Ichigo is a sexy doctor. Rukia is a hot nurse. Mostly in Rukia's POV. Enjoy everyone!

BTW a reviewer reminded me. Basically annual breast exams suck, a female nurse must be with the male doctor for the examination on the patient should you choose a male, and so on and so forth. This collection is based on people's roleplaying dreams and fantasies. No one really thinks about the negatives in the exam if they're focused on having sex with someone. So... just focus on the IchiRuki smut, people :)

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Okay, so today's not going very well. First I arrived late to work because some idiot with no sense of decision-making, just had to be in front of me on what could possibly be the worst traffic jam in history! I mean come on! How hard could it be to decide left or straight within three minutes? For goodness sake, the dumbass stayed there for twenty whole minutes deciding that he wanted to go straight!! Then, I had to sit through an hour long lecture from Dr. Ukitake, on the importance of getting here on time. After getting out of that, about fifteen kids screamed while I gave them their flu shots, ten about-ready-to-pop women were going berserk with their hormones, and over twenty men thought it'd be fun to feel me up in which I just sent them all to the ER. So just when I thought my day couldn't possibly get any worse...

"Rukia! Dr. Kurosaki's going to be the one giving us our annual breast exam!" cheered the ever so bright Orihime Inoue.

... it does...

"What?!" I screamed in disbelief. "What happened with Dr. Unohana giving us the exams?!"

"Well, the ER is overfilling with the perverted men, so she had to tend to them."

My eyes narrowed. I know I couldn't of possibly sent that many. "Why did it have to be him?" Don't get me wrong. Dr. Ichigo Kurosaki's a great doctor. I just can't stand the guy. He's extremely arrogant, always arguing with me, always has to be right, always so...so...GAHHHH! I can't even explain it! Now all I needed to hear is that he's going to be the one to tell me if something is or is not wrong with my feminine gifts!

"I'm very excited about my breast exam with him! He's so hot! Isn't he, Rukia?"

I stared at her with a dull expression. "No."

"Aww, come on, Rukia. I know you two don't get along very well, but you have to admit that he's the sexiest doctor here!" pouted the big breasted woman.

I rolled my eyes, "Not a chance..." Maybe just a little... I slapped my own head. Whoever asked it?


I just wanted to get this breast examination over with, but what happens? Fucking Kurosaki has me last on his exam list and I've been waiting here for at least three hours. It is friggin' ten at night and I want to go home, go to bed, and forget about my horrible day. But no. I'm here, in the waiting room, waiting for the bastard to finish up with Orihime, so that he could examine me next.

I hate today.

Just then, the door opened with a very depressed-looking Orihime. I gave her a questioning look.

"Is Dr. Kurosaki gay?"

I tried not to laugh, considering it might hurt a fragile looking Orihime. "It's possible. Why do you ask?"

"Because! Many guys have always come running for the slightest chance of feeling my large bosoms! He doesn't seem to be interested at all! Nor does he have that animalistic look in his eyes that every other male has in theirs when they see me! Is there something wrong with me?!" she wailed.

On the contrary, Orihime's condition wasn't really all that much of a shock. Though I constantly see girls surrounding him and I constantly tease him about many rumored affairs, he really doesn't seem to be interested in any woman.

"Nothings wrong with you."

Both Orihime and I jumped at the new voice that entered our conversation. Looking past Orihime, I see Ichigo Kurosaki leaning against the door with an indifferent expression.

Orihime began gaping like a fish, being caught and all. "D-Dr. Kuro-rosaki-

"Just because I'm not like all the other perverted animals you meet, doesn't mean I'm gay." He then turned his attention to me. "Rukia Kuchiki. Last patient of the day."

"And who's fault is that?" I muttered.

He raised an eyebrow at me. "Well I certainly hope you're not implying that it's my fault that your name comes last in the alphabet?"

I jumped to my feet in an instant. "What the hell kind of alphabet are you learning?! Rangiku Matsumoto's name is last and she was one of the first ones! You weren't even going in alphabetical order you jackass!!"

He rolled his eyes and began walking back into the examining room. "Temper temper, midget. Now hurry up and get in here. You're last."

Growling, I stomped passed Orihime and after him. Did I mention that I absolutely hate this man?


So the height, weight, and blood pressure check were simple enough. Insults were flying everywhere, but still simple nonetheless. Now comes the uncomfortable part.

"Alright Kuchiki, unbutton your uniform."

It took a moment before my hands slowly came up to my collar. I looked away as I pulled the top down to my waist and undid the clasp on my bra.

His hands immediately touched me and began searching for any unusual lumps. I didn't look at him once during the examining. Instead, I closed my eyes and tried not to think about the sensations that his hands were stirring in me.

After a few minutes, he pulled away to write on his clipboard. I took this opportunity to put my bra back on.

"Well Kuchiki, looks like you're physically healthy." He went over to the counter and finished jotting down the information on his clipboard. Turning around, he smirked, "Now mentally, I'd like to recommend a few psychiatrists."

I glared at him as I pulled up my top and re-buttoned it. "Gee, thanks. Nice to know that I come in for a breast exam to find out that I'm mentally unstable."

"I'm recommending Dr. Kurotsuchi. He never gives up until he finds the absolute problem with his patients." Kurosaki seems to be challenging me now.

"This is ridiculous. I've had the worst morning by far, I was groped countless times today, at least five kids bit me while I gave them their shots, I had to wait three hours for this exam, I am tired, and I have absolutely no intention of staying here any longer to argue with you."

I stormed to the door, only to find that it was locked. I turned to see him twirling the key around his index finger. "You locked the door?"

He tilted his head to the side with an innocent expression. "Yeah."

A vein popped on my forehead. "Why?"

He shrugged. "Would you want the janitor to come barging in to see you topless?"


"Well, there you go."

I sighed. "Do you mind unlocking the door then?"

"What's the magic word?" he drawled.

I'm going to kill this man. "Please." I muttered.

Satisfied, he glided towards me and the door. I turned my back to him as I waited for the unlocking so that I may return to the comfort of my own apartment and bed.

Soon, I smelled the heavenly, masculine scent that was undoubtedly less than three inches behind me. I saw his hand and the key slowly move towards the slot. Why does everything seem to be going in slow motion?

Then I suddenly felt hot air, breathing into my ear and the scent just got even stronger. "Yes, I do mind."

Before I even realized it, he turned me around and slammed my back against the door, boxing me in. My eyes widened in horror.

The key had dropped to the floor with a loud clank echoing the room. It was dead silent as his intense amber orbs burned a hole into my own violet ones. I wanted to look away, but I can't. They're so... hypnotic.

After a few minutes, he spoke in a soft voice, "Do you know why..." His gaze flickered to my lips before coming back to my eyes. "...I don't look at other women?"

I gulped. This was really beginning to take its toll on me. His scent was intoxicating. His voice sounded so sexy and the facial expression he was giving me... was to die for. I swallowed and slowly shook my head.

He smirked. I felt his hand cupping the side of my face as he lowered himself closer. "It's because I find only one woman truly interesting." His thumb began stroking my cheek as our foreheads touched. "Would you like to take a guess... on who it might be?"

Holy crap, this isn't happening. Ichigo Kurosaki is not boxing me in between the door and his sexy body. Ichigo Kurosaki is not touching my face in a gentle way nor is Ichigo Kurosaki's face really less than an inch away from my own. Ichigo Kurosaki is not implying anything. Ichigo Kurosaki is just messing with me. He's just teasing me to get me angry.

I felt his hand apply more pressure to my dazed and confused face. He's trying to get me to answer. I put my small hands against his chest, in an attempt to push him away. Man! This guy really works out! Such a rock hard chest... I wonder if he has a six-

Hold it! Stop it Rukia! Push him away NOW!

I did. And guess what?

That body isn't just for show. The hand on my cheek moved to the back of my head and that's when I felt myself being pulled in to close the gap.

His lips were soft but forceful. I tried pushing against his chest again, but this time he just grabbed my hands and effortlessly threw them over my head.

I let out a sound of protest which led him to push more of himself against me. Slowly but surely, I'm melting. I begin kissing him back.

I can feel the smirk on his face, but somehow it feels different. It seems much less a smirk... and more of a... a smile? A genuine smile from Dr. Ichigo Kurosaki himself?

As our lips slowly danced, he let his left hand hold both of mine while his right began gently massaging my neck. It felt so nice. His tongue is asking entrance now. Maybe I'll let him in... just for a minute.

The kiss is getting deeper as he's eagerly exploring every inch of my mouth. His massaging hand found its way onto my breast and thus I couldn't help but to moan a little. This seemed to please him as he let go of my hands and lifted me up, hooking my legs around his waist without breaking the kiss. In this position, I can feel that I'm sitting on something hard. I gasped as he quickly turned us around and walked us over to the Gynecological examination table. We broke the kiss as he set me down on it.

I'm in such a daze right now. My mind is spinning. I needed more, but he's not doing anything. His hands are idle on my thighs. I swallowed hard before peeking up at his face.

His amber eyes were half-lidded but were staring back at my own. The eyes are a window into one's soul. I can see nearly everything in those soft chocolate pools. Admiration, want, lust... it was all as clear as day. The ones that seem to take my attention the most though, were loyalty... passion... an insatiable need... dare I even say... maybe... love?

No. I'm reading him wrong.

Crap. He saw the doubt in my eyes. Shit. There's that scowl.

His hands came up to smash our faces together for a fierce tongue war. This kiss was trying to get a message through to me. It was telling me that... he's serious. That there is a strong emotion for me in him. He's asking if I will return that emotion. He pulled me away and gazed into my glazed-over eyes. He's waiting for my answer.

His thumbs are wiping something off my face. It's very wet. Am I... am I crying?

He came in to kiss my tears away. I think... that I might... feel the same for Dr. Kurosaki.

His kisses began trailing down my neck as he was relieving me of my uniform. Goosebumps traveled up my body at the sudden chilliness. His kisses were slowly taking them away though. He pulled away again and because I was so caught up, I tried following to where the heat was.

I looked up at his handsome face to see a look of doubt. "I don't want to force you to accept my feelings, you know." His voice was so gentle and comforting. His hand wandered back to my face and I rubbed my cheek into his palm.

"You're not forcing me to accept anything." The moment these words left my mouth, I felt his passionate kiss again.

I think something in him just snapped, because now he's being quite aggressive. My bra was gone in less than a second! He bent down to devour my nipple, making me squeal. I felt his smirk as he growled playfully, "Good." I was squirming so much at every nip from him. It was maddening. He was kneading one while making out with the other, then vise versa. I can feel his eyes watching me as I tilt my head back in pleasure. I already lost count of how many times I moaned. I wonder if he's feeling any excitement from my small package.

My head came back up as I felt him reaching for a kiss. Both his hands squeezed my breasts as he whispered, "They're perfect." Hm... either I'm an open book or this guy's psychic.

He let out a small chuckle. Crap! He did it again!

I gave him a pout. He smiled and leaned in to kiss my sticking-out, bottom lip. "So cute." This of course, caused me to blush madly.

I felt him playing with the hem of my panties. His gaze didn't leave mine as he pulled them down. I immediately closed my legs tightly as a reflex in embarrassment. He pried them apart easily though, then kissed me. "Don't you dare hide your beauty from me." He was looking at me with a loving expression. Crap, I'm like a waterfall down there. He placed my feet into the stirrups, making me completely expose myself to him.

I jumped a bit when I felt his calloused finger rubbing me in my most sensitive area. It was gliding up and down the slot. Soon enough, it was in. I gasped at the sensation as he continued to observe me. He seems delighted in my reactions and so he plunged another finger in. They were pumping into me, stretching me, preparing me for what's to come. I was panting about as much as a dog in heat by now.

I see him bending down a bit and gave one sensually, long lick to my nub. A convulsion began and I saw nothing but white.

I sat up after that little piece of heaven and began ripping his lab coat off, along with his shirt. Just as I suspected. He does have a six-pack. I think maybe even eight. Running my hands along these lumps, his muscular hands began massaging my thighs and his mouth came to whisper sweet nothings into my ear.

My hands reached his belt buckle and soon enough that was gone. He was so slim at the waist that his pants were practically falling off on their own. All I needed to do was give them a slight push down as well as his boxers.

There in all its glory, stood the proud lil' Ichi, which let me tell you... was anything but little. I glanced up at his smug expression and back down again.

He let out a light laugh as he pushed me back against the table. As he rubbed his cock along my entrance, he leaned into me and kissed me some more. A serious face was on as he pulled away. "There's no turning back after this point..."

I gave him a reassuring smile and whispered, "I know."

Good grief, he was enormous. I couldn't help but to scream upon his entry. He was sucking on my breasts again as he pumped himself in and out of my tight hole. The feeling was incredible! I kept on gasping, panting, and moaning. As his thrusts got harder, I began to get louder and they were slowly starting to turn into screams.


"Rukia..." He kissed me and kept his mouth over my own. "That's right... come on... say it..." He was panting as well. This feeling was so overwhelming.

"Ichi-chi-GOOO!!" He was going even faster and harder now. I repeated his name over and over again like my life depended on it. My nails were unconsciously clawing his back. The table feels like it might break at any time now.

"I'm going to come..." Ichigo said into my neck.

I reached down to hold his hip in place. I'm having my second orgasm for the night which is causing his own and I want every bit of it. The groan he let out due to his release was definitely the sexiest thing I've ever heard in my entire life.

He then collapsed on me with a sigh and I began playing with his hair. After about ten minutes of recovering from the greatest sex of our lives, he lifted himself up to gaze down at me with mischievousness in his eyes. I lifted an eyebrow. "What?"

He came down to kiss me before replying, "You do know that I'm going to be sending twice as many men to the ER now, right?"

I was confused. "Twice as many?"

He smirked. "Of course. You didn't think the ER was overfilled because you kicked a few asses, do you? The ones that leered at you from far away, which were quite a lot but I only took about half, met with unpleasant... accidents."

My eyes widened. "You didn't..."

His smirk grew wider. "I came up with a count of about twenty-eight men this morning and then ten this afternoon."

I slapped him playfully on the shoulder. "You're utterly crazy."

He came down. "You're worth every bit of it."

I smiled as we kissed which led to more heavenly... activities.


The old janitor was standing outside of the room, sleeping against his mop.

When it threatened to fall over, he jerked awake and let out a yawn.

He looked at his watch. It's 4:00am. He looked at the locked door. They were still at it.

The poor janitor let out a sigh. It must be nice to be Dr. Ichigo Kurosaki. To be able to have the hottest nurse in the hospital as his one true love. He had seen it since the day Miss Kuchiki joined the staff. It was just an instant connection that neither of them seemed to realize until just now.

The janitor let out another sigh. All of that arguing was nothing more than pent up sexual tension. Ah, to be young again.

It's interesting with what a person could come up with while sitting in anatomy class. Until next time, thanks for reading and please review!