"Okay Jerri you ready?" Takato asked as she was about t biomerge with Rikenamon

"So what do I do again?" Jerri asked

"Just put your digivise to your chest and say biomerge activate," Henry said

"Okay," Jerri said "BIOMERGE ACTIVATE!"

Just then the whole biomerge sequence thing happened. Except with Jerri instead of Rika going in Renamon (ya'know that might be cooler I think)

When it was done they got a very strange Sakuyamon.

This Sauyamon had orange hair, it's armor was green, it had a tail, and it had a second dog head for a left hand, kinda like Jerris puppet dog she wears

"Okay that's probably the freakest digimon I've ever seen," Kazu said

"Okay Jerri now devolve," Takato said

Jerri did as she was told and a flsh of light appearded as she devolved. Yet instead of everything being back to norma things got worse. This new Renamon now had a second dog head to, Jerri was now stuck as well

"Oh no!," Takato cremed

"Now erris stuck as a foxy lady to," Kenta said

"This is just like in the Cell saga of Dragonball Z," Kazu said "Wait that's it!"

"What's it?" Henry asked

Just then Kazu went up to the new Renamon, stuck his finger down her mouth and made her throw up.

Five seconds later Jerri was out, and covered in vommit. Kazu then did it again and Rika was out. Everyone was back to normal

"Okay...That. Was. Digusting," Henry said

"Well what do ya know? Watching anime is good for you," Kazu said

"Uh guys where are their clothes?" Kenta said now seeing the two girls were nude

"Hold on I'll get them," Kazu aid as he made Renamon throw up some more

"If this keeps up I'll throw up," Taato said


The End

"What you call that an ending? That's gross!"

Impmon how'd you get out of Metalgarurumon?

"Not importaint, but seriously this is nasty,"

And then as Impmon was beig a pain to the author and the readers he exploded

"No wait I was ju..."


The End...Again