Lovers for Eternity.

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Chapter One: Life after Edward.

Bella's point of view:

Eli Jared Black held his toy truck to his ear and yelled into it furiously.

"Muohaaaa! Joe pay tomacha!!" He screamed. I was curious as to what he was yelling about, but Jacob seemed to understand. He was sitting across the room with a building block pressed tightly to his ear.

"Figgar yarp! Goo goo, ga ga!" He said, clearly teasing Eli. Eli understood and growled in his chest before tossing the toy truck at Jacob's head. It fell to the floor with a dink.

I chuckled and went to pick Eli up in one scoop. He protested by kicking his legs, and squirming, but calmed when he saw the sippy cup in my hand. He snatched it and shoved it into his mouth before downing the contents greedily. He ate like his father.

"Where's my cuppy?" Jacob asked as he got up from the floor. I shook my head and sighed. It was like raising two kids.

Except, Jacob's kisses were much more enjoyable than Eli's. And much different. Eli pecked me on the cheek before squirming off my hip and running out of the kitchen. Jacob quickly took his spot as he wrapped his arms around my waist and took a deep breath of my hair. I moved my tired arms and rested them on his neck before he kissed me passionately on the lips.

I got dizzy quickly, and pulled back before anything could happen. It was still only about two in the afternoon. My breathing was embarrassingly loud, and rough.

"Just a few more days." Jacob whispered into my ear. I shuttered as his breath fanned my face, but composed myself quickly. I automatically looked down to the small engagement ring on my finger.

"I know." I said frowning. I still wasn't too happy about the whole marriage thing. We had a baby. So what? Why does that mean we have to get married.. A small sting still ate away at my chest whenever I thought about my last marriage..

I shuttered and pushed the thought to the back of my mind. This wasn't the time.

"I'm excited." He whispered and leaned down to hug me. It was still ridiculous at the difference in height. I blushed as he awkwardly hugged me.

"Yeah." I said and sighed. Jacob pulled me back and searched my face.

"Come on. It will be great." He said and I put on a fake smile before hugging his stomach again.

"Yeah... Great."

"Oh, hon. Don't worry, please. It will be magical." He tried to sooth me. My skin was on fire where his touched mine. It was impossible to tell him no, and that's how the whole marriage came to be.

No. That's a lie. I did want to marry him. Until I had to go through the whole divorce thing with Edward. I cried for months, but Jacob kept me sane like last time. Always filling the hole slowly. Sewing it back together.. Again.

Then Eli was born. And he's the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I know most mothers will try to deny that and say their baby's are much cuter, but I didn't believe them.

Eli had hair like his father. Glossy black hair, almost like silk. It curled lightly at the end -which wasn't far from the beginning- and never straitened. His eyes were gray. A light, magical gray with a tint of black in it. People stopped me every time they saw him, and the first thing they tell me is how beautiful his eyes are.

His skin was more like Jacob's than mine, which I was grateful for. A beautiful russet that went perfectly with his eyes.

Eli has a round face with high cheekbones and dimples. He had two freckles on his face around his nose, but it looked adorable.

"What are you thinking about?" Jacob asked breaking my concentration on my daydreaming.

"How beautiful our baby is." I admitted. We both turned towards Eli, who was torturing the too old dog by trying to rip her ears off. She didn't seem to mind.

Jacob smiled and turned back towards me, but I kept my eyes focused on Eli.

"Yes. He is. Just like his mother." He said and I rolled my eyes. He finally had my attention. I felt my neck get warm, and it rode up to my cheeks. I was almost used to this, though, because it was a normal thing.

I snorted and he gripped my chin and pulled it up to face him so I had to stare directly at his eyes. He didn't have to hold my face, though. I could stare into his eyes forever.

"I'm serious." He growled and I smiled.

"Okay." I gave in. It was worth it, because the smile that lit his face made me melt. His white teeth against his russet skin..

"I'm happy he looks more like you, though." I admitted again without thinking. His smile drooped a little, but stayed in place.

I ran my hand through his hair -that now laid on his shoulder- and smiled. His eyes sparkled and he pulled me left hand up and held it in the middle of us.

"That- that's beautiful." He said nodding to my ring. I frowned and sighed. He just had to ruin the moment?

"Mun!" Eli howled. He couldn't say mom correctly. "Dad!"

Our attention was directed to Eli. He was on all fours and barking wildly.

"Like father like son." Jacob said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and leaned into Jacob's side. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head.

It was silent. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable one as we watched Eli hop around playfully, a smile permanently glued on his happy face. Until Jacob spoke.

"Emily said she can babysit tonight." He said randomly. I raised an eyebrow and turned towards him.

"Why would she need to babysit?" I asked and Jacob gaped. He hit me across the arm playfully and his bottom lip jutted out.

"Bella Black!" He yelled and I shuttered but kept listening. "You forgot what today is?"

My shoulders slumped. It wasn't Jacob's birthday. Nor was it Eli's. It wasn't mine. Christmas was in two months.. I shrugged.


He sighed and shook his head but looked down at me with a smile.

"Our anniversary?" He said casually as if it were something he said everyday. I gasped and covered my mouth. Then the tears started coming.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, Jake! I didn't remember.." I cried and he wiped the tears away. "I-I thought it was in three months." I whispered.

He smiled.

"It is. Well, that anniversary at least." He said and his eyes were smoldering. Like he was trying to tell me something. He glanced over at Eli then back at me. Oh.


He meant the first time we had sex.

"Then I definitely didn't remember." I said feeling a little better. I should have, but when I had done it, at the time it was the worst thing I could have done. One quick glance towards Eli, and I would automatically say miracle.

I had finished crying and he winked at me. He squeezed my hand and I smiled back.

"Woof!" Eli begged us for attention again.


"Thanks, Emily." Jacob said and half of her face smiled back at us.

"I'm not doing this for you, Jacob. This is for Bella. She deserves a day off." She said and smiled directly at me. "And I just can't refuse a night with little Eli." She cooed. Eli ignored her completely, his attention drawn on the laughter coming from Sam and Jared in the yard.

"Still, thanks." He said and I nodded.

"Yeah. Thanks Emily. Really.." I whispered and blushed. What did I do to deserve such great friends?

"Come on, Hon." Jacob said pulling my hand. I pushed him off quickly to hug Emily. She hugged me awkwardly with one hand, while her other was curled around Eli. He didn't even blink.

I kissed her on her good cheek and she winked at me.

"Have fun tonight." She said and I could hear the double meaning in her words. I blushed red and coughed before turning to Eli.

"Hey, baby!" I chirped and he still didn't look at me. He was still staring towards the woods. "Eli.. Eli, Eli, Eli."

He finally heard me and turned towards me. He had a deep frown on his face and his eyes were full of tears. I gasped and scooped him up out of Emily's arms and kissed him all over his face. The tears finally tipped over and he let out a wail.

"What is it, Eli!?" I begged and he just sniffled. He looked back towards the forest and pointed. I looked where he was pointed and raised an eyebrow. I turned to Jacob to ask him what the problem was, but he was standing stiffly. His eyes were dark and he was glaring out at the tree's.

"Jake?" I asked and he turned back to me. He glared coldly at me, but fixed his expression quickly.

"Nothing. Give Eli to Emily, and let's go." He ordered and I just nodded. With another kiss on Eli's cheek I gave him back to Emily slowly.

"I love you, Eli!" I yelled, waving backwards. Jacob kissed him once and ran back up to me. He held me close to his side, and his breathing was shallow.

"Are you okay?" I asked and it took him a minute to answer. I waited patiently.

"Yeah, fine. I just.. I don't know. I thought I smelt something.." He said and I stiffened. I felt hot tears coming to my eyes and he noticed. "Not like.. bloodsuckers, but more werewolves."

The tears dried up quickly, and was replaced with fear.

"What?" I asked and he shook his head.

"It's nothing, Bells. It was barely there. They couldn't have been anywhere near here. Probably up wind.." He tried to soothe me, but that's not why I was worried.

"Then what was Eli worried about?! He isn't a werewolf yet, if he's even going to change! Why would he be so spooked." I all but yelled. We had stopped walking and he sighed.

"I don't know. He probably just thought he heard something. The forest is a scary place."

Don't go in the forest alone. There are a lot more dangerous things than me out there

My mind rang. The voice was visiting me now. Of all times? My heart felt like it had been stabbed with a knife. Maybe not that dramatic, because I was in the presence of Jacob which I was grateful for. I would be paying for it later, though..

"Will Eli be-" I asked, but he cut me off.

"He'll be fine. Sam, Jared, Quil, Seth, and Leah are there." He said and placed a hand on my cheek. It felt like my face was on fire.

"I believe you." I whispered and turned back to the house again. It was hard to not believe him when even just Sam and Jared were sitting outside. I knew the other wolfs were inside.

"Good." He whispered and he leaned down to kiss me once on the lips. When he pulled away I had completely forgotten about whatever we were talking about previously. That was probably the idea of the kiss, and I wasn't going to complain. I leaned in to kiss him again, but he leaned up. Even on my tippy toes I wouldn't be able to reach him.

"Not now. We have to get to the restaurant." He said and that sparked an interest in me. I gaped.

"I've already said to much." He said and pursed his lips. I moaned and he pulled me towards the car.

"Bye, baby!" I yelled to Eli, even though I was sure he couldn't hear me over Sam's loud laughter. Jacob grabbed my hand and brought it up to his lips to kiss it once. I was completely calmed.

"You have no idea how much I love you." I whispered to him and he smiled on my hand. I felt like I was melting, and not just because the heat rolling off of his skin in waves was warming the car up.. Quickly.

"I think I do." He said and I shook my head.

"No, you don't." I retorted, a little irritated. He always thought he knew everything.

"I know how much you love me. And I just happen to love you ten times more." He chuckled, cocky. I huffed once and looked at the dashboard.

"But you're wrong. Because you're like the sun to me. You light up my world. You're like my other half.." I said and he rolled his eyes. I glared. He rolled his eyes at that? Me telling him how much I loved him, and what he meant to me?

"I can't believe you." I hissed and I felt tears coming again. Tonight was already so emotional.

"I'm sorry. It's just..." He said and the car slowed a little. He squeezed my hand. "You're my everything. Not just my sun.. That's an understatement. Every word you've ever said to me stays in my heart. Every moment.. I've never forgotten a word, and i never will. I plan to make you my wife, just because I'm worried I'll loose you. I want to tell everybody you're mine. You're my love. The most perfect, beautiful, most intelligent, wonderful, caring warm hearted woman ever, i always, at every moment of everyday think of you." He whispered and my heart rang louder in my ears with every word.

"And after so many years of knowing you the magic is still there. I can't.. I can't imagine my life without you. If I could, I would just run away with you and Eli to make you happy. I'd give you the world and so much more.

"I am the luckiest guy in the entire world, Bella. I still hate myself for the small things I've ever done to hurt you. When you cry my heart breaks.. Even small things I've done.." He finished and it was silent in the car, except for my wild heart. I knew he could hear it, and that made me blush.

At that moment, I knew I wanted to marry him.

"Pull the car over." I ordered and he turned to me.

"What?" He asked with wide eyes. I turned around towards him in my seat and said it again.

"Pull. The. Car. Over. Now." I repeated and the car slowly stopped on the side of the road. I was out of the car the next instant with Jacob coming out after me. He was on my side in a heart beat.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" He begged and I took a deep breath. My cheeks burned just thinking about what I was about to do.

"Kiss me." I ordered again. He gave me a confused look but leaned down to quickly peck me on the lips.

"Bella?" He asked but I ignored him.

"Really kiss me, Jacob. Please?" I asked and he seemed to understand. His confused, worried look disappeared and he smiled. He leaned down and kissed me just like I'd asked, except better.

His hands ran through my hair and I moaned on his lips. His tongue traced my bottom lips, asking for entrance, and I allowed it. His tongue explored my wet cavern and I jumped up, wrapping my legs around his waist to get a better grip.

I gripped his hair tightly, almost tugging, and he pushed me up against the car. It would have been painful, probably, if I could feel anything except for Jacob.

"Bella.." He moaned in my mouth and I nodded. He pulled away a short second to open the back door behind me. I groaned and his lips found mine again.

"I love you." I panted when his lips trailed down my jaw and my neck, leaving fiery kisses. "So much."

He pulled away from my skin and I moaned. The emptiness was painful.

"I love you, too. So much." He said copying me. I quickly forgot when his lips found mine again. "So much." He said on my jaw.

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Preview for next chapter:

And there she was.. Standing with beautiful long brown hair. Her eyes were so beautiful. Like somebody else I know.. I can't think about her now. My minds too caught up in this girl. So beautiful.

It was the weirdest feeling. One I never thought I would feel.

It was like.. I had no choice but to love her. It was impossible. She had the sweetest voice.. And the way she laughs. I remember the word now that my eyes were off of hers. I could think. Imprinting.

I imprinted. Just like my brothers. I finally found the girl my soul would forever be tied to. She now held me down to Earth.

"Hello." I whispered quietly. My voice was so weak. Husky almost. The girl turned and showed me her eyes again. It was painful. That's how beautiful they were.

"Hey." She said smiling. Her voice rang in my ears. Beautiful. Almost like bells. Like somebody else I know..

The thought was forgotten quickly when she blinked. My attention focused on every bat of her eyes. For less than a second it would hide her eyes, and even that little bit of time hurt.

My soul was hers.