His Brother's Brother

by Pearl of the Dark Age

I lived next door to the Kaibas. Their large mansion safely hidden behind trees and acres of estate, so we never have to actually see each other. Ever since Kaiba Gozaburo died, I did see a lot of the younger Kaiba brother out on his bicycle or out walking with his friends. As he got older and unafraid of talking to strangers, we had several conversations about weather, school, and other neighbors. The kid was really cute, and I would invite him in for milk and cookies after school.

One day, I decided to join the rest of society and buy a computer. Mokuba had come over, helped me set it up, and commented often that his older brother was really much better than he was. Even though Kaiba Seto may have been the "right man for the job," he was never available. Mokuba did his best, and I was grateful to him for helping me.

Time passed, and I saw less of Mokuba as he got older and entered middle school. Every once in a while, I'd still see him, invite him in, and he'd fix whatever it was that was wrong with my computer in exchange for cookies, pocky, or whatever other treat I happened to have.

One day I invited him inside, after not having seen him for many months, and I told him about the horrible way my computer was acting. I hadn't a clue on how to fix it, and little Mokuba took one look at it, strummed away on the keyboard, and fixed the issue in only a quarter of an hour. He smirked at me when he finished, and he didn't even ask for cookies.

I asked him, "What was wrong with my computer?"

As he walked away, he said, "It was an ID - ten - T error."

I did not want to appear stupid, but I knew his bedroom probably resembled a computer console for NASA. There was nothing for it. "An ID - ten - T error, huh?" I mused. "Uh, what is that, exactly? In case it happens again?"

Mokuba turned, smirked, with an impish gleam in his eyes. "You don't know?" he said, amused. "Write it down on a piece of paper, and you'll see." Without further explanation, he left.

Not thinking too deeply on the advice, I went and got a piece of paper and pen, and wrote it down:

I D 10 T

I used to like the little shit.