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Rated M for Dante and Nero getting off, Sex dreams, and hot man sex in practically every chapter. Meant for extreme Yaoi fangirls only.


Chapter 1: Stage One: Sweet Scent and Sex Dreams

Dante sat at his desk with feet up and a magazine over his face, taking what appeared to be a nap. It was near noon and not even one customer came into the office of Devil May Cry. The devil hunter would normally tell them that the shop was closed, but he had been bored for the last few days and was willing to do anything to get out of the office.

Nero, on the other hand, had taken on many jobs that Dante had rejected earlier in the week. He had gone out of the office just a few hours before to hunt a pack of demons that had been terrorizing a small town.

Dante didn't move from his sleeping position as he heard someone walk into the Devil May Cry. He past it off as another customer and thought to ignore it until they left. That was until his demon senses caught an odd scent from the person. A scent he had not smelt in years. Dante quickly yet casually removed the magazine to see who the scent came from. Nero walked through the door, placing his equipment at the door before walking over to the fridge under the stairway. He grabbed a bottle of water and twisted off the lid to take a drink. He looked up at Dante to see the older man looking at him funny.

"What?" Nero asked, raising an eyebrow before setting the bottle on the coffee table in front of the coach. Dante shook his head.

"Nothing, kid." He said before turning back to the magazine. His mind must have been tricking him, there was no way that scent would be around his office.

Nero shrugged, deciding to let the look slide as he took off his coat. He stretched his muscles, feeling exhausted after taking out the large group of demons in the small town.

Dante tensed as the familiar scent grew stronger when Nero took off his coat. That scent was defiantly coming from the kid. He still had the magazine in front of him but had stopped reading it. He cleared his throat quietly.

"So, kid, what kind of demons were you fighting?" He asked casually. Maybe the scent was just the demon blood the kid had all over him. Dante knew better though, no demon had blood had a scent that…alluring.

"Why do you ask?" Nero said, unzipping his soiled hoodie and throwing it onto his coat before drinking more water from the bottle.

"Just wondering why you look so tired." Dante said, trying not to fumble over his words as Nero took off his undershirt. The scent was almost suffocating him as the younger demon slayer sat on the coach, topless.

"It was just a group of hell hounds. There were quite a few of them though." Nero replied, before standing up. "I should take a shower. This demon blood smells nasty." Nero grabbed his blood soaked cloths, heading up the stairs to the bathroom.

Dante sighed, glad that the overpowering scent had faded as the kid went upstairs. Inwardly, he hoped that the smell would wash off the kid before it got any stronger.


Nero walked out of the shower, sighing happily because the disgusting smell of demon blood had disappeared. He rubbed a towel through his hair quickly before tying it around his waist. His stomach growled loudly as he remembered that he had skipped lunch to clean out the hell hounds. He headed down the stairs and to the kitchen. He past Dante who was cleaning his favorite guns, Ebony and Ivory. Nero raised an eyebrow at Dante, wondering why his hands where shaking slightly as he cleaned the guns.

Dante swore in his head. Not only had the smell not washed off, it was stronger and even more overpowering. The elder devil slayer felt like he was trying to breath in molasses as the kid walked down the stairs. He was cleaning his guns to calm himself from the scent earlier. His hands shook now as Nero walked past him and into the kitchen. Damn it, kid! Dante thought as he felt himself starting to react to the scent.

Nero opened the fridge in the kitchen, sighing as he noticed that the only food in it was Dante's dreaded pizza. The kid had moved into Devil May Cry with a love for pizza himself, but having it every meal had made him sick of the stuff in just a week. His growling stomach convinced him that one more slice of pizza wasn't going to kill him, even though he thought otherwise. He picked up the slice of pizza and closed the fridge door. When he walked back into the main area, he noticed Dante was gone. Old man must have wanted to continue his nap upstairs. He shrugged as he sat back down on the coach, finishing his pizza.


Dante panted heatedly as he rubbed his growing erection. It had taken all he could to drag himself into his room and not follow Nero into the kitchen. He bit his lip to try and stifle his moans as his demon senses picked up the heavy scent again. He rubbed himself harder as he leaned against the door to stay standing up. His mind brought up images of the kid naked, panting, hard, and moaning the elder hunter's name as he was fucked by the older man. Dante moaned loudly as his other hand ran down and rubbed his balls roughly. He needed to cum and now before he lost all control around the kid. He bit his lip hard enough to bleed as he held back a yell of pleasure, coming onto his hand. After a few moments of heavy breathing, he tucked himself away and sat on his bed.

Dante knew what the kid was going through. Nero's demon side was maturing which meant that the kid was going to smell like a demon ready to mate. It would have been fine if the kid was around humans because the scent could only be picked up by demons. Dante may have been a half demon but the scent was still consuming. The elder thought that he should move out temporarily. He knew that the kid was only at the first stage of maturing and that it was all going to go down really quickly. Dante just hoped that he would be able to get out of the office before Nero hit the second part of the first stage. It might be too late already…


Dante opened his eyes to see light blazing through his window. He sat up quickly as he looked at the clock by his bed. Fuck! It's morning! I have to get out of here before Nero wakes up. Dante had remembered that it only took a day to reach the second part of the first stage. He had been lucky that Vergil went through maturing at the same time as him. Dante preferred not to go through nights of sleepless sex all over again, no matter how appealing it sounded. After changing his clothes and grabbing his equipment, he headed downstairs and hoped Nero was still a sleep.


Nero groaned in his sleep as his devil bringer glowed brightly. He twisted and turned slightly as he griped the sheets, a noticeable tent in them near his groin.

-Nero's Dream-

Nero panted as a hot mouth wrapped around his growing arousal, sucking softly as talented tongue licked the slit. He grabbed the person's locks as the mouth started bobbing up and down on his hard cock.

"F-fuck!" Nero cried out as a hand rubbed roughly against his balls before running down and circling Nero's entrance. The person released Nero's erection, giving it a long lick before moving up to face him. In the lighting of the dark, moonlit room, the younger hunter noticed sliver hair and light blue eyes clouded over with lust.

"Ready, kid?" The familiar voice said as he felt his leg's being lifted over broad shoulders. Nero felt himself nod before he felt the person's erection slam into his ass. He screamed in pain as he felt the man pause for a moment. After a few moments, the younger man grabbed the silver hair on his partner's head and forced their lips together in a rough, demanding kiss. Nero moaned as he felt the man's cock thrust into him roughly and quickly. He screamed in pleasure as the man nailed his prostate repeatedly and tore away from his lips.

"G-god! Dante!"

-End of Nero's Dream-

Nero woke as he heard the name fall from his lips. Must be a little overworked. He thought as he rubbed his eyes with his human arm to rid himself of the dream. When he reopened them, he noticed just that wouldn't make the dream go away. His sheets were torn badly and covered in his cum, his devil bringer wrapped around his now limp cock, glowing a bright light blue. Ok, maybe a lot overworked. He let go of his cock and pulled the now useless sheets off. He grabbed some new clothes before leaving his room to take a shower.

He walked past Dante's room, knowing that the hunter wouldn't be up until ten so he would be fine. What Nero didn't expect was when Dante opened the door, fully clothed and carrying all his weapons. The kid blushed deeply as he remembered what had woken him up.

Dante raised an eyebrow at Nero being up already, it was only six. Dante looked down at Nero's blush, knowing it was too late to leave now. I don't know whether I'm going to love this or hate it… He past the younger devil slayer and headed down to the kitchen, putting his weapons by his desk.

Nero blushed even deeper as he realized he was staring at the elder's ass as he walked away. What's happening to me?