Hey everyone! It's Golden Vampire Eyes. I am going through this story along with many of my other stories and revising them. I realize how poorly executed they were and I wanted to clean them up. Things might change, but I hope you enjoy still.

It has been two months, three days, seventeen hours, and forty six minutes since he left me. I felt like a countdown on the wall leading up to a big event, except mine was the opposite. My event was the day that my heart was shattered. My screams had woken me up again. A layer of sweat coated my body as I thrashed to get out from underneath the sheets. Charlie would come in for the first few weeks, but it happened rarely now. I guess he was satisfied knowing that I was safe and not being murdered. I don't think it would matter if I was murdered at this point; look at this sad life. Why did he have to leave me? I thought everything was alright. What happened with Jasper was just another hurdle to get over, but he took the easy way out. What a coward. My sheets scratched against my body as the tears began rolling down my race. The saltiness burned my eyes. A hate was slowly starting to build inside of me for each tear that fell. How can you claim to love someone, yet leave them so easily? The sobs racked through my body and the faint sound of a storm could be heard. The weather was being satirical to my heartache. As a streak of lightning lit up the sky, a silhouette was at my window. Involuntarily, my heart started to speed up. The darkness swallowed the face of the mysterious person at my window, but I hoped it was him. The shadow was tall and bigger than I remembered him to be. It wouldn't matter if it wasn't him, just as long as I could feel something…anything. The person walked over to the bed and I was frozen in place. It felt like eternity that we stood still, before I moved over and I was being held again. The feeling of the frozen skin against me was like an addict taking their first dose of heroin again. It didn't feel like before. The grip this person had on me was stronger; possessive. It wasn't the innocent hold that I had experienced before. Maybe leaving changed him? Maybe it wasn't him at all, but it didn't even matter.

"Oh…" That's all my voice allowed out before the sobs took over. It was the first coherent word that I had said in a long time. The pain slithered into my heart like a snake and squeezed the violent sobs out of me. Cold lips pressed against the side of my face.

"It'll be okay, Bella." The honey velvet voice covered my emotions like a blanket. There was an accent and I was positive it wasn't him, but someone cared enough to come back. Maybe the depression was taking its final toll on and it really was him, and I was just delirious. At this point, I craved to be loved. My breath hitched in my throat as I reached to pull his face to mine. Our lips met and I felt a fire spread through my body. Soon, we were exploring each other. It was a slice of heaven right in the middle of hell. "I'm sorry for leaving, Bella. I never should have listened to them. What happened at the party was inexcusable, and I've come back to check, even if it was against their wishes. I love you." The hole in my chest was blanketed by the kind words. Love and lust came over me. We had gone back to exploring each other when I slurred out of my hallucinatory pleasure;

"Oh, Edward, I love you." Speaking his name aloud drove a fiery passion into me that I had never experienced before. The dominant Bella hiding inside of me unzipped his pants and the passion in the air controlled us. It was nothing like I had ever experienced before. My emotions and feelings raced so high that I doubted Jasper could change them. The morning hours took a path of ecstasy as we made love.

Nine Months Later

He left. He left again, but this time he left something behind; a baby. Yes, I'm pregnant with Edward Cullen's child. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think something so crazy could be possible. I had lied to Charlie to keep him from killing someone. He thinks I was raped and the rapist killed himself. It's a horrible lie, but it prevented his manhunt for the invincible. After his anger simmered, Charlie took care of my every need. He came with me to every doctor's appointment, birthing class, parenting class, and more. He cooked dinner, did laundry, and made the house baby proof. Charlie was excited to be a grandfather and he will never know how much it meant that he did so much for me. The hole in my heart was still very evident, but after finding out I was pregnant, I realized that I couldn't shut down. I had someone to take care of and even though the pain was real, I had to move forward. I started to eat healthily, talk, sleep, and function normally again. Going to school was a challenge, especially when people say such nasty things, but I still went. Angela and Ben proved to be true friends and didn't abandon me like Jessica because she didn't want to be seen with the pregnant girl.

The morning air was bitter and my body shivered involuntarily. My hands reached out for the headboard to help push myself up. There was only one more month left in my pregnancy and I was ready for it to be over; but yet, I wasn't. I felt like I'd miss being pregnant. I pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a comfortable long sleeve. The shirt was XXL to accommodate my stomach. I guess being pregnant with a vampire would do that. The entire experience was foreign to me. I pulled on shoes and prayed that they matched. The walk down the stairs was becoming more and more difficult, but I made it. Charlie was waiting at the kitchen table with breakfast.

"Morning Bella!" Charlie said with an enthusiastic smile. I grinned back at him as I stepped off the last stair. I gasped at the sharp pain and Charlie was by my side in an instant. "What's wrong?" His voice was panicked as I felt another sharp pain. I wasn't sure if they were contractions or false labor, but man was it painful. A burst of water shocked both Charlie and I.

"I think the baby's coming." I whispered, trying to keep my composure. Charlie reacted quickly, grabbing my hospital bag and helping me out to the cruiser. He turned on the lights and we got to the hospital quickly. Moments passed by in a blur and before I knew it, I was being wheeled off towards labor.

7 Hours Later

The labor was worse than I thought. I had never felt such a pain, and maybe it's because the father was a vampire. I never thought it'd be over, but at 2:26 p.m. on September 3rd, 2006, I had given birth. Dr. Carter came back into the room with the nurses. One had a blue bundle and the other had a pink bundle. My expression was bewildered as I looked at him. Charlie had the same expression.

"Congratulations Bella, you had twins; a healthy boy and girl. I'm assuming you didn't feel the both come out because of your epidural, but congrats, they are healthy." Charlie was crying and I think I was too. The nurses put the babies in each one of my arms. Love, adoration, pride, and protectiveness came over me like never before. Is this what Renee meant when she said wait till you have kids? I felt a silent gasp escape my lips as I truly looked at the babies. They didn't look like Edward at all; they resembled Jasper and I completely.