It was a rather crazy day in japan

A powerful digimon had emerged from the Digital world and was destroying everything. His name was Buffmon

Luckly for everyone the tamers quickly biomerged with their digimon and quickly beat Buffmon before he could cause anymore danger

"Man that was a crazy battle," Takato said as he and Guilon devolved back to normal

"Ya it was," Henry said as he and Terriermon devolved and also changed back as well

I thought we were gonners there," Ryo said as he and Cyberdramon devolved

"Wel at least it's over Rika said as she began to devole from being Sakuyamon and back to being herself and Renamon

Once her process was over she noticed that all the boys were looking at her with surprised and shocked looks on their face

"Huh?" Rika said confussed "Why are you..Huh! What's with my voice?!"

"Um Rika," Henry said as he pulle out a mirrior "Look,"

Rika screamed in fear at wha she saw. She had Renamons body, face, fur, tail and eveything else. The only differences were that this new Renamon had Rikas orange hair on her head, a gray heart desine on her stomach, and no purple gloves

"Ah whats happened to me!?" Rika said in shock

"We are stuck togeher," Renamon said

"Well at least their both okay," Taato said


Takato was so scarred by her yelling that he peeded his pants


What insanity awaits?