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CHAPTER ONE: 'Coming home…'

Naruto Uzamaki had been gone for 3 years now. Jiraiya had taken it upon himself to further train the blond haired idiot after the Sasuke incident. Naruto, discovering that he still wasn't strong enough to bring the boy back was forced into that decision.

It wasn't something they wanted to deal with, there, at the village.

But, now, they awaited their knuckled headed ninja. A messenger hawk from Suna had alerted Konoha of his and the legendary Sanin's return. Today would be the day. Yes. Today, they would all see that lovable blond again… Of course, no-one ever said he'd still be the same.

Training…Hah. If only that was all it had been, then he wouldn't be…

Jiraiya eyed the blond haired young man next to him curiously.

"Naruto," he started. The boy looked at him before anything else could be said, silencing him easily with a cold, icy, stare.

Naruto had grown at least three more inches and grew his hair out enough to resemble his father's. His obnoxious orange jumpsuit, long forgotten. It was too noticeable. Recognizable. And, he knew better now. With his old attire lost somewhere in the garbage, he now sported a simple tight fitting black muscle shirt, and black baggy pants, with the normal black ninja sandals you see them all wearing. The only thing that was still the same was the cursed necklace Tsunade had given him. It all contrasted well with his eyes, hair, and figure. More of the villages Kunoichi had another boy to fantasize over, and, at one time in his life, he would've loved the thought. But, not anymore.

"I'm fine." His voice came out smoothly and edged, dangerously.

Jiraiya made no motion to speak further. He could tell his former student was already pushing himself to simply walk through the gate without hightailing it right back to Suna, where he'd feel safer. Unknown to Konoha, Naruto had spent most of his time away, in Suna's territories. Still… Given the circumstances, Jiraiya had to give the young man credit, and he did nothing to hide the small smile that formed on his tight mouth. 'Naruto, you've grown up so much…I'm sorry.'

As the guards gave them no trouble, as they walked through the streets of the home they avoided for so long, and as they made their way to Hokage tower, there wasn't a soul that missed them or the small raven haired child, silently hanging onto Naruto's pant leg, cerulean eyes sparkling with cautious and hopeful optimism.

Tsunade watched the Naruto in front of her, not one bit of her believing for an instant that this young man was him. The boy before her was much older. Nothing about him seemed the same. Even his eyes were different. Cold, distant eyes that lost there light of innocence long ago. It pained her to see this.

His face lost any sign of baby fat, and not even the slightest hint of a smile lingered there.

He looked so much like a dark version of his father that Tsunade almost mistook him for that famous Hokage.

Naruto waited for her to speak. To stop examining him like he was her next lottery ticket, then one that was sure to win, too, judging by how intense the gaze was. His face giving away nothing, he sighed inwardly, knowing full well what she was thinking. 'He's changed. Something's wrong. Did something terrible happen?'

All were innocent questions. But, all still proved to be needles probing the painful secret truth that was the information as to what happened. The answers to those questions.

Naruto straightened up in his chair. He'd have to deal with this without Jiraiya's help. His Sensei was outside the door; undoubtedly very anxious as he waited for the reaction they'd get out of Tsunade once Naruto's story was told.

In the male blonde's eyes, this really wasn't so much of a big deal anymore. Though, somehow, he got the feeling she wouldn't see it as such.

"Baa-chan," Naruto said slowly, a small smile creeping up on his face, knowing the nickname bothered her greatly. "I've missed you."

"You sure took your time in returning for missing me so much, brat." Her fingers drummed the wood of the desk. Her intense gaze not faltering at her old name like Naruto had hoped. Pity.

He sighed outwardly this time. It didn't take him long before he was handing her Jiraiya's reports. She scanned them over briskly, not interested in their contents like she should have been. Mutely, she wondered how the third and forth Hokage managed their time when it came to paper work… then again… neither of those two had gambling or drinking addictions that anyone knew of.

"What's happened to you, Naruto?"

Why beat around the bush?

Naruto straightened up a little, eyes narrowing only a fraction as he did so.

One name formed on his lips. Said with controlled hatred well disguised pain.

"Itachi Uchiha."

Tsunade tensed.

Had Itachi done something? Had he attacked Naruto or attacked someone else and Naruto failed to protect him or her?

"What about Itachi Uchiha?" she pressed, voice not hiding any anger or worry. Said man, was nowhere in the reports and that's what was upsetting her aside from the fact that he had something to do with Naruto's current condition.

Naruto shifted his weight, but only slightly. Just getting comfortable. This was going to be an… uncomfortable situation to talk about so casually.

Flash Back

Naruto smiled up at the autumn sky, loving the breeze flowing through the air.

Jiraiya was out 'researching' again and so Naruto had the day to himself. It was going to be a good day he was sure, and it was. Nothing too bad happened. Maybe a few punks tried to tease a dog and he felt compelled to come to its rescue only for it to turn around and bite him before running off.

The day carried on…

It wasn't until Naruto was getting ready for bed did he feel unsettled.

The air around him stopped moving. Clouds rolling overhead blocked off the moon's light. No stars were viable. A cold shiver went up Naruto's spine and he found himself thinking of Sasuke…

Despair took him then. He didn't even notice the red eyes swirling with something akin to madness.

"How much did my foolish little brother mean to you?" Naruto's breath hitched.

He knew that voice.

"Itachi.." He spun around, getting on his feet only to get knocked right off and onto his back. He gasped at the impact and hands caught his throat, cutting off his air supply. He clawed the hand hopelessly.

"Indeed." Came the emotionless and distant reply.

End of Flash Back

Naruto took in a deep breath. Let it out like an annoyed sigh and proceeded to say, " I was then subject to rape."

Tsunade was shocked. She wanted to cry. She wanted to yell. No words describe so I won't attempt to.

"As it turns out, Kyuubi was in heat around the same time and I later found out he's asexual… I was impregnated for three months."

Her first thought when he said that last part was 'Impossible.' Followed by, 'Three months…so he killed it.'

"Don't jump the gun, Granny." Naruto said before she could say anything. Her face said it all, however. "I'm not so cruel to hurt an innocent child for something he didn't do. It was only three months because of Kyuubi."

Like, Keep up.

"Where is he then?"

Naruto jabbed his thumb over his shoulder, pointing at the door. "He's outside with Jiraiya, waiting." He played with a small smile on his lips. But it quickly faded at her next words.

"He's a demon's child." She sounded awed by this.

He scowled outwardly towards her. Hating those words.

Her own face became hard as she looked at him. "You'll have to hand him over."

"Like Hell, Old Bat!" He stood as she did. Both glaring the brains out of each other until she spoke again. He was really starting to hate her voice.

"Naruto, I know you feel like he's your child, but, from what you've told me, he's Itachi's and Kyuubi's. Not yours."

"Are you kidding me?! I'm the one that went into labor!"

"Sorry you're the Kyuubi's vessel!"

"He's mine! I'm the one that raised him! And Kyuubi is now a part of me! You should let me finish the damned story before you make stupid assumptions! My baby would have died it the Kyuubi and myself had stayed separate beings!"

Her eyes widened at this.

"The Kyuubi and I are now one and the same."

Jiraiya entered five minutes after he felt Naruto's aura subside. Small raven in hand, looking at them all curiously.

Tsunade felt her heart drop at the sight of the child, himself. A beautiful pale skinned, dark haired boy with violet eyes, as innocent as the next three year old. His face innocent but passive and calm. Perfect.

Silence filled the room and all eyes were on the child.

Nothing else could be said.

There was nothing to say…

Sounds from the world outside seemed muted, even as the rain began to pound down on the glass.

His legs marched him forward. His black eyes focused on the ground in front of him as he trudged onward. A path of blood behind him and the massacre he was leaving. He had done it. It was time to go home. It was time to keep the promise he made almost seven years ago to this day.

He stumbled. He wouldn't be able to make it today, but soon…

Soon, he'd see his Naruto once again and then they could pick up where they left off the night before The Valley Of The End.

He smiled softly at the thought then cringed at the wounds he carried. His vision blurred and he used his sword as a crutch. The last thing he saw was his hand wrapped loosely around with the red strings of fate tugging him towards who he forged this bond with, before he hit the ground, unconscious.

End Chapter One…

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