Popular REJECT

"Today the neighborhood, tomorrow the world

Popular girl, popular girl."

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A Fanfiction Written By:

Snowflaked Angel

- I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined -
- I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned -

Dedicated to:

Starrynight3800 & Cute Pukite

-You're my all in all-

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Full Summary:

Meet Mikan Sakura: Her profile is practically stamped with the huge, red, bold letters that spell R-E-J-E-C-T. But, with the help of some rich teens, Mikan Sakura kissed her reject status adieu and was ready to take on school again, with her new gained confidence and charisma… that is, until her parents told her they were transferring her to a different school. Now, Mikan finds herself in the famous private school for the rich and elite: Alice Academy. There, she forms a popular clique, vows to tear down Luna and her cronies by beating the crap out of them in dancing, and somewhere in the fray, fall in love with the man of her dreams. Well, first she has to realize exactly who is her real prince charming. N x M

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▬Chapter One: Still Unwritten▬

Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

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A pretty brunette tossed her silky hair over her shoulder and winked at her reflection in the mirror.


"GMS." Nana held out her immaculately manicured finger in a GimMe-a-Sec way. She fiddled with her hair one more time before finally turning around. "Do you like my new light-orange highlights, S? It looks a little… different for me." Nana looked expectantly at her friend.

"Lawl, Nana. When have you ever looked bad? No pun intended, but lighten up, they are absolutely fab." A slow smile spread on Sasa's face. The two were in Nana's room, waiting for their other friend so they could hit the mall.

"Can you buh-lieve it, Sasa? We graduated from high school! Next year we're going to go to colleeege!" Nana sang the last word and wiggled her shoulders. Sasa burst out laughing at her best friend.

Meet Nanami Takahashi, ah-dorably referred as Nana by her closest friends in her clique. By far, The 30 was the most powerful clique at Tokudaiji High, and Nana was the alpha, the leader of that clique. She was the one that made it happen and brought their popularity to number one on the top charts.

So she's one of those unstoppable bitches, you ask?

Hell no. Where have you been? She's one of the nicest people in the school, and definitely has the most radiant smile of all the girls—and boys. The only time when she brings out her snappy attitude is when somebody hurts her or her friends; which, usually happens when the real bitches—jealous bitches, I daresay—start yapping and spreading preposterous rumors.

Or, when a bad boy starts getting down and low, when she is so not ready. That happens a lot. You can't blame sweet Nana, of course, because she is beautiful and naturally, beautiful boys cling to her like ten pieces of chewing gum stuck in her perfectly straightened, shoulder-length brunette mane.

Ouch, and moving on.

Next, is Sasaki, Sasa, Karasuma, the beta of The 30. Also beautiful, but very flirty, opposed to the alpha of the clique. It's absolutely im-possible for boys to stay away for more than one minute. Out of the three friends, Sasa had the most boy popularity, and she flirted with all of them, except for the ones that made her want to up-chuck her favorite chocolate pancakes. And man, this girl can eat and never gain a pound of weight. All the nutrients must go to her naturally pure black, shiny, long hair. Any girl, even Nana, envied that hair.

Honestly, though, if you didn't really know Sasa, you would never know that she rarely dated anybody. All her publicity—boy publicity—made her seem like a slut, but she wasn't as low as that. Our lovely Sasa never dated anyone unless she was really serious about him. That's why she had so much time to shop, and quickly became fashionable and trendy. Perfect beta-material.

"Anyway, Sasa, do you love this ring, or do you loooove this ring?" Nana held out her hand. "I saw it at the mall and I just had to get it."

"Omigosh, it is so so cute. Looove the crown! Totally alpha." Sasa leaned in closer. "Is it Juicy Couture?

"Haha, yup," Nana replied, admiring it happily. She hadn't gone shopping for jewelry for a month, so she was seriously missing out. It was glad to feel in again.

"Hellooo! So sorry that I'm late, Nana, Sasa." A girl burst into the room, carrying an expensive designer handbag and plopping herself on the soft pink couch.

"Momo! Don't be late next time. Take a look at this!" Nana stood up and twirled around, her hair dancing around with her.

"Oh my God! I love it so much! It looks so good on you." Momo jumped up and grabbed both Nana and Sasa's hands and twirled around.

"Jeez, Momo, be mature!" Sasa giggle-screamed.

Momo pouted. And the last member of The 30 was the sweet and cute Momoko Tanaka. Don't underestimate this petite and cute blonde, she has more brains than you think a blonde has. With her multi-talented brain, she rocks at everything, from dancing to computers to designing. And no, she wasn't a nerd at all. She looked too cute for that. Everybody adored her and came to her for help and advice. She gets a decent amount of boys too, but had a knack for knowing which boy was loyal, and which was a player, just by looking. While Nana and Sana got the boys, Momo was the real boy expert. The only downside of her is that she sometimes gets a little spazzy at random times.

"Hehe. Sorry. Anyway… guess why I was late."

"Hmm…" Sasa tapped her finger on her chin. "Because…"

"Your brother hid your wallet again?" Nana chimed in, remembering the good times.

"Ha, ha, very funny. But he's five! I want to kill him, gosh." Momo rolled her eyes. "But, no."

"Come on, it'll take us all day to guess, and I wanna go to the mall, pronto!" Sasa whined, stomping her feet in playful frustration.

"'Eeey. That is my new floor. Be careful with your heels." Nana pointed at Sasa's shoes and gave her "the teacher look", which is that ah-noying look the teachers give you when you're late for the fifth time in the morning. Momo burst out laughing and Sasa also cracked a smile.

"Anyway, I was late because I made a detour and found out the mall was closed today." Momo pouted.

"What?" Nana jumped to her feet. "Why?"

"Who knows. Some worker strike."

"Awww… that's so stupid." Sasa sighed and hugged a pillow to her chest, falling on the couch.

"No duh," Momo replied as she joined Sasa on the couch.

"Don't worry guys… we'll… do…" Nana looked around her huge room. Her eyes flitted across her vanity desk, her huge bed, view, plasma TV…

"I know! Let's give each other makeovers!" Nana exclaimed.

Momo groaned. "But we do that everytime, well, not everytime, but all the time when we don't go to the mall!"

Sasa agreed. "Mm. Yea, what Momo said." She was still down about the mall news.

"Urg. Um…" Nana looked around again, putting her hands on her curved hips. Her eyes suddenly caught a piece of paper. She walked over to it and her eyes widened.

"Ehmygosh… I have the best idea ever! Wanna hear it?"

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"Reject," somebody coughed.

Everybody laughed as Mikan Sakura made her way across the library. It was pure bad luck that the library was packed with her classmates from Tokudaiji High.

"That's the freshman reject from Toku?"

Mikan put her head down and trudged her way to the Twilight books. Because of what happened every time when she gets to the library, she couldn't check out the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, which came out many many days ago. She had to hurry if she wanted to be on time for her ballet classes taught by her mother.

As long as she kept her head down, everything would be okay. At least that's what she repeated to herself over and over again in her head. It worked until her head bumped into something.

"Hey, reject. You're in our territory now."

Mikan gasped and looked up. And there they were. The most popular freshman clique: Envy Us. The four pretty blondes had their hands on their hips and stared down at Mikan.

"That's right, reeeject," Kara, the beta of the group, sneered.

"I-I'm sorry." Mikan lowered her head and walked away.

Mikan jumped when a voice suddenly hissed in her ear. "Reeeject is reading reeeject books?"

It was Rina, the loyal follower. She laughed, which was supposed to sound cute, but it sounded like a total "mwahaha" to Mikan's ears.

"I-I…could you please stop following me? I'm just going to check out a book." Mikan immediately speed-walked away. To her dismay, she heard the clacking of three inch heels behind her, walking to the exact beat of each other.

Mikan spun around with her teeth bared. She was really mad. Couldn't she even check out a book without distractions? "Look, go away."

Koharu, the alpha of Envy Us, lifted her chin up and folded her arms across her B-cups. She rolled her eyes as she hissed, "Aww, the reject thinks she can order us around? She must really Envy Us. By the way, you look like a total female dog, and in case if you don't get it, a bitch!" She received a loud round of hand-fives and applause from her "groupies".

Mikan, herself, rolled her eyes. "Who would ever envy you guys? And who are you calling a bitch, when it's really what the name of your species?"

Koharu gasped and glared at Mikan. Then, she regained her composure and smirked and pointed behind her with her perfect French manicured index finger. Mikan flinched. Behind her was a throng of girls with their eyes glued to Envy Us.

Kara faked a smile and waved at them. "Sorry, we're not—ever," she whispered the last word, "accepting new members, at the moment."


"Ahb-iously, you are wrong, reeeject. Many people envy us." Koharu stabbed her finger at Mikan's chest, looking down at her offensively. It wasn't like Mikan was short, it was that she slouched because she wanted to stay hidden.

Soon, Mikan found herself surrounded by the Envy Us girls, and they looked like they wanted to have some… fun.

"How about we take this, somewhere else?" Koharu smiled evilly. Her cronies nodded and grabbed Mikan's wrist.

"Please—" Mikan choked out.

"Uh uh, girls. You're not taking our precious reject anywhere," A voice called out.

The girls turned around, looking for the source of the voice, but still kept their hands on Mikan.

"You dare speak to me, Koharu Yamaha, like that? Show yourself, bitch!" Koharu screeched. Kara stood by her and folded her arms across her chest.

Three girls came in sight from behind a bookshelf. They had their hands on their hips and looked haughtily down at Envy Us.

"The real question is, how dare you speak to us like that." Nana Takahashi smiled in satisfaction at the girls' open mouths, including Mikan's.

Mikan immediately lowered her head. She was a reject after all. Not even in a clique.

"Nana-sama! I'm-I'm-I'm… OMYGOD I'm so sorry!" Koharu broke down in fake tears and Kara immediately came to her assistance and patted her back.

"Oh, you better be, Moustache Kohaha." Sasa snickered. Koharu turned an ugly shade of purple upon hearing her elementary school nickname.

"Oh yeah! I still remember your amazing mouth from elementary, Kohaha!" Momo giggled.

A smile was tugging at Mikan's lips and her body was shaking. Rina made a move to shut her up, but somehow, Sasa already formed a death grip on Rina's wrist.

"Sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-ma!" Rina's eyes were glued to Sasa's hand on her wrist.

"Wow, you're a mess." Sasa raised her eyebrows at Rina.

"I-I-I-was just trying to keep the reject away from Sasa-sama, so it doesn't…" Rina looked at Koharu and Kara for help.

"It was being rude to you, saying bad things about The 30," Kara chimed in.

"Really?" Nana smiled sarcastically. "Actually, I recall you calling us bitches." Nana smirked when she heard Koharu's gasps. "Well, let's just have a little talk with Miss Reject, then. C'mon, Sasa, Momo." She paused. "And Mikan," she smiled as she walked out of the library, turning heads every second.

Momo giggled and hoisted Mikan away from Envy Us.

Mikan was totally lost for words. What was going on? One moment, she was being bullied by Envy Us, and suddenly, the most popular girls of the school were coming and taking her away.

Only three words could describe her jumbled up thoughts.

What the hell?

"This is going to be so much fun!" Momo clapped her hands in delight. Nana winked. Soon, they came to a black Mercedez sports car.

Mikan's eyes widened.

Nana smiled as she said, "Mikan, this is my baby, say hi."

"Err—h-h-hi," Mikan still kept her eyes glued to the floor.

"Girl, you're gonna be four feet tall for your entire life if you keep slouching like that," Sasa scolded before tossing Mikan into the backseat. Momo joined her in the back while Sasa and Nana took the front.

Momo texted Nana and Sasa.

MOMO: do u think we're goin 2 hard on her? :(

SASA: i dunno, don't think so tho. N?

NANA: if she can't handle this now, i don't think she'll b able 2 handle da wax.

MOMO: OMG so tru.

SASA: Gotcha.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

"Mikan, honey, relaaaax. We're not going to do anything… to you. That has bad intentions, of course," Momo added at the end.

"Huh?" Mikan choked out. She was being dragged by Sasa, who was following Nana. Nana pushed open the pink door to her room and danced her way inside before plopping herself on her huge bed.

"I can't buh-lieve you thought of this, Nana! Perf!" Sasa grinned at Mikan, who cowered in her presence.

"Excuse me, reject, are you scared of me?" Sasa suddenly asked, jumping in front of Mikan and putting her hands on her hips. She leaned down because she was taller, and grinned right in front of Mikan's surprised face.

"Uh…" Mikan smiled uneasily, leaning slowly back.

Sana focused her black eyes on Mikan's brown ones, then, she burst out laughing. "She's really scared of me!"

Momo giggled and said, "Let's get down to business."

Nana nodded. "Mikan, sit here." She patted the chair next to the bed.

"O-on your ch-chair? Nuh-next to you?" Mikan stuttered, her eyes darting from the plasma TV, walk-in closet, and three life-size mannequins of her, Sasaki, and Momoko.

Nana sighed. "Momo?"

Momoko smiled and walked over to Mikan. She gently placed her hands on Mikan's shoulders and roughly pushed her down. Mikan squeaked.

"As you might know, we're graduating this year," Nana began.

Mikan nodded vigorously, wondering what they were going to do to her.

"And, before we go, we decided… to help out. And, just keep the evidence of our existence in Toku High for a couple years, even if us, ourselves, aren't here."

Mikan stared at Nana, wondering how in the world she kept looking so beautiful.

Nana stared back at Mikan's brown orbs. "You follow?"

Mikan nodded again. This time, Sasa took over. "This is a hell lot better than doing dirty community service work, and—trust me—more fun." Sasa grinned at Nana and Momo.

"That's why, we're giving you a makeover!" Nana finally squealed, bouncing on the bed. Sasa and Momo shrieked along with Nana, flapping their hands in excitement and hugging each other. The only one that wasn't a bit excited was Mikan. I mean, hello, the three girls just practically smashed one whole pie in her face.

"Wait, does that mean you think I'm ugly?" Mikan gasped. She knew she was a reject, but never did she think herself as facially deformed.

"Ohmigawsh I didn't mean it like that, Mikan, honey…" Nana looked around for Sasa and Momo to back her up.

"I get it…Nana-sama," Mikan quickly added at the end.

"Mm yeah. Okay. Here's the plan," Nana whipped out her Palm-Pilot and tapped on it a few times.

She wiggled all five of her fingers at Momo and giggled. "Momo, my darling, will be doing your make-up."

Momo squealed and high-fived Nana. "Awesomeee!"

Nana smiled back and continued. "Sasa will be doing your fashion wardrobe." Sasa raised her eyebrows in an oh-yeaaa-baby kind of way and winked at Mikan. Mikan gulped and laughed nervously.

"And, I, will be coaching." Before Mikan could ask what exactly "coaching" meant, Nana continued on. "First, it will be Momo, then Sasa, then me! See ya, girls." Nana pointed to her vanity desk and walk-in closet.

Before Mikan knew it, Momo was right next to her. "Okay, c'mere sweetie."

"Uh, actually, Momo-sama, I don't really want—" Mikan started out.

"Um, no, Mikan, you are naawt going anywhere." Momo sunk her sparkling pink long nails into Mikan's bare arm. "Come. Now."

Mikan yelped in pain. Damn, cutesy Momoko was scary.

"'Eeeyy, Nana? I'll go all da way, 'kay 'kay?" Momo called from the vanity desk.

"Go for it!" Nana giggled.

Momo immediately pushed Mikan into the pink lounge chair in front of the huge mirror and opened what seemed huge music box. But of course, it wasn't a music box. It was filled with make-up accessories, from mascara to nail polish to fake, glittery eyelashes.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

Face Disgrace

"Damn, girl, your skin is a mess." Momo leaned away from Mikan's pimples, as if afraid that they were highly contagious.

"Um, actually, my parents are expecting me home right now, so…" Momo finally, finally, let Mikan finish a sentence.

"Oh, psh, don't worry about that. Did you think that we didn't take care of that already? Who do you think we are? Envy Us?" Momo threw her head back and giggled wildly. "We already called your parents. They were simply delighted."

Mikan groaned. "O-oh."

Momo guided Mikan to the huge bathroom with a huge smile and flipped on the faucet. A rush of water came down and Momo smothered some white foam onto her own hands and rubbed it all over Mikan's face. Mikan was practically choking. She squeezed her eyes shut as Momo suddenly dunked Mikan's head under the faucet, getting her face and hair wet.

Mikan coughed, Mikan choked, and Mikan spluttered water everywhere. A few minutes later, much to Mikan's dismay, Momo produced green jar of cream and made Mikan looked like an alien.

Why are there slices of cucumbers on my freakin' eyes? Mikan thought as she tried to remove them from her face, but Momo already had her wrists—and ankles, tied to the chair.

Mikan swore that she would curse them all when she got away from this.

And Miss Momoko Tanaka loved every second of it.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

Aye Eye

"Ew!" Momo squealed, her perfect face scrunched up.

Mikan wanted to roll her eyes but her body ached all over from the WAXING. Seriously, did a little hair on the legs and arms do so much harm? "What?"

"Your eyebrows. Are. Dees-gusting!" Momo grabbed a pair of tweezers and positioned them in front of Mikan's dark eyebrows.

"Noooooo!" Mikan screamed as Momo grabbed a mis-positioned eyebrow-hair and yanked it out.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

Accessory Directory

"'Kay. So, before I'm going to do your make-up, I'm going to tell you how to do your make-up and what everything is and where it should go." Momo placed some thin pens in front of Mikan, who was busy rubbing her eyes from the plucking. It still stung her skin.

"Okay. What is this? Without looking at the label, of course," Momo asked.

Mikan squinted her eyes, which was a sign that she was concentrating. It looked like some kind of wand, but it has spikes all over it, and produced black powder. Mikan suddenly remembered a memory when she was in elementary school, when she was fumbling around in her mother's room.

"Um… mascara?"

Momo nodded and smiled a toothy smile. "Right. What does it do and where do you put it and at what time?"

"Wha-wha… WHAAT?"

"Okay, so you don't know. That's what I'll be teaching you, for all of these." Momo gestured at the dozens of make-up accessories, lotions, creams, and more.

Mikan groaned. This was going to be looong.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

Make-Up Fake-Up

"Yay, Mikan!" Momo's beautiful face lighted up as she clapped her hands. Mikan had, finally, just memorized all of the make-up accessories' names, uses, and all the details.

"Great. Can we move on?" Mikan replied sarcastically.

Momo ignored her and pouted. "This is the last thing you'll have with me. I can't wait until Sasa and Nana finish with you. You're looking slightly better already! Just follow these procedures I kindly printed out for you." Momo handed Mikan a packet that had text on all of the three pages, front and back.

While Mikan was flipping through it, she was surprised when Momo was suddenly in front of her with a mini-comb—no, from what she learned, this was no ordinary comb. It was an eyebrow comb. Ooh lala. Momo ran it over Mikan's skinny eyebrows, which were plucked to perfection. The skin around Mikan's eyebrows were still really red, but Momo promised that would fade.

Mikan was fine with everything Momo did for the make-up stage, except for the eyeliner. Unlike what Mikan usually wore, Momo wanted to line Mikan's bottom lid in addition to the top. This meant that Momo had a great chance of poking Mikan's eye out.

Oh golly, Mikan thought. As Momo grinned and came closer and closer with the ominous eyeliner.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

Passion for Fashion

"Now you're with me." Sasa put her hands on her hips and cocked her head to the side as she evaluated Mikan's skinny jeans and too-small plain black T-shirt. She wrinkled her nose and clapped twice. Immediately, the double-doors opened and they stepped inside.

Mikan wanted to faint. She never saw anything like it. The rotating clothing racks, stacks of shoes, boxes of jewelry, and a hell lot more. Sasa smiled knowingly. "I know, right?" she said, guiding Mikan closer.

"I don't want to waste time, since I want to go to the mall the minute it opens again, so here's your first lesson: What's what." Sasa sauntered over to the dress rack and pinched a lavender colored dress. "Chiffon," she muttered. She moved on to the next one. "100 Cotton," she announced. "Polyester." Sasa rolled her eyes.

Mikan watched in amazement as Sasa named each dress's materials. She wished she could do that!

"And that's what I'll be teaching you," Sasa said, as if reading Mikan's mind. "It just takes a little bit of practice and patience… and a good fashion sense," Sasa winked.

Mikan gulped, but was ready to take the challenge. C'mon, she survived Momo's waxing on her two arms, legs, and even forehead. Stupid unibrow.

She could get through this.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

Dress to Impress

Sasa furrowed her brow as she nodded with rhythm. Mikan was pinching each of the dresses on the rack to the left and naming their materials almost as fast as Sasa did.

"Great job, you pass." Sasa grinned and applauded.

Mikan smiled. It was super hard, but she passed in the end.

"The next lesson seems easy, but is actually hard. It's knowing what fits you, your body shape, your style, your color, your size, and your mood or occasion. Choosing the right clothes for the right time."

Sasa grabbed Mikan's shoulders and pointed to the clothes and dress racks. "Choose ten things at random, five clothes and five dresses. Go." Mikan quickly ran to the racks and pulled off anything she could find. Soon, she met the limit and came to the dressing rooms.

"Now, I want you to slip each outfit on and tell me if it fits you. Not just in size, but in all the other categories I just mentioned."

Mikan nodded and slipped each one on. After slipping on and taking off eight of the ten outfits, her arms grew sore and tired and Mikan was all sweaty.

"Tired…" Mikan muttered, sitting on the bench inside the dressing room. She was still wearing a yellow dress that she slipped on, which she and Sasa bothed agreed that was not right for her.

"Here's an example." Sasa brought a little black dress and slipped it on herself. "Does this fit me?" Sasa struck a model pose.

Mikan's eyes traveled up and down Sasa, then finally nodded slowly. "Yes, it really does. It hugs your curves perfectly and matches your hair, and style."

Sasa grinned. "Purrrfect. Couldn't have done better myself. I'm glad you started to learn 'fashion language'."

"Now, how about this one?" Sasa pulled on a tan-colored mini-dress with little ruffles on the bottom.

This time, Mikan was faster. "Nope. Definitely a no-no."

Sasa held out her arms and Mikan ran to her and they hugged.


O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

Take It and Make It

"So you're finally here, at the last step." Nana pulled Mikan into a hug, while Nana's eyes traveled up and down the new Mikan.

Mikan was now wearing a very fashionable ruffle top with a pair of faded jeans underneath. Nana gave Mikan permission to keep the ah-dorable golden sandals Mikan had her eye on for a while. Momo gave Mikan a shiny barette as a present, along with a pair of dangling earrings.

Mikan was in bliss! She totally forgot about her idea of cursing them all before, this was the life!

"You, have a lot of talent. You just don't 'take it and make it'." Nana slipped off her bed and sat on the floor, next to Mikan. "Everybody has their life story. But people only write the amazing, good stuff they did in the book. In your case, your book is still unwritten. There are really important things that you have to follow, when you're alpha."

"Al-pha? Wait, me?" Mikan asked, incredulous.

"Duh…" Nana's reply made Mikan blush.

Me… alpha? Not possible, Mikan thought.


"I'm making you Toku's sophomore alpha. You've got a problem with that?" Nana put her hands on her hips.

"Uh… no." Mikan didn't know what the hell Nanami Takahashi was saying, but she just played along with it.

Nana rolled her eyes. "Oh well. Whatever. First, you've got to know what to say. Language, creative words, retorts, insults, compliments. All that jazzy stuff."

For the first time in many years, Mikan smiled confidently, a smile of a future alpha. "Let's do it."

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

Fake It and Shake It

"Hehe, you pick up quickly, Mikan. I ah-dore it."

"Err—Lawl, Nana, j'adore!" Mikan stuttered in the beginning, but made it in the end.

"Dee-sgusting! You have split ends." Nana pointed and made an eww face.

Mikan took a deep breath. "At least my hair doesn't look like a chocolate bar with orange piss spilled all over it!"

Nana gasped and Mikan winced. "I'm sorry… I was just kidding."

"Uh, no it's okay, I know this is just practice. Haha, okay I'm fine." Nana exhaled slowly and when she inhaled, a smile spread across her face. "That reminds me of the next and final lesson. Confidence, confidence, and confidence."

"Uh… I mean, what do you mean?"

"If you're going to be an alpha, you have to have confidence. Of course." Nana inspected her own nails. "Confidence isn't something I can just teach you with one lesson, so you're going to have to do most of it on your own."

"Let's say you're the alpha, and suddenly Moustache Kohaha spreads a vicious rumor about you. Hmm… that… you got drunk in a club, which you got in thanks to a fake ID. It's not true, of course, but everybody believes it, except for your closest friends. Hey, it's a common scenario."

Mikan's eyes widened. "Rumors like that have been spread about you?"

Nana rolled her eyes. "Of course not. It was just an ex-am-ple. Anyway, if that happened, what would reject Mikan do?"

"Um… she would not come to school for a week and hide under her covers, and beg her parents to make her transfer to another state," Mikan replied without any hesitation. After all, when people named her reject in middle school, that's precisely what she did.

"Good answer. That's probably exaaa-ctly what she'd do." Nana winked. "But look at this: if you didn't come to school for a week, people might think that you really did get drunk. One, it really happened and you're embarrassed about it, since it's been spread around already. Two, that you're on a huge hangover and your addicted, so your parents don't let you come to school anymore."

Mikan raised her eyebrows, but nodded.

"What you should do, and what alpha Mikan should do, is come back to school, have the biggest smile on your face, and kick anybody who dares to defy you with your new high-heel boots." Nana smiled happily. "Now, that, Mikan, is the alpha way."

Mikan grinned back. "Totally."

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

"Love you Mikan! It was really nice getting to know you."

"I had lots of fun with yaa, don't forget the fashion tips!"

"Don't forget, reject Mikan was so last year, alpha Mikan is in! Get the chance to write in your unwritten story!"

Nana, Sasa, and Momo blew air-kisses to Mikan who was at the door, smiling and waving back at them.

"Oh, I have one question… why are you doing this all for me?" Mikan asked, looking up at them, a little suspiciously.

The 30 glanced at each other and smiled at Mikan.

Mikan cocked her head to the side.

"Because we're rich, beautiful, popular, nice, and have too much time on our hands."

Momo laughed and they all high-fived each other. Mikan smiled as well. "I can't thank you enough, really… I'm totally ready to rock next year."

Nana hugged Mikan, and soon, it became a group hug. "You better rock next year, 'cuz you're the only one that has been granted alpha powers from me."

"Thank you…"

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

"Mikan! How was your day? I was so overjoyed when Yuki Takahashi's daughter called and said you were at their house!" Mikan's mother, Yuka, quickly pulled Mikan into a hug the moment she walked in the house.

"Losing feeling. Losing feeling…" Mikan choked under her mother's death—err, loving—hug.

"Anyway, dinner's already made, and it's your favorite homemade sushi! And we have some big news for you!" Yuka pulled Mikan into the huge dining room. Mikan's blond-haired father, Seiji, was already sitting at the head of the table, waiting for them, and so was Mikan's beloved Golden Retriever, Sentarou.

"Oh hi, father. How was work today?" Seiji was the CEO, Chief Executive Officer, of Kimura Incorporations.

Seiji's kind blue eyes twinkled as he replied, "Oh, it was fine, Mikan. Actually, your mother and I were just discussing why you didn't show up for ballet class."

"Ba…llet?" Mikan totally forgot about it. "I'm sorry, Nana Takahashi brought me to her house, so I didn't go…"

"Oh don't worry, Mikan! You're already better than the rest of the class anyway." Yuka covered her mouth with her hand in horror. "Don't tell anybody I said that, especially my ballet students' parents!" she whispered. "You know how vicious they can be!"

Mikan and Seiji laughed, and soon, Yuka joined in. Mikan ruffled Sentarou's yellow hair. Sentarou pulled back his teeth and smiled.

"Anyway, what's the 'big news'?" Mikan asked, while chewing thoughtfully on some sashimi. Sentarou whimpered at her and had the puppy-dog look. Mikan shook her head. "No, Sentarou, no sashimi for you!" she whispered.

Yuka and Seiji exchanged happy glances and nodded. "Well, we decided… that we're transferring you to Alice Academy!"

Mikan's dropped open in absolute horror and she found her hands working up to her hair.

"What's wrong, honey? You've been begging us to transfer you out of Tokudaiji High for three years now…" Yuka paused and smiled a little bit. "Aren't you happy?"

Mikan was still lost for words. She shook her head a couple of times, hoping that this wasn't real. "WHAT?"

"Mikan. What the heavens is wrong with you?" Seiji slammed his fist down on the table. Yuka and Mikan jumped and stared at him.

Mikan broke the awkward silence. "But father, I don't want to transfer… I like it here."

"Mikan, darling… but, I don't understand," Yuka trailed off.

"I don't want to transfer to some godforsaken Alyssa Academy." Mikan spit out the last two words.

"Honey, it's Alice Academy, not Alyssa…" Yuka corrected nervously.

"Oh, what the hell. Whatevs." Mikan inspected her new painted nails.

"Mikan! Language!" Yuka scolded.

"I just don't want to go, okay? I like it here now, and I want to stay," Mikan said, frustrated.

"You're going and that's that. Now shut up finish your dinner. Now." Seiji glared at Mikan and sat down.

Mikan and Yuka exchanged glances—Mikan's was more like a glare—and they both sat down stonily. Mikan stabbed at a piece of poor sushi and stuffed it in her mouth greedily. Sentarou sent the change in the atmosphere and slunk away, with his tail dragging on the floor.

"Yuka." Seiji stood up and dabbed his mouth with a napkin. "Speak some sense to this insolent child. Thanks for the dinner. I'll be in my study."

Yuka's eyes followed Seiji, who walked out of the dining room and up the spiral stairs. She sighed as she turned to Mikan.

"I'm done." Mikan slammed her fork down and stood up.

"Mikan, wait…" Yuka said, but it was too late. Yuka heard the door to Mikan's room slam shut.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

Knock. Knock.

"Can I come in?" Yuka called.

No reply.

Yuka quietly let herself in. After all, the door was unlocked. Yuka found Mikan lying facedown on the bed, the covers over her head.


"Mmmphrrrrgaaa." Mikan's voice was muffled under the covers.

Yuka pulled the covers off her daughter's head. "Mikan, we need to talk maturely about this."

Mikan sat up. "No, we don't. I don't want to go to that school! I just looked some stuff up, and it's supposedly some stuck-up boarding school and doesn't let its students out of the Academy, ever!" Mikan jumped off the bed and stomped her feet. "What kind of slave school do you want to ship me off to? Do you really not care about my feelings that much?"

Yuka looked disappointedly at Mikan. "I thought I raised you to be a better child, Mikan. I'm disappointed in you."

Mikan bit her lower lip, which trembled dangerously.

"Mikan… I'm sorry. But you're being unfair. You know we love you so much, and we're doing the best for you. Alice Academy is a school for the elite, and guarantees a good future. It's much better than the Tokudaiji High you hate so much."

"But things are different now! I like Toku!" Mikan shouted, clenching her fists.

Yuka shook her head. "You leave me with no choice. It's too late to turn back now, your plane leaves at 10 AM, next week, Thursday. Pack everything you need."

Mikan buried her face in her hands and slid down to the floor. How could she face Nana, Sasa, and Momo, ever again? They worked so hard for her to become alpha at Tokudaiji, but now she's transferring to some "Alex" Academy?

This was the worst.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

"Flight 479 to Tokyo is now boarding. Flight 479 to Tokyo is now boarding."

Mikan lugged her bags over her shoulder and nodded to her baggage carrier, Ichiru. It turned out, Alice Academy sent one person to help you out, and in Mikan's case, to carry her heavy suitcases. More of her stuff was going to be shipped to the Academy later though, since she couldn't take all of her stuff at one time.

"I hope you enjoy your flight." A smiley flight attendant grinned at Mikan and lead her to her business class seat.

Mikan ignored her as she tucked her bags under her seat and sat down. Her good-bye to her parents had been a rough one. With a flurry of reluctant, quick hugs and silent good-byes—and a few glares from Mikan—Mikan was off to Alice Academy.

Her parents promised her that they would send her letters every week and the rest of her stuff would be sent by the end of the week.

"Buckle your seatbelts, folks, we're taking off."

Mikan stared at the window and sighed.

"Miss? We're taking off… please buckle your seatbelt. Miss?"

Mikan blinked in surprise. "Oh …" Mikan buckled her seatbelt, hearing the click, which sounded so much like the click of a lock… the lock to a prisoner's door. How could she possibly "write in her unwritten story" if all she wanted to do was rip the pages out of her story book now?

A feeling clawed at her chest as the plane took off the runway and soared to the sky.

And it wasn't air sickness.

O -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- O

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