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Chapter six: Calling out to you.

Bella's point of view:

"You don't have to make food for me, Bella." A beautiful voice said from behind me. One I hadn't heard in years, but I remembered all too well.

I smiled and turned around to face Alice. I could feel my breathing getting faster. The smile I had on felt like it would crack my face.

"Alice! I'm so happy you're here!" I yelled and ran into her open arms. I quickly checked if she was hungry or not, instead her eyes were the beautiful butterscotch that I once remembered. She still looked exactly the same, and I knew I should have expected it, but I wasn't. Who could get used to something like that? I was taller then her now.

Everything was unreal. I had to look around to make sure this was real. I almost considered pinching myself, but instead I pulled her back to me and hugged her for what felt like ten minutes. When I finally let her go she stepped back to look me over once. She looked a bit irritated, probably because my wardrobe was the same as the last time she'd seen me.

Her pale skin contrasted with the russet skin of my new family around her. I could tell she was uncomfortable because her eyes kept shifting around the room. She never looked at Jacob, but she stared at Eli with wide eyes.

"Oh my goodness.." She said and stepped towards him with her hand out. She walked slower then I'd ever seen her walk before. Jacob picked him up off the ground and held him fiercely. His eyes were raging. "Bella is he.. yours?"

I glared over at Jacob and nodded. "Actually," Jacob said and his stance became defensive. "He's ours." He gripped my hand tightly and squeezed.

"I know that. He smells like you. But.. Bella.." Alice said and reached out towards him. Jacob pulled him away.

"Jake.." I murmured and Alice looked away. She obviously didn't like the idea of Jacob and I. I took Eli from Jacob as he reluctantly handed him over, then left the room. He wasn't too fond with Alice either.

I handed Eli to her and she stopped breathing immediately. She'd never been that close to the smell, and she wasn't enjoying it. Her eyes were wide, though, and she pet his head like a dog. Ha ha. Ironic, isn't it?

"Bella, he's so cute!" She cooed and smiled largely. Eli smiled back at her and reached for her spiky hair. "A new dress up doll.."

"Alright Alice." I said, already crumbling under the look on her face. Probably because I hadn't seen her in so long and I was willing to do anything to make her happy. I noticed how there was nobody in the room besides Alice, Eli, and I, meaning the wolves had left.

A very curious question exploded from my throat.

"Alice?" I asked and she hummed a tune I wasn't familiar with. She nodded without taking her eyes off of Eli. Her pale fingers were already working on his hair, trying to make it look better then it already looked. I didn't doubt that it would turn out great.

"Is.. Is anybody else with you?"

She nodded again casually, and made Eli giggle. He rubbed her smooth cheek curiously.

"Why are you so cold?" He asked and hit her cheek like he was angry. She giggled and I sighed.

"Because I am." She said simply. My stomach was in knots. "It's just the way I'm made."

"Well, who else is with you? Is it.. the whole family?" I asked and she understood the real question behind the words.

"Edward's not here, Bella. But Emmett came." She said and my pulse calmed. I didn't need Edward here to make things worse.. No matter how much my heart desired him, I had a family now. And the love I used to feel for him was pushed aside, and smaller. But it was still a ghost on the edge of my heart.

"Emmett?" I asked and looked around the room. Alice finally looked at me.

"He's out hunting. We'll go see him later if you'd like. He wasn't too fond with the idea of coming here."

I nodded. That was understandable. What kind of vampire wanted to be in a house full of shifters?

"Oh I'm just happy you're here. I missed you so much.." I said and hugged Alice, squeezing Eli in between. He whined and tried to push me away.

"Mun you squishin' me!" He hissed and I let go. Alice sighed and wiped a tear from my eyes I hadn't realized I'd shed.

"Same old Bella. Crying over every little insignificant thing." She said and went back to watching Eli.

Jacob came back in the room and gripped my hand. I could tell Alice became uneasy because she stood taller and took a slight step back. She wasn't afraid of Jacob. She just didn't like him.

"Bella.. Hon. Charlie's asking for you." He said and purposely gripped my left hand and twisted the ring on my finger. I pursed my lips. Alice noticed my ring and her eyes went wide and shut again so quickly I barely noted the movement. Jacob clearly understood how uncomfortable it made her and smiled slyly.

"Just.. Tell him to come here, please." I said and he nodded, but didn't leave. He stared into my eyes and I raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"You just look so beautiful." He said and glanced around. I sighed and he kissed me hard on the lips. When he pulled away he looked back at me. "You know I love you."

"Edward's not coming back." I said easily, understanding why he was acting the way he was. He let out a breath he was holding and kissed me on the forehead before leaving.

Alice rolled her eyes.

"He's still the same too, I see." She commented bitterly.

"What do you mean?"

She looked at me and shook her head.

"He's still possessive of you. I guess it's okay now that you're.. his," She glanced at my ring and sighed. "But it's still annoying. Just.. hard to get used to. And I though nothing could surprise me. I expected you to be with somebody more.. human. That's what Edward's intentions were before. I see you still didn't listen to him, but I guess I should have seen Jacob and you together. I mean, look what you two made!"

"Jacob was never possessive of me, Alice." I said hard and tried to ignore her smirk.

My heart ached as she spoke of Jacob that way, but it quickly passed. Charlie walked in and looked at me then at Alice. He looked like he might faint. Jacob came back and took his place by my side.

"A-Alice. So.. Nice to see you." Charlie said and looked at me with lost eyes. I could practically hear his thoughts. Everyone else seemed to understand, too.

Please let it only be her. Please don't let Edward be here.

My dad and I were finally on the same page.

"As with you, Charlie. How's it feel to be a grandpa now?" She asked and winked. The worried look on his face disappeared and he smiled. The corners of his mouth turning up and adding to his few wrinkles.

"Wonderful. Couldn't ask for a better grandson then Eli." He said and took Eli from Alice. She nodded and moved her shoulders like she was breathing for Charlie's sake. "He's got his father's smile.."

Charlie still seemed a bit uneasy.

"I mean, look how much he looks like Jacob? His father. And they're just such a cute family together. I mean, the wedding is soon and all.. I hope you'll be there. And the marriage will last longer then.. Well it will last a long time. I mean, nothing can come in between these two love birds....."

I resisted the urge to yell out that Edward wasn't there. Alice beat me to it.

"Edward's not here with me, Charlie." She said and smiled sweetly. "He's up north in Denali."

He looked at her with fake shock.

"What a shame." Charlie said with no emotion. "Wow, Alice. You haven't changed a bit!" He commented changing the subject. Alice nodded.

"Oh, I know. You have. Still looking good though." She said slyly, and Charlie blushed.

Jacob pulled on my arm and muttered under his breath.

"Will this day never end." He said too quiet for Charlie to hear. I glared at him and stomped my foot. I couldn't imagine the day ending, even though it was awkward and brought up a ton of questions. The thought of Alice leaving again had me feeling sick.

"Alice is my friend." I said in a muted tone. I knew he could hear though, with his super shifter hearing. "Treat her that way. She's not bad. Maybe you can even get to like her."

"Bella, that's not it.." He started but Charlie patted my shoulder, interrupting him. I gave him a look telling him the conversation wasn't over.

"Well, Bells, I'll talk to you in a bit. Gotta go down to the Stanly's and help out with something." He kissed Eli on the cheek and handed him down to me. "Bye, Eli."

"Bye Pop-ops." Eli said, calling Charlie the name he'd given him a while ago because he couldn't pronounce Grandpa correctly. He waved and cuddled up to my chest. Jacob followed him out towards Sam and I closed the door with my foot.

"So, Bella." Alice smiled up at me. "Let me see it."

I paused and thought for a minute. Then I twisted Eli around and he watched Alice curiously. He squinted at her and turned his head. Alice giggled.

"No, not Eli. The ring!" She said with fake pleasure. I could tell by the fake smile on her carefully placed mask. I shifted Eli to my other arm and held my ring out. She gripped my hand and touched it with her thin white finger. Her cold skin was shocking at first, but comfortable. "Nice rock."

I laughed. "I know. It reminds me of you." I said and tapped it. It clinked and she rolled her eyes.

"Very funny." She glared at me up and down. "I see your style hasn't improved. If I were staying longer I'd take you shopping." I knew she'd bring up my sense of style sooner or later. It was like a ticking time bomb. Only a matter of time. Then her words sunk in.

My heart flopped and deflated.

"You're not staying?" I asked, hurt, as she proved my accusation true.

"No, Bella. We have to go. We shouldn't even be here. Edward would.. Well he'd be really angry." She said and rubbed my hand lightly. Like the flutter of a moths wing. I handed Eli to Jacob and he looked down.

"But you just got here." I said like a stubborn child. "And I haven't got to talk to Emmett! Please don't leave me again.."

Alice chuckled and shook her head.

"Calm yourself, gees Bella! We aren't leaving yet.. We'll be here for at least a couple days. Then we'll be back for the wedding. Which you forgot to invite me to by the way." Alice said and Jacob growled lightly.

"Oh my God! I completely forgot. I was going to invite you, I really was, but I got distracted!" My cheeks burned as I thought about Jacob and I "being distracted" together during Eli's nap time that day..

Alice watched my cheeks longingly and looked away. It had probably been a while since she'd seen a blushing human, if she was up North with Edward. Nothing out there but vampires and penguins.

"I know you were going to invite me. I saw you remembering a week before the wedding." She rolled her eyes. "But you do know you can call me anytime? Thus the reason for the cell phone." She smiled lazily.

"I know. Sorry." I apologized, and before Alice could say anything else Jacob interrupted.

"I think I'm going to go take Eli to Sam and Emily real quick. That okay with you Bells?" He asked and smiled. "He is your kid too, after all."

"Oh cut that out, Mutt. I get it. You two are a thing. Just go." Alice said and rolled her eyes.

"Don't start with the whole name calling today please. It's a good day.." I said and took Eli from Jacob's arms. "I'll take him to Emily and Sam. You two.. Just get along." I glared at them once and walked out of the room.

"Mun, why is the lady so mean?" Eli asked and gray eyes watched me carefully. I was shocked. Alice had been nothing but nice to Eli, and he didn't like her?

"Alice? Alice isn't mean, baby. Why do you think she's mean?"

"I don' know. I don' like her. She smells funny." He said and scrunched his nose.

"Hey now! That's not very nice, Eli Jared Black. You don't just go around saying someone smells funny." I shook my head and pushed the kitchen door open. Emily was standing at the sink with a cup of warm tea in her hands. Half of her beautiful face smiled back at me.

"Up for a little babysitting? It won't be long. Maybe ten minutes?" I asked and Emily's smile disappeared slowly.

"Oh, I was just about to start cooking the mashed potatoes. Think you can ask Seth for help? I'm sure he won't mind. He's just crazy about Eli." She said and took a sip of her tea. "Plus I don't think you want him around me. I've been feeling a bit under the weather, lately."

I nodded and walked off quickly, already worried about Eli's health. I stalked off towards the backyard in search for Seth or Sam.

Seth was the first person I found, sitting on the ground with Jamie, his "not girl-friend," and Collin. One of the other wolf boys, about the same age as Seth.

"Hey, Seth. Think you can watch Eli for a bit?" I asked and smiled sweetly. He hesitated slightly and gave a sideways glance towards the girl next to him. She didn't seem to notice because she was too busy talking to Collin.

"I'll give you ten dollars?" I bribed and his hesitant look disappeared almost instantly.

"I'm always up to babysitting the little rascal!" He said and winked. I rolled my eyes before heading back towards Alice and Jacob.

Just as I expected, when I walked in the door Alice was on one side of the room glaring towards Jacob, and he was on the opposite, glaring towards someone else. The only thing different was there was an extra person in the room.

"Emmett!" I yelled and ran towards the large guy standing next to Alice. I jumped into his arms and he spun me around and his booming laugh almost broke my ear drum's, but I loved the sound. "Oh Emmett, I missed you so much."

"Hey Bella!" He set me down and I stumbled slightly, feeling a bit dizzy from spinning so much. "Still a klutz I see."

I rolled my eyes and my smile never left my face. I didn't even mind him calling me names.

Strangely, silence filled the room. I figured we'd all be chattering and laughing instantly. I was wrong.

"So I heard your kid out there." Emmett said and looked away. I nodded and pursed my lips. The silence came back and I sighed.

There was nothing but awkwardness and irritation. Jacob didn't like the fact that Emmett and Alice were here, and I'm pretty sure they weren't too happy with being here either. And to come here, seeing mine and Jacob's son, and find out I'm engaged? To someone who's not their brother?

I decided to change the topic.

"So are you guys staying for dinner?" I said and laughed lightly. "I mean, I know you wont eat it but it would be nice if you stayed for a little."

I expected a simple yes, but Emmett looked up and shook his head.

"Alright. Well.. You'll be back wont you?" I asked and winced when he shook his head again.

"Alice, you said you'd be back.."

"I said I'd come back for your wedding.." She said and looked at Emmett.

"But you're not coming back again, are you Em." It wasn't a question. It was simply a statement.

"No." He said quick and hard. It felt like a smack in the face.

"What do you mean, "no"?" I asked, hurt, refusing to listen. I just didn't want to believe that they were leaving again. But they just got here!

"I mean, we're not going to stay, Bella." Was all he said. Nothing else.

"But you have to.. I don't want to loose you again. Any of you. Not now that.." But I didn't finish. What was special about now?

Jacob shifted around uncomfortably.

"We should go get some food." Jacob said and sat up. He walked over to me and gripped my hand in his before kissing my cheek and pulling slightly. When I didn't budge he got down on his knees and whispered in my ear.

"Come on, honey. I'm sure you'll see them some other time. Eli's waiting for you. You're going to owe Seth twenty dollars if we don't hurry."

"Sorry Bella. We have to go." Alice said lightly and I sighed. I closed my head and nodded before looking back up to realize they were already gone.

"Let's go." Jacob said and kissed my hand. "I'm sure you'll see them again."

I ignored Jacob completely and walked towards the door. I wiped a tear off of my cheek, put on a fake smile, and walked towards the dining room with Jacob by my side towards my baby and my family.

And I couldn't wait to get dinner over with.

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Preview for chapter seven: Bored.

I flipped through the channels a couple more times before stopping at a random station. I wasn't really watching it anyways.

Jacob was out on patrol with the pack, Eli was staying at Emily's house for the weekend, and I had no money to go do anything. I was officially bored out of my mind.

I considered visiting with Emily for a while, but I never really got time to myself away from Eli. It was difficult, nearly impossible, and I missed him to death, but I needed time to myself.

That's when the idea came to me.