do not own Fma. first royed. oneshot

Ed walked into Roy's office fuming. He couldn't believe what Roy told him over the phone.

The phone rings. Ed picks it up."Hello?" "Fullmetal?" Roy asks him. "AH general B. how are you?" Roy sighs over the phone. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm quitting the millitary. Thought you would like to know that I won't be the preson to control you anymore." Ed is in shock so he doen't say anything. Roy sighs again."Good bye Fullmetal...Ed." Roy hangs up the phone leaving a dial tone in Ed's ear.

It had been five minutes since that phone call. Ed ran all the way to Roy's office. Stoping only to shout at Riza.

"Leave me and Genrenal B. alone!"

Before shutting the doors of his office in her face. Ed turned around and saw Roy staring at him with a look of shock.

"Ed? Why are you hear?"

Ed walked over to his deak and stood at the very middle of it.

"Your not quitting thats final." Ed said with coldness.

Roy looked at him with disbelief. " I thought you hated me. I diden't think you would care about me quitting."

Ed yelled at him. "Of corse I do care! Your comrads need you, they don't want you to quit! The state needs you becuse your the only one who cares about the the little people!"

At this Roy smiled. Ed looked at him and sighed. He walked around the desk and pulled Roy out of his seat. Roy was in shock and stammered,


Ed looked into his obsision eyes with his pure golden eyes.

" I need you, becuse." Ed gulped "I love you Roy. Your the only one who gets me beside Al.If you quit then..I only have Al. I want you too"

Roy looked at Ed's now blushing face. he bent down and cupped Ed's chin in his hands before kissing him. When they pulled back Roy smiled at Ed's shocked but happy look.

"I love you to Fullmetal."

Ed smiled at Roy" So you won't quit?" he asked him. Roy shook his head.

" I won't quit Ed. I'll never quit."

(sigh) this is what I think is a romantic story.