Ok this is just a funny one shot I thought up

Ok this is just a funny one shot I thought up. Totally random. But based on a real joke book and joke in the joke book. Go figure.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Harry Potter. And actually I wish I owned that joke book too. Haha


Harry and Ginny were curled up reading a new (and might I saw, very naughty) joke book Harry had just had to buy from Florish and Blotts. In reality it was a muggle book, and they had been confused as to why it was there. But they digress.

"Oh here's a funny one Harry," said Ginny pointing to the page they were on, which coincidently was "Bad (in both senses) Pick Up Lines".

"'Hey do you like math? Well add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs, and we can multiply,'" Harry read.

"Wow…that was so pratty. Thank God your not like that," said Ginny.

"Hey Gin, do you like math?"


Harry ran to their room dodging hexes. "I was only kidding!"

When he reached their room, Ginny tackled him onto their bed. She leaned down next to his ear and said seductively, " Well it turns out Potter, that I just so happen to like math." She giggled before…well lets just say they really liked arithmetic.

Ok, this was a totally random story that I made up cuz I was bored with homework. Hope you like it.

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