Chapter 1:

Chapter 1:

Returning from a mission…

Team 7 was returning from a mission. They where assigned a C-rank to help a village nearby Konoha by defeating the bandits that kept stealing from everyone. The mission took 3 days but it was worth it.

Now the team was making their way back to Konoha, Kakashi was reading his orange book as he was walking, Sasuke was brooding, Sakura was admiring the Uchiha and trying to get him to talk to him and Naruto was trying to start a conversation with the pink haired kuniochi but failing.

This went on for a couple of hours when Naruto found himself needing to go to the bathroom.

"Kakashi-sensei." he wined

The sensei in question lowered his book a little to see his blonde genin. "What is it Naruto?"

"I need to go…" he said jumping from sides holding inside.

"Go where?" asked the sensei wanting to have some fun with his student.

Naruto frowned. "I need to go and piss sensei!" he yelled and received a punched from Sakura

"Don't say that in front of a lady you twerp!" retorted Sakura who was fuming

"Gomen Sakura-chan." responded Naruto getting up and giving his trademark grin

"Dobe…" said Sasuke

"Teme!" retorted Naruto

"Hmph." continued Sasuke turning around.

"Alright you two, Naruto you can go but you will have to catch up with us, we are not waiting for you." said the mask Jounin starting to walk away

"Yeah! I wouldn't wait for Naruto anyway." said Sakura turning around arrogantly and walking away.

The blonde's eyes went down. "Sakura-chan." he said in a whisper barely audible. He then felt it coming back and snapped back in reality and ran in the forest.

As he finished flushing everything out of him he heard a distant cry, he turned and started walking from where the sound was coming and found himself at the edge of the forest in front of a field. He could hear the crying more and more prominent. He studied the field and saw someone lying on the ground holding a basket.

He ran up to the said person and found out that the person was a lady seriously injured and in the basket was a little baby no more than a year old.

"Lady are you alright?" he asked worried. The woman looked at him and looked at the forehead protector, she smiled knowing her baby was going to be safe.

"Please…" she started "take my daughter." she said handing him the basket.

"What?" asked Naruto "Never mind lady I will help, I'm taking you to the hospital." he said and as he wanted to pick her up and carry her with the basket still on her body she stopped him.

"Please, I'm too weak because of my injuries, take care of my daughter and protect her from the Sound." she said weakly.

Naruto's eyes widened when he heard that the Sound was involved in this. "Why are the Sound after her?" he asked

"She carries the 7-tailed Wolf, they wanted to turn her into a weapon but I didn't let them and I ran away but in the process I got hurt."

Naruto's eyes widened even more, the little baby was the carrier of a demon, and to make it worse the Sound wanted to transform her into a deadly weapon.

"Please take care of her, her name is Yana." said the lady and took her last breathe before dying. Naruto took the basket and looked at the baby that fell asleep, in the basket there where some personal belongings of the girl and two scrolls with jutsu from what it seemed.

Naruto looked at the woman, he put the basket down and created 50 Kage Bushins. He nodded to them, half of them turned into shovels and the other half used them to start digging a grave. He created 4 more clones and sent them to find a rock to use as a marking for the grave.

After half an hour the grave was made, he gently lowered the dead woman in the grave and the clones closed the grave with the body inside. He placed the rock at the head of the grave and with a kunai he marked it. 'The field woman' he wrote since he had found her in the field with the baby.

He took the basket back into his hands and looked at the grave one last time. "I promise, I will look after her and take care of her."

He dismissed his clones and started walking away back to the Hidden Village in the Leafs. As he approached the gate he was stopped by two Chunnin, they recognized him and let him pass without asking any questions, this where two Chunnin that respect Naruto and knew he was only the carrier of Kyuubi and not Kyuubi himself.

As Naruto was walking down the streets of Konoha he could feel the glares he was getting, things only made it worse that he carried the basket, the glares intensified ten fold. They wanted to know what weapon he was carrying there.

Naruto was getting uncomfortable, he jumped on the roof of a building and started heading home by jumping from roof top to roof top. In a mater of minutes he reached his house.

He went inside and put the basket on the table in the kitchen, the baby was awake and was looking at her surroundings. She started crying, Naruto took her out of the basket into his arms and wondered what he should do. He looked in the fridge and saw he still had some milk that wasn't expired, he put it on the fire and started heating it. While the milk was getting warm he was calming the baby, slowly Yana calmed down and was now looking at Naruto. She had black eyes. Naruto found himself smiling while looking at those eyes, they where full of life.

When the milk was heated he put it in the baby's bottle and took a seat on the chair and started feeding the baby, he took out the two scrolls from the basket. The first scroll as he suspected and to his pleasure a jutsu.

The jutsu was called Futon: Bougoheky ookaze (Wind Release: Protective Winds). It read that the jutsu creates winds around the user that protects him from most attacks, mainly fire, water and man made weapons (kunai, shuriken, etc). Naruto studied the scroll and decided he would practice it while Yana will be sleeping.

He opened the second scroll, it was a letter written by the mother.

To whoever finds my baby,

Please look after her and protect her from the Sound and Orochimaru. You should know that Yana has the 7-tailed wolf sealed inside of her, Orochimaru sealed the wolf wanting to create a ultimate weapon like Konoha has Kyuubi and Sunagakure has Shukaku. I couldn't stand the thought that she will be used as a weapon so I took her out of the hospital if I can call it that and ran away, unfortunately before I managed to exit the village I was attacked and injured, my husband came and protected me but in the process he died. Yana has nobody now, I might die soon, please look after her and keep her safe.

Signed, Jalia

Naruto sighted, what Orochimaru did was made him mad, not only did he trick a entire village to attack Konoha, not only that he killed the Sandaime but he had also wanted to create a ultimate weapon. Naruto looked at the little girl who had fallen asleep and sighed. He got up and placed Yana on his bed to let her rest, he took the scroll and started reading the instruction.

"Hehe, a new jutsu…I can't wait." he whispered to himself jumping up and down of joy.

That night he had stayed awake to look after the baby and learn the new jutsu, he managed to sleep for about one or two hours only to be awaken by the girl who was hungry. Usually he would have grumbled and would have ignored any wake up calls but he promised the lady he would look after her daughter and since that was his ninja way there was no way he will be backing down on his word.

The next morning came rather fast, Naruto stood awake by drinking tea since he never bought coffee and he never intended to. He was no in the kitchen eating some ramen, Yana was now asleep. He heard and knock on the door and went to open it, he smiled his usual smile at his sensei that was standing in front of his door.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei." he said

"Yo Naruto." responded the silver haired Jounin "I came to tell you that Hokage-sama want's to see you since you didn't appear yesterday with us and to tell you we have training at 10 AM."

Naruto frowned. "More like training at 12 AM for you."

"Well you see, if there weren't so many old ladies that wanted help to cross the street I would never be late." explained the Jounin

"And what about the path of life?" asked Naruto with a 'I don't believe you look.'

"Oh about that, well it's hard since there are so many roads in all places, you get lost really easy you know…" said the Jounin making his visible eye turn into a 'U' form saying he was smiling

"Ok Kakashi-sensei I will be there." responded the boy and closed the door. "I will be two hours late." he snickered

He went into his room and changed into his orange jumpsuit, he was about to jump out the window and head towards the Hokage tower when he remembered about Yana. He looked at her sleeping form and took her in his arms. She was covered in her blue blanket. Deciding he won't take the basket he jumped out the window with the baby in his arms.

He arrived at the tower and entered through the window, the Hokage was sleeping with her head on her desk. Naruto frowned, he knew the dangers of waking her up, he opened the door and found two ANBU there.

"Hey guys can you wake up baa-chan?" he wined

The two looked at Naruto. "How the hell did you get inside?"

"The window was open." he responded grining his usual foxy grin

The two looked at each other again. "You wake her." said the first one

"No way, you wake her. My jaw still hurts from last time." protested the second

"My head still hurts from last time." protested the first.

Naruto sighed, this was going nowhere. He closed the door and created a Kage Bushin and sent it to wake the Hokage up. The bushin tapped Tsunade on the shoulder, she flinched, he tapped again, her fist connected with his face and he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The Hokage blinked. "What the hell? Did I just pulverize someone?" she looked around and saw Naruto in a corner grinning.

"Hey baa-chan!" he called

A vein appeared on the Hokage's head. "Naruto!" she shouted heading towards the boy dangerously. She was about to hit him when she saw something moving in his arms, that was the first time she spotted the blue blanket.

"What is this?" asked Tsunade curious

"Oh this?" asked Naruto looking at the blanket. He carefully took the blanket of the baby's face revealing her. Tsunade squealed in delight and took Yana in her hands playing with her. Naruto just sweat dropped at the sight.

"Hey baa-chan why did you call me here?"

The Hokage looked at him and blinked, she then remembered. "Oh yes, why didn't you come here yesterday with your team for debriefing?"

Naruto pointed at the baby. "I found her and her mother in a field yesterday, her mother died giving her to me, she begged me to protect her."

Tsunade looked at the baby who was studying her with her black eyes. "Protect her?" she asked not understanding

"Apparently Orochimaru wanted to create a ultimate weapon like Gaara was, so he sealed the 7-tailed wolf into the baby." Naruto paused to let Tsunade sink everything in. "She took her baby and ran away, her father died protecting the mother, and the mother was too injured to make it to the hospital so she begged me to protect her daughter and make sure she doesn't end up a weapon."

Tsunade blinked, she blinked again. The story was interesting. "So what do you intend to do?"

"You know how I lived here right?" asked Naruto and Tsunade nodded sadly "well I will take care of her but I will make sure she gets something I didn't get." Tsunade looked at the boy curiously "I will make sure she gets the kind of love I never got, I believe its called parental love."

Tsunade smiled at the boy and handed him the baby. She went to her desk and opened a drawer and took out a book and handed it to Naruto. "This book tells parents how to take care of babies." she said. Naruto grinned as he took the book and put it in one of his pockets. "Also sign these papers over here." he said handing him some papers

"What are these for?" he asked

"Well you can't take care of a baby if you don't adopt her, so from now one she will be Yana Uzumaki." explained Tsunade and Naruto nodded grinning.

"Thanks baa-chan!" yelled Naruto. Tsunade flinched at the name but let him go considering what he had on his hands now.

"Alright Naruto, then since everything is clear you may go, here is your money from yesterday." said Tsunade handing him a envelope with money inside. Naruto thanked her and left for home.

Before he went home he went to a nearby store and used Henge to change into a woman, she bought the baby diapers and milk and some powder. When he arrived home he fed the girl one last time and at 11 AM he left towards the training grounds via roof tops.

As he arrived he saw that the other two where there but Kakashi no, he expected that. He waved at his teammates

"Hey Sakura-chan! Hey Sasuke-teme."

Sasuke's response was an 'hmph' while Sakura told him to shut up. She then saw the baby in Naruto's arms.

"Hey Naruto what's with the baby?" she asked

"Yes now she will see how great I am by taking care of a baby." thought Naruto. "This is my adopted daughter." he said smiling

Sasuke just raised an eyebrow while Sakura walked up to Naruto and studied the girl. "I can't believe it." she said

"Finally she will acknowledge me." thought Naruto

"Why do you take care of her? You will only turn her into a idiot like you." she said taking the girl from his arms rather roughly.

Naruto stood there shocked not knowing how to react. "You can't handle a baby." she said again

"B-but, baa-chan gave me a book on how to take care of them…." he said

"Like you can even read, you aren't worthy to take care of her." she said

Unknown to Naruto he started to growl. Sasuke looked at him and raised another eyebrow. Sakura was now playing with Yana who was extending her arms to Naruto wanting back at him.

"Will you allow her to take away your kitten?"asked a female voice in Naruto's head (A/N: I made Kyuubi a girl)

Naruto just continued growling. "The lady wanted you to take care of her, and what she did know was steal your child." growled Kyuubi

"Take her back." commanded the fox. Naruto then took Yana from Sakura's hands, she started to yell at him but Naruto only turned his back and started walking away ignoring her babbling. This stunned the two teammates and the sensei who was in the trees studying his team.

Naruto then jumped in the trees and started heading home. Kakashi jumped down and looked at the retreating figure and wondered. He dismissed Sakura and Sasuke and started following Naruto.

When the blonde boy reached his home he was about to open the door when Kakashi appeared behind him.

"Yo!" he said smiling with a 'U' eye

"Hey Kakashi-sensei." responded Naruto

"You didn't tell me you had a child." responded Kakashi

"Oh, sorry I forgot…" said Naruto rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"Anyway what happened back there?" asked the Jounin

"I don't know, I guess it was instinct, you know the maternal type." Kakashi nodded buying it

"Alright, well nothing to do today so I suggest you rest you look tired." Naruto nodded and entered his house. He put the baby on the bed and he lay next to her falling asleep.