Three weeks... better than the usual! And... I lied. I said it would take me a long while to update this one again due to my other story, but I had to while it was still fresh in my mind! It is also, by far, my longest one-shot yet!

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**First idea pitched by both happygirl24 and IchiRuki most loving fan!!: Ichigo is a rock star and Rukia's a groupie/fan.

**Second idea pitched by Coke N Bleach: Ichigo gets jealous when Rukia goes to the prom with Kaien and well... snickers.

Two completely different requests and yet so made the wheels turn in me. I have to admit, I racked my brain so much to find a way to originalize it rather than keep it to a cliched manga. I used two songs for this story.

1. Light Up The Sky by Yellowcard

2. Awake by Secondhand Serenade

A suggestion would be to look up the songs when you read those parts. I did myself and found them to be quite effective. It definitely made me visualize better, but it's just my opinion =)

There is also a reference to Rohypnol, which is a "date rape drug". It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless when dissolved in a cup of liquid. It causes the consumer to feel drunk, have trouble speaking or moving, dizziness, disorientation, memory loss, sudden hot and cold flashes, and drowsiness. It takes approximately thirty minutes for it to take full affect.

Don't worry though, NO ONE gets raped!!

Hope it pleases everyone and thank you so much for all of your support! You're awesome!!

Disclaimer: We all know as well as I don't own the songs.

"Vizards! Vizards! Vizards!" chanted the excited fans of Karakura Stadium.

"Yeah, man!!!!!! We're finally here!!" Keigo yelled as he threw his hands up in the air to join the fans' cheers.

Tatsuki crossed her arms and glanced over to Orihime. "I still don't understand why Uryuu couldn't get us front row seats instead of—"

"Third row seats?" remarked an annoyed Renji. That's all they've been hearing since they left. "Can't you just be happy that you're here? They're just as good!"

"But not as good as first and I wasn't even talking to you, you big buffoon!!"

"Buffoon?! Listen here, twerp. If it wasn't for this buffoon, Uryuu wouldn't have even entered the contest and won! You know what that means?! We would've had the last row of the farthest balcony!!"

The tomboy clenched her fists and threw a punch, but was caught by another masculine hand.

Kaien gave her a smile and pushed Renji's face away. "Third row is perfect and there's no need to embarrass the rest of your friends." She noticed her friends' flushed faces when the people around them were staring, further emphasizing his statement. "We're here to enjoy ourselves and support Ishida."

"Yeah, Tatsuki!" squealed Orihime as she began jumping up and down with the crowd. "It is a Vizards concert after all!! These tickets have been sold out for months! If Uryuu didn't win, we wouldn't be here!"

Tatsuki sighed and gave into the excitement.

So basic summary? They were all there to see The Vizards, currently Japan's hottest band for their third year straight. Renji Abarai entered Uryuu Ishida in a "Classical Jam" contest in which the latter won by playing his violin so excellently. The prize was a chance to play a song alongside the band in their upcoming concert. Free tickets were given to him to invite whomever he wanted. In conclusion, that is how Renji, Tatsuki, Orihime, Keigo, Kaien, and Rukia, all found themselves in the third row of the most packed stadium in Japan.

"Vizards! Vizards! Vizards!"

Kaien looked down at the small girl next to him and smirked. "Can you see, shorty?"

"Tch..." she scoffed. "I'm not that short and I can see just fine thank you very much."

"Aww..." he teased as he ruffled her soft black hair. "Don't be mad, though you're unbelievably cute when you are..."

Rukia slapped his hand aside. "Shut up!" Her blush was quite noticeable.

At that moment, an explosion erupted on stage, making the crowd scream murder.

The smoke slowly disappeared and there stood four masked musicians.

The first masked figure was obviously a girl dressed in a red camisole and skinny jeans as well as red Converses. Her blonde hair was tied up into pigtails and when she lifted her mask to the top left of her head, she held a smirk with a long fang peeking out from the left side of her lip. She spun her drumsticks like a ninja and readied herself to her set. Her name was Hiyori Sarugaki, the band's only girl member and drummer.

The second figure lifted his mask to reveal a sick, droopy-eyed grin. He had a short blond bob-cut and wore a black button-up dress shirt, jeans, and a loosened tie. The only member with a sense of humor, Shinji Hirako, the band's bassist.

The next tall and heavily muscular figure slid his mask to the side, exposing the second most attractive face in the band. He had short silver hair as well as golden eyes. Piercings clung to his eyebrow and along his left ear. A black and white jersey covered his chest, while dark blue cargo pants were tucked into his black combat boots. Black fingerless gloves adorned his large hands, marking him as the mature Kensei Muguruma, the band's lead guitarist.

The last, but certainly not least, member of the band made his way up to the microphone with his guitar in hand. He wore a dark red dress shirt, which was completely unbuttoned to reveal the black beater that he had underneath. His sleeves were rolled up midway and his jeans hung loosely around his slim waist. A silver chain dangled from the side of his pants and a black and red Rolex watch rested on his left wrist. Under the mask, held the face of the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the band. His spiky orange hair made way as he lifted his red striped mask, which started...

"KYA!!!!! IT'S ICHIGO KUROSAKI!!!!!!!!!"

A cocky smirk spread across his face as he lifted his pick into the air and brought it down to begin their introduction.

Needless to say... fangirls went ballistic...

The concert was nearing its end and the fans were running wild.

Rukia watched as her friends hastily jumped to their toes to reach for Ichigo and Kensei as they neared the stage. She stood her ground as the people behind her tred to climb over their seats and on top of them to do the same. The young Kuchiki had no choice but to pummel a couple of the fools.

Kaien stopped cheering to give her some attention. "Hey, what's wrong, Kuchiki? Why aren't you screaming your head off?"

She glared at him. "I don't see why everyone's making such a huge fuss over this one band. There are tons that are better."

A loud gasp came from her right and she was immediately brought face to face with a startled Orihime Inoue.

"Rukia, never say that again! How can you not see it?!" Her eyes were completely taken over by hearts. "This band has Ichigo Kurosaki! A musical prodigy at the age of nine! His voice is what brought The Vizards to the top when he joined at the age of fifteen!! Now three years later, he's still leading them to stardom!! Not to mention he's incredibly hot!! I mean just look at him!!"

To prove her point, she painfully yanked Rukia's face to Ichigo's general direction, making her watch as he passionately played his guitar.

Rukia raised an eyebrow to her friend. "Hotness should have nothing to do with a band's success. Besides, he looks just like Kaien if you just get pass the orange hair and brown eyes—"

"Amber eyes, Rukia!!!" she cried in horror. "Never mistaken them for ugly poop color!!"

Kaien snickered and wrapped his arm around Rukia's shoulder. "Little Rukia, you think I'm hot?"

She punched him in the gut. "Not on your life..."

He chuckled and bent down next to her ear to whisper, "Well, I think you're hot..."

"Pig..." she mumbled as a blush spread across her cheeks.

The crowd cheered at the end of the song.

That was when Ichigo raised his right hand to signal for them to calm down.

"Alright, alright! Its been fun, but we all know that it has to end at some point. So now, we're gonna wrap this up with a new song that will be released in our next album! Here to help us, is the winner of the 'Classical Jam' contest!! Now please give it up for, Uryuu Ishida!!" He then allowed his arm to sweep towards Uryuu's entrance, causing the fans to screech in excitement.

His friends chose that moment to cheer exceptionally loud with personal messages of their own. Rukia even smiled and joined in to support her lucky friend.

He grinned and waved to his group.

Ichigo smirked and turned back towards the crowd. "Let's blow this place up..."

His magical fingers began working the few solo chords before leading the rest of the band in with his voice.

You're making a choice to live like this,
And all of the noise,
I am silence.
We already know how it ends tonight,
You run in the dark through a firefight.
And I would explode just to save your life,
Yeah I would explode.

Uryuu strongly enters with his violin and Kensei jumped at his powerful lead, causing the fans to go wild.

Let me light up the sky,
Light it up for you.
Let me tell you why,
I would die for you.
Let me light up the sky.

Kaien swings one arm around Rukia, while the other one waves in the air. Rukia rolled her eyes and continued to watch as the many morons try to jump up on stage to grab the singer's feet. When she looked up, their eyes met for a split second, sending chills down her spine.

I can't find a wall to pin this to,
They're all coming down since I've found you.

Ichigo caught a small shiver, but shook it off as he sang the chorus with his bandmates.

I just wanna be where you are tonight.
I run in the dark looking for some light,
And how will we know if we just don't try,
We won't ever know.

Let me light up the sky,
Light it up for you.
Let me tell you why,
I would die for you.

Let me light up the sky,
Light it up for you.
Let me make this mine,
I'll ignite for you.

Ichigo let his gaze lazily wonder the ocean of fans, until the cause of his chill stopped him again. Amber eyes met a pair of violet ones and decided to stay locked on them this time.

Orihime let out a loud shriek and clung onto Rukia. "He's staring at me! He's staring at me, Rukia!"

The raven-haired girl looked at her friend and back to him. She shook at the goosebumps forming on her arms.

"Getting cold, eh?" asked her worried upperclassman.

"I'm fine..." she said as she looked at the floor. That was strange... it felt like he was looking right through me... She looked up again, only to meet his eyes directly.

Let me light up the sky,
Just for you tonight.
Let me help you fly,
Cause you won't have time.
To cover your eyes or,
Get your disguise,
They won't ask you why,
They'll just watch you die.

Kensei and Shinji made the next line even more powerful with their backup as well as Hiyori playing to her heart's content.

And it's still so hard to be who you are,
So you play this part,
And the show goes on.
But you've come this far with a broken heart,
Yeah you've come this far,
And you're broken.

Ichigo found himself mesmerized by the unusual colored orbs and took his voice down a notch as he strummed his guitar.

He was staring intently, unintentionally making his lyrics more personal.

Let me light up the sky,
Light it up for you.
Let me tell you why,
I would die for you.

His bandmates softened their voices for the echoes. Hiyori's drums slowly beats in and the song gradually gets louder.

Let me light up the sky (Let me light up the sky)
Light it up for you (Light it up for you)
Let me make this mine (Let me make this mine)
I'll ignite for you (I'll ignite for you)

As Hiyori strongly clashes the symbols, fireworks immediately shoot over the stadium. Kensei jumps off the speakers and land right on the edge of the stage, allowing fangirls to reach for his boots. A smirk appeared on Ichigo's face as he closed his eyes and swung his guitar to the left; his voice epically taking over once more.

Let me light up the sky,
Light it up for you.
Let me tell you why,
I would die for you.

Shinji dances over to Hiyori and they share a grin as the fireworks get brighter.

And it's still so hard to be who you are,
But you've come this far with a broken heart.
And it's still so hard to be who you are,
But you've come this far and you're broken...

Light up the sky,

Ichigo opened his eyes and automatically caught those enchanting purple ones as he sang his last line and played his last chord. His motivation never seemed stronger than it did right at that moment.

Let me light up the sky...

Orihime hugged Rukia and screeched into her neck, "It's like he just sang that song for me! Oh my God! It's fate!!"

Her words reached deaf ears as the small girl lost herself in a pair of piercing, chocolate cyclones.

Shinji raised his arm towards Uryuu as he took a bow and accepted the applause. Kensei shot his arms in the air as if showing victory and Hiyori even jumped on her own drum set to try to raise the volume of their cheers.

Ichigo blinked once more at the raven-haired girl and gave a light smirk as he closed the show. "Thank you for all of your support and we hope everyone enjoys the rest of the night!!"

The fireworks faded after one last flower hit the sky.

Rukia winced when she felt the sun hit her face. She cracked an eye open to see a digital clock blink seven o'clock over and over again. It was definitely morning and her head had never ached so much before in her entire life. What happened...?

She began to surf through her memories for the answer.


"Uryuu! You are friggin' awesome!! You even got us into the after party!! You are so my new best friend!" cried an already drunk Keigo.

It was true though. The private after party was held at the Seireitei Hotel, up in The Vizards' penthouse. Only a few close friends of the band, backstage V.I.P. members, and hot fans that the bandmates themselves approved of, were allowed in. For doing a fantastic job while performing with them, the band allowed Uryuu and his friends to join in the partying.

Kaien stumbled over to Rukia, who was sitting on the couch, and gave her a plastic cup filled with soda. "It took me awhile to get a hold of something non-alcoholic for you." he grinned.

"Thanks." She looked into the cup to find it seemingly harmless and took a sip.

He watched her and took down the rest of his cup in one gulp. Getting to his feet, he told her he'd be back.

She saw him sway away into the crowd and continued to drink her beverage. After a few more sips, she looked at the crowd of dancing people.

Before she realized it, everything went fuzzy and when she tried to get up, the room started to spin. She could still hear voices, but they definitely didn't sound like anyone she knew.

"Hey look, she's pretty hot, huh?"

"Yeah, I think she might have gotten a hold of one of the Rohypnol cups. She totally looks about ready to collapse!"

"Good! She can fall right onto my waiting rod!"

"What the hell are you guys doing?" asked a somewhat familiar voice.

End of Flashback

A cell rung from somewhere down below; the ringtone sounded like hers.

When she blindly went to reach for it though, she found herself restrained by a masculine arm. She paused, then moved her body once more to feel it rub against her bare stomach. Her eyes quickly shot open and took in her surroundings.

The room that she was in was big. It looked like an apartment room with two doors. One she assumed the bathroom and the other was the way out. The walls were pure white, with things such as paintings and mirrors hanging around. She looked down at the blue carpeted floor to find her clothes scattered along with a man's torn attire.

Her face went red when she realized that the man's boxers were laying right next to her skirt that held her still ringing cellphone. Her eyes glanced at the arm that she appeared to be resting her cheek on. There was a black and red Rolex watch snugged to his wrist. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She slowly turned her gaze over her shoulder and her eyes went as big as plates.

Bright orange hair and a handsome sleeping face met her blush.

Her mind went crazy. Oh no! I-I... last night I... I can't even r-remember... no... no... She could feel the tears coming. I was s-still a virgin... and... an—to him of all people!

Her lids clenched together tightly. "What am I going to do..." she whispered.

The man next to her stirred a bit and tightened his hold on her.

She stilled to make sure he was back asleep and made an attempt to get out of bed. The cold air met her flesh when she pushed the white sheets off of her. Her body shook at the contact and she slowly brought herself to a sitting position.

Next was to remove his arm. She tried to lift it off by his wrist, but his fingers gripped themselves to her skin.

Her face scrunched as she tried it again, only to have it suction itself to her stomach.

In less than a second she was pushed back down on the arm and a growl greeted her ear. "And just where are you wiggling off to, so early in the morning?"

Rukia was extremely startled and could feel her heart begging to be released from its caged prison.

Unwillingly, she glanced to her right to find a couple of agitated amber ones glaring back. His scowl was so intense that she had to look away, but he wasn't going to have any of that.

His fingers danced across her stomach to her hip and twisted her on her side to be face to face with him. "Well...?"

Before he knew it, her eyes went from scared to angry and she began pushing against his chest.

"You asshole! I can't believe you would take advantage of a poor, innocent girl! Let go of me! I'm gonna call the police and press charges against you and have you thrown in jail and... and... I'll tell the press and—"

A hand slapped itself over her mouth and her eyes widened in horror.

He raised an orange eyebrow and asked in an annoyed voice, "You don't remember anything, do you?"

Her eyes glared as she tried to speak behind his large hand. "Wahs... wher... ta ramumbah? Ou ramhped ma!!" (What's there to remember? You raped me!)

Though hard to understand, he made it out after mimicking it a couple of times. "I did not rape you."

She nodded.

He sighed and let go of her mouth. "Are you sore?"

Rukia blinked and glanced warily at him. "What...?"

"Are. You. Sore?" he repeated slowly.

"M-My head hurts..."

"That's not the question. Does your body hurt? Does it even feel like we had sex?"

She automatically blushed at the question. "How am I suppose to know?! I was still a virgin and remember jack shit!"

Ichigo blinked and then smirked. "Virgin, you say?"

The dark-haired girl smacked his chest. "Like you didn't already fucking know, you damn bastard."

"Watch it, midget," he said as he grabbed her hand, "I saved you and if anything, I should press charges against you for attempted rape."

"Liar!" she screamed.

He smirked and raised the sheets, barely covering his lower region, but exposing the rest of the bed. "Do you see any signs of your virgin blood?"

She searched the bed and his statement was true. The bed was as pure as the walls. There wasn't a trace of blood anywhere.

His irritated voice spoke as she continued to scan the room for any evidence that she might have lost it elsewhere. "Let's recap, shall we?"


Ichigo finally got away from the sixth crazy chick that night and was just about ready to turn in until he saw a group of guys surround the couch.

Honestly, it looked too suspicious and very familiar for an after party. He decided to check it out.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" he asked.

The men gave him lecherous grins. Obviously, they were more than buzzed.

"This cutie here, got herself a hold of some Rohypnol and it's starting to take over." He stroked her cheek with his beer-covered hand as she sat there blinking rapidly.

Within a couple of seconds, there was a large pile of men in the center of the dance floor.

Ichigo clapped his hands together to get rid of their filth and looked at the girl they were trying to assault. His face took on a look of surprise to find that it was the same girl that kept him captivated during the last song of the concert.

He looked around the ruckus and back at her pitiful state. She vainly tried to focus her sight, but simply couldn't.

The rock star sighed and bent down to pull her arm around his shoulder and helped her up. "Don't worry, you're safe now."

She stiffened at his hold, but relaxed at his voice.

He lifted her off of her feet and walked over to his room in the penthouse.

Wasn't he surprised to find a tattooed red-head and a tomboyish girl making out there. Not only that, but they were dangerously close to his bed.

"OUT!!" he shouted as he pointed towards the door, allowing Rukia's short legs to dangle.

They made a couple of grumbles and quickly left as Ichigo slammed the door behind them. He also locked the door to prevent anymore weirdos from entering his room.

At that point, the girl hanging onto him started moaning in agony. "It's hot..."

Ichigo looked down and saw that she was yanking at her shirt. He quickly grabbed her hand and said, "Whoa... you don't wanna do that..."

She made a face and he could clearly see the sweat dripping off her face. "... hot..."

Ichigo walked her over to the bed and laid her down. "I'll get you some water."

When he turned though, he was stopped by a small hand. The orange-haired man quickly turned to see her glazed orbs staring at him. "Hot..."

"I know," he rolled his eyes. "That's why I'm going to get you wa—"

She forcefully pulled him down on the bed and climbed on top of him.

He found himself blushing when her knee brushed up against his manhood. "What the hell do yo... wait! You shouldn'tmphh—"

Rukia pressed her lips to his and began working his mouth open.

The man under her was trying his best to keep in control. She got drugged... she didn't know what she was doing... he shouldn't take advantage... but that was all hard since...

He was a MAN for crying out loud!

Ichigo grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up, making her cry in displeasure.

Her chest was trying to collect some much needed air and her body was completely soaked in sweat. Worried, he placed a hand to her forehead, feeling the heat.

"God, you're burning up..."

She closed her eyes and rubbed her head against his palm. "... cold..."

He tilted his head to the side. Curiously, he slid his hand from her forehead to her cheek. Since it earned him a soft sigh, he then moved it down her warm neck and stopped between her collarbones.

Her clothes started to absorb all of her sweat, making her rather uncomfortable. To resolve the problem, she sat back on him and pulled her shirt off, tossing it to the ground.

The rock star gulped as she leaned back on him to take her skirt off, giving him the perfect view of her covered womanhood. She then kicked off her shoes and pulled her socks away, all the while moving dangerously close to his little friend.

Just as she was about to unclasp her bra, Ichigo's hand shot out to stop her. "Hold it! Bad idea!" Shouldn't she have trouble moving if she drank Rohypnol?!

Rukia helplessly looked at him. "Hot..."

How the hell am I suppose to say "no" to that?! His mind reeled. "I-I know you're burning up, b-but—"

"... burn... up..." she whined and broke the clasp, spilling her breasts to his view.

His face must be burning up too. He never took interest to girls with enormous racks, but hers were ridiculously perfect! They weren't too big, nor too small!!

Ichigo shot his head back and chanted, "Don't look, don't look!" over and over again. It was too much though, when she started rubbing her breasts against him.

He couldn't deny that it felt heavenly, but broke through his reverie when he felt her ripping off his shirt and yanking his beater off. "Hey!"

The desperation on her face was heavily turning Ichigo on. She must be boiling at this point.

Before he could say anything else, she completely pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. They couldn't go down any further due to his shoes.

He just laid there and watched her every move. Understanding it, was something he had given up on. Most of the time, he never hesitated to throw a girl off of him, especially one that was sex-crazed even when drunk. This one girl though... he just couldn't push away. It was like when they were at the concert. He just couldn't look away once he found her.

Rukia then winced and pressed her whole body to his.

He could feel all of the heat radiating off of her, even though his room was well air conditioned. His cool hand raised itself to run down her back, making her sigh.

Moving his head at an angle, he saw her beautiful face switch from extreme discomfort to content. Her eyes slowly began to shut and in no time, she was completely knocked out.

Ichigo leaned his head back and sighed. He tried to get up, but she held tight, not wanting to lose the coolness his body allowed.

"You've got to be kidding me..." he mumbled.

He looked down again to see pieces of hair covering her doll-like face. Pulling the strands behind her ear, he whispered, "You're going to be really shocked in the morning."

Finding it helpless, he kicked his shoes, pants, and boxers to the side and grabbed the sheet up with his foot.

Rolling her onto his arm on their side, he covered her with the white sheet and fell asleep with her clinging to him.

Not that even he knew, but a content smile played against his lips as well.

End of Flashback

"So basically... you washed down a drugged cup, ripped off your own clothes AND mine, and refused to let me go for the rest of the night..." Ichigo concluded.

She was left gaping like a fish and pulled the covers up to see that, true to his story, she still had her panties on.

Her cellphone chose that moment to ring again and he smirked as he watched her clumsily reach down to get it.

Sitting with her back to him, holding the sheet to her chest, she answered. "H-Hello?"

"Kuchiki! Where are you?!" came the panicked voice of one Kaien Shiba. "After they kicked us out last night, I couldn't find you!! I called your house and the butler told me you weren't there! Are you okay?! Are you crazy to leave that place without me?!"

Rukia held the phone away from her ear, but could clearly hear his rant. She glanced at Ichigo who was staring at the screaming device in her hand. He then redirected his gaze to her.

She blushed and timidly answered, "I-I'm at my c-cousin's house."


"Y-Yeah... I felt like leaving early and my cousin lives right down the road..."

A hand gently gripped her wrist to get her attention.

She turned towards the sexy man laying in bed next to her. He had his elbow propped up and his jaw was resting in his palm. His face was intense as he mouthed, "Boyfriend?"

Rukia scrunched her face and shook her head, mouthing back, "Friend."

"Any boyfriend?" he asked tilting his head down.

She blushed and shook her head.

He smirked and relaxed his hand, allowing it to wrap around her stomach and pull her against his chest.

She suppressed a yelp and glared down at him from her sitting position.

"Oh that's good. So anyway, I think we have enough people to do the limo. It'll be me, you, Orihime, Uryuu, Tatsuki, Renji, Keigo, and... well if he can find a date, she'll be in too."

Rukia's face lit up and she returned to the phone. "Great! I still haven't decided on my dress yet though..."

Ichigo's face fell and he slowly got up to sit behind her.

He could hear Kaien's laughter. "I know you'll look stunning in whatever you pick. I'm just the luckiest guy on Earth to be having the beautiful Rukia Kuchiki as my prom date."

She blushed, but then felt a chill as a breath was by her ear.

"Let's not forget the bad case of blue balls that you left me with too..."

She shivered as he began to kiss her neck. "What are you spewing about?!" she hissed.

"Well it's the truth, Rukia!" Kaien exclaimed. "You're amazingly gorgeous!"

Turning to the phone, she realized Kaien mistook exactly who it was directed to. "Ah!"

Ichigo placed a kiss on the edge of her jaw and growled into her skin.

"What was that?" questioned her companion.

"Um... my cousin's dog... he's in bed with me right now..."

She could feel his slight snicker as he continued to munch away on her neck. His fingers played at the sheets covering her. Rukia held fast and tried to push him away, but to no avail.

"Wow, he sounds angry..."

"No," she grunted, "Just stubborn... ouch!" He bit her.

Kaien laughed. "Maybe he's hungry."

Rukia turned her head and glared at his mischievous face as she rubbed her wounded neck. "Yeah... hungry..." she mumbled.

Ichigo took the chance and pulled the covers away from her body, causing her to gasp and kneel to get off the bed.

Little did she know, he was always up for a challenge.

He grabbed her, forcing her to brace herself on all fours. Kaien had said something, so she brought her phone back to her ear. "W-What was that?"

"Did he bite you again?"

"N-No... he just... jumped me..."

She couldn't even turn her head to look at him since his face was buried in the junction of her neck and shoulder. His right hand was busy kneading her breast while his left was playing with the elastic of her panties. She had to restrain a moan at the sensations he was evoking.

"Just flick him on the nose. I heard that most dogs know that they're doing something bad when you flick them on the nose. They also know that it means they have to stop."

Rukia knew it was stupid, but she did it anyway. It just got her finger caught in his mouth instead. His gaze looked mockingly at her as she was slowly losing her common sense from his light sucking.

Another growl escaped from him as he watched her pretty mouth open to aid her in breathing.

"Uh oh. Sounds like that didn't work."

She couldn't answer him, since Ichigo took that moment to pull her head back and crush his lips to hers. A whimper fought against his mouth, but that didn't stop him. He was on a mission to finish what they started last night.

"Rukia? Are you okay?" came a worried Kaien.

Ichigo ripped his mouth from hers and huskily whispered against her temple, "Say 'goodbye, Kaien'."

She just stared at his jawline and he smirked, kissing her again.

Her grip on the phone slipped, but he caught it and brought it back up to her ear. "Say 'goodbye', Rukia." Her name brought a sweet taste to his tongue.

If he didn't know any better, he'd say she was drugged all over again. She quietly said as she was told, "Goodbye, Ru—"

Ichigo flipped the phone shut and chuckled. "You are Rukia. Not him... but I'll admit..." He craned his neck back to her and tossed her cell to the floor. "... that was cute..."

Rukia felt his tongue slip into her mouth and she accepted it. They fought fiercely as Ichigo continued to caress her body.

She began to rub her butt against something that she was quite foreign to. Feeling his grin, she brought her hand to feel him.

He let go of her lips and slid his down to her shoulder. The soft, yet curious touches that came from that small hand was driving him insane. His hand massaged her mound roughly, eliciting a gasp from her.

Rukia was panting hard at this point and let her head fall back when she felt his hand slide against her cloth-covered slit. She knew he could feel it. How wet she was.

She panicked when he grabbed the back of her panties and let them fall to her knees. He then spread her legs in able to easily pet her. Her juices were undoubtedly slipping down her inner thighs and needless to say, she was embarrassed. His fingers made a path in her in no time.

Just when her arms were about to give out on her, Ichigo lifted her to her side, pulling her panties off completely.

She braced herself on her left arm as he wrapped his left around her torso. From hearing stories, she recognized this as spooning position. His right arm made itself into a hook and drew her right leg into the air.

Wasting no time, he pressed his rock hard erection to her unbelievably wet entrance.

Ichigo kissed her cheek and whispered against her ear. "Ready? Rukia?"

What the hell are you doing?! You don't know this guy and you're about to have sex with him!! UNPROTECTED SEX with him!! Are you crazy?!

Her conscience had a point.


She can regret it later.

Ichigo slammed his cock right up her pussy in one thrust, releasing a dreadful scream from his virgin lover.

"Oh my God! Take it out... pull it out!" she cried.

Though it did bring an ache in his chest, he stayed still as his hands gently caressed her skin, trying their best to soothe the pain.

"Please pull it out..." she softly whimpered, but he just silenced her with a kiss and slowly rocked his hips against her.

She let out a sharp gasp and whined against his lips, but he'd be patient. He'd have to, since she felt so ridiculously good.

Rukia pulled away and turned her head forward, closing and opening her eyes. She looked down to see their bodies join together and saw a small stream of her blood drip onto the sheets. I definitely lost it now...

Ichigo was forcing his body to stay calm, but that was proving to be quite difficult. The angle he was in was nice, but he wanted more than that.

Lifting himself up, he twisted Rukia on her back and placed her right leg over his left shoulder. She squeaked in surprise, but found their new position a little more comfortable.

They were panting in unison as Ichigo steadily slid in and out of her. Once in a while, he'd bend forward to give her a kiss to either her lips, cheeks, forehead, or nose. The sexy sounds that were passing through her lips were driving him wild.

Leaning forward he grunted, "So... fucking... tight...". He then lifted her other leg onto his right shoulder and slammed himself against her, making her scream.

Her hands scrambled to find something to hold onto. What they found, were his thighs. She then aided him in their dance, gasping, "M-More... bi-big..."

That boosted his ego and with a smirk, he lifted her ass off the bed and pounded her with the power of an earthquake.

Rukia's mouth opened in a silent scream and then her eyes went wide. "S-Something..."

"Coming?" he heaved. "... me too..."

The next second, Rukia was seeing pure white. She could feel her insides convulse around him and they were milking him dry. Leaning forward until he was an inch away from her face, he invitingly stuck his tongue out. She automatically raised her head to lightly suck on it as they reached nirvana together. He shot a warm liquid up her canal and she could feel it get squeezed out as he continued to pump.

Finishing up, Ichigo let out a long moan and allowed himself to drop on top of her. Afraid that he was crushing her though, he flipped to his side and watched her attempt to calm her racing heart.

He was willing to bet, that his was running just as wild.

An awkward silence passed between them until Ichigo had the courage to speak first. "So... do you like that guy...?"

Rukia blinked at the ceiling, then turned her head to face him. "Who? Kaien?"

His eyes were directed past her, but he gave a slight nod.

She smirked. "Why? Already in love with me after one round?"

His eyes flashed to hers with a blush. "No way! Who would like a midget like you?!"

"You took my virginity..." she said nonchalantly and pointed to her blood as emphasis.

He scoffed and looked away. "Tch... that was punishment for the blue balls last night..."

"... really?"

"Duh... I'm a major rock star. I can play with any girl I want." he said as he turned his back to her.

She winced, but kept strong. No way in hell, would she admit that a one night stand could hurt her. Wishful thinking you idiot... he's famous... why would he want anymore to do with you...?

Rukia's thoughts turned bitter and she shot up, ignoring the pain in her nether regions.

He felt her get off the bed and heard her rummaging. Curious, he looked over his shoulder to see her dressing herself. He sighed and turned again.

Resting his head on a propped elbow, he asked, "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like?" she asked as she looked for her shoes, "I'm leaving."

Ichigo watched as she found one pair and scanned the room for the other. "Why?"

She stopped and gave him a look of disbelief. "You just wanted to fuck, right?" His eye twitched at that insensitive word. "Well you got that and now I get to go."

His eyes softened. Did it really come out like that?

When her hand touched the knob, he whispered, "You don't have to..."

It stopped her heart, but she wasn't going to be fooled. She ignored him and turned the knob only to be greeted by a group of musicians.

Shinji's hand was in the air, prepared to knock, while Kensei had his hands in his pocket and a piece of toast in his mouth. Hiyori's form was bent and her hand was by her ear, almost as if she was trying to listen. Needless to say, they were all shocked when she swung the door open.

Shinji gave a shy smile and opened his palm for a wave. "Mornin'!"

A scream echoed throughout Japan.

Three Months Later

Rukia stepped out of the limo with her date, her purple princess gown trailing behind her.

Kaien, who had on a simple tux on, looked down at his date and grinned. "You look gorgeous."

She blushed, whispered a "Thanks", and pulled him towards the hall.

The doors opened and they stared in amazement. Cherry blossoms were the theme and they were decorated beautifully. Things from fake trees to a blossom fountain, graced the room and the dance floor was large enough for a hundred elephants. The lights were dimmed, but there was enough to make everyone glimmer.

"I'll go get us some drinks." he said as he patted her back.

She nodded and made her way near the dance floor, but was stopped by a large hand.

Turning around she tilted her head. "That was quick."

Kaien smirked and shrugged his shoulders. "I wanted to dance with you instead." Holding out his hand, he waited for her answer.

She eyed his hand skeptically and looked into his eyes. Something was different, but she allowed him to take her onto the dance floor since she still felt comfortable.

He playfully twirled her around, listening to her adorable laughter, until they were in the center. The song was slow, so she leaned her head against his chest as he held her tightly to him.

Rukia looked up into his smirking face, though she noticed something slightly off. Either he shrunk... or I grew... She hopped it was the latter.

The song softly came to an end, allowing Rukia to speak.

"Kaien... yo—"

Well, she couldn't say much since he leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to her glossed lips. A spark ran through their bodies and she moaned at the sensation.

She could hear her fellow schoolmates clap and cheer for the host announcing on stage, but she didn't care. The somewhat familiar kiss kept her busy.

That is... until she heard...

"And now ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for our surprise musical guests.... THE VIZARDS!!!!!!!"

Her eyes shot open as the crowd roared in undying excitement.

Just then, the spot light was on her and Kaien, nearly throwing her into an early grave. Everyone gasped and stepped away from the couple, forming a circle around them instead.

He took on a smug look and reached into his pocket to pull out a wireless headset. Placing it around his head, he signaled the band to play, and took Rukia in a slow sway.

Utterly confused, she turned her head towards the stage, only to see three out of the four Vizards. Even more nervous, she glanced at her date.

He was slightly shorter, his muscles seemed a little smaller, his eyelashes were a little shorter, he seemed a LOT cuter, and...

With every appearance by you, blinding my eyes,

His singing made her knees weak...

I can hardly remember the last time I felt like I do.
You're an angel disguised.

The instruments that the Vizards were playing were different from their norm. Kensei, instead of an electric guitar, held an acoustic. Shinji, instead of his bass, played the piano while Hiyori turned the sheets for him.

And you're lying real still,
but your heart beat is fast just like mine.
And the movie's long over,
that's three that have passed, one more's fine.

Even though she already knew, she had to see with her own eyes. Reaching up, she tore the black wig off of the man's head and was met with a mess of spiky orange hair.

One hand left her waist to pop out the blue contacts that were blocking her view from his strong, amber eyes. His hand then reached for hers and twirled her around as the chorus came in.

Will you stay awake for me?
I don't wanna miss anything.
I don't wanna miss anything.
I will share the air I breathe,
I'll give you my heart on a string,
I just don't wanna miss anything.

Ichigo allowed a genuine smile to take over his features as he lightly raised her chin and confessed his true feelings in his next verse.

I'm trying real hard not to shake. I'm biting my tongue,
but I'm feeling alive and with every breathe that I take,
I feel like I've won. You're my key to survival.

And if it's a hero you want,
I can save you. Just stay here.
Your whispers are priceless.
Your breathe, it is dear. So please stay near.

Orihime, as well as every other girl in the room, stared on in extreme envy. Some were biting through their handkerchiefs while others stuffed their faces with food.

Renji, would admit that he was shocked, but rooted for his best friend nonetheless. He also had the support of Uryuu and... well Keigo and many others cried, but they'll get over it... eventually...

Will you stay awake for me?
I don't wanna miss anything.
I don't wanna miss anything.
I will share the air I breathe,
I'll give you my heart on a string,
I just don't wanna miss anything.

Kensei came on strong with Ichigo as Shinji played with all his might.

Say my name. I just want to hear you.
Say my name. So I know it's true.
You're changing me. You're changing me.
You showed me how to live.
So just say. So just say,

Shinji and Kensei softened with Ichigo, which then led to a rising bridge.

That you'll stay awake for me.
I don't wanna miss anything.
I don't wanna miss anything.

The orange-haired rock star twirled his date yet again and led her all around their dance floor.

I will share the air I breathe,
I'll give you my heart on a string,

Cherry blossoms slowly fell from the ceiling as everyone marveled in awe and the song came to an end.

I just don't wanna miss anything...

As Ichigo sang his last line, he pulled Rukia into a tight embrace, resting their foreheads together as he did.

The audience clapped at the beautiful performance. Even though some were envious, they still praised their lovestruck star.

The Vizards even cheered for the interesting new couple.


He immediately dove in to give her a passionate kiss.

Pulling away, he stated softly, "That was the first time I heard my name pass through those lips..."

She blushed and muttered, "What about before...?"

He shrugged. "I didn't mean to sound harsh, but truth be told, I never slept with someone I just met the night before." Moving the stray bang away from the middle of her face, he gave her a playful smirk. "I felt something different for you, pipsqueak."

Rukia kicked his shin for the name, causing him to fall forward on her from pain. "Jackass..." She blinked for a couple of seconds before realizing something important. "Wait a minute... I came here with Kaien!" Eying him, she warily asked, "What... did you do?"

Ichigo stood up and scratched his head. "Well..."

"After you guys screwed, he went obsessive, and hired a crew to spy on your lover boy!" Shinji happily answered from behind Ichigo.

Kensei then came out from the other side of Ichigo's shoulder and added, "Then he made sure that our band would play for your prom..."

"And then!" Hiyori blabbed as she popped from the top of Ichigo's head, "Everyone saw the resemblance, so he bought the wig and the contacts and switched places when lover boy went for the drinks, leaving lover—"

"That's enough!" Ichigo yelled as he slapped his hand over her mouth. "Who asked you guys?!"

Shinji feigned hurt. "Your girlfriend. You sure as hell wasn't going to tell her how crazy you are abo—"

All three Vizards found themselves outside, banging on the front doors in less than four seconds.

Rukia stared at his scowling face. "Is that true?"

He glanced in the opposite direction, a tint crawling on his face. "... maybe..."

She couldn't help it. Her giggle slipped as well as the words that came out of her mouth. "Love at first fuck?"

That did it.

Ichigo grabbed her by the chin and made her look into his eyes. He seemed outraged. "Listen here." She had to admit, she was a little scared. "I never want to hear that I 'fucked' you again..."

He planted a soft kiss on her lips. "I made love to you..."

Her anxiousness went away as a bright smile bloomed on her face.

It quickly turned deadly. "Well next time you 'make love' to me, you better wear a fucking condom..."

He raised an eyebrow as she pushed him away and turned her back, ready to leave.

"My period was late by two days and I was about ready to die! I wasted so much money on those damn home pregnancy tests!! Do you have any idea how much trouble I would've been in if it came out positive?!"

Ichigo sighed, but felt a smile play at his mouth. He took a couple of large steps in order to fall next to her and bent down to silence her angry rant.

Their eyes locked at the kiss. Hers were furious while his were mischievous.

It was fate that they met...

It is destiny that will keep them together...

Somewhere, deep within the depths of the building... there was a janitor's closet...

"And inside that closet?" you may ask.

"Let me out you crazy Vizard!!" yelled a teal-eyed man in a tux.

He can punch, kick, and scream all we wanted... but the door was nailed shut...

It was Kaien Shiba's destiny to lose against Ichigo Kurosaki...

It is Kaien's fate...

to be released by the janitor, when he returns from vacation in two days...

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