme. They should be there, by now. I just hope HE isn't there with HER. That would probably dampen my surprisingly good mood.

"Yes, I suppose we can go there, I miss Carlisle and Esme so…" I said. I looked around, and realized we were in the car. Weird… I don't remember being brought here. I must have been too wrapped up in my thoughts. Jasper, feeling that I'm confused, chuckled and said:

"Sorry, I have plans for us later on tonight, and you were taking too long." He said, giving me a wink at the end. I felt my heart skip a beat. "Ugh, stupid humans, with erratic emotions!" I mumbled under my breath, only to end up blushing, as Jasper heard. Stupid, sensitive vampire hearing! I ignored him the rest of the ride.


We arrived at the Cullen house not too long after. The first thing I noticed was Esme giving us both a sympathetic look. I took a deep breath, and went over to hug her.

"I'm so, so sorry, dear!" She said, sounding as if she were crying, even if the tears would never fall. I couldn't help but to squeeze harder. I've missed her over the last night.

"Esme, I'm okay. Jasper's here for me." I said, barely able to contain my radiant smile. I tried to cover it up by coughing, but she caught it…

"So, Jasper, eh?" she said, eyeing me coyly. I couldn't control my blush. All she did was chuckle, and continue to ask what we were up too today.

"Well, I was thinking Bella and I would have a movie night tonight. Rosalie and Emmett home?" He said, and asked. We heard the almost thunderous foot-steps of Emmett coming down the stairs.

"Yes sir, I'm here reporting for duty!" Emmett said, saluting to Jasper. We all laughed.

"Would you four care to join Bella and me watching movies tonight? Each couple picks a movie, we pick Titanic." Jasper said, pulling me against him. I suddenly remember that one night after the newborn fight…

It was right after the newborns fight me and all the Cullens were seated in the living room. We were watching Titanic. I was curled up in Edward's lap, and I glance over at Jasper. I suddenly felt a pang of jealously… coming off of Jasper?

I was crying, the movie apparently, like all the others, brought me to tears. I looked at Jasper, and he smiled, my breath hitch, he had dazzled me! Edward heard it too, and instinctively leaned down to give me a kiss, obviously thinking he was the reason behind my little spasm. Boy was he wrong, so wrong.

I smiled, and realized why Jasper had picked this movie.

"Rosie, baby, what movie do you want to watch?" Emmett asked Rosalie, praying she picked a movie he liked.

"I'd like to watch…" Emmett was getting more impatient by the second… "Legally Blonde!" She said, with a smug smile on her face. Poor Emmett. Jasper and I couldn't hold our laughter in any longer. The others soon joined in, even Emmett.

"Carlisle, Esme… what movie would you guys like to watch?" Jasper asked, all four pairs of eyes turned to look at them.

"We both agree on watching The Wizard of Oz." They said, and we all looked at the puzzled. "What, it's a good movie, its funny, sad, sweet, everything put together!" Carlisle said, defensively. We dropped that subject fast.

After we decided on what movies we were going to watch later on, Jasper took me out to lunch in Seattle.

He brought me to a familiar restaurant… it was the restaurant Edward took me to our first date. I would have normally ordered the mushroom ravioli, but not now. It was time for a fresh start. I ordered simple spaghetti and meatballs, Jasper ordered the same.

It was funny watching Jasper glare at the food, like it was his enemy. I knew it was painful to eat for him; it was even more painful when it came back up. I helped him out a bit. He smiled at me, and my breathing hitched. The effect this man had on me was unbelievable. I finished eating quickly, and we left the restaurant, hand in hand.


We arrived at the Cullen house shortly after. I was very, very confused. There were big moving boxes stacked in the foyer. I immediately eyed Jasper suspiciously.

"Jasper, my dear, would you happen to know why all of their stuff is packed away in boxes?" I couldn't help but to sound interested. I mean, I want them to move out, but, so soon? I guess it doesn't matter…

"Darling, that's not their stuff, that's ours… we start school next week…" He replied looking at me like I should know this.

"I thought, but, ugh! I'm supposed to get changed!!" I whined, not even caring. I look over at Jasper, and he was trying to suppress a laugh.

"Bella, love, sarcasm, we're going to 'school'" he said, using air quotes. "Carlisle is going to change you. We've already thought this through. Everything's going to work out." He finished, bending down to kiss me. It was the first kiss we share since last night. I gladly kissed him back, until we heard Carlisle clear his throat politely.

"We're starting the movies… we thought you like to come join us, since it was your idea." He said, winking at us. I blushed, of course. We followed Carlisle into the lavish living room. We took a seat on the empty white loveseat. I could feel Jasper playing with my hair… I turned to whisper in his ear; so no one else could hear me;

We belong together." I was abruptly overwhelmed by the truth of my own words. The moment was so perfect, so right there was no way to doubt it. His arms wrapped around me, holding me against him... It felt like ever nerve ending in my body was a live wire.

"Forever," He agreed. I smiled, and went back to watching the movie. Jack and Rose were together, finally, on the front of the boat.

"Come, Josephine, in my flying machine, going up, she goes up, up she goes." Jasper whispered into my hair, at the same time Jack did to Rose. I smiled.

After we had watched all three movies, I could barely keep my eyes open. We said our goodnights, and Jasper carried me upstairs. He passed his own room, passed his room, and stopped at the end of the hall where there was a door I didn't even know existed. He turned the doorknob, and I gasped at what I saw.

A lovely beige room, with white and mocha brown accents, a huge canopy bed in the center, a balcony off to the left. It was gorgeous. What a same we were moving out in less then a week. This was our, as is Jasper and me, room. He carried me over to the bed, and placed me down gently. I needed to change into my pyjamas, but was too lazy to get off the bed. Luckily Jasper had grabbed them for me. I decided since Jasper and I were dating, I could just change right here. Me, Bella Swan was going to change in front of somebody. I felt very courageous, Jasper must have felt it too, because he turned to look at me. When he turned, I heard him gasp.


I felt sudden waves of courage hit me. I turned to look at Bella, and gasped. She had nothing but her bra and underwear on. I walked toward her silently, and enveloped her in my arms. I could feel the lust pouring off of her. I kissed her with as much passion as she could take. She unbuttoned my shirt in the process. I leaned down to kiss her gently. I took her by surprise when I leaned us back on the bed, deepening the kiss. Our hands traveled along each other's body, and she shivered. The effect this woman had on me is unbelievable.


I fell asleep with Jasper that night, with nothing but my bra and underwear on, and to tell you the truth, it felt great. I fell soundly asleep, not worrying about school, or anything.

I was perfectly content here in Jasper's arms.


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