During game one shot Noishe's point of view piece of absolutely plotless fluff with hints of Colloyd.

Dedication: for Zelda Master/Arctic Husky because she likes Noishe too. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Symphonia.

Noishe sighed contentedly and lazily flicked his tail from side to side. It had been a long, hard day, walking such a distance he didn't even want to try to remember how far it had been, and so the chance to rest was very welcome.

The inn's stable was very comfortable and peaceful, the occasional noise from one of the horses in the other stalls drifting to his ears from time to time. Colette had walked around the stable saying hello to the creatures earlier. Now she was settled by his paws, gently washing them. The ground had been hot against his pads so the cool water on them felt wonderfully refreshing.

He gave a contented growl as Lloyd, who was sitting by his other side, stopped brushing his coat for a minute to scritch him behind his ear. Lloyd knew just the right spot to scritch. Colette giggled softly as she heard him growl.

"I think Noishe's happy tonight," she said, and Noishe didn't need to see her face to know that she was smiling, he could hear it in her voice.

He settled his head on his front paws and closed his eyes, enjoying the peace of the evening. When the group was settled around a campfire even when people talked quietly it still seemed noisy. It was nice once in a while to enjoy some quiet time. He suspected that Lloyd and Colette enjoyed the chance to be together without the others around for a while too.

The couple teamed up to scritch him in some of his favourite places to be scratched all at once and he began to thump his paw against the ground in delight. The movement caused a few stray pieces of straw to float up into the air. He liked the way stables often had some in them as bedding, it was such a comfortable material, so warm. This stable seemed to be run by a generous owner, his stall had a large amount of it in it.

Grinning as he had an idea Noishe moved round so that he could curl around his two friends then nudged Lloyd closer to Colette. The swordsman blushed slightly as he shyly put his arm around Colette. She smiled and sighed softly as she moved to rest her head on his shoulder, causing his blush to deepen slightly.

Noishe paused for a moment to watch them then, grinning playfully, he used his paws, nose and tail to move the straw around, making a comfortable nest and managing to cover his friends in a sprinkling of the stuff in the process.

Colette giggled and Lloyd protested half-heartedly, swiping at a piece of straw that had landed on his nose. Colette reached up and tenderly brushed away a bit that had landed in his hair, her hand stopping in midair as her eyes met his. Without looking away Lloyd moved to take her hand in his own then he wrapped his arm more tightly around her as she relaxed against him again.

Noishe knew that the couple would have to move in a short while, returning to the inn before any of the others began to worry about them, but just for now it was nice to stay like this, snuggled together warmly, enjoying each others company and the chance to calmly relax on a peaceful evening.