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The Greatest swordsman of Seireitei

Chapter 4 –Rumours

Last chapter: Zoro met and fought Captain Urahara Kisuke, he activated his Shikai during the fight and passed out after managing to give Kisuke a little cut. Yoruichi and Kurosaki Isshin were watching everything. Yoruichi took Zoro to the fourth division.

It didn't took Yoruichi long to arrive at the 4th divisions headquarters. After all, she was known as 'Goddess of Flash', because of her mastery of Hoho to the highest (Hoho is the Shinigami art for agility and speed) and she often boasted that she was unrivalled with Shunpo (Flashstep). She entered the building and sat Zoro down to the ground.

"Fix him up and give him a room to rest!" she ordered loudly to some of the 4th division members that were passing by.

They immediately complied and took him to a room to heal his wounds. Yoruichi followed and watched them work. She wondered when the boy would be wakening up because she wanted to talk to him. If he would proof to be anything special then it would be fun to have him in her division later on, the 2th.

"What happened to the boy you just brought here, Yuroichi-taicho?" asked a soft female voice from behind her, which she recognised immediately.

It was a beautiful woman with long black hair, braid together in front of her chest. She was the Captain of the 4th division, Unohana Retsu. Next to her was her second seat, 4th divisions' Vize Captain Yadoumaru Sarah. She was a beautiful young girl, looking around nineteen with long black hair and glasses. She was well known in Seireitei because she was a twin and her sister was high ranked as well, the Vize Captain of the 8th division, Yadoumaru Lisa. Both looked exactly the same, but had a different hairstyle and her sister Lisa wore her Hakama in form of a mini skirt instead of the usual long form.

Looking around Yoruichi could see that other Shinigamis were listening as well. They were very curious of the wounded, green haired and very strange clothed young man. Yoruichi grinned very mischievously, she may be a Captain and a noble, heir to the Shihōin clan, but she was surely not a stuck up like other nobles. She loved pranking and teasing people, this was going to be fun!


He opened his eyes slowly and looked around only to see that he lay in a bed, wearing a hospital grown with most of his chest and arms wrapped in bandages. The room was pretty small and looked plain; his three Zanpakutos were leaved ajar to the wall to his left. He stood up carefully and could feel his body shaking a bit from the strain he took earlier and the lack of strength in his limbs. He walked towards the closet with hope to find his clothes, but growled as he saw only a set of the academy uniform.

"It finally had to come to this huh?" he thought as he changed into his uniform and grimaced as he looked into the mirror. "I look stupid" he said as he walked back to the bed. He placed his Zanpakutos to his right hip and made his way out of the room, his left hand in his pockets and his right on his swords. "Well, it isn't that bad if I wear my swords." he thought with a last glance at the mirror.

He realized that he didn't know the way to leave the place, so he decided to just try out his luck and walked down the hallway. His hopes that he would blend in easily with his Academy robes and that nobody would recognize him were crushed immediately, as he saw all the looks from the people. At first he blamed his green hair, his three earrings and Zanpakutos, but he knew, from the way people reacted to him, that it must be something else.

"What the hell is going on?" He thought, his confusion clearly writing all over his face.

He was the centre of attention; everybody would stop doing whatever they did when they saw him. They would start whispering to each other, while going out of his way, as if making room just for him. Some were looking afraid at him, some with respect, most with disbelief, or a mix of all three. Some of the females also featured very red cheeks with a dreamy look or want and lust in their eyes.

It all annoyed him, but he knew how to ignore it. He had years of experience as a famous bounty hunter on the east blue, he learned to life with the reactions from people around him that recognized him. But surely people here would not have heard of him, he was not that arrogant as to believe his fame to be this great. So what could bring out all this reactions of this people? But his musing was cut short as someone called to him.

"Hey what are you doing out of your bed?" asked a beautiful female voice, with an angry edge in her tone "Answer me." She demanded.

He turned and saw that it was a black haired girl around nineteen. She wore a pair of glasses and had her hair in a high ponytail. She wore the standard black Shinigami uniform, but also had the Lieutenant badge that Kaien told him about and a rather short Zanpakuto on her left hip, that well well rounded hip he thought, but forced his eyes up to look into the girls eyes.

"I have stuff to do, and to lie in a bed is defiantly not on my list woman. Show me were the exit is and I will be on my way." he growled out.

The young Lieutenant was a bit startled by that rude answer, not haven expected it. She was a Vize-Captain, holding a great deal of respect even by the Captains. No academy student would dare speaking with her in such a manner. Of course she was there when Yoruichi-taicho explained her story to her own divisions' Captain, but she did not believe anything of it. But now, he stood in front of her, not cowed in any way by her presence, talking to her as if she would be an equal or maybe his inferior. Could the story have been true, she wondered now, and saw the three Zanpakutos on his hip and widened her eyes. Her mind going back to the memories of Yourichis story, believing it this time she became a little afraid and a bit intimated by his presence, his eyes glaring at her, daring her to order him to go back to bed. From the outside she looked calm and brave, but in reality she was not brave enough to order him anymore.

She pointed with a finger to her right and said "The exit is this way and down the stairs, but I am recommending you rest a few more days. You were asleep for two full days now, but we did not expect you to wake up in less than a weak."

"No thanks, a bit of sleep is always all I need." he told and walked away after waving lazily at her.


Kurosaki Isshin, captain of the 10th division, had no good day, oh no. Not only was he still in pain from the wounds he received in his spar with Kisuke, but he also just found out that a strange rumour was going around all over the Seireitei and even in some of the Rukongai, and that it was making him look bad. He hadn't managed to find out what the rumours were about exactly yet, people would whisper to each other behind his back and just pretend not to know anything when he asked them, but he thought that it had to be linked to his fight with Kisuke and the injuries somehow.

After Yoruichi had brought the green haired boy to the 4rd division and came back she had said that he was going to fight Kisuke now so that she would get some entertainment. Lazy as he is he had no intention to spar, but Yoruichi could be a real bitch if she wanted, so it didn't took long for her to force him and Kisuke into submission. The friendly spar was fun and he enjoyed himself at first, but somehow it escalated and both he and Kisuke went all out, even using their ban-kais'. He had won of course but in the end he was just as worse off as Kisuke, and both had to rest for a whole day and would be bandaged up a bit for some time.

He made his way through the first divisions headquarter and pushed the large door to the meeting hall open. He found all the captains already there and lined up, with Kisuke as the only one still missing. He was not surprised to see how the other captains were looking at him, but it still troubled him greatly. He made his way slowly towards his usual spot next to Kyōraku Shunsui, the 8 divisions captain, and tried to figure out what it was that let his reputation became so bad, while trying his best to ignore the others. He sighed in relief as he saw Kisuke coming through the door, taking all the attention away from him.

Kisuke sighed as he saw that even the captains were not immune to these damn rumours and frowned down upon him like the rest of Seireitei. He made his way to his spot next to Isshin and closed his eyes as he waited for the meeting to begin.

Yamamoto-Genryūsai Shigekuni, Captain of the 1st Division of the Gotei 13 but also the Commander-General of the whole Gotei 13, coughed to get the attention off of Kisuke and spoke. "Now that everyone arrived we can begin with the captains meeting."

"There are some things on the list that we need to discuses today, but first I want to discuses something else which I think is more important and also more interesting." he said and his eyes scanned the captains reactions, before stopping fixed first on Isshin and then on Kisuke. "Namely: the rumour that is spreading through the Seireitei like a wild fire."

Too be continued


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