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TEASER: A man tells a story... but what is going on??
GENRE: Drama/Angst



"In the silence of the darkness when all are fast asleep
I live inside a dream calling to your spirit
As a sail calls the wind, hear the angels sing

Far beyond the sun across the western sky
Reach into the blackness, find a silver line
In a voice I whisper, a candle in the night
We'll carry all our dreams in a single dream of light

Close your eyes, look into the dream
Winds of change will winds of fortune bring

Fly away to a rainbow in the sky - gold is at the end for each of us to find
There the road begins, where another one will end
Here the four winds know who will break and who will bend
All to be the master of the wind

Falling stars now light my way
My life was written on the wind
Clouds above, clouds below
High ascend the dream within

When the wind fills the sky the clouds will move aside
And there will be the road to all our dreams
For any day that stings, two better days it brings
Nothing is as bad as it seems

Close your eyes, look into the dream
Winds of change will winds of fortune bring

Fly away to a rainbow in the sky - gold is at the end for each of us to find
There the road begins, where another one will end
Here the four winds know who will break and who will bend
All to be the master of the wind"

The song recited itself inside of his mind, carrying the sweet tones of his mother's voice with it. He remembered. Remembered the warmth of her lap, her gentle hands, grey and rough from work, brushing his dark hair while she sang to him at night. Always the same song. THAT song. Ever since she died he had wondered why she never sang the normal lullabies that he heard from the other huts and houses as a child… Growing up in Tortuga he had never been an outsider. Like he felt he was now… no, back then there 

was no such thing as a label on the jam jar. Everyone and everything was in the same boat as everything else. No difference or judgment to be posed. But now… everything had changed. Tortuga had become ONE big brothel, both metaphorically and physically. His home from back then was no more than a memory. When he walked down the gangway from the ship onto the sandy, white beach of Tortuga, nothing was as he remembered it. The huts had deteriorated into nothingness… only long stretches of sandy meadows filled with heather and a few palm trees here and there were what was left of the home he remembered so clearly. And the houses… were still there. Some re-painted, some deteriorating, a few as they were back then. But not the people. No, the people were long gone and had been replaced by their ruthless spawn of drunken want-to-be pirates. A miserable bunch, really. Just as himself… maybe. At least he sometimes felt that way. He had no woman… no marriage… no children – and he didn't know if he even wanted any. The bottles of rum hidden below deck were his most trustful friends. Which was rather sad, when he thought about it. But who cared? No one. Not even himself. Maybe the grey-bearded, old man beside him… he had always been a father figure, he had to admit. From when he was twelve years old or so, approximately. When his mother had passed away from a bad case of tuberculosis. She had been taken away from him too early. Way too early. Where was he to go?? He remembered… and pictures flashed before his closed eyelids. The brothels… the bars… the dusty, sometimes muddy, streets of Tortuga town. Just wandering the shiny white beaches, thinking about his loss… his missing father…. And piracy. Every child in Tortuga had heard those stories. The pompous stories of the lives of pirates, the treasures, the excitement of the free life at sea. And one day he met him. The elderly man with back then a dark beard and dark hair, while he was wandering the beach as usual. At first he had been a little distrustful to him – that's what a rough childhood does to a person – and didn't believe any of his words. But nonetheless he and the older man started running into each other almost every day and in time they started spending time together under the shadows from the palm trees… and the old man would tell his tales. And slowly, but surely, he was convinced that this mysterious man was actually telling the bare truth. And he started admiring him… Not only because of the pirate stories, but because of his strong personality and the awareness and care in his steel blue eyes. Looking at him right now that same look was there. A look of concern, care and… was it love? He couldn't tell. But if it WAS love, it was definitely a paternal one. He managed to smile at his mentor… and drifted back into the thoughts from the far past. He had left the hut that morning… the morning where his mother wouldn't speak or even move. Yes, he had been scared. And he had never returned, only now to reflect on things. Life was unfair. But that is one of life's lessons in itself… he knew that very well. Still he got a bitter taste in his mouth every time he thought of that morning. But the crystal clear sound inside his mind of the lullaby sung by his mother, when she was alive, was all he needed to resurface from the sorrow and bitterness. With a smile he turned around to face the old man, his mentor. How he had changed… aged. Just like HE would some day. With sudden goose bumps on his arms he pushed the thought aside. What was the use of thinking of age, when he was only in his late twenties?? He actually didn't know his exact age… and he liked it that way. He didn't remember the summers and winters passed from when the old man took him aboard the ship with a promise of a great future in piracy. And indeed the old man had been right. The day today he was famous and infamous all over the Caribbean and in other parts of the world as well. He wasn't a very limited man, that was for sure. Grabbing the rum bottle and putting it to his lips, gulping down a few slurps of the golden liquid, he looked at his mentor again:

"What caught yer interest in me? Really?", he said and watched as the old man's eyebrows rose in surprise. With a smile the old man clapped him on the shoulder:

"I always knew ye had it in ye, Jack", Gibbs said as he again directed his glance at main street of Tortuga, on which they were walking. Dust spread every time their heavy leather boots hit the sandy gravel. Jack smiled and took another slurp of the rum. Oh, how he missed the old Tortuga… yet still he burst through the double doors of the nearest tavern with his arms raised and his glance on the baffled, drunken people in there. Always had to look out for himself… well, AND his crew. 'And a captain goes down with his ship', Jack thought as he emptied the rum bottle and sat down by the nearest table with Mr. Gibbs.

"Close your eyes, look into the dream….Winds of change will winds of fortune bring… All to be the master of the wind", Jack hummed as he waved at the bartender to bring him a drink. Mr. Gibbs shook his head with concern in his steel eyes:

"Why do ye keep singin' that song, Jack?", he asked and smiled as the bartender received the two silver coins from Jack when he put a bottle of rum on the table. Jack tilted his head a bit:

"Because I'm waiting for the winds to change", Jack replied shortly as he popped the cork.