Summary: Xehanort and his ilk are dead but now a new evil has emerged and it's up to Sora, his friends, and now his family to once again stop the darkness from consuming the worlds. Sequel fic to Reunion. Advised you read the other three Reunion Fics first.

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A/N: Yes the adventure continues. I would like to suggest that for those of you reading this fic that you stop, turn around, and make sure that you have read the other three stories for Reunion. Start with Birth by Sleep, then go with 358/2 days, and finish with Reunion. This way you will understand how it all has built up to this story, that and I'm lazy and don't want to have to go through the trouble of explaining everything to you.

So without further adieu I give you Reunion II.

It had been almost five months since the defeat of Xehanort, his heartless, and Xemnas. Maleficent, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Saix, and Sephiroth were dead, never to return. Our heroes had finally grown accustomed to their life with their newly returned parents.

Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Namine, Fujin, Seifer, Raijin, Vivi, Hayner, Pence, Olette, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine have all grown used to the school life on the Destiny Islands while their parents and/or guardians have grown used to living and working there.

In Radiant Garden, Rufus Shinra (Formerly Rufus Ansem) has settled into his office in the Castle. The Turks numbers are growing once again, with many of the formerly inactive Turks returning to active duty as the local police force and as the bodyguards of the Ansem family.

The Turks newest members consist of Xigbar, Axel, Demyx, and Larxene, where as Zexion is the new head scientist, Luxord the new chief accountant, and Marluxia is the new head of the agricultural department. The former Organization XIII members listed, having since received hearts for their service in trying to preserve the worlds from the Darkness.

Zexion is also dating Yuffie Kisaragi like his other, the late Ienzo, was doing before his (Ienzo's) disappearance and eventual death at the hands of the treacherous Xaldin.

Cloud, Tifa, Barrett & Marlene, had gone back to their homeworld.

Leon and Rinoa are still in Radiant Garden and are currently dating.

Vincent was currently in his usual hibernative state in the Castle morgue…if only to escape Yuffie's torment.

The message that Sora and the gang had received from the King at the end of their last adventure (Reunion) was merely an invitation to a party being thrown in their honor at Disney Castle.

It is a time of peace, but as with every time before, evil is about to rear its ugly head and bring chaos and darkness to the worlds once again.

A now sixteen year old Kairi sat alone on the large sideways palm tree that she and her friends always sat on, watching the sunset, un-aware of her also sixteen year old boyfriend, Sora, approaching.

"Hey Kairi!" Sora yelled startling the red head. She was now wearing a slightly different ensemble than what she wore for her second and third adventures (Her KH2 attire). She had started taking lessons from her mother, Aqua, on how to wield a Keyblade and had realized the necessity for loose clothing.

She was now wearing a white T-shirt with a black vest with purple lining, not unlike her old tank top. She also wore a pair of pink jeans underneath a skirt with a darker shade of pink with a purple belt. Her shoes remained the same. She was also wearing her lucky charm on a thin gold chain around her neck and half of a golden pendant that, when joined together with the other half, created a single golden heart.

"Sora!" she said as the spiky haired brunette leapt onto and sat down on the tree next to her.

He wasn't looking any older than he was after their last two adventures in terms of clothing save for the addition of the other half of the golden heart pendant that Kairi wore. He was a little older looking however.

"Beautiful isn't it?" She asked as they looked out at the sunset together.

"Which the sunset, or you?" Sora asked as Kairi blushed and Sora put his arm around her shoulder.

"Will you two just kiss all ready?!" a voice said from the bridge behind them causing them both to shoot glare at the source of the voice…which was Riku with Fuu standing next to him, both with a knowing and mischievous smirk.

Riku, now seventeen years old, had hardly changed since their last adventure. He was now wearing a yellow tank top with blue suspenders crossed in an X across his chest under his usual vest, he also proudly wore a blue and orange arm band with the symbol of Sora's Keyblade hitting a blue ball on the orange side; this was the symbol of the Destiny Island's new Blitzball team, The Destiny Knights.

Fuu was wearing one of Riku's white, yellow, and black vests over her usual dark blue sleeveless shirt. She was also wearing a pair of black khaki pants and a pair of black shoes. She had easily become identifiable by her enchanted eye patch that allowed her to see as if her damaged eye was still in perfect condition. Her familiar blue chakram was clipped on her left side to her belt.

"Shouldn't you two be preventing Seifer and Rai from bullying the nerds and geeks at school?" Sora asked as Kairi elbowed him.

"Yeah but we decided to take a break from that and pester you two." Riku said with a smirk.

"Entertaining." Fuu added with a similar smirk as Sora and Kairi looked at each other and shrugged as Riku and Fuu headed over to one of the nearby trees.

"Translation?" Sora asked.

"She means it's entertaining for the two of us." Riku replied.

"How exactly do you understand her?" Kairi asked.

"Secret." Fuu replied to the red head with a smirk as she and Riku started watching the sunset too.

After a while, Roxas and Namine joined them.

Roxas had taken to wearing his old Organization XIII robes over his jumpsuit instead of his familiar jacket. Other than keeping the robes unzipped like his jacket and now looking slightly older, he didn't look that different.

Namine had been taking lessons from Sora's mom Lulu in magic and had been practicing her flying skills with the old gummy ship, Fahrenheit, in orbit. As a result she no longer wore just the white dress, but now wore an old A-2 pilot's jacket that she had repaired herself. In addition, her white dress was longer and reached her knees. She also wore a white scarf and a pair of sunglasses (A whole box of which was given as a gift from the Turk, Rude, to Roxas). Her hair was much longer now too, reaching to the middle of her back.

"You know…" Roxas said after a moment, "…whenever we're here, I keep feeling like I've forgotten something…something very close to me."

This captured everyone's attention.

"Really?" Sora asked, "Like what?"

"Like there's someone very important to me, and something very important that I forgot to do for that someone…but I cannot for the life of me remember who or what it is." Roxas replied as Namine looked up from her drawing.

"Maybe it's because Mom wanted you to empty the dishwasher and you forgot." Sora replied with a snicker.

"I don't think so." Namine said as she started using her powers over memories again to search Roxas's mind, much to the former nobody's dismay.

"Augh, Geez Namine, warn me before you do that." Roxas said as he gripped the sides of his head.

"Sorry…" Namine said as she stopped, "…I was only trying to help."

"It's ok." Roxas said as he slipped his arm around her waist, "…I know you were."

As he said that there was a chorus of kissy noises coming from Riku and Sora.

"Oh shut up!" he growled to the two as their respective girlfriends elbowed them.

"Hmm…" Namine said as she sorted through what memories she was able to look at within Roxas's mind. "Riku, you were the one who erased Roxas's memories prior to putting him in the Virtual Twilight town right?"

"Yeah…I told you that already…I've also got the scars to prove it." Riku said as he glanced at a particularly nasty scar on his right arm from when Roxas had attacked him after learning the truth three months ago.

"You think you could have messed up his memories?" Namine asked as Riku paused and flashbacked to the scene.

"Hmm…It's possible that the lack of oxygen to his brain while I was crushing him had done some damage, and my memory loss spell only made things worse…cause he should have remembered everything when he and Sora became whole." Riku explained.

"Well…I still have these gaps in my memory…so you must have really messed me up…" Roxas said annoyed as he sarcastically added, "…thanks a lot Riku."

"Calm down Roxas!" Sora said as he quickly leapt in between his friend and his former Nobody, "You forgot that Namine can probably try and restore those memories…and if we have to, we can always head to Twilight Town to Ansem's old lab and toss you in the Memory re-arranger thing."

"Or the memories might come back on their own." Namine said with a reassuring smile.

"Well…" Roxas said as he thought about it. "…true…after all…things have worked out for the best."

"True." They all agreed in unison as they then returned to watching the sunset.

After a moment Riku glanced up at the stars and smiled. "For every world…there is a star…for every star…there is a world." He thought silently then something caught his eye. He looked at one of the stars, it was flickering, but not like usual however. He had seen stars flickering like that once before, over a year ago in fact just as their first adventure had started.

Suddenly realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

"No…no, NO!!" He said as the others looked at him concerned as he pointed at the flickering star.

"LOOK A STAR'S GOING OUT!!" he yelled as they all looked up and sure enough, in a slight burst of light, the star vanished.

"Oh no!" Sora said as the star vanished.

"We better get home quick and tell the others!" Kairi said as Namine hit a button on her watch and in a burst of light the Fahrenheit roared into view and the rear boarding ramp extended.

"All ABOARD!!" she shouted as they scrambled onboard.

End Chapter 1.

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