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Chapter 8: Stress Relievers and Pizza Delivery

Dante smiled happily as he wiped sweat of his forehead, smearing the soul eaters' blood that he was drenched in. He felt much better now that all the demons who had even thought of going near Nero were gone. The devil hunter wondered if the younger hunter was up for another round as he walked back to the Devil May Cry.

When he opened the door, Nero was leaning over the desk on the phone. The younger slayer raised an eyebrow as Dante walked in and dropped his weapons next to the couch, which was still in disrepair due to their earlier activities.

"Who ya calling, kid?" Dante asked, walking up to Nero as he took off his bloody coat.

"I thought you would want dessert after your job." Nero said as the person he was calling picked up the phone.

"Pizza 1. How may I help you?" The teenage male voice asked on the other line.

"What do you want, Dante?" Nero asked. Dante smirked, hugging the younger slayer from behind and nuzzling his neck.

"Do they have Nero pizza?" Dante asked. The younger snorted at the lame joke. "Well, are you going to ask them?" Nero rolled his eyes at the old man's attempts at getting him riled up.

"We'll take a large pepperoni and-" Nero held his breath to prevent himself from squeaking, the thought of making such a noise made him want to kick himself. He attempted to speak again as he tried to force Dante's hand out of his pants. Dante smirked into his neck as grabbed Nero's growing erection, earning a strangled moan. "-and a large cheese pizza." The younger slayer quickly said before moving the phone away from his lips for a moment, moaning Dante's name as the elder started stroking him.

"Will that be all, sir?" The man on the other end asked. Nero bit his lip again, feeling that he should hang up the phone before the teenager on the other end heard what Dante was doing to him. He breathing hitched as he felt the elder hunter behind him lightly grind his ass.

"Y-yeah." Nero stuttered slightly, blushing at how the elder man didn't care about the possibility of them being caught. He stopped himself from moaning into the receiver again as Dante undid the button and zipper on his jeans, making sure to rub his crotch in doing so.

"What's your address, sir?" The voice on the phone asked. Nero was getting nervous. He started grinding back against Dante as the older man yanked down his jeans, still stroking his erection roughly.

"At the end of Sixty-six slum avenue….at the Devil May Cry Office." The younger slayer swallowed as he heard Dante taking off his clothing. He hoped that the teen on the other end would hang up soon.

"Your pizza will be there in twenty minutes." Nero thanked the man on the other line before slamming the phone down and turning towards the older devil hunter, only to have his lips crushed against the elder's. The younger man moaned loudly as Dante grabbed his ass, forcing him to wrap his legs around the elder's waist. Dante ground their erections together, making both hunters moan lowly. Dante pushed Nero into the desk, knocking over the phone and a few magazines in the process. He ran his fingers teasingly over Nero's hard flesh, reveling in the soft and needy moans coming from his lover.

The younger man grabbed his silver hair, pulling the older man deeper into the kiss. Their tongues battled each other in arousing motions, each wanting to be the dominate of the other. Nero finally let the devil hunter win, moaning as Dante seemed to caress his mouth softly. He was so caught up in the soft yet deep kiss that he didn't notice Dante positioning himself to thrust into his entrance. His eyes shot open and he tore away from the kiss to cry out in pleasure as the elder entered him quickly, hitting his prostate in one thrust. The older hunter pulled almost all the way out before slamming back into Nero, never missing the kid's prostate. Nero's devil bringer carved groves into the desk's oak as Dante continued to fuck him. He couldn't help but moan and cry out in pleasure at every thrust and touch of the older slayer.

Dante grabbed Nero's chin forcing the younger man to lock eyes with him. Nero's blue eyes held such lust and need that he felt control slip from him at just the sight of the kid's eyes. He gripped the younger slayer's hips, thrusting deeper and harder into that tight entrance. Dante kissed Nero again, loving being this close to him and being the only one to see Nero like this.

"D-dante…I-!" Nero cried out, feeling a familiar sensation of release forming below his navel. Dante nodded, feeling the same building in his own lower stomach. He lifted Nero's legs onto his shoulders, thrusting deeper into the younger hunter.

Nero couldn't take much more as he felt the elder slayer move to lick and nip at his neck. He screamed Dante's name as he came onto their chests. The elder man wasn't far behind as he slammed a few more times into Nero's tight ass before orgasming into the younger man.

The only sound in the room was the two slayer's panting, both trying to slow their breathing. A loud knocking came from the heavy doors of Devil May Cry.

"Pizza Delivery!" The same voice from the phone call said. Dante pulled out of Nero, walking to the door as if he wasn't naked and covered in cum. He opened the door and smiled at the teen standing their. The teenager's eyes widened as he noticed Dante's lack of clothing. The devil hunter took the pizza's from the boy's arms.

"Put it on my tab." Dante said, grinning as he shut the door. He turned to see Nero looking at him like he was mad. Dante only smiled back and opened one of the pizza boxes. "Up for more dessert, love?"


The End

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