10 Things I Hate About You

1. I Hate How You're Always So Happy. (It's Inhuman)

2. I Hate How You're Always Smiling. (Stop It, It's Contagious)

3. I Hate How You're Always Seeing The Best In People. (Some People Don't Deserve It)

4. I Hate How You Never Put Yourself First. (It'll Get You Killed One Day)

5. I Hate How You've Kept Your Hair Short. (It's A Painful Reminder Of Why You Had To Cut It In The First Place)

6. I Hate How You Won't Stop Trying To Bring Me Back To Konoha. (Why Are You So Persistent?)

7. I Hate How You Let Your Emotions Make Your Decisions. (A Shinobi Never Shows His Feelings, No Matter What The Circumstances)

8. I Hate How You're Always Willing To Give Up So Much For Others. (Be Selfish For Once In Your Life)

9. I Hate How Beautiful You've Become. (I Shouldn't Feel This Way About Anyone)

10. I Hate How Much I Love You