A/N: As predicted…EPILOGUE!!

A red haired five year old boy wearing a gold crown necklace ran towards a large iron gate, before stopping and turning in fear as a tall brown haired woman with an eye patch over her right eye caught up to him and loomed over him.

"Ventus…have you yet to learn?" the woman asked as stoically as she glared down at him causing him to gulp nervously, "…that you can't escape…the TICKLE MONSTER!!"

The woman quickly started ticking the boy at the armpits as he disintegrated into giggles, with the woman smiling all the way as she then heard a younger voice call out to her.

"Avast ye rusty wrench!" a white haired four year old boy said holding a stick in his hand like a sword, "I…the mighty Captain Rikujou shall defeat you!"

"Oh no what shall I do!" the woman asked in mock fear, "Shall I parish at the hands of the mighty Pirate, Captain Rikujou the powerful?"

"Or will you be assisted by the mighty yet beautiful lady Marina? Almighty summoner of Spira!" a four year old girl with blue hair asked as she held a small book in one hand and a stick with a large foam ball on top in the other.

"I think she's got ya beat there Rikujou." The woman said turning back to the white haired boy.

"Nuh-uh, a Pirate is more powerful than a summoner." Rikujou replied as Ventus peaked around the woman.

"Nuh-uh, remember my grandma is a summoner and she's really strong!" Marina replied as the woman's head drooped and shook her head. It was an argument she had obviously heard several time before.

"Oh not again." She muttered.

"Are we still playing or what?" Ventus asked impatiently as an orange spiky haired ten year old in a pink shirt and blue jeans reaching her knees approached.

"Perhaps if you would allow some form of input?" the woman asked emotionlessly.

"Hey yeah! She can be uh…Shelly the Invisible of the evil Spits of Underground!" Ventus said as the two older women looked at each other.

"Oh for pity sake have you two been telling them those crazy old stories again?" a silver haired woman in black robes asked as she approached.

"Hey don't look at us…they came up with the 'Spits of Underground' on their own." The brown haired woman replied as a pair of spiky haired blond boys chasing a blond haired girl appeared from around a nearby tree.

"Come on Lulu let us see it!" one of the boys shouted to the girl as she ran towards the silver haired woman. She had what appeared to be a drawing pad in her hand.

"Sky! Sykx! (Sykes) you two stop chasing your sister!" the silver haired woman growled as the two stopped dead in their track in front of her.

"Yes grandma." They said in unison as they put on the "boo-boo face."

"Don't think that will wash with me boys…I am a heartless wretch after all." The woman said with her hands on her hips.

"Oh give em a break, they're only kids you know." A orange haired woman said as she approached.

"What are you doing home early?" the silver haired woman asked.

"Eh, some idiot bigwig decided that the stadium would be closed for renovation and only needed half shifts and I was one of the lucky few who got sent home early." The orange haired woman replied.

"I take it the Besaid Aurochs aren't too thrilled with that decision." The brown haired woman said as all the kids ran off towards the nearby mansion.

"Hey, HEY, HEY!! If you guys get into the graveyard again you'll be sorry!!" the silver haired woman shouted after the fleeting kids.

"Intercepting!" the orange haired ten year old said as she bolted after them.

"So any news from the outside worlds?" the brown haired woman asked.

"Well…oh you'll like this," the orange haired woman said as she whipped out a news paper, "Say's here that SOLDIER first class Zackary Fair successfully thwarted an attempt on President Tuesti's life with the aid of his wife Rikku, when he hijacked one of her Al Bhed machines and moved it in the path of a would be assassin."

"Ah, Zack and Rikku…a pair I will never understand." The brown haired woman scoffed.

"It's one of those things you'd have to have been there." The orange haired woman said with a shrug.

"Been there, sh-ven there Cissnei…they're just quirky." The brown haired woman replied.

"Oh come off it Silver. Zack can still beat you any day…besides how long has it been since you've even touched that buster sword of yours?" Cissnei asked as Argento sighed.

"Five years." She replied.

"See, you're probably rusty." Luxa said as Cissnei noticed something in the newspaper.

"Hey check this out!" Cissnei said motioning to the sports page, "the Destiny Island, Destiny Knights to come to Spira for interworld Blitzball tournament…players include Team captain and former captain of the Besaid Aurochs, Wakka, Tidus, Selphie Tilmitt, Hayner, Pence, Olette, and Rajin. Team sponsors are the Island Castle General store, store owner: Ven, and the Destiny Island museum of Telmarine history, head curator: Mune."

"Well what do you know…perhaps going to watch that game would be worth it." Argento said as she noticed the small pack of kids.

"Yeah, who knows it'll give their parents an opportunity to see their family again." Cissnei said as Luxa sighed.

"You both know full well that they would never agree to that…they still don't feel like the time is right…you know them, they keep saying that when the time is right they will find us." Luxa said as the other two shrugged then turned towards the gate as a 1951 navy blue Hudson Hornet approached the gates.

"Looks like Riku and Fuu, are home." Argento said as the gates opened and the Hornet drove towards the old Gracy Manor.

Riku proceeded to climb out of the driver seat and move around to the side door and open it for Fuu. Riku was now wearing what could be called the typical Turk uniform while Fuu was wearing a blue navy uniform with black pants and black boots. On the cuffs of her sleeves was a pair of yellow stripes, indicating her authority.

"Ahoy Captain." Argento said mockingly as Fuu gave her a silent glare.

"Insolence." She muttered.

"Easy Fuu, you know she has to get her laugh in…I mean it is ironic that of all the professions available, you become a captain in the local navy. And the eye patch only adds more to the humor and irony I suppose." Riku said as Fuu gave him an amused smirk.

"Traitor." She replied as Riku smirked back at her.

"BONSAI!" Rikujou shouted as he charged for them.

"Incoming!" Fuu said as she and Riku stood their ground.

"Ah come here you little pirate you!" Riku said as he picked up the charging four year old.

"Hi Daddy!" the boy said as Riku and Fuu both smiled.

"Sea Monkey." Fuu said as she ruffled the boy's hair.

"I'm not a sea monkey, mommy, I'm a pirate!" the boy replied.

"Ship?" Fuu asked.

"Oh…uh…I don't have one…yet." Rikujou replied sheepishly as Fuu and Riku snickered as a red 1971 Plymouth Barracuda with the top up, came up the drive.

"Looks like the other four jokers are home." Riku said as he noticed the car approach and set Rikujou down prompting the younger to run off.

Namine got out of the front seat in a huff as the other three climbed out of their seats silently.

"Bad day?" Fuu asked.

"For Namine yeah." Roxas said as Namine huffed into the mansion and slammed the door.

"What happened?" Argento asked.

"Long story short…Namine's boss, miss Devil or De'Ville or whatever the heck her name is wants two more dress designs by tomorrow morning and Namine's wrist is killing her again." Sora said as Kairi blew her hair.

"Hey I didn't have as good of a day either." Kairi said as the other two nodded and Riku face palmed.

"Oh no, don't tell me your boss hit on you again?" Riku groaned through his hand.

"Twice…fortunately the second time Sora was there with lunch, after that it quit." Kairi said as Sora cracked his knuckles.

"All it takes is for me to show up and he stops instantly." Sora said as Roxas sighed.

"Fortunately for Sora and myself it wasn't so bad…plenty of customers and the like." Roxas said as Fuu thought of something.

"Secretary." She said.

"Translation?" the entire group asked.

"Meaning she needs a secretary…I'm just her bodyguard I don't count." Riku said as Kairi sighed.

"I will definitely think about it." Kairi replied as Argento's watch started beeping.

"Oh crap someone's coming up the drive!" she said as Kairi, Fuu, Roxas, and Cissnei ran for the Mansion door.

"Shelke get the kids inside STAT!" Argento ordered as Shelke replied with an immediate "Affirmative."

Riku and Sora both drove their respective cars around into an expertly camouflaged garage and took a secret tunnel back into the house.

Argento and Luxa both headed through a trap door near the steps while Shelke and the kids ran inside through another door.

After a moment a van drove up to the front gate which slammed itself shut and a chain quickly wrapped around the front as if by magic.

After a few minutes more, six very familiar people got out of the van and approached the gate.

"Are you sure this is the place?" a blue long haired woman asked.

"Positive…this is where we came searching for Vegnagun's sheet music, and it's the only place I could think of that they would come…Roxas does have the deed to it." A red haired man with an evenly shaded beard replied.

"Do you think they're here?" a spiky haired blond man asked as he approached.

"If they are, we sure ain't getting in…the gate's locked and I don't see a keyhole anywhere." A brown spiky haired man said as he examined the lock on the chain.

"Perhaps we should leave…the team's probably wondering where we are." A brown haired woman with a pink ribbon in her hair said as she looked at the old mansion.

"But if they are here…wouldn't we know it?" a raven haired woman with a few streaks of gray asked.

"We would but…there's a strong enough aura from the countless millennia of darkness that this house bathed in that I can't tell if there's any life at all inside…except…I can feel a flicker of light within…but what…oh." The brown haired woman said as she placed a hand on the gate.

"They are here…but, they're hiding…hiding from the worlds…hiding from…us." She said as Ven nodded.

"Then we should leave them in peace…but at least we know where they are now." Ven said as the others nodded and turned for the car.

"Wait…first things first." Mune said as he reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a small envelope, "Shall we put our John Hancock on the dotted line?"

"Sure." Lulu said as Mune unfolded a letter inside and placed it on the hood as they all signed it.

He then put it back in the envelope and wedged it between the bars on the gate and then returned to the van.

Shortly after they left the adults emerged from the house. Sora bent down and picked up the letter and unfolded it.

"To those to whom our hearts still belong…

Long have these five years been since we last saw all your smiling faces, but we do not lose hope that we will see each other again. We will always keep the porch lights on for you, and we will never forget you. Our thoughts drift back to you all frequently, and we have yet to forget though our lives have definitely changed.

To Sora…

You may be interested to know that the shop is doing well, and that the Destiny Knights have made the championship this year. Sora your mother has opened a diner and is making quite a profit on it.

To Kairi…

We're still here as always…Elizabeth says hello, and she has a young boy now named William Turner III and they still await Will's time on the Dutchman to end. Your father has become the head curator of a museum of the ancient Telmar history, and is doing quite well while I've become the manager of the Destiny Knights, me being the Knight of the sea and all.

To Riku and Fuu…

I never got a chance to tell you this but, I (Terra) married Aerith the day after you left…we really missed you guys at the wedding. Here's a surprise though, Aerith became pregnant with a little girl a week after our honeymoon…in other words you're a big brother now Riku…I'm not trying to lay on the guilt or anything…I'm just showing you what you've missed out on. Little Vera says hello to her big 'Brudda…she's been hanging out with Wakka for far too long. For myself I've become the business manager for the Telmar museum and Aerith is a professional gardener…no surprises there.

To Luxa…

I can still feel that you are without a heart, but even if you did, I know that it would be in the right place. My thoughts still dwell on you my lady of levitation…I only hope that we are able to 'Gravitate' towards each other again soon…Signed Marluxia.

To Shelke…

I know we didn't have much time to get closer after those ten years of separation but part of me knows that you're happy. I hear Argento went with you guys, and I hope she's gentile on any young ones running around wherever you are. Be safe sister…Love Shalua

To the grandkid(s)

We hope to meet you someday, and we hope your parents have said nothing but good things about us despite our history. We will try to send you something each year so you can get to know us in some form. Aqua (Kairi's mom) calls it bribery but we know she is only joking. We hope that you grow up strong and wise like your parents and our parents.

To all…

Hope to see ya real soon…

We'll leave the lights on for ya…

May Minerva guide you all…


Ven, Lulu, Terra, Aerith, Aqua, and Mune."

"Well…they've found us." Sora said as he handed Riku the note.

"It would seem that way." Riku said as they looked at each other.

"A part of me wishes that we hadn't left…but then again most of us have that part that feels that way…and yet at the same time I'm sure we all have the same feeling that we've done the right thing…lived on our own, raised our family…but we still have a long way to go. Let's try and give it another five years." Sora said as the others nodded.

Inside the house, under the watchful optics of EVE, Wall-e, and M-O, the six kids stood in the library on the couches.

"I'm telling you I can do it!" Ventus, Sora and Kairi's son, argued.

"Nuh-uh!" Marina, Ventus's younger sister, argued.

"He can too I've seen him." Rikujou, Riku and Fuu's son, defended.

"Yeah right." Sky & Sykx, Roxas and Namine's twin sons replied in unison.

"I've seen it too!" Lulu, Roxas and Namine's daughter, and the youngest of the crowd, argued.

"You're only three Lu, you don't know anything!" Marina fussed as the young blond looked like she was going to cry.

"Hey! Marina that wasn't nice!" Ventus growled at his sister.

"Then prove it Venny!" Marina replied as Ventus stretched out his hand and in a burst of light a long blue key shaped sword appeared in his hand.

"Whoa!!" the entire group exclaimed as EVE scanned the weapon then gasped.

"Keyblade!" She exclaimed.

"A what?" the twins asked in unison.

"She said Keyblade." Rikujou said as he leapt off the couch.

"I think it also has a name…" Ventus said as he looked at the big blue Keyblade carefully, "…I think it's called…Ultima Weapon."

"What kind of name is that?" Marina asked impatiently.

"A cool one." Rikujou and the twins said in unison.

"I think it's pretty." Lulu said as Marina scoffed.

"Uh-oh, Mom and Dad are coming! Quick hide it!" Rikujou said as the door opened and the Keyblade vanished.

"I thought I might find you guys in here." Kairi said as she entered the doorway.

"Yeah come on you barrel of monkeys let's eat something!" Argento said poking her head in the door as the kids in an instant bolted out the door and in towards the ballroom.

"You know it's taken me five years but I have just now learned that if you want to start a stampede, just mention food around those guys." Luxa said from the ceiling.

"Just wait until they get into college…then it will be much worse." Namine snickered as they headed into the hallway. As they entered the hallway they could hear what sounded like a barbershop quartet singing "When the Saints Go Marching in."

"Ugh, why did Kimahri have to bring those guys here?" Luxa groaned.

"Hey don't knock em…the kids love them." Kairi replied as they entered the ballroom and saw the four singing busts on four individual pedestals.

"Hey will you keep it down?!" Namine shouted to the singing busts who simply replied…

"We'll keep it down! (We'll keep it down!)
We'll keep it down! (We'll keep it down!)
Oh yes, we will, will keep it down!
Oh we're rappin' up the story! YEAAHHHHH!
And we're tryin'! To! Keep! It! DDDDOOOOOWWWWNNNNN!!"

The End…

For now…