Hello all. Well, this, hopefully, will be the last new story I submit before 2009. This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, which is pitting my two favorite Hotaru pairings against each other. Fortunately, the idea came to me last Wednesday. Who will come out as the victor with Hotaru's heart as the prize? Will it be Toshiro Hitsugaya or Setsuna F. Seiei? You'll have to read on to find out. Please review and enjoy!

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Return of a Heartbreak

Crystal Tokyo, 4 years ago:

Hotaru Tomoe looked at the shining rock before her with a mixture of happiness and sadness overwhelming her body. Eventually, her sadness defeated her happiness, and the eighteen year old girl buried her face in the tablecloth, crying her eyes out. She could hear the sounds of her beloved rapidly get out of his chair and come to her side. "Hotaru, what's wrong," asked her beloved Soran Ibraham as he firmly placed his hands on her shoulders. She appreciated the Kurdish boy's concern, but at the same time, he'd unintentionally put her in the hardest predicament of her life.

"I can't accept it, Soran," she said weakly in between fits of crying. Unfortunately, Hotaru knew what she had to do, but the thought of Soran's reaction was something she found unbearable.

"Why, what's the matter," the dark skinned boy asked her in concern and confusion.

Even though every part of her body was screaming at her not to do it, Hotaru dug through her purse until she found the object that was responsible for making her go through this terrible ordeal. She pulled out a black velvet box and placed it on the table prior to burying her face into her hands again. "You waited too long to ask, Soran," she sobbed. "I'm already engaged." Instantly, the warmth of her boyfriend's hands disappeared from her shoulders.

"I see," Hotaru heard him say with feelings of hurt and betrayal in his voice. To Hotaru, it struck her like a dagger lunged deep in her heart, but she could only imagine how much worse Soran was hurting. "Mind if I ask who he is," inquired he dark skinned boy upon returning to his seat across from the pale skinned girl.

If only to grant the boy she loved so much one last request, Hotaru opened her mouth and readied to speak the name of the man who has interrupted their happy little life, but she was distracted by the waiter delivering their food. Not wanting to waste the food that Soran was paying for, she picked up her fork and began to eat the large plate of pasta in front of her. "His name is Toshiro Hitsugaya," she managed to say in between a bite of food. "He's one of the two current princes of Siberia. Our marriage was arranged by Queen Serenity and the Hitsugaya's grandfather as a political alliance between Siberia and Crystal Tokyo." Hotaru saw how he was clinching his fist even harder, almost to the point that his short fingernails would puncture the skin of his hands. "Please, let's forget about him for the rest of the night and just spend the rest of the night together," she requested, hoping he would stop.

"I'll try," Soran replied, unsure of how he was actually going to do that. However, since it was Hotaru who requested it, there was no way he would deny her. After all, this would be the last request he would ever grant her, because the rest of his life had now been determined in those past few minutes.

Crystal Tokyo, modern time:

Hotaru shook her head in order to get her focus back on the ordeal at hand. Right now she and the other eight duchesses of Crystal Tokyo were greeting a soldier that would help end the recent string of terrorist activity that was plaguing their nation and the rest of the world. But she wondered why the memory of that final day with Soran decided to come to her at this time, after four years. How was that related to the modern situation? To the state of the world plagued by attacks from these advanced mobile suits that emitted a strange red light from their backs? To the private organization that appeared before the leaders of the world's super powers and offered to put an end to these terrorist? To the giant mobile suit known as Gundam that stood in front of her and her fellow senshi, or the pilot in a blue flight suit that was kneeling in front of Queen Neo Serenity? In any case, those questions would be answered once the pilot of this "Gundam" introduced himself. "Pilot, remove your helmet and reveal to us your identity," Hotaru looked at her white haired husband dressed in his ceremonial uniform as he stated his orders.

Apparently, the pilot of the Gundam did not appreciate being ordered around and expressed his dislike by pulling his gun out of its holster and aiming it right between Toshiro's eyes. Of course, the palace guards placed themselves between the white haired knight (as of right now, Toshiro is a knight, the reason for him losing his title as a prince will be given in later chapters) and the mysterious assailant. "Never order me around again," hissed the Gundam's pilot prior to returning the firearm to its resting place. Immediately, Hotaru's heart sank and her knees gave out from fear that she would lose her husband. As a man who had dedicated his heart and soul to his wife, Toshiro sped over to Hotaru's position and caught her before her body came close to hitting the floor, but not before giving the Gundam pilot a death glare.

"Gundam pilot, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from any more threat of violence towards my people," ordered Neo Serenity with a newfound sense of authority that had resulted from being a queen for twelve or so years. "Now please remove your helmet so we can get a look at the man we hired for this all so important task." Knowing that it would be an act of suicide to pull his gun on the queen, despite wanting to do it for a different reason, the man in the blue pilot suit followed through with Neo Serenity's demands. Once the protective head wear was removed, All of the senshi gasped at the man that was in front of them. However, the reaction from the others was nothing compared to what Hotaru was going through. She was as pale as a ghost with tears flowing down her cheeks and her mouth a gape.

"My name is Setsuna F. Seiei, one of seven Gundam Meisters of the private military organization Celestial Being. Under the guarantee of my superiors, I, along with the Gundam GN-001 Exia will bring an end to the acts of terrorism plaguing Crystal Tokyo."