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No it don't come easy
No it don't come fast
Lock me up inside your garden
Take me to the riverside

Fire, burning me up
Desire, taking me so much higher
And leaving me whole

There you were
In your black dress
Moving slow, to the sadness
I could watch you dance for hours
I could take you by my side

Fire, burning me up
Desire, taking me so much higher
And leaving me

Like fire, turning me on
Desire, taking me so much higher
And leaving me, holding whole

She shifts uncomfortably in the hideous chair.

"Brie," a soft voice whispers.

She hears other voices around her as she snuggles her head into the soft, but yet hard surface next to her. It takes her a second to realize it's an arm that her head is resting so comfortably against. She keeps her eyes shut as it feels better that way too.

"I would just let her rest Troy.

Gabriella didn't twitch or move at the sound of her best friend's whispering voice.

"Brie. Come on. We have good news." Troy's soft, melody of a voice sounds throughout her head, but she doesn't want to move. She's way too comfortable against whosever's arm she is leaning on.

Troy waits for a reaction out of her, but steps back as he doesn't want to wake her up with what he's usually been doing to get her up lately. A kiss. Normally he wouldn't mind if their friends were around, and she would be laying on the couch or something. He would just lean over and press a soft kiss to her lips or forehead, but there's just something different in a hospital waiting room that makes the situation a little weird.

Maybe it's the person who's sitting in the corner with her little son so early into the morning; weeping her eyes out about how the cancer has returned. Maybe it's weird because the secretaries behind the desk are looking at them with some sympathy and wariness. Maybe it's the fact that there's about seven other people who's also in the waiting room; waiting for either good or terrible news about their loved ones, when Troy already knows that Ryan is okay, and what's unfair is that he knows his girlfriend is safe and not in surgury.

"They look peaceful. We shouldn't wake them." Kelsi's groggy voice speaks up from across the waiting room. Earlier within the Saturday, she was sitting where Gabriella was, but as she went back to school for drama, Gabriella stayed at the hospital as Jason decided to stay also to keep an eye on her along with company. Troy would've stayed, but he had to make up a test that he missed seeing as the gang was all taking shifts as to who would be at the hospital for news.

Gabriella wanted to open her eyes before, but now all she wants to do is snuggle into Jason's arm some more and let sleep fully occupy her. God only knows how much sleep she has to catch up on.

Troy and Gabriella stuck together as waiting by themselves for news about Ryan was horrible if they were alone. Time seemed to be slow as Zeke, Kelsi, and Jason would come in together and switch with Gabriella and Troy on some days. Gabriella stayed however, as Troy would run back to school for a quick nap, change of clothes, and to collect their missed schoolwork. Then even Chad and Taylor would come in for support.

But out of the seven of them everyone can tell Gabriella stayed there the longest as Sharpay was there constantly also. She was just in a different waiting room half the time seeing as she was family of the victim.

"They deserve to know. They've both been up here since yesterday." Troy comments as even though he wishes he could speak to her, he sits down in the hospital chair next to his girlfriend's body and takes her closest hand in his. After everything that has happened in the last two weeks of the car crash, there were a lot of eye openers. He had been feeling an extra need to be closer to her. To be feeling like he needed to know where she was at all times. He had just become her boyfriend, and gotten through so many of her barriers that he couldn't lose her. Just the thought of that made him sick in the stomach.

"We can tell them that he's awake after they've slept a while." Zeke suggests as he is on Kelsi's other side.

The brunette holds in the yawn that wants to escape. She had been at the hospital since Friday afternoon. She stayed up with Sharpay on the upper level for a couple of hours. Troy then came in with Kelsi and Jason with dinner for all five of them; even though Sharpay preferred to stay up on level five as Gabriella went to stay on the ground level. Then she fell asleep as Kelsi and the reluctant Troy left, and she ended up falling asleep at around midnight. She had only awoken hours later as Troy woke her up when he carried her out to the car. He immediately told her that Ryan awoke, but they couldn't visit him since it was past visiting hours.

"Someone's tired," Troy muses as he shuts Gabriella's bed room door behind himself.

Gabriella turns around and looks clearly at her boyfriend. She smiles as she lets her mind play over the word, boyfriend.. She had been cried out the first three days of hearing about Ryan and Emma's accident. She had been there for Sharpay when her parents couldn't fly in due to work obligations, but they sent their regards as they were willing to send the last nanny Sharpay and Ryan ever had three years previous.

Sharpay was a basket case after that as she couldn't stop crying. Although she would only let Gabriella see her cry as she wouldn't allow anyone else to come into the waiting room with her; making everyone else stay on the lower levels which were nosier, a lot more claustrophobic, and you got to see EVERYONE who walked through the doors.

"I'm fine." Gabriella lies in a simple tone. A tone Troy can decipher any day.

He drops their bags on the floor while making a casual move to stand closer to her. He gives her a boyish grin. "Liar." His hands encircle her waist as he draws her body closer to his. "But you're lucky I love liars."

Gabriella smiles as she blinks away sleep. "You're too good to me sometimes Troy."

Troy sighs while their foreheads meet against each other. "Maybe so, but part of being too good for you includes me making it back to my room on time for curfew."

Gabriella glances at the clock to see it say that he has a little less than five minutes to get back. She frowns as a feeling that she had been feeling a lot more ever since Troy and her got together settles in her stomach.

"I don't want you to go." She admits while smiling at him sheepishly.

His nose nuzzles against hers while his thumb subconsciously is rubbing circles onto her hip. "I don't want to either."

A slow grin appears on her face as her top teeth sink into her bottom lip. "Then stay. Sharpay's not coming back tonight. Not with Ryan waking up and all."

Troy blinks at her slowly as to make sure that he heard her right.

Gabriella smiles warmly at him now as she knows what that feeling is in her stomach. She dreads the time when they have to separate, and a part of her knows why. She had never felt it before the accident. But with Ryan being in the hospital for the past two weeks, she now believes even more in the saying, life's short.

"If you really want me to." Troy stares deeply into her brown eyes.

"I really want you to."

Ryan never really liked being the center of attention. He was much used to standing in the background; being acknowledged silently. But when he awoke groggily from what he found out later was from a two week coma, he was more than surprised to see Sharpay pacing around his room at one in the morning, shrieking on the phone about how the beige room he was in was not the appropriate cream colored room she requested.

He had no idea what it would mean to wake up and how it would effect his friends' lives. He had no idea that just getting into the car accident would make peoples' lives open up wider, and bigger views would come into the picture. He wasn't expecting to be bombarded by his sister who threw her arms around him and was trying to keep her crying hidden. He had no idea that just getting a broken leg, a few cracked ribs, and a very severe concussion would bring Gabriella and Sharpay closer. And he really wasn't expecting various people coming in to see him in the hospital; bringing or sending gift baskets.

"Hey man!" Chad's cheerful voice broke through the quiet room as Ryan meekly waved and sent him a smile. Ryan would have laughed out loud at seeing Chad trying to balance five gift baskets about the same size of basketballs, a giant poster with different pictures on it, and a couple of envelopes, but he didn't as the pain in his leg was growing with each second Ryan was becoming more alive and aware. "I have a few things for you."

Chad is thankful that they're the only two in the room seeing as he specifically picked out going to the hospital when he knew Sharpay was going to be getting breakfast and going back to the dorm to shower.

"The guys from the team sent some stuff over." Chad instead of being the most generous person, just dumped half the stuff onto the side of the bed that held Ryan's good leg. He took some time casually looking over his friend who had scared the shit out of everyone with the news they received that night from the hospital, and decided on one thing. "You look like shit."

Ryan rolls his eyes with a lazy smile. He had stayed very still in the bed as his torso is in no shape to be used vigorously for a while. "Yeah, well…neither do you, or anyone else who's already come to see me. You guys looked like you haven't slept in weeks."

Chad missed Ryan's statement as he concentrated on one thing. "Anyone else?"

"Yeah. Zeke came in already this morning. Sometime right before classes, which you're missing by the way." Ryan forces a laugh to keep things light, even though all he wanted to do was sleep.

Chad doesn't know how to react as he mentioned Zeke's name. Chad really hadn't had to deal with him seeing as they were never left alone in a room for the past two weeks by themselves, and deep down Chad is dreading for when that happens.

"Oh well…hey, how's your leg doing? What did the Doc say about baseball?" He asks as Ryan knows that Chad changed the subject on purpose, but plays along anyways.

"He says I'm out with this cast for at least six weeks. Maybe more, maybe a little less. Then we have to mix some therapy in there somewhere. And maybe if it's strong enough and I don't over due it, I can be back to my normal self in a couple of months."

"Yikes!" Chad winces. "Leg injuries suck. I don't think I could go without sports in my life."

"You make it sound like I'm dying." Ryan muses right when Taylor walks through the door; arms filled with boxes of chocolate, stuffed animals, and balloons.

She stops dead in her tracks when she hears what Ryan just said, and goes wide eyed. She thinks over his words and how everyone was always thinking it the first week he was in a coma. "Chad, what the hell did you say to him?"

Chad rushes over to Taylor to take the items she's holding. "Nothing that DRAMATIC." He sends Ryan a filthy glare as he drops the items around the room lazily while Taylor walks over to him.

"How are you feeling?" She asks softly.

Ryan takes in her look and decides it isn't as bad as how Sharpay or even Chad and Zeke look. "Well right now I'm kind of doped up on painkillers, so ask me that in a couple of days."

"You must be tired." She points out in a statement as Chad comes to stand next to her. Chad automatically put his arm around her shoulders, and draws her in closer. It is a little gesture that meant something big. Almost everyone knows it as Taylor and Chad have some weird dance they are doing. One moment they will be avoiding touching each other at all costs even though at other times, they will be all over each other. Everyone knows it. They all know that they're together, but yet it seems that Taylor and Chad are going to be the last two to announce it.

"Tired as hell. Docs say I should rest." Ryan stiffens a yawn as he knows that he should too, but another part of him, a greater part of him just wants to hang out with his friends, and get answers that the doctors weren't allowed to give out.

"No big deal man. We'll just head out. Got classes to attend." Chad manages to say it cheerfully.

"This feels wrong." Gabriella states quietly in a whisper even though they're the only two in the room. They are currently wrapped up in each other as they are both in their pajamas under the covers to keep their cold bodies safe from the harsh winds that are coming in mid October.

Gabriella's head is resting on Troy's chest as half her body is entangled with his, and he has one arm encircling her from around the shoulders to keep her body molded into his. His fingers are gently running patterns onto her back through her soft cotton tank top while he breaths in her scent contently; something he only dreamed of before.

"How so?" He whispers back while just enjoying basking under the covers with his girlfriend.

Gabriella's thin fingers dance across Troy's chest absentmindedly. "Let's see…one, our friend is in the hospital who just woke up from being in a coma for two weeks. Two, his sister didn't come back to her room last night, and I have no idea where she is. Three, this is the biggest problem; this also feels right." Gabriella's tone got quieter and quieter with each thing she said. A slight blush coats her cheeks at admitting the last thing as she truly did think that way.

Troy furrows his brow while his hand stays stationed on her back in confusion. "I would hope it feels good. Or else I'm gonna have to learn some new techniques." He tries to keep it light hearted, but he knows from just looking down at the brunette that she's serious. He presses a light kiss to the top of her head. "What are you thinking about Pretty Girl."

She looks up while her hand clutches at the t-shirt he's wearing self consciously. She doesn't stop to protest to the new nickname he just gave her; knowing already that she is pretty much the farthest away from being pretty at the time with the lack of sleep and shower that morning. She gives him a watery smile as her emotions lately--along with everyone else--are out of control.

"I'm thinking about how everything was going to be okay. Taylor and Chad are kind of together. Kelsi and Jason were so happy before this happened. Sharpay was actually getting along with Zeke. But then most importantly I was thinking about you. How cheesy is that?" Gabriella sniffles a little as she wipes her unshed tears away before clutching onto Troy again.

He strokes her soft curls that flow onto her back. "I'm not going anywhere Brie. That's a promise."

She turns her head a little and rests her chin on his chest so she can look up at him. Their eyes connect and in that moment Gabriella believes him. "I know."

The look in the other person's eyes draw them in; their lips gravitate towards one another and meet in the softest lip lock either one has ever experienced. "Thank you Troy."

"For what?"

"For knowing what to say."

He knows Gabriella's sincere, and that she has courage and faith in him, but there's a little voice in the back of his mind. And that little voice is telling him that he could possibly fuck up her trust so easily with one little mistake, and that wasn't fair. He had seen her ups and downs in the past three years. He attended her father's, brother's, and sister's funeral and saw her silent, memorable--and in a weird way--beautiful melt down. He just wants to be the one to make her happy now. He wants to see the glow in her eyes, and lately as her boyfriend he only sees it when they're alone. She's so fragile, and he's scared he's gonna break her. It just wasn't fair.

After Chad and Taylor left that Monday morning Ryan wanted to sleep. He did get to for a certain amount of time. An amount of time that barely equaled anything to him as it was only for an hour before he heard an insistent voice in the background of his dreams. A voice that sounded a lot like his sister.

When he did fully wake up he saw her taking down the curtains of his hospital room and hanging up new ones. Ones that had pictures of Pokemon on them. Ones that he vaguely remembered from his childhood craving for collecting the cards to trade them a week later.

"What are you doing?" Ryan asks in a rough voice due to the dryness in his mouth.

Sharpay spins around on the chair that she's standing on so she can reach the top of the window and looks for a moment surprised at her brother. She quickly over comes the surprise that showed and puts on a thin smile. "What does it look like Ry? I'm changing this hideous green curtain to a more…" She steps down from the chair to examine her work, and tries to find a correct describing word, "…colorful."

"I know it's colorful, but you chose POKEMON?" Ryan looks at his sister as if she's crazy, which he's starting to think after waking up from his small coma and finding Sharpay pacing around his room like a mad person.

She cocks her hip and puts her hand on it with a raised eye brow. Her voice is low. Her voice is dangerous. Her voice is daring as she silently challenges him. "Do you have a problem with Pokemon? I picked it out specifically for you. Who else would buy this at the Wal-Mart down the street?"

Ryan blinks his eyes widely. "YOU went to Wal-Mart?" He bites down on his lip to stop the chuckle about to leak out at just imagining it.

Sharpay narrows her eyes threateningly. She breathes fiercely through her nose as she tries to remain calm. "Listen, I had put up with a lot of crap lately. Okay?" She doesn't stop. "Troy and Gabriella are together now. Zeke keeps trying to get into contact with me. Mom and Dad are off on some island doing some business deal. They barely call so I'm left with all this hospital crap. So if you don't like the curtains then I'll just take them down." She doesn't wait for Ryan to say anything as she waltzes up to them and rips them down; watching them clatter to the ground in a pile of heap, the curtain rod and all.

She keeps her back to him as she promised herself earlier that she wasn't going to break down anymore, but just seeing her brother responding more than earlier in the morning, is bringing on some kind of emotion that she doesn't understand.

"Shar?" He asks quietly as he sees her shoulders shudder from the quiet sobs she's keeping to herself. She doesn't answer. "Shar?"

He sees the ripped curtains that were taken down powerfully. "What?" She chokes out.

"Please look at me." He says it softly as her body turns only the slightest so he can see half of her face. The tears glisten in her eyes while running brightly down her pale cheeks. "Don't cry. Please don't cry."

Sharpay squares her shoulders to him after she takes one more dramatic sob and looks him square in the eye. "I'm not crying." She repeats it more weakly the second time; trying to convince herself more than Ryan. "I'm not." He holds his arms out for her and she collapses into them. "I'm really not." The wet stains appearing on his hospital gown contradict what she's sobbing.

After a good five minutes of Sharpay letting out all of her tears that built up over the past two weeks, she lays back on the bed with her brother. "I really did think you'd like the curtains. I thought it would be nice to remember your childhood when you woke up the next time."

Ryan looks down at the battered cotton sheets on the ground and smiles softly. "I really do like them. They're a nice reminder when things used to be simple."

Sharpay blinks back tears that Ryan doesn't want to see.

"I know."

"Dude, I can't believe the Head Master approved of this!" Zeke's exciting voice fills the air as Jason and him share a high five while walking carelessly into Kelsi's room that had her door open.

She looks up from the spot she's sitting in on her bed; reading a text book she is behind in. "So did he approve?" She asks with slight eagerness in her voice; mixed in with her nerves and anxious self.

Jason goes to sit down next to her as his back rests against the wall her bed is pushed up against. He didn't know how he felt about it at first when Zeke brought up the idea. He hadn't really talked one on one with Ryan in what seems like forever to him, but when Zeke mentioned that he should just drop all bitter feelings he felt towards their blonde haired friend, then of course Jason double thought his reasoning for not talking to him. They used to be friends. They are roommates. They see each other every day, but yet Jason still managed to go against him and started dating Kelsi; an act in which Jason won't ever regret. But yet he still felt loyal to Ryan to at least throw a 'Welcome Back' party with Zeke as a present.

"Yeah. He comes back in about a week so we'll just do it Saturday evening."

Zeke sits down on Kelsi's desk chair. "Of course the Head Master wants it to be open to EVERYONE, so we have to hold it in the gymnasium, along with every teacher being there." Zeke looks annoyed for a moment, but he still has a genuine smile on his face.

Kelsi looks between the boys, but more specifically at Jason to see how he might react to her small quiet question. "So uh…he's up and doing a little better?"

She then looks at Zeke as she knows Jason's eyes are on her. It's not a crime to know how you're ex-boyfriend who's now your friend is doing after being in a horrific car accident. "Yeah." Zeke looks between the two and stands up as if he just remembered that he is supposed to be anywhere, but there. "Yeah, he's up and talking. Legs killing him, but that's to be expected."

"Right. And," Kelsi hesitates, "he's talking though. Remembering things?"

Zeke backs away a little bit more. "…um…yeah. I didn't have a lot of time, but yeah. He's doing great. Look, I really have to go. Things to plan and get. See you two around."

After Zeke's rushed exit Kelsi can still feel Jason's brown eyes on her. "Just say it." She states quietly; her hands playing with each other.

"Say what?" He asks with forced confusion. He doesn't want to tell her what he's thinking.

She turns a little and looks into his eyes. "You're playing dumb. Just say it Jase."

He doesn't want to seem like that guy who's jealous of her ex-boyfriend, but he would be lying if he said he didn't notice Kelsi's distant stares, her half-hearted touches, her silent thoughts that all revolved around Ryan.

But with one look into her troubled eyes, he knows. He knows that he shouldn't bring it up because everyone's worried, he is just the only one who's not as worried as everyone else due to their past history over the last month. Plus he was spending a lot of time with Gabriella who was busy trying to take care of herself and Sharpay at the same time, so he now owes it to Kelsi to spend all of his free time trying to take care of her. Even if that means focusing on her ex-boyfriend.

His hand reaches out and traces the contours of her soft cheek. "You want me to say something?"

She leans into his touch automatically; missing his comforting hand as she had to watch him comfort everyone else around them, everyone else besides her as if he was avoiding her.

"Just tell me what you're thinking."

Jason sighs while scooting closer and pressing a kiss to her forehead. "Everything's going to be okay."

"We missed all of our classes." Gabriella states with a lazy smile on her face, a glow to her eyes that took Troy all of the afternoon to put in them.

Gabriella feels safe in his arms as they still are only laying on her bed. They are both damp from finally taking a much needed shower separately, but they then decided that the day is almost over, so why go to their last class? Troy also secretly noted to himself that Gabriella still looks really tired, and he can't even remember when the last time she ate was.

He smiles down at her as he's half laying and half sitting on her bed with his back propped up by pillows. Gabriella's laying on her side, her arm is propping her up as she's just small enough to fit on the twin size bed so she won't fall over the edge.

"It was worth it." He speaks the truth again as his rough hand frames half of her face. Sliding delicately down and onto her soft curve of the neck, resting lightly on her small shoulder blade.

Gabriella feels the spark of a shiver running down her spine at just the slightest touch he evokes on her. She pushes past the feeling and smiles warmly at him; almost in awe as she needs him so much without even knowing it. "Why's that?"

The intensity that their eyes are making overtakes the peaceful room. "Because of your eyes." He lets out one chuckle as her eyes narrow in slight confusion, and a giggle spills from her mouth at just hearing Troy's good hearty laugh. "They're glowing," his thumb traces around the edge of her eye sight. "And it's one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen."

Gabriella crinkles her nose as if she's hoping that will distract him enough so he doesn't see her eyes gloss over in tears that she thought she rid of earlier in the week. "You're cheesy Bolton." The way her tone is soft contradicts her statement of how much she hates cheesy.

He leans his head down closer as his breath tickles her face. "Well Pretty Girl, you better get used to it. I'm not going anywhere."

Their noses touch, and Troy self-consciously tightens his hold on her; as if to show her how much she means to him.

"Don't say it if you don't mean it." Gabriella knows she's pleading.

He presses a short, hard kiss to her mouth to seal the deal. "They'd have to pry me away before I leave you."

"I love you so much Troy."

His words are glide across her lips as she can feel his mouth against hers. "I love you too." They finally meet in an expected kiss that's just shared between the two; away from friends, away from teachers, and away from their classmates. It's a special bond the two share, and right then, that bond's helping them believe that nothing bad can happen to them.

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