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It was October 10th, the Kyuubi no Kitsune was attacking the leaf village. Most of the shinobi were trying hold back, but it was useless as most of the shinobi were killed or injured. The villages only hope was the Fourth Hokage. "Hold the fox back until the fourth gets here." one of the leafs jonin yelled out.

Minutes later, three creatures appeared out of a pillars of light, lighting, and golden fire. A giant, light blue humanoid figure came out of the pillar of light. A red dragon with two mouths was from the lighting, and a golden-yellow dragon, with bird-like wings appeard from the golden flames.

The leaf ninja then became worried at that the three creatures might help Kyuubi destroy the village. Then there was a huge crash, and a huge, floresent-orange toad near the battle field. The fourth was on top of the toad with two babies in his hands. 'I can't believe I'm going to do this to them.' He thought. The fourth drew a seal on both stomaches of the infants and did three hand signs. "Shiki Fuujin"

The seals glowed and then the Kyuubi and the three unknown creatures vanished into the seals. The fourth took a deep breath and picked up the infants. The toad dissappeared in a poof of smoke and the fourth quickly went to the Hokage's office to meet up with the third Hokage.

-In the office-

Sasuke Sarutobi was sitting in the chair behind the desk. The fourth Hokage entered the room with two kids wrapped in blankets. "Sarutobi, I had no choice. I sealed Kyuubi inside my son, Naruto. You can tell by the wisker marks and the blond hair that matches my blond hair." Sarutobi was shocked that the fourth would do such a thing to one of his sons. "But Minato, what happend to-" Sarutobi asked until he was cut off by Minato.

"They chose to be sealed incase of the Dark Worlders or others from the other world coming into this world to take it over. They're in my other son, Ignika, but I had to use the Shiki Fuujin and I feel my life fading. Please Sarutobi, raise my sons to become stronger than me. I just wish Kushina could have survived giving birth to them, so it wouldn't just them alone in the village." Minato said sadly. "I want both my sons to be treated as heroes, to be respected and..." Minato couldn't finish the sentence as his body fell limp and collapsed to the floor. The fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, died on October 10th, and also two children were born that day, both of them containers. One is the container of the Kyuubi, the other is the container of the three unknown creatures.

Sarutobi picked the kids and went to report to the council at what happend.

- time skip-12 years later-

A blond boy was sleeping on a pretty worn out and beaten up mattress. Then a shadow was hovering over the sleeping blond boy. The shadow as coming from a figure that had a very toothy smile and lifted up a bucket of ice cold water. Just about as the figure was about to pour the water, he yelled "BATH TIME!!" and dumped the ice water. The blond haired boy screamed due to the sudden cold.

"Ignika, what the heck was that for." The blond asked. The figure named Ignika had crimson red spiky hair like the blond, only the spikes are obeying the laws of gravity and are curved a little bit in the back of the head(Think of Heero Yue's hairstyle). His eyes were a silver color unlike the blonds blue eyes. He wore a tight black, long seleved shirt with black tape wrapped around the wrists, forearms, and palms. He also wore black pants that fit on him like as second skin, and had black combat boots. (Note: Ignika's voice is like Axel's from Kingdom Hearts 2)

"Naruto, its morning and we have to do our prank before class starts" Ignika said and tossed a towel to the blond. Naruto quickly dried off and got dressed in a black T-shirt, orange jacket with blue on the shoulders, white on the neck, and a red spiral on the back, and orange pants with blue sandles.

Naruto smiled and got a couple of paint cans. "Alright, lets do it. Believe it." Ignika nodded and both of them left the appartment they were in.

-the Hokage monument-

Naruto and Ignika were painting the Hokage faces with silly marks on them, in broad day light, some how noone is noticing it. "Bro, I can't believe how good we are, we're doing this when the sun's up and not even old man is notice this." Ignika said while laughing and painting red lines between the nose and upper lip of the third Hokage face. Naruto was nodding, painting swirls on the cheeks of the fourth Hokage face.

Just as they finished, they heard yells, screams, and some laughter. Two chunin appeared a few feet from where Naruto and Ignika were. One of the chunin said. "You two are in big trouble." Ignika and Naruto looked at each other and hightailed it out of there.

"Get back here you two." the other chunin said. (cue the same high speed jumping scene like in the anime/manga) The two chunin ninja jump off the ground near a wooden fence. After a few seconds, a cloth that looked like the fence came down, with two smiling Uzumaki's. "Hahaha, to easy." Naruto and Ignika said at the same time.

"Is that so you two?" asked a chunin with a scar across his face. Naruto and Ignika started sweating while trying to think of a way to escape the academy teacher and chunin, Iruka.

"You two are seposed to be in class, but instead your out here playing tricks." Iruka said in an angered tone.

-at the leaf ninja academy-

Ignika and Naruto were tied up and were in front of the class. "Since Naruto and Ignika feel like playing pranks, were going to review the transformaiton jutsu." The class was groaning and blaming Naruto and Ignika this. The class quickly lined up and did the tranformation jutsu, though they transformed into Iruka until it was Naruto's turn. Naruto put on a foxy smirk and made the ram sign with his hands. "Transform" After a poof of smoke, Naruto was replaced with a sexy, nude, pigtailed blond haired girl, causing most of the guys to pass out of bloodloss due to nose bleeds.

Iruka quickly got back up and started yelling at Naruto about him going to fail the exam again. It was Ignika's turn and did the transformation a little differently. "Okay, transform" the same poof of smoke appeared and covered Ignika, changing him into a tall, muscular, man with a blue muscle shirt, black pants, brown leather shoes, wearing sunglasses, he also had a blond afro. (If anyone figured it out already, Ignika transformed into Bobobo Bo-bobobo, from episode 2 or 3.) and he was shaking moracas and had a lighting system on his back. "Somba Somba, ole ole ole ole"

Iruka face falted and the most of the class started laughing. Ignika got the same warning as his brother got.

-back to the Hokage monument-

Naruto and Ignika were told to stay after class to clean the faces that were panited after the prank. "Hey Naruto, Ignika, If you two get done early, I'll treat you both to ramen." Iruka said, hoping to motivate both Uzumakis. That really speed up the cleaning job. Ignika cleaned the third and fourth heads while Naruto cleaned the first and second heads.

-the ramen stand(I can't remember the name of it.)-

Naruto and Ignika were wolfing down dozens of bowls of ramen, Teuchi and Ayame were barely keeping up with the orders, and Iruka was in anime tears due to Naruto's and Ignika's appitite. "Hey Iruka-sensei, can I try on your head band" Naruto asked. Iruka looked at Naruto. "Sorry Naruto, but you have to pass the exam in order to wear a ninja head band like this."

Naruto groaned and ordered more ramen while Ignika laughed.

-the next day-

Today was the day the genin exams to happen. Naruto and Ignika were ready for the jutsu portion of the exam, they barely passed the written exam, and they passed the taijutsu exam with flying colors. Iruka with his assistant, Mizuki, anounced the jutsu that was going to be used, the clone jutsu.

Naruto and Ignika slammed their heads on the desk, they couldn't do the clone jutsu because of the lack of control and they have too much chakra. The students were called in alphabetical order.

-Ignika's jutus exam-

Mizuki and Iruka called Ignika into the exam room. "Alright Ignika, make three clones and you'll pass." Iruka said. Ignika nodded. "Clone jutsu" Ignika said as he tried to make illusion clones, but then when they appeared, they look like they were raped by Michael Jackson.

Ignika sweat dropped at the sight of his clones, as well as Mizuki and Iruka. "I fail, don't I?" Ignika asked. The two chunin teachers nod and Ignika left.

-Naruto's jutsu exam-

Naruto was rushed in the room to pass the exam. "Alright Naruto, make three clones and you pass" Iruka said for the hundredth time to day. Naruto put his hands in the ram seal. A poof of smoke appeared, and when it was disenpated, there was only one half-dead clone.

Iruka's eyebrow ticked. "You fail Naruto." Naruto's head hung in disappointment and left the room.

-outside of the academy-

Naruto was sitting on the swing that was connected to the tree thats a few feet away from the academy entrence gate, while Ignika was on the tree branch looking at the crowd of people congraduating their kids for becoming genin. Some of the parents were wispering to eachother about how glad that the two Uzumaki brothers didn't pass because of their status of being jinchuriki.

Mizuki walked toward the two boy. "Naruto, Ignika, Iruka doesn't mean to be acting like a jerk, but he had to follow the rules. But there is still a way to pass, all you have to do is steal the scroll in the Hokage's office and learn one or two jutsu from it, it'll be like extra credit." Mizuki said while thinking his plan was going as planed. Ignika and Naruto nodded and quickly left to do the so called 'extra credit.

-at the old beat up shed-

Naruto was found the first jutsu of the scroll. "Aw man, not another clone jutsu." Naruto complained. Ignika looked at the jutsu and smirked. "I think this is some thing we can do, it's not those illuson clones, but physical ones. We also have enough chakra to do this." Naruto blink and shruged his shoulders.

The two have been practicing the Shadow clone jutsu for a few minutes and got the hang of it. Ignika looked through the scroll until some thing caught his eye. "Hey bro, check this out. The fourth left somthing on this scroll. Let me read out loud so we can figure out what he left on the scroll."

Naruto used his foxy smile. "Ignika, go head and read it. If it was used by the fourth Hokage, we'll use it to become stronger than all four Hokage's combind." They both laughed at that.

"In this seal is a special device I made to use against the dark worlders or other evil duel spirits trying to take our world. But anyone who is not a Namikaze won't be able to manifest any duel monster cards, they can buy duel monter cards in stores but are unable to beat any Namikaze due to their natural dueling spirit." Ignika read.

"The other difference of being a Namikaze is that Namikaze's can bring the duel monsters to life with out being a duel, as well as bond with them to become armor or the duel monster itself, and use magic and traps as well. The Uchiha's have be trying to use this ability for centuries, but have failed to realize that this is a bloodline limit. I hope that my descents protect both worlds from being falling into coruption." Ignika finished reading the note, making Naruto and Ignika surprised that there is another world full of creatures called duel monsters.

Naruto bit his thumb on the seal and two disks with a slot where a deck of cards go with an attachment where individual cards go. Both disks were a white color, as well in a curved form.(Think duel academy disk) "What are we seposed to do with these, we can't use them in the ninja world." Ignika nodded in agreement and grabbed one of the disks, putting it on his arm. After Ignika put the disk on, the blue semi-sphere glowed and the disk shrunk into a small, watch-like bands.

"That was cool. Maybe we should ask old man to get us some duel monster cards. It is a popular game, but we sould ask if that was written in the scroll is true." Naruto said. Ignika nodded. "Right bro, lets continue training the shadow clones to a point we won't need to us a whole lot of chakra to use it."

-time skip-15 minutes later-

Naruto and Ignika were panting from exaustion. Iruka was leaping from branch to branch until he reached the shed where Ignika and Naruto were. "You two are in big trouble, stealing the fourths forbidden scroll. Why did you do it?" Iruka asked/yelled. Ignika was confused. "I thought this was an extra credit exam, Mizuki-sensei said it was."

Iruka went wide eyed when he heard that Mizuki told them stealing the forbidden scroll was a test. 'That could only mean-' "Get down" Iruka pushed the two Uzumakis down, Naruto landed on the soft grass, but Ignkia hit his head on a tree stump and was knocked out.

-Ignika's mind scape.-

Ignika started to wake up in odd location. It resembled an aincent eygption tomb with hyroglipics (sp?). "Damn, who ever did this has a nice touch at spooky stuff." Ignika said. "Come here child of Minato." a voice said out of no where. Ignika look around incase of an enemy attack. He turned an saw a giant throne with a giant blue, humanoid creature. Next to it was a red, two mouthed dragon and the other side had a golded dragon with bird like wings.

"Okay, I think I'm in trouble." Ignika said. The red dragon chuckled. "You aren't in trouble yet. That Mizuki tricked you into stealing your fathers scroll, in an attempt to betray you village. You already have gotten your duel disk, we will explain yours and your brothers bloodline. You can manifest your own cards to use in duels and battle." the red dragon said.

Ignika's jaw dropped. "I can-, but I thought only Namikazes can do that not Uzumakis?" The blue humanoid nodded. "Yes, but you are the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, both of them legends of your village."

Ignika was about to pass out. "Okay, I'm going kill old man for not telling us about mom or dad." The gold dragon interupted him. "Before you start killing any one, you should know-" "That Kyuubi is sealed in my brother." Ignika said. The three crueatures are surprised by this, and they are very rarely surprised. "Figured it out a while ago. I told Naruto and convinced him that he isn't Kyuubi. It was kind of obvious that he was the container because of the wisker marks."

The blue humanoid cleared his throught (sp?) "Yes, well other than that, you two are stronger than any other ninja. Now you when you challnge a duel spirit or possesed human to a duel, no one should be able to attack during the duel. You will know how to duel when that happens, it is a natural thing for all Namikaze because of the gift we gave them over the millenia. Now wake up and use your power to protect those you care about." Ignika was pushed out of his mind.

-Real world.-

Mizuki was laughing, because he pinned Iruka to the wall and Ignika was knocked out from hitting his head on tree stump. Naruto was the one who had no relitive damage. "Naruto, give me the scroll, Iruka wants to betray the village." Mizuki lied. Iruka yelled. "Naruto, don't give it to Mizuki, he'll destroy the village with it." Naruto didn't know who to trust, Mizuki saw this and decided to us his trump card. "Naruto do you know why the village hates you and your brother?"

Naruto glared at Mizuki. "Yeah, Kyuubi was sealed inside of me, my brother figured it out and told me about it." Mizuki gritted his teeth then thought of another lie. "Maybe because he doesn't like you demon brat and probably wanted to know the truth that your the demon that killed the live of the leaf village. Infact he is a three demons combind into one."

Naruto went wide eyed, thinking if what Mizuki said was true or false. 'No, thats not true. Is it.' Naruto was about to believe it until he heard Ignika yell. "Mizuki, you should shut up. One: I would never hate my brother. Two: The three beings I have sealed inside me are not demons, but duel monster gods." Ignika made a card appear out of nowhere. "I summon, Gaia the Fierce Knight"

A flash of light and a purple horse with a man in blue and red armor on it, carrying two lances. Naruto jaw dropped at the sight of his brother summoning a duel monster, Iruka was the same as Naruto, but Mizuki laughed evily. "You think a genjutsu could fool me, think again. Kai" Mizuki said. Gaia was still there, ready to stab the hell out of Mizuki, who still thought this was genjutsu.

"Demon brat, why wont the genjutsu be released." Mizuki said angerly. Ignika smirked. "That's because this isnt a genjutsu, this is real. Gaia, attack with spiral spear strike." Gaia's horse started charging towards Mizuki. Mizuki decided to throw one of his his shuriken on his back at Gaia, only have hit shattered when one of the spear lances hit it.

Mizuki got hit straight in the chest and felt a spinning energy attacking his body from both the inside and out. Mizuki was then pushed back by the energy and hit a near by tree, knocking of his head band. Ignika called back Gaia, reverting him into a card again.

"THAT WAS AWESOME." Naruto shouted. Iruka asked. "Ignika, how did you do that? I never heard of a summoning jutsu like that." Ignika smiled. "That's because it isn't, and Naruto, we have to beat up the old man. He never told us the truth of our parents."

Naruto and Iruka shouted at the same time. "WHAT?" Ignika nodded. Iruka sighed. "Well, you both stopped Mizuki from getting the scroll, your both now a genin. Ignika, go get Mizuki's head band, it's yours now." Iruka said. Iruka turned to Naruto, took of his own head band and gave it to Naruto. "Naruto you earned this too."

As Ignika was heading towards the fallen head band, Mizuki got up with a dark aura surrounding him. "HAhahaha, I see. This is the power he promised me, this is what Brron, Mad King of Dark World gave me." Mizuki said in a slightly darker voice.

Ignika jumped back, Iruka and Naruto saw Mizuki get up with that dark aura and were shocked. Mizuki made a disk appears that was black, crimson, and navy. (Think of the battle city duel disk, only darker.) Ignika summoned his own disk from the watch band. "Mizuki, I challnge you to a duel." Ignika said. Mizuki saditisic smirk grew wider. "I accept brat" Mizuki made a deck of cards appear out of the dark aura and put it in the duel disk.

Ignika materialized his own deck and both disks became active. A line of light then made a rectangle big enough for the duel, creating a invisable wall. "Naruto, Iruka-sensei, right now this is a duel against me and Mizuki." Ignika said. "Alright Mizuki, Let's duel."

Ignika 8000/Mizuki 8000

Ignika and Mizuki drew five cards from their deck. Ignika's hand had Obnoxious Celtic Gaurdian, Double Summon, Big Shield Gaurdna, Mirror Force, and Winged Kuriboh. "I go first." Ignika said while drawing the top card of his deck. He then got a Elemental Hero Sparkman. "I play Double Summon. With this card, I can normal summon twice this turn, so I summon Big Shield Gaurdna in defence mode(DEF/2600) and Obnoxious Celtic Gaurdian in defence mode(DEF/1200)." A man appeared out of light with a big shield and a elvish swordsman, crouching on one knee. "Then I place one card face down and end my turn."

Mizuki chuckled evily. "Alright brat, I draw. I activate Ancient Rules. I can special summon a level 5 or higher monster, and I choose Summoned Skull(ATK/2500)." A card of the monster appeared and was surrounded with dark aura, bringing out a darker colored version of Summoned Skull. "Next I summom Zombrya the Dark(ATK/2100)." A skelital jumpsuit creature with a red and blue cape appeared.

"Next, I'll have Zombrya attack the Obnoxious Celtic Gaurdian." Mizuki said darkly. Zombrya charged at the Celtic Garudian, with a coliding crash and a surge of power, Zombrya jumped back to its spot with the Obnoxious Celtic Garudian still in its spot.

"What, That thing should be destroyed." Mizuki yelled. Ignika smirked. "Obnoxious Celtic Garudian has a special ability that prevents any monster 1900 or over from destroying it." Mizuki grited his teeth in anger. "I end my turn."

Ignika drew another card, the Pot of Greed. "I play the spell, Pot of Greed." Ignika drew two cards. His had now has Winged Kuriboh,Elemental Hero Sparkman, Skyscraper, and Neo-spacian Air Hummingbird. "I summon Elemental Hero Sparkman(ATK/1600) " Lightning was flying off the ground and a man in blue and lightning yellow jumpsuit with a light blue viser covering his face was summon. "Next I play the field spell, Skyscraper." Buildings instantly appeared. "This card allows my Elemental Heros to gain 1000 attack points if they attack a monster thats stronger than him. So Sparkman, attack Summoned Skull."

Sparkman threw lighting bolts at Summoned Skull. Sparkman(ATK/2600) vs. Summoned Skull(ATK/2500), does any one need to do the math. Summoned Skull was destroyed on impact of the lighting.

Ignika: 8000/Mizuki: 7900

Zombyra was the only monster on Mizuki's field. Ignika ended his turn. Mizuki drew a card. Zombyra disappeared in a light dust and a Tan brown, demonic-like monster with a green hood on his face that covered its eyes. "I now sacrifice Zombyra to summon King of Yamimakai(ATK/2000), Then I activate the equipspell, Dark Energy." King of Yamimakai's attack points rose by 300 points. (ATK/2300)

Mizuki laughed. "Now I attack your Sparkman." Sparkman was destroyed by one of the attacking monsters claws.

Ignika: 7300/ Mizuki 7900

Ignika was gritting his teeth, Mizuki had a powerful monster that could make it hard for him to beat. But Mizuki wasn't done. "I then play Raigeki to destroy all your monsters and the Mystical Space Typoon to destroy your Skyscraper." Mizuki said, as a spell card shot lighting, destroying the three monsters.

-The sidelines-

Naruto and Iruka were watching Ignika's and Mizuki's duel. "I don't know whats going on, but I'm going to get some answers when this is over, more from the Hokage." Iruka said. Naruto was too entranced at the duel to listen.

-In the trees-

A figure was in the trees, watching the duel. The figure had a female super model figure, she also had messy hair with one side white and the other side blue. She also had green eye in her right eye, an orange eye in her left, and a third eye, vertical sided, on her forehead that was also orange. She had a purpleish skin that was covered by a skin tight, black suit that fit well on her curves. Her stomache and belly button was showing. She also had demonic wings.

'hehe, I never knew that Minato-san's kids were still alive. He surely does have the dueling spirit, and his brother looks like his father. When that duel is over, that old man is going to have to tell them about their clan.' The woman continued to watch the duel.

-back to the duel-

It was Ignika's turn, Ignika drew another card. 'Alright, I have Winged Kuriboh, Air Hummingbird, and Elemental Hero Bubbleman. Maybe I can make this work.' Ignika pick one of his cards. "I summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman in defense mode.(Def/1200)" A man in a blue and navy armor appeared in a bunch of bubbles and took up a defensive position. Mizuki was laughing at the monster. "Like that would do you any good." Mizuki taunted.

Ignika smirked. "It helps me because if he's the only card on the field, I can draw two cards from my cards." Ignika drew two new cards. Now his hand consisted of Winged Kuriboh, Air Hummingbird, Double Summon, and Pot of Greed. Ignika smirked. "I now activate another Pot of Greed for two new cards." Ignika drew Transendent Wings and Beaver Warrior. Ignika then said. "I activate Double Summon, and summon Winged Kuriboh in defence mode.(DEF/200) and place one card face down(Transcendent Wings). I end my turn."

Mizuki then grew an insane smile after drawing a card from his deck. "I play Monster Reborn to return Summoned Skull(ATK/2500) and use my normal summon to bring forth Red Eyes Black Chick(ATK/800)." Summoned Skull returned to the field and a black dragon chick in a red egg shell entered the field. Mizuki then cackled. "Next I activate the chicks ability, sacrificing it to summon it's adult form, the Red Eyes Black Dragon(ATK/2400)." The dragon chick was engulfed in flames and grew into a bigger dragon. Mizuki had three monsters that had over 2000 attack points.

Mizuki then declared an attack. "I attack your Bubbleman with Summoned Skull." Summoned Skull summoned its lighting strike to destroy the Bubbleman. Mizuki laughed evily again. "Now I have my Black Dragon destroy your Winged Kuriboh." The Black Dragon's eyes glowed and shot a fire ball at the small ball of fur.

Ignika smirked and said. "I activate my quick play spell, Tansendent Wings" The face down card revealed itself, with an image of a little angel with large wings and a transparent of a beautiful womans face. "By discarding two cards from my hand and sacrificing my Winged Kuriboh, I can special summon Winged Kuriboh LV 10(ATK/300) from my deck." Ignika send his two cards in his hand to the graveyard, as well as Winged Kuriboh. Ignika then looked in his deck and found a Winged Kuriboh LV 10 and played it on the feild.

Mizuki started laughing at the new monsters attack points. "Even a LV 10 monster like that can't beat any of my monsters." Mizuki taunted. Ignika crossed his arms. "Not if I active it's specal ability. By tributing my monster, he can destroy all of your monsters that are in attack mode and with all of their attack points added up, you take that much damage."

Mizuki's eye widened in shock, that ment he would get 7200 points of damage. Winged Kuriboh LV 10 glowed and with a bright light, all the monsters were destroyed.

Ignika: 7300/Mizuki: 700

Mizuki couldn't do anything else, so he ended his turn. "No matter freak, you shouldn't be able to draw a new monster thats strong enough to wipe out the rest of my life points." Mizuki continued to taunting Ignika to mess up.

Ignika drew a Monster Reborn. 'Alright, just what I needed.' "I activate the spell card, Monster Reborn, and I choose to reborn Red Eye's Black Dragon(ATK/2400)." A surge of light was flowing and the dragon appeared. "Now Red Eyes Black Dragon, attack Mizuki directly with Inferno Fire Blast." The Black Dragon roared and shot a big fire ball out of its mouth towards Mizuki.

Mizuki braced for impact for the incoming fire ball, when the fire ball came into contact, there was an flaming explosion. The cards Mizuki had burned into ashes, and the duel disk blew up taking Mizuki's arm in the blast. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Mizuki screamed before passing out from the pain of burns and a destroyed arm.

The invisible barrier faded. Naruto rushed to his brother, congraduating him and asking him how he did it. Iruka got Mizuki's head band and tossed it to Ignika. "I think we should report all of this back to lord Hokage." Iruka said, still surprised from the duel, not knowing what or how it happend.

The figure in the trees smiled and disappeared in a dark flash.

-Hokage office-

Sasuke Sarutobi saw everything from the veiwing orb, and to say he wasn't happy was a slight understatement. He was down strait worried and scaried. The Dark Worlders are back and Ignika woke up his bloodline.

He heard a knock on his office door. "Come in" The old Hokage said. Iruka, Ignika, and Naruto entered the room with the forbidden scroll. "Hey old man, tell us the truth of our parents, and I want to know who our parents really were." Naruto said rather loudly.

The old man groaned, knowing that he would have to tell them since Ignika first woke their bloodline. "I guess I have no choice but to tell you. Your father was.." Sarutobi was cut off by Ignika. "Our father was Minato Namikaze and our mother was Kushina Uzumaki."

Sarutobi dropped his pipe, Iruka just gapped at the mention of the two kids who he thought as brothers were the sons of two legendary ninja of the village.

Naruto didn't have a clue until his brother told him. "WE'RE THE KIDS OF THE FOURTH AND ONE OF THE GREATEST ANBU." Sarutobi nodded and looked at Ignika for some answers. "Who do you know who your parents were, Ignika?" Sarutobi asked.

Ignika rubbed the back of his head. "I spoke with Obilisk, Slifer, and Ra when I got knocked out. They told my what to do and then it happend, but that duel was all me." Ignika said.

"I'll say, I haven't seen dueling like that since your father." a new voice said. Everyone turned to see a demonic woman at the door(Note this is the same figure from the trees, so you know what she looks like). "Oh, how rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Yubel, a friend of your father and mother."

Ignika made a card appear looking at the image and Yubel back and forth. "Huh, the card image of you is different than what you look like right here." Ignika said. Yubel giggled. "Well, we Yubel's are different, most of us are half male, half female. but some of us are completly female. I am one of the few of female Yubel's that exist."

That explaination caused the Hokage and Iruka to gape with their mouths wide open. Ignika was slightly disturbed, and Naruto was clueless about that. Ignika asked. "Okay, why are you here.?" Yubel smirked. "I made a promise to your father that incase if anything happend to him. Hokage-san, I wish to be these boys sensei." Yubel explained.

The old Hokage was rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Alright, but I will have to put you as a second sensei for Ignika's and Naruto's team and you will only be able to teach them due to their bloodline, right?" Yubel nodded. "I do have a human form, but to any perverts, look away." Yubel said as he glow a dark purple light and changed into a human woman with light tan skin, wearing tight, long pants, red sandles, a tight, black shirt that showed her middle, and finally a dark green vest and a basic Konoha head band, Her hair was completely blue with some white streaks, her eyes were a sea green and had blue lipstick on her lips.

Sarutobi and Iruka passed out from bloodloss, via nosebleed. Ignika did a wolf wistle, making Yubel blush. Naruto was drooling at Yubel's human form. Yubel was chuckling a bit. "I think the two Namikaze brothers should go home and get ready for their new team, but before you leave." Yubel said. Yubel grabbed Ignika and pressed her lips against his. Naruto's jawdropped, as did Iruka and Sarutobi.

Yubel pulled back her lips. "hehe, I think I'm going to like you Ignika" Yubel said. Ignika was just blinking at what just happend. Naruto started elbowing his brother, in the brotherly way, and said. "I think if dad was here, he would want to take a ton of pictures of that moment."

Ignika nodded. "Lets head back to the apartment and I'll teach you how to play the card game and manifest cards." Naruto smirked and the two left.

Yubel looked at Sarutobi. "So who will be their teams sensei, other than me being Ignika's and Naruto's personal sensei." Sarutobi picked up the file and said. "Their sensei will be Kakashi Hatake, with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno as temammates."

Yubel scowled at the mention of the Uchiha, she remembered Fugaku demanding her to eather teach him how to use the Namikaze bloodline or breed with him, she then punched him in the nose. Yubel then smirked. "I am going to have a whole lot of fun with that team. Tourturing the Uchiha and Haruno and training the two Namikazes."

Iruka got shivers when Yubel said that. "Just take it easy, I don't want eather of the two hurt, and I'm talking about Naruto and-" Iruka said until he was cut off.

"Iruka, I know your concurned for them, but they are no longer kids. They can make their own choices." the Hokage said. Yubel nodded and let the office to get ready for the team.

-the next day-

The academy class room was loud and ecited today. Most of the guys were playing duel monsters, while others were eating, sleeping, sitting and ignoring fangirls, or talking with others. The girls were fawning all over Sasuke Uchiha. Ignika and Naruto entered the room and saw a duel. Going over there to watch the game, they heard Kiba Inuzuka yell. "Hey, what are you two doing here? Didn't you guys fail?"

The class turned to see that Ignika and Naruto were here. Sasuke thought. 'I thought they failed, but it doesn't matter, I'll use them as punching bags to practice my jutus on.'

Runing was heard outside in the hallways until the door opend with Sakura and Ino entering the room, yelling about who gets to sit next to their Sasuke-kun.

Ignika and Naruto took the seats that were open, and the only ones were the three next to Sasuke. "This sucks, we have to sit next to lord emo pants here." Naruto said loudly, causing the guys to laugh and the girls to death glare at Naruto, hoping that he would spontainusly combust.

Iruka entered the class room to anounce the teams.(You all know what teams there is going to be, so skip to team seven)

"Team 7 will be Ignika Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha. This team will also have two senseis because of 'certain' reasons, and they are Kakashi Hatake and Yubel."

Ignika and Naruto smirked at the mention of Yubel being their sensei, but they sweatdropped at what Sakura yelled. "OH YEAH, I GET TO BE ON SASUKE-KUNS TEAM AND HE GETS TWO SENSEI'S BECAUSE HE'S THE GREATEST." (Sad little world she lives in doesn't she?)

When Iruka finished announcing the teams, the classroom door opened revealing two jonin. the unconsious Kakashi Hatake and the person draging him Yubel.

"Team 7 come with us." Yubel said. The four rookie genin got up from their seats and followed Yubel.

-The balcany-

Kakashi regained consiousness and started introductions. "My name is Kakashi Hatake, my likes and dislike are.. your not old enough to know, my hobbies, the same as the likes and dislikes, my dreams, well I don't have right now."

The others thought the same thing. 'All we learned was his name.' Yubel went next. "My name is Yubel, My likes are a certain boy, kicking pervert ass, and learning new stratagies and technices. My dislikes are Uchiha and their fanboys and girls, traitors, and people who back stab their friends. My hobbies are training and reading. My dream is to have a family with the man of my dreams."

Ignika had an feeling of who she was talking about. Sasuke did his intro. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha, I have no likes and alot of dislikes, I have an ambition, to kill a certain man and restore my clan." Sasuke looked at Yubel like a piece of meat as he said that last part.

Ignika and Naruto noticed that glance, Naruto thought Sasuke was going to get his has handed to him, knowing his brother. Ignika thought. 'If he so much has to try to even rape her or force her to be a breeding stock because of his name, I will so burn his ass with Ra's flames.'

Sakura did her fangirl intro(Skipping it because of her being a fangirl to Sasuke) Naruto finally did his. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, My likes are my brother, ramen, jutsu, and the duel monster card game. My dislikes are an emo duck ass, a pink haired fangirl, and the time it make ramen. My hobbies are eating different kinds of ramen, practicing with every duel monster I have, and training. My dream is to be come Hokage so that the village won't look down on me and my brother."

Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi scoffed at Naruto's dream. Ignika thought that it was a great dream to follow, so did Yubel.

Ignika did his intro last. "The name's Ignika Uzumaki, my likes are the same as my brother, but I also like a certain woman that I know. My dislikes are people who look down on other for things they could not control, people who think they are above others. My Hobbies are also the same as my brother. My dream is to become the greatest ninja ever."

Yubel slightly blushed when Ignika mentioned him liking a girl. Kakashi pulled out an orange book and said. "Well, since the council thinks any team with Sasuke in it deserves to pass, we won't do the exam to see who passes. We will evaluate your skills thought, so meet us at training ground seven." Kakashi dissappeared in a shushin, Yubel left in a dark flash, Ignika and Naruto jumped from roof to roof, heading towards the training grounds. Sasuke and Sakura only walked to the grounds.

-Training ground seven-

Yubel was reading a old book of hers while Kakashi was pretending to read so he can sneak peeks at Yubel's body. "Why haven't I seen you before beautiful?" Kakashi asked hoping to get laid. Yubel new that lame pick up line. "Sorry, I don't date a pervert like you." Yubel said. Kakashi growled in frustration. Naruto and Ignika shortly arrived to the grounds.

Naruto asked. "Hey Kakashi-sensei, what will we be learning." Kakashi was stroking his chin abit. "Well, you and your brother will be working on chakra control exercies, so will Sakura, Sasuke will also learn them but he will learn jutsu as well."

Yubel glared at Kakashi with a furious look. "So your basicly abadoning your other students to train the Uchiha. The reason I'm here is to only teach Naruto and Ignika, not that brat you so greatly kiss his ass." Ignika smirked as did Naruto, Kakashi on the other hand.

"How dare you, you train these demons that killed the fourth Hokage instead of the last Uchiha survivor? What brain washing have they done to you?" Kakashi yelled furiously. Naruto rolled his eyes. Yubel answered. "Yes I would, because the brat you call the 'last great Uchiha survivor' can't learn what these two will because he is unable to do it."

Kakashi made a bet. "I bet that Sasuke will beable to copy any and all jutsu that the two demons use. If he is unable to, I will run around the village yelling that I'm gay and want to rape the Uchiha prodagy."

Yubel smirked evily. "Alright be prepared to lose." She then walked to the Uzumakis and whispered. 'Use your bloodlines, and kick their asses.'

Sasuke and Sakura finally arrived and Kakashi said. "To evaluate your skills, there will be a match. Sasuke and Sakura vs. Naruto and Ignika."

Sakura was cheering that she will be fighting along side Sasuke, and Sasuke was thinking he will beat the two boys up and send them back to the academy.

Kakashi began the fight. Ignika and Naruto matterialized a card in their hands. Ignika said. "I summon, Gilford the Lighting." Out of nowhere, a man in silver and yellow armor with a red cape appeared, holding a huge sword in his hands. Naruto smirked and said. "I summon the Dark Magician." a man in purple armor and robe, holding a staff appeared as well.

The two monster then glowed and went to the two that summoned them, giving them armor and abilites. Ignika has gaurds on his legs and arms, shoulders, and torso. He also had the same helmet that Gilford had but only covered the mouth and nose.

Naruto wore the same purple armor as the Dark Magician had, his head wasn't covered by the hat the Dark Magician had and his hands were covered except the fingers.

Both Uzumaki's had the weapons the two monsters they summoned had. Sakura was doing the ram seal, trying to release any genjutsu in the area, thinking what Ignika and Naruto did was a genjutsu. Sasuke was griting his teeth, he saw them summon and transform without any handsigns.

"Why can't I release this genjutsu, these two bakas were the dead lasts of the academy." Sakura said. Sasuke took out a kunai and threw it at Ignika, but it was deflected by the sword.

"Nice try teme, but this is some thing you can't do." Naruto said. Ignika did a downward slash with the sword and lighting ripped through the ground and air. Sasuke jumped in the air to dodge it, but Sakura got hit by the lighting and passed out, when it wasn't even aiming at her.

Naruto launched a dark magic attack at Sasuke when he was still in the air. Sasuke felt like he was hit by so energy that was blasting him away..

Kakashi went wide eyed at what the Uzumakis did. 'How dare those demon freaks use Minato-senseis technice, If sensei wasn't killed by them, then I would have learned how he did that and taught Sasuke who to do that.'

Yubel chuckled. "It looks like they win, and you lose the bet so." Sakura screamed. "They cheated, they were probably using a forbidden and illegal jutsu." Yubel, Naruto, and Ignika sweat dropped.

"Sakura, they were not using forbidden jutsu. In fact what they did was not even a jutsu at all." Yubel said. Sasuke went in to his 'I'm an Uchiha, give me what I want' tone. "Teach me how to do that." Sasuke demanded. Yubel chuckled and said. "I don't think so Uchiha, I am only teaching Naruto and Ignika, no one else."

Sasuke went back to brooding, thinking when he gets the sharingan he'll copy the abilities that the brothers revealed today.

Sakura was trying to get Sasuke to go out with her. Kakashi, since loosing the bet, he ran around yelling that he was gay and wanted to rape Sasuke. The Hokage was laughing at Kakashi for loosing such a bet.

-The Hokage office.

The jonin that examianed the new genin were here. Asuma was the first to go. "Team 10 passed, worked well with team work and could be the next InoShikaCho trio team."

The others nodded, Kurenai went next. " Team 8 passed, grasp the concept of teamwork quickly." The other jonin had known that the Inuzuka, Abrame, and Hyuuga were the best trackers in Konoha.

Kakashi and Yubel walked up. "Team 7 passed, but two genin barley passed." Kakashi said until Yubel whacked Kakashi on the head. "The whole team passed." The other jonin were shocked, Kakashi passing a genin team. They knew that the Uchiha wouldn't fail, but they were suprised that the rest of the genin would pass.

Kakashi got up and rubbed his head and asked. "Lord Hokage, why does the Uzumaki brothers know one of Minato-sensei most powerful jutsu?" Sarutobi was rubbing the bridge of his nose, knowing he would have to explain. "I should let you know that the only ones who are able to use that 'jutsu' of that kind of caliber would be Minato and the two brothers we know."

Kakashi narrowed his eye slightly, thinking that the Hokage was lying. Yubel smirked, while the other jonin were shell shocked at the mention of one of the fourth Hokages greatest technices were used.

The Hokage dismissed the jonin.


The genin that passed their exams were at the Korean BBQ.(Meaning Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Sakura, Sasuke, Ignika and Naruto were there)

Ino and Sakura were fighting about who will date Sasuke. Sasuke was brooding and thinking of ways trying to copy Naruto's and Ignika's powers, Choji was eating a ton of food, Shikamaru was snoozing, Shino was feeding his bugs, Hinata is fantising of Naruto dating her, Naruto and Ignika were dueling(Not using duel disk or bringing the cards to life.) Kiba and Akamaru were gnawing on a steak.

Sakura stopped fighting with Ino to say. "What are you two bakas doing?" the others turned to see Ignika and Naruto playing duel monsters. Ignika turned to Sakura and said. "What does it look like, we're dueling." The others knew that by the cards, but Kiba asked a question he shouldn't have.

"Where did you two get a rare card like the Black Luster Solder?" Kiba asked. Naruto and Ignika answered the question with the lie they came up with. "The old man Hokage gave us these cards." Naruto lied. Ignika nodded in agreement.


The others sweatdropped. Sasuke continued to brood. After the celebration is over the genin will begin missions. Ignika and Naruto were very anxious to start doing missions.

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