When I was still a child

Before I met a certain boy

I had a little puppy

He was my pride and joy

For a while I was happy

I'm very sorry to say

Fate was always against me

I lost two friends that day

The other was another girl

Who said she was my friend

I shouldn't have told her about my dog

It was she who caused his end

When the boys found out

They wanted my puppy dead

All of these terrible things happened

Because of the horns upon my head

They only let me watch

And listen while he cried

Again and again that vase came down

Until my puppy died

They'd always said I was a freak

And a monster too

You know who isn't human!!

Little brats like you!!

It was then something shattered

Deep inside of me

My vectors tore them limb-from-limb

They deserved it,I agree

I couldn't make him a quality grave

Not even a very good headstone

But the biggest price I paid that day

Was that I was once again alone

I'm thankful for the fact

That I wasn't alone for long

I was befriended by a kid named Kouta

What I thought was perfect,would soon go horribly wrong

I became more and more attatched to him

Until jealousy took hold

He already loved somebody else

It was then my heart turned cold

Kouta was a liar

Not different like I thought

I wouldn't let him get away with it

The ball was in my court

He was with his family

When I followed him on the train

I killed his dad and sister

I caused him the ultimate pain

And I'm sorry...