He Gets That From Me

By: narutoprincess

Chapter 10: Last Night I Heard Him Pray

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Alex could feel the body beside him but it took him awhile to realize it was Aiden. He smiled and looked down at the little angel beside him.

"Poor girl's probably scared to death."


NP: Okay, this is not a flashback exactly as it is Stella who is in the room, not Alex. It did happen earlier in the evening, though.

"Okay, just one more push."

Lindsay mustered up what was left of her strength and pushed for what seemed to be the 50th time. The entire time she squeezed Danny's hand. Stella was beside her, trying to help. Finally, the sound of screams filled the air. The baby was out.

"Congratulations. She's beautiful."

But before the doctor could pass the little baby to her mommy, machines started beeping. Something was going wrong with Lindsay.


Danny was freaking out. The nurses and doctors in the room immediately started inserting needles and things in Lindsay. The doctor holding the baby ushered Danny and Stella out of the room.

"You have to leave now. Ms. Messer's having some complications."

"But what about Mackenzie?"

The doctor stared at Stella when she uttered this phrase. He had no clue who this woman was referring to. Then he remembered the baby.

"Oh! The baby! She'll be put into the nursery. We need to look after her for a while anyway."

At that moment, the doctor left for the nursery. Danny stood there, not knowing what to do. His other daughter was in the waiting room while his wife, the love of his life, could possibly be dying. Stella put her hand on his shoulder and helped him decide.

"I'll take Aiden to my place. You need to be here."

Danny smiled at Stella. She knew what it was like to lose the one you loved most. She knew how much distress he was in right now. He nodded and followed the doctor to the nursery.


So that's why Aiden was at Stella and Alex's apartment. She'd been sleeping in the living room. Alex had offered to stay there with her. He knew what was going on and knew how scared Aiden probably was.

He got up quietly, without disturbing Aiden and knelt down to pray.


Stella was having a restless night of sleep. She couldn't stop thinking about Lindsay. She hoped she would pull through of course. She didn't think she could bear seeing Danny everyday if she didn't make it. It would remind her of Mac. Then, she heard a quiet voice that woke her completely.

"Dear God. I hope you hear this..."

Stella walked down the hallway quietly and spotted her son kneeling in the moonlight, praying.

"Something happened to this little girl's mother tonight and I want her to be okay."

It took most of Stella's willpower not to cry. She didn't want to give away her position.

"I also hope for the safety of little Mackenzie, her baby."

Alex paused for a minute. Stella thought he was done so she started heading back towards her room, but she heard him speak again. This time through tears.

"And can you say hello to my dad. I know he's up there. Tell him that Mom...Stella...misses him and....I do too."

Alex lay down again, the tears pouring down his face. He wished he'd known his dad better than he had. Everyone who'd known Mac Taylor always commented about how alike they were. But sometimes people just say those kind of things. Alex wanted to know if they were telling the truth.

Stella was crying as well. Her son knew how much she missed Mac. She hadn't known that he'd missed Mac that much though. She went over to Alex and wiped the tears from his face.

"Mac would be so proud of you."


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