This will be a Bleach story.

Roronoa Zoro of the Straw-hat Pirates will be send to Rukongai, but even after dead he will not give up in becoming the greatest Swordsman.

If you wonder what the pairings will be, I don't know it yet, so feel free to voice your favourite pairing. Kuina (Zoros childhood rival) will be the only other character from one piece and will be a possibility for pairings too.

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The Greatest swordsman of Seireitei

Prologue: The Beginning

Monkey D. Luffy and his Crew were battling Don Krieg and his armada at the Baratie, a restaurant on the East Blue. In the middle of the battle, the giant three-hundred and fifty feet long Battleship of Don Krieg was cut down to many pieces just in the blink of an eye, making the battles stop and everybody wonder who did it.

Meanwhile on the ocean, a small boat that resembles a coffin, with candles along the sides of it with an eerie green flame could be seen. It was so small that only one person could ride in it. A man wearing very decorative, ornate, black-and-red clothing was sitting onboard. He wore a wide-brimmed hat decorated with a large plume, a long black cloak and a cross pendant. He wore blue pants and no T-shirt, showing his well build chest. He also carries a large black sword. It was an ornately decorated, man-sized sword, probably six feet long and shaped like a cross with the blade shiny black and curved at the end.

"That man, he is Dracule "Hawk-Eye" Mihawk! The best Swordsman in the world." thought Zoro. "I never thought I'd be able to meet him so soon". He gulped "Finally, the destined time has come."

"Bastard!" yelled one of Don Krieg's pirates "Why did you attack us?"

"To kill time." answered Mihawk bored.

The Pirate became angry and hold his two pistols up and shot, yelling "Bullshit!"

Mihawk quickly draw his Black Sword and pointed it towards the Pirate and used its blade to deflect the bullets.

"Wh-hat?!" yelled the pirate, with every one else got wide eyed as well. "I am sure I was right on target!"

"It deviated." told Zoro from behind the Pirate "He redirected it with the tip of his sword."

"I've never seen such graceful skill." said Zoro to Mihawk, as he went towards him, who was still out on the ocean sitting onboard his small boat.

"A sword with power alone is not powerful." Stated Mihawk

"So this ship was cut apart with that sword?

"Of course."

"It's clear now. You're the strongest!" said Zoro with a big grin. "I have been sailing the seas to face you." and took his bandana from his left arm.

"What's your mission?" asked Mihawk, still sitting on his boat with his legs crossed.

"To be the best." said Zoro with a big mad grin, wrapping his green bandana around his head, shadowing his eyes.

"Fool." Mihawk smirked showing his orange hawk like eyes.

Zoro drew one of his three swords and pointed it towards Mihawl. "You have got time to spare, don't you?" he asked. "Lets duel, shall we?"

"Duel? Such a pitiful weakling." Said Mihawk and make an incredible quick and big jump to stand next to Zoro. "If you really were a fine swordsman, you should've been able to judge the difference in strengths without drawing your sword. Challenging me… Are you that brave? Or simply reckless?"

"This is for my own ambition!" told Zoro and put his first sword into his mouth and took the other two into his hands. "...and for a promise to my fallen friend."

Mihawk only took his cross shaped pendant into his hands and unsheathed it on the bottom, showing a small three inches blade.

Zoro narrowed his eyes before asking. "Hey now, what's the meaning of this?"

Mihawk pointed his little knife towards Zoro before answering. "I'm unlike those idiots who use their all to hunt rabbits. Though you're famous enough to be called a swordsman, this is the weakest of the four oceans, the east Blue." Showing his little knife a bit better he continued "Unfortunately, I'm carrying nothing smaller than this."

"Quit mocking me!" growled Zoro biting even harder into his swords hilt, sweat dripping down his face. Than he suddenly run forward to attack Mihawk. "Just don't regret it when you die!"

"You are but someone who's yet to experience the real world." stated Mihawk.

"Demon Cor!" Zoro called out, but was surprised to see that all his blades were effortless stopped by Mihawks knife. "Wh..hat?! I can't move. What just happened?" He thought "No one could avoid this technique before, but just with his toy, he…"

"Is strength like his really this far away?" he thought, still struggling to push his swords farter forward "This can't be! I can't be this far away!"

"The world shouldn't be this far off!" he yelled as he swung his swords dozen of times furiously at Mihawk with all his might, only to have all his strikes blocked easily.

Having enough of it already, Mihawk switched from defence to attack and stabbed Zoro with his little knife making him fly a few feet back.

"I can't possibly be this far away!" growled Zoro out, while looking up at Mihawk. He stood up and attacked him again, throwing sword strike after sword strike at Mihawk. The two of them danced through the whole small area with Mihawk avoiding or blocking every single of the strikes.

"Such unrestrained skill." Said Mihawk, while having his knife locked with Zoros swords.

Zoro continued to attack and strike furiously, the speed the two fights with increasing with every second.

"I… I didn't come all this way to lose against this toy-like thing!" thought Zoro having an insane look in his eyes, continuing with his attacks, but then Mihawk sidestepped him and chopped him in the neck with his hand, making him hit the ground hard. That's when Zoro remembered back when he was younger and thought about what his fallen friend had told him.


It was a full moon night; a young Zoro was facing a young black haired girl in a swords duel and lost to her once again.

"You are lucky, Zoro… because you are a boy. I want to be the world's best too!" she said and started groping both her breasts, making Zoro a bit uncomfortable. "If only I was… If only I was born as a boy." and started crying.

"After defeating me, don't you dare say such demeaning things!" yelled chibi Zoro "That's too shameless! You're my ultimate goal"

"Zoro..?" she thought

"Promise me." he said to her "That someday, either you or I will become the greatest swordsman in the World!"

"Promise me, Kuina!" he demanded

"It's a promise!" she said, smiling now.

-End Flashback-

"If I could just defeat this man…" thought Zoro and stood up to attack him again. He went a few steps on his now shakily legs and swung his sword weakly but missed and fell once more; he was to tired already and breathes heavily.

"What's your mission? Why do you seek the ultimate power, you weakling?" asked Mihawk, looking down to him with the intense look of his.

Zoro stood up again and hold his two swords behind his mouth blade and began to glow with a light red aura.

"Tora Gari! (Tiger trap)" he yelled out, but before Zoro actually could swing forward with his swords, Mihawk staped him with lightning speed into his left side were his heart is supposed to be. Everything was silent; nobody did move, not even Zoro and everybody was holding their breath. Zoro was already bleeding and Mihawk had his knife still stabbed into his chest.

"Do you wish to have this go through your heart?" asked Mihawk "Why don't you step back?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure why myself." said Zoro, blood dripping from his mouth. "But if I were to take even one step back, I believe that all those important oaths, promises, and many other deals 'til now, will all go to waste and I'll never be able to return before you, ever again."

"Yes, and that's called 'losing'." Told Mihawk

"Hehe, that's why I can't step back."

"Even if it means death?"

"Death may be better!" said Zoro grinning.

"What strong will!" thought Mihawk with wide eyes. "Preferring death over defeat."

Mihawk removed his knife from Zoros heart, stepped back and sheated it. "Kid, announce your name!"

Zoro moved his hand blades in front of him, both blades looking up, than he switched his left blade down, pointing the hilts at each other, making a windmill sign together with his third sword that was still in his mouth. "Roronoa Zoro." He said.

"I will remember that!" said Mihawk as he took his Black Sword from his back. "It's been a while since I've seen such strong will. As a reward, a gesture to a fellow swordsman, I will wield this 'Black Sword', the most powerful sword in the world, to end your life."

"I appreciate your offer." stated Zoro. "That's my last chance. The world's best or… death?" he thought

„Santouryuu - Sanzen Sekai (three swords style – three thousand realms)." called Zoro out as he began to spin the two blades in his hands, then he rushed with both blades outward. Mihawk slashed with his sword as well, both rushing past each other knocking off a big amount of wind and dust.

But then suddenly Zoros hand blades broke both into three pieces each, and a lot of blood blew out of his chest.

"I lost." He thought "Losing wasn't something I'd ever imagine possible." He sheathed his last sword from his kneeing position. "So this is what it is to possess the greatest power in the world?" and then stood up as if he hadn't just received a big deep slash on his chest and turned around to face 'Hawk-Eye'. He stretched his hands out to the sides and holds his head up proud.

"What now?" thought a surprised Mihawk

Zoro grinned weakly "Attacking from behind is a shameless act among swordsman."

"Well said." Replied Mihawk smirking and he then slashed once more with his Black Sword diving Zoro a very deep wound and even sliced his heart. "I will remember you kid, and who knows, we might continue this duel in the afterlife one day." thought Mihawk.

Lots of blood came out of Zoros chest and he fell into the ocean, not hearing the screams of his friends anymore. His friends fished him out of the water, trying to help him, but he was already… dead.

Zoro blinked, he could not believe what he was seeing. His body was completely uninjured and he was connected to a silver chain. The chain did lead towards a bleeding and wet copy of himself with his friend standing around it crying and ignoring him.

"What the hell is going on? Am I dead?" he thought "Hey! I am over here!" he yelled out, but no response of any kind was giving. He spotted his sword, the one that had belonged to Kuina. He went over to pick it up, but he could not, it seemed he had no physical body anymore.

"That won't work kid. You are just a soul now." said a voice; somehow he knew that it was directed at him. Looking over were it came from; he saw a man in black kimono and a sword on his side.

"You can see me? Are you death as well?"

"You could say that. I am a Shinigami."

"What's that?"

"A Shinigami is basically a Soul with inner spiritual power, recruited from the ranks of the residents and nobility of Soul Society, or for you better known as Heaven." told the Shinigami "My job is to send spirits, which we call pluses, like you to Soul Society. Also Shinigami duties include slaying Hollows. They are spirits that lost their Chain of Fate; they are evil and eat Shinigamis and pluses."

"Heaven, huh? How is it like?"

The Shinigami sighed before answering "Depends on were you live. Soul Society consists of an expansive walled city in his center, called Seireitei (Court of Pure Souls) and four regions, each with 80 districts, outside of it. The districts outside of the Seireitei are known as the Rukongai (Town of Wandering Spirits) and are the place where non-Shinigami and commoners live. The district number of the Rukongai also describes its conditions. District 1, the closest to Seireitei, is peaceful and orderly, while the most distant District 80 is filled with criminals and has the poorest living conditions."

"Doesn't sound that nice to me." Said Zoro, and glanced at the Shinigamis Sword. "You any good with your Sword?" he asked.

"All Shinigami have a Zanpakuto like that and train in sword arts. They are no normal blades but the manifestation of their owners' power and soul."

"Interesting." He thought "How do you become a Shinigami?"

"Only Spirits with high spiritual powers, that we call Reiatsu, can become one. Also only spirits with high Reiatsu have to eat food, so becoming a Shinigami is the easiest way obtaining some." he told him "Shinigamis that patrol through the Rukongai are looking for such spirits and if they find some they take them to the Shinigami academy in Seireitei. It takes six years to go through the academy. I am new so I don't really now if you have enough Reiatsu or not, sorry. You will have to wait for a patrol in the Rukongai."

"Some bunch of Sword fighting death gods, huh? Then I can still become the best, even better than the best god." Thought Zoro and grinned. "Alright thanks for the info, it will help me out a lot I guess."

"Doesn't matter, I have to send you now, if you stay here you went risks in getting eat by Hollows. You ready?"

Giving one last look towards his Nakamas (Comrades) he sighed and nodded. "I am sorry Luffy, you must become the Pirate King without me. Give it your all my friend."

The Shinigami than took his sword and pointed the bottom of his hilt at Zoros forehead and said "Soul burial" sending Zoro to the Rukongai in a white light.

Too be continued


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