Rip Out The Wings


A/N There is a physical yuri/femslash scene in this chapter, I didn't get extremely graphic, but I didn't pull punches either. Give it a try, if its too much just skip over it.

Chapter Thirty

Turn Me On

The holiday break finally arrived, and it was all Lilah could do to remember her training and carry herself like the refined pureblood she was playing, when all she really wanted to do was bounce up and down in her seat fidgeting like a schoolgirl. A few more hours and she would be done with the charade and would be able to spend weeks with her lover and family. The tricky part would be getting to the manor without being followed or tracked, but with her training she knew a good deal about hiding her movements, and her father had planned a raid for the day of the train ride back to London for the students, sufficiently distracting Dumbledore.

Lilah would be in the raid. It hadn't happened for her in this time line yet, but she knew she would be briefed when she got home and sent back to the time of departure. It would be her first public appearance as Lilah Riddle and not Leto Rayne. She was a tad nervous, but far more excited to be finally doing something to help the cause than she was nervous about the battle.

The students had to leave before the staff was allowed to go their own way for the break. Those few hours felt like the longest of her life, well with the possible exception of waiting in her dad's office for him to come back after his first meeting with her father after the potions came off. She was part of the group of Professors assigned to herding the departing students out of the castle and towards Hogsmeade Station.

Melinda was in the last group to be gently pushed out the door, before Lilah realized what was happening the girl had thrown her arms around Lilah and hugged her, "Thank you so much Professor Rayne, you helped me a lot. I think I am going to talk to my family about her over the break, I owe it to her memory to not hide her away like I am ashamed of her."

Lilah pulled out of the hug, but put a finger under Melinda's chin and lifted her head so she was looking her in the eye, "I think that would be a good idea. Share the good memories too, don't dwell on the bad. When you loose someone that important you should celebrate their life, not mourn their death." Lilah had learned that lesson repeatedly in her life as Harry.

"I'll try, it still hurts, but I understand what you are saying," Melinda replied unsurely, pulling her chin out of Lilah's letting her look down at the ground again.

Lilah smiled softly, "Oh honey, it will hurt for awhile, but try what I said. It can make the hurt easier to bear if you have something to smile about. Now off you go or you will miss the train," Lilah shooed the girl away.

Melinda nodded and smiled shyly before walking away, a wave of goodbye thrown back to her Defense Professor. Lilah felt her own smile return at that, there was some perks to teaching, she wouldn't mind coming back to this life once the war was finally over. At least until her Father stepped down and she was needed to lead the Dark.

"That was well handled. What happened to her?" Professor Flitwik had come up behind Lilah as she watched Melinda and the others trail down to the carriages that would take them to the station.

"Something bad, but personal, she is dealing with it extremely well for someone her age," Lilah replied softly.

Flitwik nodded, "I knew something was wrong with her, I keep an eye on my students, but she wouldn't tell me about it. She must trust you a lot to share something that deeply secret."

Lilah shook her head, "No, I think it was circumstances that led her to tell me, the bad news she received came while she was in my class. She was crying, I couldn't not try to help." She admitted.

"She still didn't have to say anything, but I'm glad you were there for her when I couldn't be. Thank you." He responded gratefully.

"It wasn't a problem, I like helping where I can," And she wasn't lying with that, she enjoyed helping the girl.

"Well you have my gratitude, anyway, I heard you would be leaving for the holiday, enjoy your time away." Flitwik spoke honestly.

"You have a nice break as well," Lilah replied with a smile, before excusing herself back to her quarters where she could pack her things and leave from her personal floo. The Professors each had a floo in their quarters, but weren't permitted to use it unless on break or during emergencies.

She grabbed her bag that was mostly for show as she had four years worth of belongings at the manor, and went to the floo. They had already arranged a place for her to floo to, a Dark family that kept their ties quiet. She would floo to their home first before heading to the manor, none of them put it past Dumbledore to monitor all floo travel out of the castle, or at least from Leto as he probably didn't fully trust her. If he questioned the family she was flooing to for any reason, they would just tell the truth, they were an old family friend that offered Leto a place to stay with them for the holiday.

If she had the timing right, the raid should be starting right about now, before she ever went near her fireplace. Lilah Riddle and Leto Rayne were two different people, after all how could she be in two places at once? Dumbledore knew of Time Turners of course, but no one knew for how long a person could use one without side effects, and very few would think the risk worth it.

The masses were not a paranoid Dark Lord that was trying to get his daughter trained as quickly as possible. The worse consequence was seeing yourself and going mad, but the thing about that situation is as long as you were aware of the Time Turner you would be fine, so it was only in the first few trips back in time that a person was truly in danger. Unless they had a significantly weak mind, which Leto had thrown off the Imperious curse when she was fourteen, and that had been before the potions wore off. She was in very little danger.

Feeling she was as safe as she could be, she threw a handful of the powder into the fire and called out the name of the manor they were using as camouflage. As expected she was greeted with a bow, and an offer of another pot of floo powder. No pleasantries were exchanged as she called out Riddle manor and disappeared.

She slid smoothly out of the fire place in the receiving room and into Bellatrix' arms before her feet had touched the ground it seemed like. Holding on tightly to the older woman they stayed like that for as long as they dared, only parting at a delicate cough given to get their attention.

Pulling away reluctantly, Lilah turned to see Narcissa standing next to her sister. "Sorry, Narcissa, it's been awhile," She apologized without blushing, she was happy to be home and not afraid to show it.

Narcissa shook her head slowly, "I had hoped being in that castle hadn't driven out all the manners I drilled into you, but it appears my fears were well founded." If Lilah didn't know her so well she wouldn't have caught the teasing lilt in her voice, she wasn't mad at her.

Lilah smiled a bit ruefully, "I haven't forgotten, but I may need some polishing." She confessed, "I admit being around hundreds of teenagers does tend to relax the manners, Merlin knows they don't use them."

"Careful now Lilah, you are starting to sound almost as cynical as me," Bellatrix teased, whispering in her ear, her closeness making goose bumps rise on Lilah's skin.

"I am here to warn you two that the raid will be over in about four hours, your Father will be at your rooms afterwards to prepare you and let you know the specifics about when to arrive at the meeting hall to join our forces." Narcissa spoke quickly, before anything too heated could happen between them, it had been a long time since they saw each other and Narcissa had little doubt what was on their minds.

It was Bellatrix who responded, "Message received, now excuse us, we have business to attend to." She replied, pulling an unresisting Lilah out of the receiving room and towards Lilah's bedroom.

"Four hours, plenty of time," Lilah said as they were out of earshot from Narcissa.

"Could be longer if we start in my room, then turn back a few hours and head to yours," Bellatrix pointed out.

Lilah's smile was beautiful, "Lead the way."

Once the appropriate room was reached Lilah wasted no time pressing Bellatrix against the wall, smashing their lips together, fisting her hands in her long black hair she pulled the older woman towards her body trying to get as close as possible after being apart for so long.

Bellatrix' nails dug in to her shoulders, the possessive grip spurring Lilah on. Dropping her slim hands off her hair she arrived at the buttons on the back of her lover's dress. Never breaking the kiss she undid the offending closures, feeling Bellatrix now working to remove her teaching robes.

Fabric pooled on the ground beneath their feet, skin on skin contact driving them crazy already. Lilah lifted her startled love into her arms and carried her over to set her on the bed, glad for both her strength and Bellatrix' slender form allowing the move. Undergarments were the next to be removed, and soon nude flesh met nude flesh.

Lilah stared down at alabaster skin, black hair, deep grey eyes, and lips red from their kissing. Bellatrix was stunningly beautiful like this, tousled hair and undone expression evoking every protective and caring instinct in Lilah's body. "I missed you so much, I love you." Lilah leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"I missed you, and I love you too," Bellatrix replied just as quietly, kissing her again, gently this time full of promise and love.

Lilah moved on top of Bellatrix, covering the older woman from view, she wrapped her arms around Bellatrix' shoulders pulling her up off the bed to deepen the kiss. Bellatrix traced her back and sides with her hands, teasing the sensitive skin with her nails, not hard, just enough to cause Lilah to shudder and moan lightly.

Lilah dropped kisses along Bellatrix' jaw, before moving down the column of her throat, ending her journey to nibble lightly at the skin over her collarbone, pulling a gasp of pleasure from her lover. Lilah smiled even as she continued to nibble gently, not enough to mark the skin, just enough to cause pleasure. Bellatrix' unblemished skin was a temple Lilah didn't want to desecrate with bruises.

Lilah nudged her lover's legs apart, settling one of her own between them, straddling the older woman's thigh, while trailing kisses along her shuddering torso and abdomen. She rocked forward, her muscled thigh causing friction against Bellatrix' moist core, the pressure against her own heated center sending shocks of pleasure threw her. She rocked forwards again, her arms going around Bellatrix' shoulders again, mouths clashing together to muffle the sounds of pleasure, Bellatrix rose off the pillows meeting the younger woman's challenge.

As their tongues dueled, and their arms held each other tight, Bellatrix bent her leg a bit, causing even more friction for Lilah, the rocking increased in speed. It had been far too long a time spent apart for them to hold out long. Stars burst across their eyes, and pleasure coiled in their bellies, an explosion of fireworks had them both crying out, the sound swallowed in their fierce kiss.

That was the first of many times together that first reunion. Many pleasurable hours passed, neither woman taking notice of the time, or anything but each other. They spoke softly between turns, whispers and promises, and dreams, it didn't matter what was said, only that they were together again.

It was a good thing Lilah had the Time Turner, by the time the two of them were satisfied, she had to use it if she wanted a chance of making it to her rooms in time to greet her father. She made it with fifteen minutes to spare, only enough time to brush the tangles out of her hair, but there was nothing she could do about her bruised lips or thoroughly ravished expression.

Lord Voldemort walked into his daughter's room, took one look at her, and simply shook his head, "I should have known that would happen. Listen the raid turned out well, and you weren't caught. In your wardrobe is the clothing you should wear, get yourself ready and be waiting outside the Meeting Hall by eleven o'clock. Bellatrix was with us during the raid, so I assume you will be bringing her back to greet you on your first arrival. Hide out in the library once you do that to give real time a chance to catch up with you. Can I go collect you now or have you used the Time Turner already today?" He laid out the plan before ending with a question.

"We used the Time Turner," She did blush then, talking to her father was a lot different from just Narcissa and Bellatrix, "If you want to collect me when there isn't another me around, you have to wait about three more hours. Or just avoid Bellatrix' room."

"I think it will be safe since you know exactly where you were." Voldemort didn't bother to comment on the sheer amount of time the two woman had spent together, there were some things a father just shouldn't know about his daughter.

He left his daughter to her own devices. She went over to her wardrobe, opening it to find a prominently displayed blood red dress with a black cloak, a pair of easy to maneuver in heels, and a glittering silver half mask. She would be highly visible, her gender obvious, and her position unquestionable in this outfit. Today she would be the Dark Heir, and every person in the wizarding world would know it by the time the evening profit came out.

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