A/N: Yeah, the first fic for this movie, and I've never seen it or anything, but I was inspired by a Penelope X Annie picture by 'fortheloveofpizza' on Deviant Art. This fic's short, but I think it's kind of cute, and hot.

"C'mon...just a peek."

Penelope glanced up and stared at Annie for a moment, wondering if she had heard right. The two girls were sitting at a table of an outdoor cafe, and two cups of steaming hot tea were sitting untouched in front of them. The sounds of honking horns and chatting people passed over them.

"E...Excuse me?" Penelope asked, completely forgetting about reading the rest of her new horticulture book.

Annie, whose beautiful golden locks shimmered in the sunlight, smiled sweetly and repeated her previous statement. "I just want a peek. You know what I'm talking about..."

Penelope's cheeks flushed deep red. "M...my nose?"

Annie nodded.

"But...why? You've seen it already..."

"I know," Annie said, brushing back a few strands of hair, "But there's no problem in seeing it again, right? It's so cute..."

"...We're in public, though...someone might see it..." Penelope muttered quietly, looking around to make sure that Lemon guy wasn't hiding anywhere nearby.

"...Does it bother you? Having that nose?" Annie asked; she didn't even bother speaking in a whisper.

"Well, besides the problems it's caused for my social life, I'd say 'not really'..." Penelope replied after a moment of thought.

"That's good. Then it shouldn't bother you if I take a quick peek, right?"

"I...I guess not."

Annie smiled again and stood up from her seat. Walking over to Penelope, she leaned down in front of her and purred, "Don't worry...it'll be quick..."

Penelope could feel her heart beat quicken as Annie leaned so close that their heads were practically touching. In a very smooth manner, Annie pulled down on the scarf covering Penelope's face just enough to see her nose...and then she kissed it.


At that moment, several passerby stopped and watched as a blonde woman started making out with her lover's nose. At least, that's what they all figured was probably happening. Obviously (and unfortunately), that wasn't the case.

Annie's wet tongue was actually starting to make its way down towards Penelope's lips when the pig-nosed girl finally did something about it. Pushing Annie away, Penelope quickly covered her nose again and hissed, "W-WHY THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO THAT?"

Annie seemed rather giddy as she replied, "Isn't it obvious? I already told you: your nose is just so cute!"

"God, I'm never letting you do that again..." Penelope huffed.

Annie just chuckled and took her seat across from Penelope. "Sorry, sorry..." she apologized, although she was still trying to keep herself from laughing, "I was just messing around...I'm sorry..."

Penelope sighed and she went back to reading her book, but she found it hard to concentrate...especially now that Annie's kiss was occupying her thoughts.