alvin and karin

One day Karin was walking along when she started to have a blood rush then suddenly she saw me Alvin and bit me then I started to scream it hurt a day later she did it again then the next day she did it again. After awhile I had become aq vampire I am now a vampire and I am want blood.i was walking along when i saw karimms house i went inside and saw karin then she siad hi who are you then i siad my name is alvin and you made me a vampire last night. then she siad oh i am so so sorry for that but i am atraccted to unhappieness and you were unhappy you cuased me to have a blodd rush and when i get a blood rush and i dont bite someone i get a huge nosebleed. then i siad that is okay i understand you see my brother simon was a vampire and my little brother theodore was a werewolf and they all were fine then karin siad there is no going back there is no head vampire anymore and you can,t return to narmal ever. then i siad i do not care then suddenly i felt a strange felling come over me i had the urge to bite someone i had what karinn called a blood rush she helped me by grabbing a botlle of blood and i dfrank i felt better. then after that she took me to see her mom and her dad. after that her brother ren and sister anju csme and siad hi ren siad that he moving out because he was now24 and he needed space then karins mom siad that i could stay with them because they did not want my famialy to seee me like this i said yes and left wow what a day then karin siad that she wants me to get up with her to see if i can go in the sun then i siad when simon was a vampire he could not go mintop the sun at nall then she siad wow i acn go into the sun and i like it a lot well goodnight alvin after that i went to bed it was hard to sleep beacuase i was hungry but ewhen karin brought me a rice cake it did not help then ren acme and brought some blood and it helped then he left.