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AN (sparkly): Alright, so I tried to come up with a longer fic, but I couldn't sorry! It's an AU, maybe I'll expound on it later? Enjoy!


By: sparklyshimmer2010

Whoever that woman was standing over there...well, John just really wanted to know who she was.

Him and his team were on a standard meet and greet mission. The old style society was nice, but right now there wasn't much to do but become friends. John grinned to himself. So maybe he could start with her?

Of course him, Ford, Rodney and Teyla had already met the leaders and been relatively friendly then (relatively because of Rodney). Ford was busy picking on McKay and Teyla was visiting some of her friends (she had actually been the one to introduce the Atlanteans to the Linarans).

For a while now he had just been kind of wandering around, looking at all the people walking by. He was bored. Very. Bored.

Then he'd seen something that perked him right up. Her.

She had brown curls that came to the top of her shoulders and she was absolutely gorgeous. He watched her for a moment, as she drew the bucket up from the well. His eyes traveled up her arms and then down her body, taking in her wonderfully long legs. He was utterly transfixed.

When he saw a bunch of kids chasing each other rush in her direction and nearly knock her over, he moved forwards to take the bucket from her arms, which was pretty full. He saved it from tipping over and spilling its contents just in time.

She looked surprised as the weight was suddenly shifted out of her arms. When she looked up at him, he took in her enthralling green eyes. And suddenly he was nervous. Oh, he could tell already that she was going to be different from all the other girls he seemed to attract. He liked that thought.

"Thank you," she said, in the sweetest voice.

"No problem ma'am," he replied, giving a charming smile. "Always here to help."

She didn't seem to be affected by it, but was that a glint in her eyes?

"You must be one of the travelers from theā€¦Stargate was it?"

He nodded. "Colonel John Sheppard, at your service."

She smiled. "A pleasure Colonel."

"Call me John. Please."

"Alright, John. Have you had the tour of our grand village yet?"

"Well, they said we could look around, since you all apparently have nothing to hide. So no escort, if you'd uh, be willing? I certainly need someone to show me the more interesting parts around here."

"Well then, follow me."

"Do I get to know your name first?"

She laughed. "Elizabeth Weir. You can call me Elizabeth."

"Works for me." They shared another smile before they set off.

As they passed Ford, who was choking on some moonshine (he had apparently yet to learn his lesson with alien drinks), and McKay, he heard Rodney say in an annoyed voice, "What is it with him and alien women!?"

He merely smirked as he followed Elizabeth.