Rip Out The Wings


Summary:fem-slash: When Harry finds out that everything is not as it seems, and there has been many secrets hidden about who he is and where he came from. She must get used to her new body and mind, while training her power as much as she can in order to survive the dangerous choice she made to be the woman she had been born to be. Finding parents in former enemies, and a lover she never imagined having, confuse her and push her to new heights of power and pleasure. The final show down has arrived to decide the fate of the world and the woman destined to either save or condemn it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and any delusions I may have had went away when I woke up.

Rating: M for femslash, violence, betrayal, and completely consensual sex between an adult and a minor, both females, and mentions of past Mpreg.

A/N I want anyone reading this to know I am not your typical 'fangirl' author, because I may be female but I am about as straight as a circle, thus I do know what I am talking about when it comes to girl/girl love, first hand in most cases.

Chapter One

Of A Butterfly

"Your potions should be in the finishing stages, those of you not finished in the next ten minutes shall be given a zero for today's potion." The vicious voice of the most feared professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Severus Snape, washed over his class of sixth year Gryffindor/Slytherins. He was thinking, yet again, the Headmaster must be getting senile just by pushing those two volatile houses together.

The students struggled to complete their potions in the designated time. This potion was a tricky one, yet it had a simple purpose, it could look through any other potion or spell and tell the true appearance of someone. The procedure was simple, a suspect was fed the potion, waited five minutes then dropped three drops of blood onto a piece of clean parchment. It gave completely accurate readings of height/weight/gender/and age. This was typically given to criminals or suspects thought to be hiding who they really were.

No one was struggling more than one Harry Potter to finish. Despite Harry harboring a grudging respect for the man who saved his life on a number of occasions, he knew Severus was out for his blood in classes. Harry knew the wizard would not hesitate to do something nasty to him if he finished late.

This drove him to complete his potion with exactly ten seconds to go and it even looked like Hermione's! He might get a decent mark for this one.

"All of you standing behind a completed potion, to achieve full marks, you must test the potion on yourself. If brewed correctly it will not harm you." Snape's voice rang out again.

With great trepidation Harry followed the procedure exactly as it was outlined in his book. He hated giving up his blood ever since the third task. He grudgingly gave the three drops and looked at the results.

1.57m 'Funny could have sworn I was taller?'

46.7kg 'I can't be that tiny!'

16 years 'Well at least I got one right.'

Female 'WHAT!'

"Umm, Professor is it possible for this potion to be partially correct?" Harry asked hesitantly, asking questions was typically a bad idea in Snape's class, but this was important.

"If you had done your homework you would know. No Potter, the potion is either right or wrong, never partial, or it could not be used by the ministry for fear of a slightly wrong reading letting a criminal go free." Snape explained acerbically as he descended on the shell shocked Gryffindor.

"Then please explain this?" Harry asked quietly as he pushed the page with its results towards the now even paler dungeon master.

"Class dismissed, I will collect your readings next class, Potter stay." Snape ordered harshly and within 15 seconds the classroom was empty save for the Potion's master and the Golden Boy. The rest of the trio terrified into leaving as well.

Snape checked Harry's potion over meticulously seeing if the brat had managed the impossible and created a partially correct potion. He hadn't, the only thing he noted was the potion was slightly thicker than it should have been, and that only increased the potency of the potion.

"What does this mean Sir?" Harry asked too frightened to be combative.

"It means you are not what you appear to be. Whatever spells were placed on you must have been done by a powerful wizard, probably soon after your birth, otherwise your frequent trips to the infirmary would have revealed this sooner." Snape managed to answer the question without showing any of the surprise he felt at the unusual reading.

"So you are saying I'm a girl and didn't know it?" A hint of hysteria entered his voice, and he couldn't quell the nervous shaking.

"Yes, we need to go to the Headmaster. Now!" He ordered decisively.

Harry was in too much shock to protest the order and gathered up his things on autopilot before following Snape out of the dungeons and up to the Headmaster's office. Snape gave the password to the gargoyle and practically herded the frightened Gryffindor onto the moving staircase.

"Ah Severus, Harry, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? Tea? Lemon drop?" The aged man asked and offered.

Both men declined the sweet but accepted the cups of calming tea Dumbledore had conjured.

"As you know I had my NEWT students brewing the Revealing potion this class, and Potter here managed to make a discovery." Snape started to explain, but stopped to take a sip of tea.

"Go on Severus, I doubt you brought Mr. Potter up here to tell me he managed to brew a potion correctly." Dumbledore urged.

"It seems the Boy-Who-Lived is no boy." Snape said shortly as he passed over the piece of parchment that contained Harry's results.

Dumbledore looked over the parchment with a growing frown. The normally present twinkle in his eyes naught but a memory. "Harry I am sorry but no one can know of this. Has anyone seen these results?" He asked gravely.

"Only the Professor and myself," Harry answered holding onto his teacup like it was a life line.

"Very well," Dumbledore said with relief.

"Sir, why do we have to keep this secret? If this potion is correct, and I trust Professor Snape's word on that, than I am truly a different person. Why do I have to hide that?" Harry asked curiously. The prospect of not being who he thought he was honestly scared the hell out of him, but to hide it almost frightened him more. Secrets smaller than this had gotten people killed in the past.

"Surely you don't want to give up your old life for a complete unknown?" Dumbledore asked carefully.

"That was not the question Headmaster. I want to know why I have to hide? Do not twist my words around to get me to believe I chose to hide when no choice was given." Harry would never have dreamed of saying that to the Headmaster had it been earlier in his schooling but after the last year, and the shocks in it, he had changed.

"I cannot tell you yet, you are not ready for it." Dumbledore said in his kindly old grandfather voice.

"Bollocks, I'm sorry Headmaster, but that is not good enough anymore. After your love of secrets cost me Sirius I need more than that." Harry said angrily, and than it hit him. "This is about your precious prophecy isn't it?" He said staggering under the weight of the revelation, and if he hadn't already been sitting down he would have fallen, especially when his claim wasn't denied.

"Potter show some respect!" Snape yelled reminding the shell shocked teen of his presence.

"With all due courtesy Professor I believe the situation calls for it. How would you feel if you were told to hide what you really are just to please some Old man's schemes? You of all people should understand." Harry defended with a pointed look at Snape's left arm.

Severus unconsciously covered his Mark with his right hand and stayed silent, the brat's comments had hit home.

"Now Harry, that is no way to speak to your Professor." Dumbledore chided in a much gentler manner than Snape, but the result was far more explosive.

"You have no right to chastise me! You have failed to answer a simple inquiry and until you do, I do not have to show you respect." He hissed.

"You are right of course, the Prophecy plays a role, but I truly do want you happy." Dumbledore attempted to soothe rumpled feathers.

"What does the prophecy have to do with the fact I'm a girl, oh..." Harry left off as the answer to his question hit him like a brick wall. The exact wording of the Prophecy said HE would have the power the Dark Lord knew not. So either they had the wrong boy-who-lived or it was a fake.

"The prophecy is about a male with the ability to defeat the Dark Lord, I am not male. You do not want my true gender known because it proves you either made a mistake choosing me, or are a fraud who likes endangering children. Which is it Dumbledore? Were you wrong about me, the prophecy, or is there something deeper going on?" Harry challenged, he honestly didn't know because the original prophecy broke before Harry could hear it, his only knowledge of it came from Dumbledore.

"Harry please let me explain! You did vanquish Voldemort, and I had no knowledge of your true gender, can you forgive an old man's mistake?" Dumbledore defended.

"I could believe you if I didn't know you were lying." Harry snapped.

"Why would you believe that?" Dumbledore asked.

"Because, she is right." This came from the last person Harry would ever think was on his side, Snape.

"Now Severus, why are you filling his head with lies?" Dumbledore said with disapproval.

"First of all I am not filling his head with lies, for that to happen Potter would have to be a he. I think you mean why am I calling you on it, and to be short I don't like what is under your shields." Snape defended despite the fact he was defending his once most hated student. As much as he hated to admit it Potter had been right, he did know what it was like as a pawn in Dumbledore's game, and he would not leave her to the fate he saw at the hands of the Headmaster.

"One more word Severus and I will have you thrown in Azkaban." Dumbledore threatened with cold eyes.

"I would not threaten him if I were you. Azkaban is not the place for those that speak the truth. I will find out what you have hidden from me and the decision on how to live my life will be mine alone." Harry emphatically defended Snape to the Headmaster in the same way the professor has stood up for him. Harry left the room at the end of the her rant, and the only thing that followed was the swish of Snape's cloak as he left the office as well.