When He leaves, I'll Be there

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Chapter Five: Zoey finds Love in Logan

(Zoey's POV)

I slowly woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I turned it off, and got up, and got dressed in a Pink glittery t-shirt, a pari of skinny jeans, and a pair of my favorite wedge heels. I pulled my hair back in a sleek slender ponytail, and put on some make-up, then me and Quinn went to our first class of the day- Algebra One. Ugh.

I was sitting in class, unfortunatly it was next to Chase.


"What?" I snarled.

"Just wanted to say I was sorry."

"Really?" I asked.

"NO!" He laughed at me.

I started to cry. Cry really hard, I saw Lola glaring at Chase. It made me feel a lilttle bit better, but barley.

After Class, I walked out sulking, well until I ran into Logan.

"Logan, hey." I said wiping dry tears away.

"Hey, Zo, what did Chase say to you this time?" He asked.

"Ok, he said he was sorry, then said NOT really loud in my face" I sighed sadly.

"It's ok, Zo." He said putting an arm around me. I felt a chill run up and down my spine. "Look, Zoey I want to tell you something. When I first met you-" I cut him off in a kiss. A very long passionate kiss. I felt sparks, and brave for me kissing him.

"I love you Logan Reese." I smiled when we broke apart

"I love you too, Zoey Brookes. Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.

"Yes!" I cired kissing him again.

"Good." He murmmered kissing me again.

Epilouge-2 months later-

I was happy as I could be. Logan Reese, The boy of my dreams, is my boyfriend. EEP! I was happy and nothing or nobody can ruin that fact.

Me and Lola are friends again, she's still with Chase. Chase apologozed for his weird behaviour 2 months ago. Life here at PCA just got better, even though me and Chase aren't best friends anymore, we are just buds, but one thing remains the same:


The End.

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