A/N Honostly, don's ask, it's a random oneshot a friend and me thought up. I'd tell you her name but i don't remember it off the top of my head. XD Ok, so...it's a crack fic, just us being stupid and trying to picture different characters doing different things.

Disclaimer I do not own Bleach, and I share the plotline.

Not one light was on. The whole house was dark. In this one room, a very faint glow was given off by the TV, ever so slightly illuminating the three boys watching the horror movie. Ichigo was on the right, when looking at the TV. Hitsugaya was in the middle and Renji was on the left. The rooms floor was littered with various candy wrappers and a few empty and half full bowls of popcorn. Renji sat with a blanket around him, ready to be pulled up around his head at any moment he might need to. Toshiro was squeezing a very large, very soft teddy bear (that belonged to Yuzu) to his chest. The orange haired teen held a pillow in his hands, his knuckles white from squeezing it.

The small captain was wearing very simple black pajama pants with a iron maidon tee shirt. Renji was wearing green, flannel, pajama pants, and a blue hoodie. The strawberry had blood red pj pants and a white tee shirt showing a black dragon. Each boy sat, eyes wide and frieghtened, stareing into the screen, jumping slightly very often. Often times, Abarai chose to hide his eyes. Hitsugaya sometimes declared he was not afraid, though it was extremely obviouse he was lying.

The movie was about a third of the way over. It was at what was possibly the most suspensful and terrifying part it could be at. The three watching leaned slightly closer, fear surronding them. The music got slightly faster, and was slowly getting more and more intense. At that one moment, Rukia busted through the door, loudly declaring she was back. What transpired next happened in, quite literally, two seconds.

All three boys screamed rather loudly. So loud some neighbors woke up, extremely annoyed, might i add. Hitsugaya jumped to the ceiling, very literally, and dropped the teddy bear. He landed in Ichigo's lap. The two proceeded to latch on to each other, still screaming. Renji huddled into a small ball under the blanket and curled half way onto the captain's lap. Ichigo hid his face in the smaller boys shoulder, also managing to muffle his scream. they continued to scream for ten, maybe fifteen seconds. When they finished with their screaming, they panted heavily, Toshiro looking around the room.

Ichigo pulled one eye up and opened it, looking at Rukia, who was still standing dumbstruck in the doorway. Hitsugaya also looked, as well as Renji, who only had enough bravery to show his eyes. Rukia stared at them, her eyes wide and face confused. She reminded herself to remember this picture in front of her, it would be useful as blackmail later. Finally, Hitsugaya, still latched onto Ichigo, made a loud pant, then said;

"I wasn't scared"

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