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Chapter 5 - Life Goes On

Bella POV:

I will never understand Alice or the reason behind her shopping compulsion. I mean there has to be a limit on the number of 'Get Well' gifts and cards you can buy for just one person. So what if I was 'very unwell', that doesn't mean that she can buy five 5 'Get Well' cards, one for every day I'd been in hospital, numerous gifts (not just from the gift shop, she had even gone as far as Seattle to purchase me some new books to read).

On top of all this she had ambushed me one evening, while helping me shower, and practically blackmailed me into going on a huge shopping spree with her when I got out. During which she would probably insist on buying me a ton of stuff that I don't need and anything else she wanted me to have.

It's just not fair when your bestfriend is so manipulative and makes you feel all horrible and ungrateful. I could clearly remember the conversation we had had.

"Don't you love me Bella?" She had whimpered

"Of course I do Alice," I sighed in exasperation. "I just don't like shopping. And you know that. Stop looking at me like that." She was looking at me with the most heartbreaking expression.

"Please? It'll be lots of fun. I promise no manicures, just shopping. Please?" I surrendered; she knew she was always going to win. I could see the triumphant smile slowly spreading across her face. I knew she didn't need to use her special gift to se what my answer would be.

"Thank you Bella." She squealed and hugged me tightly.

"I didn't say yes." I warned her.

"I know. And I can see that you won't. But you will end up coming with me and you are going to have so much fun." She beamed and left the room, no doubt to plan some for of painful shopping torture.

I was brought back to the now by a sharp tapping on the door.

The door opened slightly. "Bella?" I would know that voice anywhere.

"Come in Edward." The door swung open to reveal my own personal miracle.

No mortal or immortal could ever be more glorious than the godlike creature the stood in my doorway. I couldn't help the way my heart rate picked up as he came closer. His lips pulled up into my favourite crooked grin as he listened to my stuttering heart.

"Hello Beautiful."

"Hi." I knew it sounded lame, but that was the best I could muster when he looked at me that way. Who needs coherent thoughts anyway? It's not like anyone could hear them.

I smiled at this last thought.

"What's so amusing?"

"Nothing for you to worry about." His brows pulled down slightly and my smile grew more pronounced. I knew he hated it when I did that. This is so much fun, I thought.

"Why don't I get to be in on the joke?"

"Because you won't take me home." I grumbled.

It had been four days since my operation and Carlisle had promised I could go home soon. The hospital freaked me out, surprising since I spent a lot of my time here, but it did, it was also really boring.

I'm sure my constant whining was getting on Edward's nerves, but he was doing a good job in hiding it. He also refused to help me escape. And there was no way of getting out without him stopping me.

"Bella, is it really that impossible for you to be patient?"

I ignored this question. "Please?" I begged. I knew he hated it when I was unhappy, and today I was going to fully exploit that fact. I imitated Alice's pouting and pleaded. "Please take me home. Please?"

"You're sure you're alright to go home?"

I nodded adamantly.

"Okay, I'll go and get Carlisle and see what he says. You have to promise you'll rest at home though." He eyed me speculatively as I nodded once more.

"You'll be there the whole time anyway, so I've got no choice.' I grumbled, I was barely whispering but he heard me.

"Yes I will be there and you will be resting." His voice was firm but tender. If this was the only way to get out of here then I wasn't going to push my luck. He'd have to go home eventually, what with Charlie and everything. I gave in with a small huff.

"Fine! Just take me home."

He let out a small chuckle and left me alone in my boring, white, sterile hospital room.

I decided to organize my things while I had some time alone. So I swung my legs of the bed and stood up my feet tingled a little as the blood flowed back into them. My stomach hurt a little, but that was the only painful reminder of my recent unpleasant experience.

I was feeling much better now that Carlisle had managed to successfully treat my illness. I had woken up to find the pain almost all gone. Edward being there was just a bonus. In the last four days I hadn't thrown up once and my head and temperature were fine.

So there really is no reason for me to still be here. I thought.

I continued to make my way around the room, picking up my things and stuffing them into my bag. I only just managed to get the last of Alice's cards into my bulging bag before Edward returned with Carlisle.

"So Bella, I hear you want to go home?"

"Yes." I had made my disgust for hospitals quite clear to Carlisle.

"Well I'll need to do one final examination and if all goes well Edward can take you home."

In no time at all I was out of the hospital and into Edward's Volvo speeding towards my house. Carlisle had given me the 'all clear' and after making me promise to rest and avoid lift heavy things (because I did so much of that before –cough cough-) he had let me leave.

The lights weren't on when we pulled up out the front of my house, so Charlie wasn't home yet. Good, that meant more alone time with Edward. As soon as the engine cut off, Edward was opening my door for me and helping me out of the car.

"Thank you Edward." I said as we made it into the house.

"What for Love?" He asked.

"Well firstly for assisting my escape from hospital..." I gave him a small peck on the cheek, "And secondly...for just being there when I needed you." I went to give him another peck on the cheek, but he twisted his head at the last moment and crushed his lips to mine.

When we finally broke apart, I was feeling slightly light headed and had to clutch Edward's arm for support. He just laughed, picked me up and carried me to the couch. I would have attempted to continue our earlier activity, but it was only then that I really looked the house.

Charlie! I thought is exasperation. How could he let the house get so filthy? I'd only been gone five days. It just wasn't possible. Pizza boxes littered the coffee table and there were several empty glasses littering the floor. I turned to look over the back of the sofa and just as I suspected there was a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink.

I was sure Charlie hadn't done any laundry either. I made to get up and clean up a bit but Edward's arms made that feat impossible.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm going to clean this place up. Look at it." I motioned with my arm to the extremely cluttered living room.

"Yes I can see it's a bit untidy," He commented as he surveyed the room. "But why were you going to clean. You promised to rest."

"Okay Edward. If this is a bit untidy then I'd hate to see your definition of filthy? And secondly...If I don't clean who will? I can't rest with this mess taunting me."

"I know it's terribly disorganized and not at all clean, but Charlie is a busy man and he was worried about you, so cut him some slack." I had never said Charlie wasn't busy or worried, but really he could have at least taken out the trash, couldn't he?

"And don't worry, the mess will not taunt you while you rest," He continued. "I'll clean if it bothers you so much."

"I can't have you do that Edward. I can manage. Honestly."

"No I'm going to clean. And you," He poked my nose as he said this, "Are going to rest. No buts."

"Fine. You really shouldn't have to clean my house though."

"Don't worry it'll only take a minute or two."

And he wasn't joking. I watched in astonishment as he whirled around the room, leaving it spotless. It was lots of fun to watch. He started in the living room with me then moved to the kitchen.

He made no noise as he made his way through the house. The only time I even hear the slightest sound was when he filled the sink to wash dishes. In less than five minutes we were together on the couch again, watching a movie.

By the time six o'clock rolled around, we had finished the movie and I began to make my way towards the kitchen to make dinner for Charlie and myself. I decided to would be best to cook something healthy, since Charlie had obviously only been eating pizza for almost the whole week.

So I set about getting all the ingredients sorted for steak and salad, since this was the only meat I could find in the fridge. I made my way over to the pantry and slowly sifted through the shelves looking for the marinade. It was on the very top self right at the back. Trust Charlie to make things difficult for me.

But before I could fully extend my arm above the height of my shoulder a long white hand had already plucked it from the shelf. "I'm perfectly capable of collecting ingredients from my own damn pantry Edward." I fumed without turning to look at him.

"I know that but you shouldn't be reaching for things. You could pull your stitches." He stated confidently.

"Do you want to make Charlie's dinner then?" I asked sarcastically, still not looking at him. "You already did all the cleaning, why don't you do everything else for me too." I hate getting angry at Edward and I knew I sounded stupid but I couldn't stop myself. It was just so infuriating to be the weakest link.

I was even weaker than a normal human on a good day. And now it seemed I wasn't even trusted to cook.

"Bella? Please look at me." I didn't turn.

"Please?" He pleaded.


"Please?" I could tell he was trying to be persuasive but without the added advantage of his dazzling eyes it wasn't working.

"You know that only works when I look at you." I replied.

"I know." And with that he twisted me around, unleashing the full devastating force of his gaze on me. I stopped breathing.

"Breath Bella." He instructed. I sucked in a lungful of air. How stupid do you look now? I thought to myself.

"I know you can do it all by yourself, but I want to help."

"Fine you can help, but..."

"Why must there always be conditions?"

"Because it's my house and I said so."

"Yes ma'am." He snapped a sarcastic salute.

"Cut it out Edward."

He didn't move.

"Fine no conditions."

He relaxed and came to stand behind me as I prepared the food.

"So..." I said when the silence got too much for me.


"I just..." The phone rang.

Edward answered the phone, "Swan residence." He spoke to someone for a few moments then handed me the phone. "It's Alice." Was all he said.



"How else would it be?"

Alright...Bella, so when do you want me to pick you up tomorrow?

"Ahhhhhhh? I don't know."

How about half past nine? That gives us plenty of time to shop.

"Ummmmm. Look Alice I don't think tomorrow would be the best time to go shopping. Carlisle said I was supposed to rest."

Hmmmmm? Okay we won't go tomorrow, but we will go soon. She said this last part almost as a threat.

"Definitely." I tried to animate my voice so her feelings wouldn't get hurt, but from the look on Edward's face I wasn't successful.

How about we go on Thursday? That gives you one more day to rest.

"I'll think about it and get back to you."

I'll get you out one day, and that day will be coming very soon. She promised.

I'll see you later Bella. And with that she hung up on me.

I replaced the phone and trudged back to the bench. "Don't you love me enough to stop her?" I complained. "I'm not a Barbie. And my clothes are fine." I continued to grumble as I sliced up a tomato.

"Bella, I love you more than you could ever imagine."

"Really? That's an awful lot," I turned to read his reaction as I spoke again. My frustration completely forgotten. "Are you sure you mean it?"

"Bella while you were in hospital I was an emotional wreck, just ask anyone. I love you so much. Even more than is really healthy for you," A small smile played across his face. "Please try not to get sick any time soon."

"Well it's not something I can control you know...But I'm perfectly healthy now." I stated, wrapping my arms around his waist as he did the same.

"I can see that. But I don't fully see your point."

"Let me help you understand." I reached up and pressed my lips to his.

"Oh, now I see." He lifted me off the ground gently so I didn't have so far to reach. I smiled as he kissed me.

"I really missed this Bella." He said against my lips.

"I've missed this Edward too." I admitted

"But I never really went any where."

"Neither did I."


We both laughed and kissed each other once more, quickly becoming lost in the moment.

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Chapter 5 – Life Goes On