Author's Note--Please remember that whatever you read in this chapter, all flashbacks are in italics. Also, they outline what is about to come in various different ways, so please don't stop reading because you think I'm gonna make Troyella into a Jason/Gabriella relationship. Have an open mind please, and don't freak out as I can almost guarentee you it's not what you think. Thank-you.

You could be my someone
You could be my sea
You know that I'll protect you
From all of the obscene
I wonder what you're doing
Imagine where you are
There's oceans in between us
But that's not very far

Blurry--Puddle of Mudd

Gabriella lazily flicks the magazine page as Sharpay is busy walking around their room while humming an unknown tune. There is a knock on the door as neither girl wants to be the one to walk over and open it.

"Come in!" Gabriella calls after a moment of silence.

The least likely person who Gabriella or Sharpay expected to enter their room did with a bright smile on his face.

Sharpay kinks an eye brow as the boy is just smiling at them with stacks of paper in his hand.

"What are you, the messenger boy?" She asks in a snotty attitude.

Kent grins even more as he hands Gabriella one of the flyers. Gabriella looks down at it as Kent starts talking. "Exactly, and I'm here to bring the good news that school is officially canceled on Monday."

"What?!" Sharpay demands. "Why?!"

"And you're not happy?" Kent asks as if that is the worst possible reaction ever.

Gabriella rolls her eyes as Sharpay had been humming, singing, and talking to herself as she went over her lines of the musical. "She's just worried that her show's going to go wrong. They have their first run through on Monday."

"Yes. So we're back to the what and why questions." Sharpay says impatiently.

"It's all on there. Something to do with the football draining the swimming pool and filling it with jelly." Both girls look at him as if he's crazy. He holds up two hands. "Hey, like I said; I'm just the messenger boy. But they got caught and now they're meeting with all the teachers as if it's some trial and they're receiving their punishments. It's not like our school can expel all our football players."

"You sound happy." Gabriella comments uncomically from her spot on the bed.

"Considering half the players are jackasses. Yeah. I would say I'm happy."

"Like they're any better than you." Sharpay comments under her breath.

Kent sends her a charming smile. "Oh no. I'm worse, but at least I don't just take. I also give."

Sharpay narrows her eyes on him. "Eww!"

"Isn't Tay supposed to be handing out notices? She is our prefect for the girls." Gabriella points out.

Kent rolls her eyes. "She is, but her excuse was, 'she's busy' so I get stuck doing the whole class."

"It's your fault you accepted being a prefect. You could've said no." Gabriella teases with a smile.

Kent rolls his eyes are he starts to leave. He mocks hurt. "You know, I take my special time to come here personally and actually talk instead of just leaving the notice under your door, and what's my payment? Being jabbed at by your guys' comments."

"I can jab you more with something else if you'd like?" Sharpay offers happily.

Kent narrows his eyes. "Fuck off Evans."

"As long as I'm not fucking off with you; I'll gladly do it."

Kent leaves with his back turned towards them and his middle finger up as Gabriella lets a small giggle escape from her mouth.

"I am so glad Monday is canceled. I had all this homework due, and now I have an extra day." Gabriella says casually as she also thinks that the reason why she's going to be so busy is because Troy practically is forcing her to go out to dinner with him and his family so that things will be less weird; not that Gabriella minds much.

Emma had been putting it off for so long, when in reality it was only three weeks. Her parents has taken her out of school for three weeks so that they could all clear their minds. To say that they were freaked out was an understatement as Emma has never seen them so scared in her life. It was weird how tragic events brought out that in people.

But as she finally stepped foot in the airport again, she knew what she had to do. She had called Jackie and Leah who both informed her what happened the last previous days with the football team and how school was canceled for Monday, and then the subject of Ryan came up. They had only seen him once in all the time that he was at the hospital, but they said he was doing good. So that was Emma's hint that this was the right time.

She knocked on the door with her non sprained wrist. A husky 'come in' can be heard as she slowly pushes the door open. She blinks a couple of times to adjust to the bright white hospital color before gently closing the door behind herself.

"Hey." She greets as he hurries to sit up straighter in bed.

Ryan was expecting someone like Kelsi or his sister, but not Emma as he hadn't heard about her for what seemed like forever.

"Hey." He looks at her wrist. "Um…how's your, uh…wrist?" He can't help but feel guilty that it is his fault she is hurt.

She momentarily looks down before connecting eyes with him. "It's a lot better than what happened to you. I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner."

Ryan shakes his head. "Nonsense. Here," he motions to the seat next to his bed. "Take a seat." Something about seeing her in his room makes his heart beat faster. It put him into a happy mood as he now knew that she isn't going anywhere and that she has returned safely. "So what's new with the family?" He asks brightly.

Emma smiles. "They're doing good. They send their regards. What's new around here?"

"Troy and Gabriella are finally together."

It's not as awkward as either one of them thought it would be.

"I'm so bored." Jackie complains as usually on a Friday afternoon her, Leah, and Emma would be following Sharpay around doing things that had something to do with drama or singing.

"I know." Leah agrees as she flicks through the channels on TV out in the girls' lobby. "Shar just walked through here without even acknowledging us. What was up with that?"

Jackie looks at her best friend as out of the four girls, her and Leah have been the closest. "Are you seriously asking that? Aren't you glad Shar isn't ordering us around?"

"Well her dad does basically write out our families pay checks." Leah states. "I kind of feel bad."

"Don't be. We don't NEED to be friends with her just because our dads work for her dad. If everyone did that then half the kids at this school would be following her around." Jackie explains. "Plus, if she did need something, she would call."

The two are silent as Leah is the first to break it. "She's been acting very strange lately. Ever since--"

"Troy dumped her." Jackie cut in as whenever she was with Sharpay, she would always make an excuse to turn the tables to make it seem like she didn't care that Troy dumped her. Jackie is almost one hundred percent sure that she hasn't even admitted out loud that Troy dumped her. She also knows that if Sharpay had it her way, it would've been her to dump him. Something to do with feeling powerful.

"We need something else to talk about. Some more gossip." Leah turns off the TV. "And I have the perfect idea." She smiles at Jackie. "We're gonna host a sleepover."

"Thanks for coming." Troy says as they both were outside just waiting for the car his parents sent for them to arrive.

Gabriella smiles. "I would've come. Even if you didn't beg me." She teases.

"I did not beg."

"Oh right." Gabriella says sarcastically. "And you on your knees saying you weren't going to move is not begging?"

He smiles at her as his arms encircle around her waist. Gabriella bites her bottom lip as she anticipates what Troy is going to do.

"So changing the subject here, but what are you going to do now on Monday?"

"That depends on who's asking." Gabriella leans into his body for warmth.

"Well of course it's your wonderful boyfriend who is asking. I was thinking maybe we can go out by the cliffs for a picnic or something." His head leans down and their foreheads rest against each other. "You interested?"

"I might be tired, but yeah. I can't think of anything better to do." Gabriella whispers across his face as her sweet smelling breath tickles his lips.


"Yeah. Jackie and Leah are hosting some sleepover thing in our dorm that night. Since all the teachers are gathering for a pre-meeting about the football players. Something to do with inviting only the seniors down on the first floor while every other girl gets to imagine being with us?" Gabriella sees the confusion on Troy's face. "I don't really know myself. But how Sharpay explained it, was that basically Leah and Jackie don't particularly like the underclassmen, so it's just senior girls in the lobby Sunday night."

"Uh huh. And this includes you how?"

"Well I am a senior, and I am a girl which you should be thankful for Bolton." Gabriella adds as an afterthought. "And since they're basically tied at the hip with Sharpay, and Sharpay for only God knows why is actually getting along with me, they just decided instead of limiting their friends, why not invite our whole class of girls?"

"For a sleep over?" Troy asks in a dead panned tone.

"You don't sound convinced." Gabriella points out as she isn't feeling all that excited either considering Sharpay and her are barely on a speaking terms, but nonetheless, they are getting along. And even though Gabriella knows that she is one of the more well known girls at school, she never was one for sleepovers as they bring out the drama in everyone.

"No. I'm convinced alright, but I know these girls. They're probably looking for trouble. Just like Sharpay." Troy adds as Gabriella looks at his strangely, but covers it up as she lets the little remark about Sharpay slide.

"Jackie and Leah probably are, but Emma isn't and from what I hear, she's home. And I'm glad that she is. Ryan needs a pick-me-up. And Emma might be the trick."

"Brie," Troy puts a curl behind her ear, "I hardly think Emma not being here is what's hurting Ryan. It may have something to do with his broken leg though."

Gabriella rolls her eyes as she gives Troy a peck on the mouth. She smiles cheekily at him as he wants more, and she can tell by the look in his eyes. "You just don't know how people think."

"Is that a good or bad thing?"


"I was visiting Ryan." Kelsi blurts out from nowhere as Jason's head whips up and his eyes are like deer's caught in headlights.

They were doing homework for Earth Science as pretty soon Kelsi would have to leave for a drama club meeting as she was meeting up with Ryan's understudy who wanted to run through some of his solos. But as Jason suggested to study in his room since Ryan was still gone, Kelsi couldn't deny that her hands got the little more sweatier, and her mouth drier as she was nervous that he figured out that she lied to him already. And as they were studying for about an hour now, all Kelsi could think of was what if he knew?

"What?" Jason asks as he sets down his pencil and pushes his schoolwork out of the way as they're both already sitting cross legged on his bed.

"I have something to tell you and I don't know how you're going to react." Kelsi looks down at the comforter she's sitting on as she finds it easier to look at than Jason's face who is showing true confusion. "Sharpay didn't exactly tell you the truth either."

"What are you talking about Kels?" He's almost afraid to hear her answer.

"I don't know why I did it, but…he was my boyfriend almost for the whole year last year, and I felt bad for him." Kelsi says quickly. "I went to go see him in the hospital and he went on about how far behind he is and so I decided that I could help him, and it just turned into visiting him everyday, and I never told you because…because…."

"Because why?" Jason softly demands as he is trying to maintain his patience.

"Because I didn't want you to feel jealous." She admits sheepishly as she finally looks up and into his eyes. "Because I feel like I need to stay in contact with him, and because he is a part of my life, and I don't want to forget that. I didn't want you to be upset, and okay, maybe you wouldn't be so much jealous, but mad, but I just didn't want to risk that. So when Sharpay lied for me, I didn't question it as it just swept all our potential problems aside, and things are going good for us, or they were until this happened, and I'm sorry. Did I mention that before? Because I am."

"You're right with so many things." Jason tells her as he is recalling the past week and how many times Kelsi actually did flake on him.


He cut her off. "Are you still into him?"

"What? No!" Kelsi denies automatically. "I just…like talking to him. We're friends."

"You lied to me. You told me you were rehearsing with Ben who could pull off being a girl, and I thought I had nothing to worry about, but to find out that…you…and him? Look me in the eye and tell me that you're over him because I don't know how your relationship ended with him, but I do know that he was pretty torn up about it, so something bad must have happened."

Kelsi's eyes glossed over throughout Jason's little rant as he is breathing raggedly. "Jason, I AM fully over him. We're just friends." She maintained eye contact with him as Jason thought it would make him feel better to hear her say that, but it didn't. He was willing to ask her to be his girlfriend. Things were going so well with them. But to find out that she was lying to him for a whole week about seeing her ex-boyfriend. It was too much for him to think about.

"I need you to go Kelsi, please?" He asks in a sturdy voice.

"Jason--" Her tone is desperate.

"I WANT you to go. I need to think about this." Jason closes the book he was using and hands it to her. "You are right, I am jealous. He is your ex and he still loves you! How can you not see that?!"

"No he doesn't! He said he doesn't." Kelsi exclaims frantically; hoping that something will sink in and they can forget this little argument.

"Of course he'll say that! He'll say anything to keep you in his life because you're YOU! You're worth fighting for and he'll do anything for you!"

"You're being ridiculous. Nothing happened Jason. I promise you."

"Something happened alright. Something along the lines of you lying to me about your ex, and I just really want and need for you to go before I get even more angrier. Please, just go now."

Kelsi is torn as she hesitates, but she knows that she can't do anything else or else he really could get mad and things could be ruined. "I really am sorry though. You have to know that."

Troy is waiting for his father to bring up some news about his work. Anything about his work and how well Bolton Powerhouse was doing. All it would take is a slight little mention about all the various companies that his father owns--ranging from restaurants to architectural buildings--to get the ball rolling for Jack Bolton to try to persuade Troy to join him and manage any building that he saw fit.

Although his father did appreciate his son's basketball playing ability, Jack just saw fit for Troy to take over his companies before he retires early. If not then Jack would have to resort to handing over the companies to someone who isn't even blood related, so all his hard work would go down the drain as they couldn't even keep it in the family.

"So you play soccer, Gabriella?" Mrs. Bolton, Lucille asks with a warm smile on her face.

Gabriella nods her head as she takes a sip of her water. At first throughout the appetizers, Gabriella didn't know what was wrong with her. It seemed as if Mrs. Bolton wasn't sure around her. Gabriella knows that she liked Sharpay, but surely Gabriella was working her way onto Mrs. Bolton's approval list. Plus, it's not like Mrs. Bolton didn't know Gabriella already. They had met various other times during the past years of high school.

"She's being modest mom. She's actually the captain again for the second year in a row. They have a good shot at winning the championship this year."

"Oh really?" Lucille smiles adoringly at Gabriella as her cheeks blush. Gabriella has been to countless dinners where her father was hosting it for his business or her mother's company was having one. She had been on dates with various guys--mostly during her sophomore year--and even then Gabriella has managed to steer clear of talking about herself and how much she loved to play soccer. If it would have been any other person, then Gabriella would have changed the subject by now, but it is Troy. And she knew without even talking to him that he wants to maintain clear of Jack Bolton's companies.

"Of course our season hasn't started yet, and we don't know yet about the championship, but we have a good shot tomorrow." Gabriella explains as her and Troy's eyes connect and he merely shrugs as Gabriella rolls her eyes at how Troy has maybe too much confidence in her team.

"How'd your season go last year Gabriella?" Jack asks right as the waiters bring out their main courses.

"We were undefeated up until March." Gabriella replies quietly as she distracts herself with her food. They all know what happened in March, and no one wants to open that can of worms. But Gabriella doesn't want to feel rude, so she elaborated, "And then we lost five games, and our first game in the play-offs."

Troy sends Gabriella a sympathetic look from across the table as it seems like no one knows what to say now. The air is almost a little tense as Gabriella's words hung in the air. He knows he needs to say something to distract his parents' minds from thinking about Gabriella's family and what went wrong the previous year.

"So dad, how's the company?"

Jack Bolton is nearly never surprised. So when his son asks willingly how his businesses are going, he hides his wide eyes and dropped open mouth by politely picking up his napkin and dabbing at his mouth before speaking in a good hearty tone.

"Which one?"

But Troy doesn't hear as his eyes are once again connected with Gabriella's as she's silently thanking him.

The dinner had gone well. Other than Jack Bolton going on and on about how well his companies are doing, Troy enjoyed his parents company as Gabriella also did as she took it upon herself to voice her opinions about what ever topic she knew of as her and Jack would get into various conversations that were almost over the top of Troy's and his mother's heads.

Troy knows where he wants to be in life. He wants to be traveling, whether that be for basketball or art. But he knows one thing: he doesn't want to be in a stuffy ole office that has a cities view; ordering people around. It just isn't him, and he's gonna stick with that answer whenever his dad brings up his propositions.

Although it won't be easy, as Jack is fairly adamant that Troy will soon succumb to his side. But Troy is willing to stick to his guns, and he's willing to accept the fact that his father and him will never see eye to eye on things.

"That was a lovely dinner." Lucille gushes as all four of them are outside as the limo is waiting to take Jack and Lucille back to their five star hotel.

Out in the distance and slowly approaching is a figure that everyone can safely say is of a guy. As he nears Gabriella knows that it's Jason as he has his hands deep in his pockets of his ripped jeans, and his head down as he's slowly scuffing his feet.

Something's wrong with him.

"Jase? What's up man?" Troy asks as he isn't as accustomed to this kind of Jason as Gabriella is.

"Jase?" Jack whispers to Lucille as he is a typical male who only remembers the peoples' names he sees almost everyday. And his son's friends aren't people who make that list.

"Jason Cross. We met his parents at the funerals last year. Good people. He's good with film." Lucille whispers back. Her eyes narrow a little as an afterthought pops up in her head. "He is also Gabriella's ex…I think."

"What's wrong?" Gabriella asks quietly with concern lacing her voice as her one hand that is connected with Troy's untangles itself and rests on Jason's shoulder.

Jason wasn't planning on Troy's parents being there as he was walking to Gabriella's room to talk to her about Kelsi and to find out what went wrong between her and Ryan. But now he knows he can't as he doesn't need his problems to be shared between Troy who would tell Chad, who then would tell Taylor, and it would continue to go around in a circle until the whole school would know. It was just too much for a guy who was barely in a relationship for a couple of weeks, and seeing as it was a small fight that Jason is sure that they'll get over after talking to each other calmly, that it'll work out. He doesn't want other unnecessary people to get involved.

"Everything's good. Just came by to see Kels, but I forgot that she's at drama now." He makes up on the spot.

He hates lying to Gabriella. It is something he swore to himself ever since that horrible night during Winter Break their junior year that he wouldn't do it anymore. It got him into many sticky messes, and Gabriella deserves better from him since she's always open with him.

"Are you sure?" Gabriella asks.

Her question silently says--I know that you're lying to me, and we'll talk about it later.


Gabriella pulls away from Troy slightly as their foreheads rest against each other. They are now currently standing inside of her room as Sharpay is gone still at drama club.

"I really am sorry that I was kind of distracted by Jason when your parents were leaving." Gabriella says for what seems like the hundredth time to Troy.

He rolls his eyes dramatically as his right hand subconsciously plays with one of her dangling curls. "Brie, how many times do I have to say it? My parents don't care, and I especially don't care. You were concerned with Jason, and that's fine that you didn't say goodbye. Trust me." Troy smiles down at her as he pecks her quickly on the lips again. "We'll see them again this weekend, and then you can say goodbye a thousand times if you want."

Gabriella smiles extra big as she loves teasing him. "That's perfect! Then they won't like me even more."

"They like you." Troy says as this is one of the many reasons why he doesn't let his friends meet his parents.

"Not your mom." Gabriella points out in a tone that she tried to make sound normal. It was hard enough to think and talk when Troy's around and near her, but to have him directly touching her while she can still smell his minty breath on her own; it is intoxicating.

"My mom takes longer to come around. It took her a couple of months to like Sharpay."

"Thanks. That makes me feel loads better. Being compared to Sharpay is like comparing me to a stain sometimes." Gabriella rolls her eyes. "She probably doesn't like me because you just sprung this on her. She loved Sharpay, and now you have a new girlfriend that's nothing like her."

"Hey, hey, hey." Troy chides slowly and softly as his warm fingers stroke her upper cheek. "No one would compare you to a stain." Troy bites back a smile at how upset Gabriella is getting. It is cute sometimes, but his heart pulls him back to the real reality and at this time, his girlfriend is upset about it.

"Troy!" Gabriella scolds as she can't believe that he's making small jokes at the time.

"Okay, I'm sorry, but come on Brie, it's ridiculous. Who cares what my mom thinks right now. She liked you last year, and she liked you freshman and sophomore year. She was actually the one to tell me freshmen year to go out with you."

"She was?" Gabriella asks in a small voice.

"Yup, and I was stupid enough to pass that chance up. And it's not that she doesn't like you right now. She just is still upset that I didn't tell her about Sharpay sooner. Supposedly her and Mrs. Evans are like best friends now, and I just messed that up." Troy rolls his eyes at how bad that sounds as Gabriella smiles gently now. "That's my favorite smile."

Gabriella's cheeks blush as her body melts into Troy's even more. "You're such a suck up Bolton, but did your dad really like me?"

Troy chuckles at this. "Brie, you're such a suck up to the parents, and yes," Troy says firmly, "My dad did like you. I wouldn't be surprised if he was reserving a time at church for us to get married."

It is just one word. One word in which Gabriella's whole body freezes up as if there's thousands of needles piercing her body. It is as if she can't move because it hurts too much to even think of it. She had always stayed away from conversations that contained that word. When her Aunt got married, she didn't even go to the wedding. That word always put her in a sour mood.

She had grown up with her mom and dad being married, and then Nikki and Kyle were born, and things between her parents seemed to die down. They would always get into fights. Whether it be that her dad was working too much, or both her parents weren't setting a good example for them. So when Gabriella turned twelve and her brother and sister were just six years old, her parents finally got a divorce.

It wasn't messy as it was more on the unusual side. They were both almost like teenagers trapped in adult bodies. They both acted as if they were their kids' friends and not parents, and that's what Gabriella loved about them. But when they did decided on a divorce, Gabriella's perfect little world was shattered. She didn't understand that her father wanted to pursue his business out East, or her mom wanted to stay in San Francisco and pursue her own dream. To Gabriella is was all just one big mess as they still had to go to court and Gabriella had to decide on which parent she wanted to stay with. In the end it didn't matter though as they both decided on trading off with the kids. But to Gabriella it sounded a lot worse.

"Married?" Gabriella's voice echoes as her mouth goes dry and her bottom lip trembles a little. "As like in a church, with a priest, and flowers, and guests?"

Troy's eyes twinkle at seeing Gabriella looking so stunned at just the thought of being married. What he didn't know is that she's stunned out of fear. Fear of turning out like her parents; being married for six years when all you wanted to do was separate on good terms to do your own thing. Of feeling trapped with no where else to turn to except the last resort of pulling apart your family.

"Yup. He probably has the church on speed dial." Troy is still teasing her as he knows his dad won't do that, but he also knows that his dad would support him if he did marry out of high school.

Gabriella pulls away from Troy and he looks confused for a minute before he suddenly realizes that she's not just stunned because it's marriage they're talking about, but she has fear in her eyes.

"Troy that's…please tell me you're kidding." Gabriella pleads frantically.

"I am Brie. I'm totally kidding. He just really likes you is all." Troy comforts automatically as Gabriella sits down on her bed and Troy follows as he looks at her. "Why do I get the feeling that something is wrong?"

"Because something is wrong. You can't just say that and expect it to not effect me. You were talking about marriage!" Gabriella exclaims still in panic.

"Brie. Hey, look at me." He tilts her chin up so her eyes meet his. "I'm only joking. Not that I wouldn't mind marrying you, but I'm still only joking."

"Troy, that's a crazy idea." Gabriella exclaims again without thinking of her words carefully. "We're still in high school, and we have our whole lives ahead of us. Why would you want to ruin your life like that right away?"

"Okay, I'm not gonna get upset over just what you said, but it's simple Brie. Why would you wait to spend the rest of your life with the person you love, when you already found them? Why not make it permanent?" He really did try to keep the hurt out of his voice. No matter if he told her that he wasn't effected by what she just said, it is almost impossible to not be a little upset at the idea that your girlfriend, the girl that you love, doesn't want to even consider marriage in the long run.

Gabriella calms down a little as she knows that she hurt Troy, but it is just a crazy idea. "I really don't want to talk about it anymore. It's a crazy idea and we're still in high school. It's not like your proposing right now." Gabriella tries to lighten the situation.

"No. I guess not." Troy rubs his thumb over her knuckles as he squeezes her hand a little. "But Brie? If I ever did propose, what would you say?"

Gabriella thinks he's joking around. "Troy, we're seniors in high school. Let's just get past that. Okay?"

It isn't okay as there is something wrong. Troy doesn't know why it hurts so much that Gabriella isn't taking him seriously, but whatever it was, it still wasn't okay with him. But to keep everything simple for now, he has no other choice but to go along with it.


She was panting slightly as he nibbled on her ear lobe. "You taste so good. You know that, right?"

Gabriella giggled as her hands rubbed up his hardening stomach and cold chest. "You're so cold." She whispered as her bare back sank lower into his bed.

He smirked as his lips ran over her skin, down her soft neck where his mark was, and to her swell of her breasts. "You feel so good right now." He repeated as Gabriella rolled her eyes.

"You're a suck up." She called before her hips bucked from surprise of his cold hand that was slowly turning warmer and warmer by the second grazing her lower lips of her body.

"What was that Montez?" He chuckled at her response as he continued to rub through her red lace thong.

This had happened many times before as Gabriella would go over to his room as Ryan would be away for drama or baseball, and then they would plan to study, but other things would come up.

"Don't stop."

"Manners." He chided as his index finger pushed aside the little material left on his girlfriend, and started to penetrate her body.

"Please?" She breathed out as a small moan escaped her lips. "Please Jase, don't stop."

He pressed a kiss to the inside of her thigh. "That's my girl."

Now at first when they started messing around, they took it serious as possible. It was an act of showing the other one how much they mean to each other, but now as both of them got comfortable with the other one's body, small talk conversations took place, and then pretty soon it was just natural to talk and joke around while giving the other one pleasure they deserved.

"Christmas break is in a week. We need to decide if you're coming home with me." Jason added another finger as Gabriella's breathing increased rapidly.

He had visited her mother with Gabriella over Thanksgiving weekend as he got to meet half of her family those four days. And now he was really hoping that Gabriella would go home with him for Christmas as they then could fly to her dad's house for the second half of break. He wanted his family to meet her formally as he wanted to show her how special she really was to him.

Gabriella thought otherwise as this was a reoccurring conversation between them. "Jase, I thought we talked about this? I'm going to my dad's and you're going to your hometown."

Jason refused to believe that Gabriella wasn't going to go with him. He went to her house for Thanksgiving; not to mention all the other little holidays in between.

"We have, but…" He pressed a kiss to the inside of her leg again, "God you're amazing." He practically moaned out.

"Suck up."

"But it would be nice for you to meet my parents. They really want to get to know you Gabi."

Gabriella wanted to spend Christmas with her dad, Kyle, and Nikki. She only got to see him for small amounts of time, but then again Jason was more than willing to visit him and her mom for all the other holidays and school breaks.

"Jase…oh god…" His fingers picked up in speed again. "I just…it's Christmas." It came out more of a whine.

"I know that. And Christmas is a big deal for my family. Just like you said that Christmas in your dad's house isn't. Don't you want to go?" Jason asked as there was no denying that he was hurt by her denial and refusal.

"I do, but…" Gabriella couldn't concentrate as Jason's fingers continued to move in her, and the conversation that was going on around her. "Okay, can you just like stop for a minute?"

Jason froze his movements as he withdrew his fingers from her body. She was being worked up as she could still feel the throb for release, but talking to Jason was more important. She gathered the sheets that she was laying on and quickly went under them as she at least had the decency to cover herself up while Jason scooped up his red and white boxers to put them on.

"Are you mad?" Gabriella asked softly as she reached out and put a comforting hand on Jason's arm.

He flinched a little at the cold touch, but didn't shrug her off. "…Kind of…yeah."

"I thought we were on the same page here Jase? I'm going to my dad's. I just have to. You understand right?"

Jason looked into Gabriella's big brown eyes and couldn't tell her how he really felt as that would just upset her even more too.

"…Yeah." No, he didn't was the real answer. He went to countless amount of things with Gabriella as he spent fucking Thanksgiving with her, but he couldn't say that as it was his choice, and even though Gabriella even said her dad doesn't make a big deal out of Christmas, she was still going, and he just had to accept that.

"You know I love you, right?" She questioned.


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