IgnikaKanak: Heres a new chapter of the Uzumaki duelists. the pairings will be Naruto/Hinata/Dark Magician Girl/Ino/Kin/Tenten/Temari and my OC, Ignika/Yubel/FemHaku/Tayuya/Konan/Kurenai/Anko. I don't own any thing but my OC, bloodlines I created, and story ideas.

Warning: Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke bashing. Those who love them please turn away.

Our group was riding on a boat, only it went from motorized to following the currents. Mist was everywhere, and was pretty thick. Ignika was being snuggled by napping Yubel. Naruto was looking through different cards to create stronger combinations and stratigies. Sasuke was glaring at the two Namikazes, hoping to make them beg to train them.

Tazuna was drinking down his sake, Kakashi was reading his Icha Icha, and Sakura was still fawning over Sasuke. The group was passing by a incomplete bridge. "Wow, that is a big bridge. We could be here for a while." Naruto said. Ignika nodded and Yubel started to wake up. "(Yawn) So we're almost there. The sooner the mission is finished, the sooner I can get away from the baka Hatake, his butt buddy Uchiha, and the weak, pink banshee, fangirl." Yubel said loud enough for the temes to hear.

Ignika and Naruto were laughing at Yubel's comment. Tazuna was confused why they were insulting their teammates, but didn't ask why. The boat reached land and the group got off.

-1 hour later-

Tazuna and team 7 were walking on the path to Tazuna's village. While walking down the path, Ignika noticed something in the shadows and threw a kunai at the spot. Everyone immedatly got on gaurd in case of anything, until Ignika saw that it was a snow rabbit he nearly killed. "You baka, you should go throwing kunai knives like that, you almost killed that poor rabbit." Sakura ranted.

Sasuke was looking smug, thinking he was better than Ignika for nearly killing the rabbit. Kakashi was going to scold Ignika about how dangerous throwing knives were, but was intruppted by Naruto. "Bro, that was used in substitution huh?" Ignika nodded. "Yep, its a snow rabbit, and its fur is all wrong."

Sakura had a tick mark on her forehead. "What do you mean its fur is wrong, all rabbits have white fur." Sakura shouted. Ignika, Naruto, Yubel, and Tazuna sweat dropped. 'What fantasy world does she live in?' Ignika and Naruto sensed something coming quickly. "Get down." Yubel pulled Tazuna to the ground with her to duck, Ignika kicked Sasuke and Sakura in the face to get them on the ground and ducked as well, and Naruto tripped Kakashi and ducked himself.

A giant sword flew over their them, missing them of course, and stuck itself in a tree. A shirtless man in camo pants and bandages over his face landed on handle of the sword. "Ah, Kakashi of the Sharingan, no wonder the Demon brothers were captured." Ignika got up. "Well, Kakashi is no longer the copy cat he used to be. He lost the eye hours a go as well as his man hood. He's now Kakashi of the dickless and ballless"

Zabuza slipped of the handle of the sword and landed on his back, laughing. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, y-y-y-you mean hahahaha, h-h-he's hahahaha now stuck in between man and woman? hahahahaha." Zabuza said laughing.

Naruto, Yubel, and Ignika started laughing as well. Kakashi was starting to get furious at the insultes he was getting. Sasuke was thinking he could prove how strong he was by taking on Zabuza. Sasuke drew a kunai and charged at Zabuza, trying to land a killing strike on Zabuza. Zabuza saw Sasuke trying to attack him, so he kicked Sasuke in the gut.

"Pathetic, a mere genin thinks he can kill me easily." Zabuza said. Sasuke got up. "I can beat a weakling like you, as I'm an eliet ninja, stronger than you, I am an Uchiha." Sasuke said like he was unbeatable. Naruto was fake gagging, Yubel rolled her eyes, Ignika sweatdropped. Sakura was screaming at how Sasuke was the best, Kakashi was only nodding.

Zabuza also sweatdropped, this duck-assed brat was the so called 'Last Uchiha' what idiot thought this delusional genin was strong enough to become genin?(He didn't meet the civilan council of Konoha.)

Naruto wacked Sasuke upside the head. "Shut the hell up baka, he's an A-ranked missing nin of the mist, also know for the silent killing technice and called demon of the mist. You think you, a lowly genin, can take on a high jonin in combat? One, who might I add, is a former member of the seven swords men of mist. He's even carrying a zanbatou for Kami's sake, he could just kill you for a warm up, or just kill you for being an annoyance."

Sasuke sneered at Naruto and was about to make a comeback, but was inturppted by Zabuza. "Well, it seems someone knows about me pretty well. The Uchiha brat is lucky I'm not even here to kill him, though I think his blood will eat away at my sword." Ignika chuckled and said. "If your looking for a challenge in swords, you got one with me." Ignika materialized a card with a swordsman in purple armor, with yellow lines. The swordsman's sword has massive and the grip was like a dragons foot.

Zabuza was intriged by this, he hasn't had a good sword fight in a while. Naruto and Yubel grinned at what Ignika was planning to do. Ignika threw the card in the air. "I summon Buster Blader" Buster Blader was summoned through golden light and the card that was used to summon it disappeared.

Ignika then activated the next part of his bloodline, merging with Buster Blader. Ignika now had the same torso armor, gauntle armor, leg armor, and finally a face mask that covered the lower half of Ignika's face. "Lets see who's the stronger swordsman." Ignika said, hoisting the massive blade of his over his shoulder, one handedly.

Zabuza grinned maddly, this fight was one to remember for him. Ignika charged at Zabuza at mid-high jonin speed. Zabuza brought down his sword in an upward slash, but Ignika blocked it with his sword.

Yubel watching the fight hoping Ignika would win and would make it out in one piece after the fight. Naruto was ready to become backup in case of anything. Sasuke was now furious that Ignika was faceing Zabuza and he was stuck gaurding the bridge builder. Kakashi was ready to use his Raikiri to kill Ignika if he makes it out of the fight alive while Sakura was furious and shouting that it should be Sasuke to have the Namikaze bloodline.(Damn, talk about being with a bitch and two bastards, am I right?)

Zabuza jumped back a few feet. "Impressive brat, lets see if you can top this, Hidden Mist Jutsu." The mist starts getting thicker to the point where you cant see more than two feet in front of you. Sakura was becoming worried that her 'Sasuke-kun' would get hurt. Kakashi didn't care what would happen to Naruto or Ignika, but thought he could save Yubel, so Sasuke could use her to breed stronger Uchiha.

Zabuza tried to side slash Ignika, but was blocked by a purple gauntle. "Nice try, but I'm not that easy to defeat. Take this, SLAYER SLASH" Ignika's sword glowed and brought his blade in a downward slash, sending a blade of energy in the air. Zabuza's widened and jumped to dodge the energy blade. 'Damn, this brat is stronger than anyone I faced before. I better kill the old man before this brat kills me.' Zabuza thought.

Ignika was ready to continue fighting Zabuza. "Zabuza, if we continue to fight, one of use will be killed. I don't plan on dying any time soon, give up and maybe we can resolve this peacefuly." Ignika said. Zabuza narrowed his eyes. "And miss one of the greatest swordsmen fights of my life, not one chance." Zabuza charged towards Ignika, using his speed as momentum to increase the power of his attack. Zabuza brought his zanbatou towards Ignika, but the attack missed. Ignika just seemed to have disappeared, and causing everyone to wonder were Ignika went.

'Where did the brat go?' Zabuza thought until he heard a rustling in the trees. "BUSTER STRIKE" Ignika shouted, swinging his sword down to slice Zabuza in half. Zabuza was caught of gaurd by this and quickly used a replacment jutsu, causing Ignika's sword to slice through it like a white hot knive cutting through warm butter. (And that is as easy as it can cut through)

Sasuke jawdropped at the last attack, Ignika almost defeated Zabuza with that last slash. 'I want that jutsu. With it I can kill him, I can kill Itachi.' Sakura was wide eyed. 'That demon is making Sasuke-kun look weak, if I can find where he got the jutsu from, then maybe I can tell Sasuke-kun where it is so he will become unbeatable.'

Kakashi was glaring at Ignika. 'That demon freak is becoming too powerful, Sasuke-san should have that jutsu. The third must have lied about that being a bloodline, no bloodline like that is in existance. Maybe its some form of a summoning contract, when we're back at Konoha, I'll break in to the vault that has the summoning jutsu contracts and have myself and Sasuke-san sign it.' The Scarecrow thought.

Naruto and Yubel were smiling, Ignika was only warming up. Naruto was still ready to become back up. Yubel hoped that Ignika wouldn't get harmed at all, or just barely. Tazuna had absolutly no idea what was going on, this battle was becoming strange and unusual. Zabuza was taking a breather, and was lucky that he did the replacement in the nick of time. Ignika cursed that Zabuza got out of the attack.

"I can't win against you brat, but I'll let you go this time. You'll have a week to get ready for our fight to continue, only this time I will be fighting at my fullest next time." Zabuza said while he disappeared in a water shushin. Ignika separrated from Buster Blader and dismissed him back to the duel monster world.

Sasuke was getting furious, Ignika was able to take down a jonin ranked nuke-nin with out trouble. Sakura was ranting that 'her Sasuke-kun' should have been the one to have been the one with the Duel Monster 'jutsu' and the one to take on Zabuza. Naruto was cheering that Ignika won the fight, and Yubel was taunting Kakashi that her student was better than his.

"Umm, what the heck happend?" Tazuna asked. Naruto chuckled alittle. "Well, I think it would be best explained at your house." Naruto said. The group headed off to Tazuna's house.

-at Tazuna's house.-

Team 7 and Tazuna arrived at the house. "Tsunami, I'm home and I brought ninja's to protect me from Gato." Tazuna said. The front door opened and revealed a beautiful woman that looks like shes in her mid-twenties. "Father, I'm so glad your alright. Please come in." Everyone went inside the house.


Tsunami and Yubel were in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Ignika and Naruto finished setting up the table. Tazuna was being his usual drunk self. Sasuke and Kakashi was ready to demand the Namikaze's to teach them to summon the duel monsters. Sakura, well she's a fangirl and does what fangilrs do, fawn over the Uchiha.

Dinner was laided on the table and everyone began eating. "Ignika, what was that ablity you displayed earlier." Ignika and Naruto nodded. Naruto started to explain. "What Ignika did was our bloodline ability. It allows us to summon beings known as duel monsters and fuse with them. We can also use their ablities as well, if they have any that is." Sasuke wanted to know more. "I thought all duel monsters had special ablities."

Ignika rolled his eyes. "Duel monsters have attack that match their type and/or attribute. If you played the card game, you would know that yellow boardered cards are normal monsters that have no effects/ablities to give an edge in the game. Other color boardered would have effects/abilities, but mostly the orange boardered cards have effects/abilities, such as Buster Blader have special powers."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, still trying to find a way to use the duel monster 'jutsu' as Sasuke called, since he refused to believe that it was a bloodline ability like his Sharingan. Tazuna nodded. "I see, does your teammates have this ability?" Tazuna asked. Sakura was about to say 'yes, but Ignika and Naruto refused to teach them this' but Yubel beat her to the punch. "No, only Naruto and Ignika has this ability. It's not really a jutsu that can be taught to anyone. I know this because I was friends with their father."

Naruto thought of something that might work and wispered his plan in his brother's ear. 'Lets try Monster Reborn on our mother and father. You revive mom, I'll try dad.' Ignika nodded and materalized a Monster Reborn card as did Naruto.

"Monster Reborn, bring back Minato Namikaze/Kushina Uzumaki" Ignika and Naruto said, gaining the attention of Sasuke, Kakashi, and Yubel. A glowing flash of light brought back two bodies from the dead. Kakashi's lone eye widened and Yubel smirked. Minato Namikaze was back, as was Kushina, Minato's wife.

-With the Shinigami-

Shinigami jawdropped at the sudden disappearence of Minato's soul. He guess it was one of Minato's kids. 'Damn, those two must have found out that if they use their bloodline to bring back the fouth that I can't take back his soul unless the fourth uses the Shiki Fujin again. I really dislike the fact that Obilisk, Slifer, and Ra gave them that bloodline. Although it is good that the two got back their parents back." Shinigami thought.

-Back in Tazuna's home-

Minato was opening his eyes, regaining consiousness. "Whoa. I don't remember this being part of Shinigami's stomache, and Kushina-chan wasn't in his stomache eather. Wait, Kushina-chan!" Minato said. Ignika and Naruto laughed, Yubel joined them. Kakashi couldn't believe his eyes. Sasuke thought he could demand the fourth to teach him everything that he thought should belong to the Uchiha.

Minato heard the laughing, turning to see Yubel in her human form and saw two boys, one looked like him only with wisker marks and the other with red hair like Kushina. "Ignika? Naruto? Is it really you two?" The two Namikaze heirs nodded. "Hey dad, hows it feel to be alive again?" Naruto asked.

Minato went wide eyed, felling around his body, seeing that he really was alive again. "Wait, that means both of you got your bloodline active already, that means you two must be jonin already." Minato said. Ignika was wistliling and Naruto was scratcing the back of his head. Naruto started explain. "Not really, we're genin and our bloodlines are already active. Oh and I know of Furry McFuzzums inside me and Ignika knows of the three egyiptian gods sealed in him.

Minato nodded. "I see, then you must have been treated like heroes like I asked the village to." Minato said with the Namikaze foxy grin. Sasuke scoffed. "Why would we treat those demons like he-ACK" Sasuke was pinned to the wall by Minato's arm. "Don't you dare say that about my sons, I know your an Uchiha because your emoness is flowing off of you and the trademark duck-assed hair style."

"Minato-sensei, please be gental with Sasuke, he lost his clan because of Itachi. Also I'm glad that your back and you can finally kill those demons that killed you in the first place and teach Sasuke the duel monster su-OOF" Kakashi until Minato threw Sasuke at him.

"Kakashi, I thought you would treat my son's with respect, but here I see that aren't caring about them, instead your kissing an Uchiha's ass because he lost his clan when someone he knows betrayed his weak clan." Minato said in an angry tone, causing Sasuke to become enraged. "The Uchiha clan is not weak, my clan was the strongest clan of all. I should be stronger than those dobes you call sons. I deserve your jutsu because I am superior than you." Sasuke ranted.

Yubel, Naruto, and Ignika were snickering at what was coming next, that would put Sasuke in his place. Minato got a tick mark on his forehead. "Listen you brat, your not superior to me. I also will not teach you my jutsu as it is my clans jutsu." Minato told the Uchiha.

Sakura growled. "How dare you not teach Sasuke-kun, he is the strongest out of the village. Those demon-bakas also refused to teach Sasuke-kun that summoning jutsu. Nows the chance to kill them and finish what you started twelve years ago, so kill them now or your a-" Sakura ranted until a familar black combat boot hit Sakura square in the face.

Minato sighed. "How the hell do you stand being around them?" Ignika and Naruto shurugged. "I guess we get used to it since we can put them in their place easily. That, and it's fun watching them get mad and make mistakes." Naruto said.

Kushina started to wake up. "Damn it Minato, keep it down I'm trying to sleep." Kushina whined and tried to go back to sleep until her eyes snapped open. "MINATO, but I thought I died." Minato chuckled. "You can thank our sons for that." Minato pointed towards Ignika and Naruto.

Kushina gasped and quickly hugged the young Namikaze kids. "I'm sorry we could be there to watch you both grow up and become stronger." Ignika and Naruto smiled and hugged back. "It's alright mom, we're just gald your back."

Tazuna was really thrown out of the loop. He had no idea what was going on, but stayed out of it. Minato and Kushina sat down. "I hoped Konoha respected my wishes." Minato said, but became worried when he saw the winces off of Yubel's, Ignika's, and Naruto's faces. "The village did respect my wishes right?" Minato asked as he and his wife became worried much faster. "No, the village in fact tried to kill us, except for Old man third, Iruka-sensei, Teuchi and Ayame Ichiraku, and a few and I mean very few others." Naruto said. Ignika nodded and Yubel hugged Ignika close to her.

Kushina was slightly enraged by this, while Minato was leaking a tsunami of killer intent. Minato took in a deep breath before shouting.

-In Konoha-

Sasuke Sarutobi was finishing up the paperwork he was working on. 'Finally, thank you Ignika for giving me the secret to defeating paper work.' Just as Sarutobi was about to stamp the last peice of paperwork, he heard a familiar voice shout, causing him to pale considerably. "GOD DAMN IT. I WILL WASTE THE DAMN LEAF VILLAGE IF IT'S LAST FUCKING THING I DO, STARTING WITH THE CIVILAN COUNCIL"

The whole village heard that shout. They reconized the voice to be that of the fourth Hokage, but he was dead. Many thought he was back to kill the demons, while some thought he was brought back and brain washed by the 'demons' and would try to destroy Konoha, while those who know the truth paled that Minato was back to get revenge on the village.

-Back in Wave-

Kakashi broke out his stupior. "But Minato-sensei, these demons attacked the village. They should be kill-" Minato interuppted Kakashi before he could finish the scentance. "Kakashi, don't you dare finish that sentance. Ignika and Naruto are my sons, If you knew the difference between a kunai and as sealing scroll then you would have found out they are my sons. I'm ashamed at you, what would Obito and Rin think of you."

Kakashi growled in anger and charged up a raikiri. "YOU DEMON BRATS, I'LL KILL YOUR FOR BRAIN WASHING MY SENSEI." Kakashi charged at Naruto, but Ignika blocked the attack with his body. Kakashi drove the chidori into Ignika's body and Yubel screamed. "Ignika!!!!" The scream was heard all over Wave.

-Killjoy no jutsu-

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