Hi! This is my latest story. It's loosely based on the drama Hana Yori Dango (Sorry if it's spelled wrong). Yeah, I should probably work on "Something More" first, but I'm having a slight writer's block... Also, this idea wouldn't stop buzzing around in my head, so I finally sat down and wrote it out. Hope you enjoy! Shippings: Oldrival, Special, Mangaquest, Frantic, and one-sided Luckyshipping.

Disclaimer: Nope, I am not the owner of Pokemon or Hana Yori Dango.

"This"- is talking

'This'-is thinking

'This' and "This"- are flashbacks


Hi! My name's Blue. I come from a little place known as the Sevii Islands; but a few days ago…


"I'll get it mom!" I ran to the door and flung it open. There stood a strange, old man wearing a red shirt, beige pants, and a white lab coat. He was also carrying a brown briefcase.

"We're not buying!!" I yelled at him before slamming the door. "Weirdo…"

"Who was it Blue-chan?" called my mother from the kitchen.

"Some strange man wearing a lab coat." I turned to retreat back to the living room.

"What?! Blue, that was Prof. Oak of Kanto! Don't you remember him?" She hurried to the door and opened it to find the professor lying on the ground, partially unconscious…

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry Professor!" my mother babbled, helping the man up and bowing many, many times.

"Eh-he-he! It's fine! I'm alright!" He picked up his briefcase and bowed to my mother. "It's been a long time."

My mother bowed again. "Yes, please come in."

Inside, my mother threw a quick glare at me before inviting Prof. Oak into the living room.

My father and little brother, Silver, were in the living room.

"Prof. Oak! It's been quite a while!" My father stood up and bowed, while the professor did the same.

My mother came in carrying a tray of tea, teacups, and rice crackers. Silver helped himself to two crackers then retreated to the corner of the room to observe everything.

"So what brings you here Prof. Oak?" my mother asked after everyone had been served.

"Hmm?" Prof. Oak stopped in mid-gulp. "Oh! Sorry!" He opened his briefcase and pulled out a stack of papers.

"These are the administration forms for Kanto Elite Private Academy, or K.E.P.A. for short."

My parents looked at the forms in shock. "B-but, I thought the registration was months ago!" my mother said.

"No, I pulled some strings and managed to get an opening for your daughter. She's really quite smart and her test scores were impressive."

My mother glanced at my father, then the professor. "The fees…"

"All the expenses are covered. Your daughter was bright enough to get a full scholarship."

My parents looked at each other, then at me. "Well, Blue. What do you think?"

Outside I was calm, but inside I was freaking out. 'Boarding school?! What the hell?!"'

Then I saw the expressions on my parents' faces. They looked at me hopefully. A full scholarship would be much less a weight, what with two mouths to feed and pay for.

I glanced at Silver and he nodded at me quickly. I nodded back slightly to him.

"Alright, I'll go."

"Excellent! There is a ferry leaving five days from today. School starts on the first of Sept. You'll share a dorm with others and can return for holidays or emergencies. I'll see you on the campus!" With that said Prof. Oak finished his tea, bowed, thanked us, and left.

"Mom, who was he?" Silver asked.

"That was Prof. Oak dear. Blue used to play with his grandson all the time when she was little. What was his name? Grey? Glenn? Oh, you'll see him Blue. He goes to the academy too."

'Great, friends with someone I can't even remember…' I thought as I went upstairs to pack.

-6 days later-

"Oh crap! I'm late!!"

I ran down the long wooden hallways of the academy trying to find room 2A.

After missing the first day, I had arrived, dropped off my suitcases and gotten my schedule. I was now dashing around the school, trying to find the stupid room!


"Ow…Sorry…" I looked up, only to see a pair of emerald eyes staring back into mine.

It was a strange (though hot, I had to admit) guy. He had light brown hair sticking up and was wearing what I assumed was the boy's uniform.

I got up and dusted off my skirt. "Sorry about that, I was kind of in a hurry…"

"Hn…" He turned around and walked in the direction where I had come from.

"Hmph! What a rude guy! Though, he looks familiar…"

Then, realizing I was wasting time, I ran off in search of the classroom.

Finally, I found the door that had the words stamped in gold lettering, 2A. I had passed by it twice without noticing…

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door. 25 pairs of eyes bore into me. I shrank back. "Um…I'm here for English with Prof. Elm…?"

The gangly man wearing a lab coat walked over. "That would be me! Now, please introduce yourself to the class."

I walked over to the middle of the room. "Um…I'm Blue. I'm from the Sevii Islands. Nice to meet you."

My classmates stared at me, their expressions very bored.

The professor came over. "Well, Blue, please go sit next to Green over there. Raise your hand Green."

I looked over and…


Sorry it's so short, but it's just the prologue. I've got the next ch. all ready, but I need to edit it and add/take away, some stuff. Don't worry, I will continue to write more! Also, the scholarship thing is because in Japan I think you have to either test into a good school or pay a lot to get into one. Keep on reading and reviewing please!