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"Deanna, hurry up please. We don't want to miss the plane," said her mother. It has been a week since Deanna had a crazy adventure involving her cat turning into a human and dropping her watch back to the Dark Ages. Or maybe the Middle Ages? No, definitely the Dark Ages; feudalism hadn't been established yet.

"Mom, I can't find my watch," Deanna told her mother, panicked. She did not go back in time, risking her life to retrieve her watch just to lose it in Chalon. She had looked in every room she had been the last week, when she remembered that she had put it in her rainbow sweater.

She triumphantly pulled it out. She heard a soft land, and turned around. Oliver looked at her with his green eyes. Her wish did not come true, as she had hoped. She felt like it would have worked, but it didn't. Maybe she made it complicated. She learned just how tricky magic could be so she made her wish as specific as possible. Maybe it was too specific. She looked at Oliver, about ready to cry, when he jumped to her, and she caught him, giving him a hug that had she not thought about him, might have suffocated him.

"Deanna, let's go now. Say goodbye to your aunt."

"Yes mother." She went to the living room, where her aunt looked like she was on the verge of tears.

"Adieu, adieu," she said. "I love you," she said in a thick accent. They tried, and like Deanna promised, she would try too.

"Adieu, ich lieben," she said, she did not realize she had spoken German.

She went with her mother to the car, and left Chalon.

Soon, they were back in Paris, and Deanna couldn't wait to be home. Oh, she didn't forget her mishap adventure, but she felt that by being home, she would hope to forget what happened. She pictured what she would tell her friends if they asked how her summer went: "Oh, very exciting. Very exciting indeed. My watch fell in a well and I had to go back in time with my cat to get it back. But the thing is: he turned human, and we fell in love," or "I fell in love with a cat I found," or even "I learned old French." None of them sounded logical enough. No principles of Plato, or Aristotle, like Algernon—Stop. No need to go way back in time to compare her ideas with someone that for a moment she had thought was going to prevent her from saving the world as she knows it. Instead she concentrated on being a junior. Juniors had big privileges. They were able to leave campus; they were able to drop a class and have a free period; they were finally able to choose their classes. With the requirements out of the way, now Deanna wanted to have fun.

The plane ride back to America was short. She fell asleep for half the ride, missing views like Africa, or Spain. She safely reached Colorado, her home sweet home, when she saw the strangest thing: a young man with dark hair, fair skin, and deep green eyes. Very deep eyes, making her feel awkward. He was staring at her, as if evaluating her, to see if she was the person he was looking for—not in the where-has-she-been-all-my-life-looking-for. She saw this from a sidelong glance, and she didn't dare turn around, in fear that he was just some mirage, which could be, since it was summer, though Colorado didn't get that hot. He was wearing normal clothes for the twenty-first century, and stood like a normal guy, but his eyes were unsettling.

She shook her head, and kept walking. Her mother had been very quiet for her, and then she looked at Deanna, and back at someone.

"Deanna, do you have an admirer?" she asked mischievously.

She felt like her cheeks went hot, but her mother must not have noticed, since she kept looking at her expectantly.

"No, of course not mom. What makes you think that?" she asked exasperated.

"Well, a boy is looking at you. Do you want to stop at the shop for a little while?"

"Mom, I do not need you doing this to me. I probably look like someone he knows, that's all. Can we go home now?"

Her mother, thrown aback, mumbled and led the way to their car, which had been moved during the last week of their vacation and borrowed to someone by the name of Timothy Davin (if you don't know who this is referring to…read more VVV).

"Damn this Timothy. Look at the mileage. As if he used the car to go to France himself," her mother kept muttering.

Deanna just relaxed into her car, sure than drunk people have used it, but the smell of her favorite spray still managed to cling to the car.

Her first day of school would be tomorrow, and she still needed to take her driving exam. She was sure she would pass. She had been studying all summer for it. She would be the first junior with a driver's license, and would get a lot of attention. Not that she wanted the attention. Maybe she would give it to her best friend. She loved attention. Or maybe on Gary, the hottest guy in her class.

Oh Oliver, she thought as she went to sleep. I wish you were here with me. She went to sleep, and the last thing she remembered were the hairs in her arms standing on end. I can tell when there is magic now? She thought, incoherently.

So, watcha think? My first book that I read from Vivian Vande Velde. The first think I have EVER read from her was The Rumplestilkstin Story. Funny, funny.