Chapter 16: 'On the Same Side'

It didn't take long for the two young men to become inseparable. They had more in common than just their goals, even some things they didn't even know about each other.

Even so, Kyuubi hung around Setsuna as what Setsuna had improvised as his 'personal body guard'; recently recruited of course, and unable- or just not allowed- to remove the mask he wore when in the presence of anyone but Setsuna, and this was so no real suspicion rose. Real in the sense that wearing a mask was more than occasional…so no-one really cared. The Hokage brushed it off even after Setsuna's sudden need to keep his body guard upon seeing her… Kyuubi had found the woman to be annoying far too quickly for Setsuna's ideals.

There was occasional bickering between the two, but other than that everything went by smoothly.

"How long will this take?" Kyuubi muttered one evening.

Setsuna put down his book, looking over at his long lost companion in annoyance. "As long as it needs to, Kyu. I need them to actually make me Hokage, you know? Before I can actually do anything!"

Kyuubi growled. "Can't we just kill everyone and get it over with!?"

Setsuna moved faster than even Kyuubi could block. His moth was being covered now as his standing position was now that of one who was lying down.

'Don't be fool enough to say things like that out loud.' Setsuna snapped.

Kyuubi sneered awkwardly under Setsuna's grip.

'Let go of my mouth-Now!' Kyuubi growled again.

Setsuna listened but glared harder at the demon as he did so.

"Look, I'm sorry. You're my only ally in this. I shouldn't be so crude." Setsuna said quietly.

Kyuubi sat up and snickered. "Whatever."

"They didn't treat you any better where ever you came from, huh?" Setsuna asked looking over his shoulder at him.

Kyuubi shook his head.

"They could've done better." He answered bitterly, looking down at his claws. "Much better."

"So who were your parents?" Setsuna asked, making sure his mind didn't wander farther than the question.

"I… never knew either of them." Kyuubi answered, honestly. "I don't know who they are or were."

"Maybe you killed them."

Kyuubi's eyes shot a cold glare at the boy beside him. "I'm beginning to wonder I'm not killing you at this moment."

Setsuna smirked. "Well my parents…one's dead and the other's in hiding with my uncle." The smirk didn't leave. "And they both raised me to be a killing machine. My mother wanted me to have a peaceful life, but it was my mother that was the demon. Isn't that strange?"

Kyuubi didn't answer. No need to.

They were both alone in this world but in very different ways.

But at least…they were alone together.

"Kyuubi," Setsuna started up again after the fox had turned away. He still hadn't looked back though. "We need to trust each other."

He knew that.

"So let's show some trust." Setsuna continued, grabbing a hold of Kyuubi's hand. "The blood in our veins…we could share it."

((Funny if they only knew right?))

Kyuubi scrunched his nose. "I'm not doing any sort of blood ritual."

"Then how about a mating one?"

Kyuubi froze. "What?"

"We're both demons here, so it'd be okay wouldn't it. I want your complete faith in me, Kyu. So, I'll put mine in yours."

"You could die!"

"And, I'm willing to take that risk so long as I can trust that you won't let that happen."

"I don't want to lose you!" His heart wrenched, "But why this way?"

"Because without you, Kyuubi, I could die. I can feel it."


"We're on the same side now, aren't we?" Setsuna pressed further.

Kyuubi swallowed hard before nodding faintly. "Yes… we are."

All this talk about trust- it was too much and too wrong. And Kyuubi couldn't back away from it and he hoped, prayed, wished that Setsuna would see how much being shown he was a demon really hurt. It was the last thing he wanted to be and yet Setsuna seemed to love that fact. Enjoyed it to it's fullest and even wanted to use every ounce of it's power for his own fortune. Could anyone be so currupt.

"Before we do that though..." Kyuubi said, "I want to see the extent of your powers and the height of your wit. I will not give myself to someone so..." he couldn't finish it.

Setsuna's face fell into that of a passive wise man.

"I'll show you everything I've got. But in return, I want all of you. I need you."

"I understand."



Oh heaven help me…