A.N. Just something I wrote when I was really board. I know it is really short.

She got married. Mum got married without telling us! Why would she do that? And to a coast guard admiral!

What's with that? The guy has eight kids! You would think us ten were good enough for her, but no, she has to get married and get another eight!

And if she thinks I'm just going to get up and move , she's got another thing coming. After Dad's death, I moved from New York to New London for her because the place just shouted out 'DAD!' I know I felt it too. But, this is different, we have to move because our house isn't big enough.

And to make things worse, I have to share a room with someone! Talk about no privacy, I mean this mom has thing against have locks in our bedrooms ever since Mick got locked in his room. So it will like sharing a room with nineteen people and a whole load of animals!

My life is over!

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