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Annabeth's POV

So there we were. Standing in the rain as heavy raindrops and thick fog surrounded us. We stood together till our hearts slowed.

Thoughts were jumping in the back of my mind. But in the front- I felt calm. Just being in Percy's arms gave me this feeling… of safety and happiness. As I thought about everything, tears escaped. You could say tears of happiness… but I called them my tears of disbelief.

I gathered all my thoughts and swallowed my tears. And I let go of Percy and looked at him. As soon as I separated just one inch away from him. A cold breeze ran over my chest, I felt like I reentered the real cold world.

My grey eyes moving quickly, looking at every inch of his face- his eyes moving at the same pace.

For a moment we just stood there again…looking at each other. Till at a certain moment… our minds settled everything in. And we ...smiled.

I looked back at the thick fog that had now turned thin, and my house came into view. So I led Percy home.

I quietly opened the heavy door as it made a 'creaking' sound. Bobby and Mathew were still asleep upstairs. We entered the house which had a calm warm air to it.

We were still soaking, and Percy realized that to. Because he grabbed me and I slowly melted into his hug. I felt all the cold water slowly leaving me. And we were left completely dry.

A thought struck me…

"Percy, how did you get here?" I backed away and looked at him.

"I needed to see you"

"I know- me too. That's why I was broken on the street… before you caught me"

I grabbed his hand and led him to the couch. And forced him to tell me all the details, of how he got here. So he did. He told me about Paul. I had heard about him before, but I never saw him. Percy explained how Paul had brought him here, and I felt extremely grateful to him.

I knew that if Percy hadn't had gotten here. I would be broken- and miserable. I quickly let that thought go.

Percy and I talked for a long time. We filled each other in on our lives (not that our letters hadn't- but we talked about everything again). We laughed together and smiled. Percy looked at one of his letters that was sitting on the coffee table. I blushed because it was obvious to see that my tears had fallen on it. We talked for a long time about our letters. Our conversation kept getting deeper and deeper...

"Percy, you're not here forever…" My heart sank "Will you have to leave?"

I watched Percy's face drop and go through the same emotion as me.

"I don't know. Paul could be coming soon. "Percy said with obvious hurt.

These thoughts made my heart faster. I thought about my normal life…. Going to school, faking a smile, fighting stupid monsters without Percy, dealing with my parents…. I felt like a huge cloud settled over my heart. I bit back tears…. I felt like crying- and letting everything out. But I never could.

Subconsciously I stood up and turned away from Percy. The last thing I wanted to do is show my stupid tears. I tried to fix myself and hold back everything. But I felt horrible. When Percy would leave I would be back under the weight of the world. And every time Percy hugged me, it made me feel like he took the weight off me.

Thoughts circled around me. When I felt Percy's comforting arms rap around me. I bit my lip- holding back any tears. I couldn't cry…. Not now. I closed my eyes…I wanted to make Percy happy and smile… I didn't want to cry.

"Annabeth…" his voice was suddenly like a wave of relief surfing through my body. "You don't have to smile for me"

My eyes shot open. Suddenly I remembered that since I was a kid I wanted to hear those seven simple words. My parents never said them- so I left them. At camp- no one said them, so I stayed there miserably. Luke never said them… but I had this hope that he would… so I went closer to him, but he never said them. Chiron who was like a father to me- never said them.

And now I heard them. Those words… ' you don't have to smile for me' , I felt a huge brick drop on my heart. That brick that was hanging there from a string… had finally dropped. I felt Percy hold me tighter. And I cried.

I didn't know where my tears were coming from. But just with everything that was going on- I just broke. I thought about all those times I held back my tears as a child. So now I let my tears out. I thought about Percy leaving soon, and more tears escaped.

Percy stroked my head and held me tight.

I could feel that huge brick on my heart slowly vanishing as I cried. I wanted to keep letting my tears free, but somewhere I also wanted to stop.

I tried many times- to remember how long Percy had held me as I cried… but I couldn't.

I sobbed miserably... freeing my tears...

With time I slowly stopped. Silence echoed through the house.

And I felt… new. I felt amazing- I felt like a normal person should feel. I cried everything out- and nothing was left- but relief…

I didn't know where I would be without Percy.

I felt my last tear slowly making its way down my face- when I heard an unknown voice…

"Percy…..?" The voice echoed and our heads immediately turned. I saw a decent man standing by the door. I don't know why- but I realized that he was probably Paul.

Percy and I realized that we were still standing in a tight hug and tears were falling off my face. We uncomfortably separated. And I wiped off my tears.

I noticed that Percy's shirt was wet in the middle; where my tears had soaked him. Paul seemed to notice it for a second too and somewhat smiled.

But Paul quickly realized where he was…. "uhhh- I'm sorry. I called for you….and I knocked. Did you hear me? …well anyway- I mean the front door was open and this was the address you gave me... so….sorry about barging in like this." Paul quickly threw out at us, apologizing.

Percy was quiet- I had a feeling he was thinking about how he would get teased by Paul later on, and he was sort of turning red.

"Its okay" I spoke up. Paul looked at me.

"ummmm- this is Annabeth" I heard Percy say. Paul didn't take his eyes off me. He nodded thoughtfully- still studying me. And then he quickly change into a smile.

"Hi!" he shook my hand "I've heard a lot about you"

I felt good at the thought of Percy talking about me. I glanced at Percy- as he looked away awkwardly. I smiled.

Paul sat down as the three of us talked for a while. Paul was a really nice guy.

"Oh I almost forgot…" Paul said as he took out a bag from his coat and handed it to me. "Percy's mother asked me to give this to you- I don't know what's inside, but she said- 'that it will help u guys stay in touch'…" Paul explained. Percy was just as unaware of it as me.

I opened the bag and it glowed. Inside were a bunch of gold drachma's. My mouth slightly fell open. This was seriously really valuable. I looked at Percy- as he slowly understood what was in the bag.

My face changed into a huge smile- I knew that this was so that Percy and I could iris message.

Paul looked really confused. "Wow- I don't know what to say. I mean- Paul please tell her I said thank you" I said looking at him with gratefulness.

Paul smiled and promised he would.

We talked more... laughed, smiled... these were my treasuring moments with Percy...

I was looking at Percy when ,I watched Percy's face slowly fall. I studied him, as Paul's eyes followed mine to see what I was looking at.

Percy looked up and realized that we were staring at him. His face still sad...

"Paul do we have to go soon?" my heart sank- Paul looked sympathetic… "Yeah- I'm afraid we do… it's a long drive home…."

My eyes met with Percy's and they locked.

Paul sat quietly till we finally snapped out of our trance and turned to Paul. Paul looked at his watch… probably calculating something in his mind.

"Yeah-- I think, it's about time we leave, Percy."

My heart was picking up. Paul stood up as me and Percy regretfully stood up after him.


We followed Paul out the door. He shook Annabeth's hand one last time, and told her it was nice meeting her. Then he turned to me. "Percy, I'll be in the car" he nodded very meaningfully- as if telling me I had time to say bye.

I watched as Paul walked off the porch into the car. I turned to Annabeth- she was looking at me sadly.

"Hey- It's okay" I tried to comfort her.

The fog had cleared up- and the rain was showing its last drops. I had a feeling that Paul could see us- and I was praying to the gods, hoping he wouldn't be able to hear us. But the chances of that weren't too high…. I let the thought slip. And I turned to Annabeth .

"Hey Annabeth, don't worry. We can still see each other, when we iris message." I said full of hope.

"You're right seaweed brain" She smiled. "But Percy- promise me you'll be alright. Don't get into trouble and be careful"

I looked at her for a long time. "I'll be fine- Annabeth; you have to promise me that you'll be careful too. Don't let monsters find you"

"Alright" she promised.

"Percy I'm going to miss you way too much…." Annabeth spoke up- I saw a trace of sadness return to her face.

"Wise girl- trust me, everything will be alright" I don't know why I was so sure- but I just had a feeling that this was the beginning.

"I trust you" she said in a weak voice. I stared at her for a while- till finally a smile returned to her face. Seeing her smile made my heart light up again.

"Seaweed brain- stay alive till we get to camp next summer"

I thought about being at camp with Annabeth next summer. I couldn't help but grin.

I thought about how thngs would be different at camp now. And I kept realizing that we would never have gotten here if it weren't for our letters. I found myself thinking about how we had gotten this far through our letters. Each word we wrote unraveled new meanings and just those words had brought us here, so we could stand face to face.

I glanced at Paul so was waiting for me.

"Percy, iris message me as soon as you get home" Annabeth told me.

I promised her I would.

"And Percy…" she stepped forward and ran her fingers through my hair. "Remember how much I ..." Annabeth stopped messing with my hair for a minute... Remember how much I love you" she whispered.

Our eyes met and I don't know what happened… but our lips were together. I felt like the world around me was spinning, and revolving only around us. I felt like i was revived and splashed with calm, cold water. I don't know how long we kissed but after separating we were panting.

Subconsciously our eyes glanced at paul- who was pretending to look away... but he was smirking. We quickly turned back to each other... still trying to keep our breath under control.

"I do too" I mouthed in a whisper.

Annabeth stepped forward and hugged me. So I held her. It seemed like only 5 seconds to me… but I was very aware that 10 good, long minutes had passed…. And we were still standing together.

"Percy…" Paul called out. I was very aware that all together we had been standing on the porch together for over 30 minutes.

Annabeth regretfully loosened her grip on me. And looked at my face. Her eyes were watery- but she wore a true smile… I couldn't help but smile back.

"Stay safe, seaweed brain"

"You too wise girl"

We hugged again for a good 2 minutes. Then let go. I stepped back and took Annabeth's hand.

"Bye…" I said quietly.

I watched Annabeth very carefully. Tears came forward in her eyes but easily backed away…

"Bye... Take care" she smiled. And we slowly let our hands slip out of each others.

As I walked back to the car, I felt different… I felt happy... I felt complete…


I watched Percy walk to the car. He looked back at me and we shared one last smile before he sat down.

After a while the car started and very slowly drove away. I watched till it disappeared down the road into the mysterious fog.

I stood there for a while- taking in everything that had just happened.

I turned around and walked into my house. Warm air greeted me- but I already missed Percy's warm arms. I walked to my two half brothers- who were sleeping calmly. I thought about how they would wake up and have no idea how much my life had changed, while they slept for those three hours.

I walked to my room- where all of Percy's letters lay. I looked at each one carefully. And I remembered how I felt while reading each one.

The way I felt now… was so amazing. I felt so different… I felt nothing but happy…. I was sad that percy had to leave, but suddenly my sadness was replaced with hope… I ran my fingers across the letters- looking at those simple words lye on the paper. I thought about how everything that had happen through our letters.

And I smiled- I felt like this was just the beginning…..

The End


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