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Chapter 1: Heading to camp


"Bella, wake up!" I heard a high pitched voice right beside, "We have to go, like, NOW!!"

"Alice," I groaned. "Honestly, would you mind not yelling in my ear?"

"Bella, but you have to get up!" She complained, and I'm sure I heard her making a pout, she always did.

I finally opened my eyes and saw a very grumpy Alice sitting beside my bed, "Why?" I complained.

"Because….WE ARE GOING TO CAMP!" she yelled and jumped once more on top of me.

I sat on my bed and yawned. I looked around and saw a sleepy Rosalie standing in the doorway with a cup of coffee in her hand.

"Honestly, Bella. We really have to go," Rose said lazily.

I stood up and they both left for me to take a shower and get dressed. I took a shower and when I went to pick out my clothes, I noticed Alice had left on the bed a knee-length khaki skirt (A/N: Sound familiar? Hehehe) anda blue shirt with a v-neck sweater on top. There was also a pair of blue flats.

I put them on and looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't look bad at all. I reminded myself to thank Alice later.

I headed to the bathroom and started brushing my mahogany hair. I let my light curls drop down to my waist. I then dropped my eyes to my hand. It had a bandage on. Of course, for a fourteen year old I'm the biggest klutz ever. I mean, who would almost break her hand while just walking? Oh, right. Me.

I walked out of the room into the hallway and saw the Brandon family butler running around with all of the suitcases Alice had packed. Which meant a lot.

I went to Alice's room but she wasn't there. I walked down the stairs and found Robert, Alice's dad, reading a book.

"Good morning, Mr. Brandon," I greeted cheerfully.

"Good morning, Bella, "he smiled, "Alice and Rosalie are in the kitchen."

"Thanks," I replied quickly.

Alice and Rose were eating breakfast quickly. Since we were in a hurry, I just grabbed a granola bar.

"Bella, you're ready!" Alice chimed with her mouth full. She noticed and covered her mouth with one hand and waving with the other.

"You look stunning, Bella," Rosalie smiled warmly.

"Thanks," I blushed, "but we're just going to camp, Rose." I giggled.

"Oh, hi, Bella." I turned around and saw Sophia, Alice's mom, carrying her coat and purse with her, ready to go, "You ready?"

"Yes," Rosalie, Alice and I said in unison, and Alice even jumped a little.

We all walked to Sophia's car, a black Range Rover, and of course, it was raining. Like everyday in Forks, Washington. That was what I was looking forward to in camp: snow. I was tired of rain. I liked cold, so a little bit of snow wouldn't be bad. 'Camp Masen' was near Chicago and right next to a forest, (A/N: Please don't kill me if there aren't much forests in Illinois but I don't know much about it) so it would definitely be cold. 'Camp Masen' belonged to the parents of one of Jasper's friends. Jasper was Rosalie's twin, but he went to boarding school, so we would meet him at camp. I've actually never seen him in my life, just in pictures. I was excited to meet him. When Rosalie and her parents moved here, Jasper was already at school, and he never came. Us girls – Alice, Rose and me– were actually finishing 9th grade at that same boarding school once winter was over, to start the second semester there. It would be fun, hopefully.

It took us almost two hours to get to the airport in Seattle, and much more time to check-in, since we were traveling alone and we were underage. We finally said our goodbyes to Sophia, Robert, Charlie, Renee (my parents) and ??

"We're finally going to camp!" Alice jumped up and down once we were in a shop and some people stared at her, "What?" she said to them.

"I know, but calm down, Alice." Rose said.

"Oh, my God, Look at that!" Alice pointed to something and Rosalie and I turned to see a very good-looking guy looking at us. Or me.

"He's totally looking at you, Bella," Rosalie whispered. Yes, he was looking at me.

He approached me and said, "Hey, I'm Mike. And you are…?"

"B-Bella," I stuttered.

"Bella….cool name," he said.

Definitely not what I expected, "Er…thanks?"

"So, where are you traveling to?" I didn't even know him! Of course he wasn't going to know where we were going.

"Oh, we're going to–," Alice said happily, obviously not caring she didn't know the guy, but I interrupted her.

"–to the restroom. Bye!" I said and dragged Rose and Alice with me till we were safe in the ladies restroom.

"What is wrong with you, Bella?!" Alice screeched. "That boy was gorgeous!"

"He really was, Bells." Rosalie said.

"So what?" I replied. "He wanted to know where we were going, and we don't even know him! And he was older than us! Maybe he was a stalker or a…a…." I looked for the right words in my head, but found nothing.

Rosalie put her hand on my shoulder, "Bella, you worry too much."

"No, I don't. You two don't worry about anything! What if something happened to us?"

"That guy wasn't that old, Bella." Alice said, totally ignoring my question.

"He was what? Nineteen? Maybe twenty?" I asked.

"Well…maybe?" Alice said.

"Yeah, Alice. And we're…um….Oh, right. Fourteen!"

"Just forget we ever said anything about that guy, Bella" Alice said as she folded her arms across her chest.

"Aw," Rose hugged us both, "C'mon, guys. We don't want to miss our flight now, do we?"

"No," Alice and I both muttered.

We quickly hurried to the hall 8 to wait for our plane. Soon, they called out our names so we could enter before everyone.

"Isabella Marie Swan, Mary Alice Brandon and Rosalie Lillian Hale, please start boarding." They called out our names and some others.

"Come on, Rose…Alice." I said to them. Rosalie moved and stood up, but Alice was still buried in her magazine.

"C'mon, Al. Move it," Rose pinched her.

Still nothing, and Rosalie isn't really patient, "MARY ALICE BRANDON, I SAID MOVE IT!" Rose pushed Alice so hard, Alice fell of the chair. Turns out she was sleeping.

"Rosalie! Why did you do that for?" Alice tried to yell in her pixie voice, but she was still very sleepy.

"Because….you didn't move?" Rosalie answered, but it came out like a question. Soon, her expression changed, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Alice!" She ran to hug Alice, "I didn't know you were asleep!"

Alice patted her on the back, "Don't worry, Rose. It's OK."

"Not trying to break this up, but we really have to go," I said as I heard our names being called for the fifth time.

We all grabbed our carry-on bags and boarded the plane. We weren't the only underage teens traveling alone. There was another boy called Jacob with his sisters Rebecca, and Rachel.

"Yay!" Alice squealed as she read her ticket, "I'm right next to you, Rose!"

"Thanks, Alice," I grumbled.

"You know I didn't mean it that, way,"

"I know, I know," I mumbled.

"Which seat do you have, anyway, Bells?" Rose asked me.


"So, that leaves you with–," Rose started.

Before I could say 'I don't know', a husky voice replied, "Me."

I turned around to face the boy whose name was Jacob, "You?"

"Well, I think so." He said as I raised an eyebrown, "I mean, your seat is 11B and mine is 11B so I guess we are next to each other."

"Hmmm, yeah, I guess so. Shall we go then?" I asked.

He smiled a smile so wide and beautiful, I couldn't help but smile back.

While we were getting on the plane, Alice came from behind me and whispered in my ear, "He isn't bad looking, Bella,"

I nudged her on the ribs, "Shut up!" I whispered.

I sat down next to Jacob, and he was staring out the window.

I felt someone hit me in the back and Alice had thrown a paper airplane to me. I unfolded it and it said,

(Bella is italics and Alice is underlined)

Tlk 2 him!!

I hated how Rosalie and Alice both wrote like that. How much more difficult was it to write complete words. I took out a pen and wrote back.

No, Alice.

I threw the paper back. It was next to me in less than thirty seconds.

Y not?! U need a bf!

A best friend? I have you both.

Not a best friend, bella. A BOYFRIEND

Oh,… stil, I don't need one.

EVERY1 needs 1

Oh, really? Why don't you have one, then?

Cuz I haven't met my soul mate, yet.

I haven't, either. So don't push me! And besides, not everyone's boyfriend is your soul mate. I mean, look at Rose.

I know, I know.

(Rose is bold)

Hey! What do you mean Tyler is not my soul mate. He loves me!

I looked at them and Alice shrugged her shoulders. Of course, Rosalie got hold of the paper.

Okay, Rose. Whatever you say.

I still say he isn't ur soul mate.

Mhmm. Nvm, but Bella, do talk to Jacob.

"Yeah, do talk to me. I'm getting bored." The husky voice said as I looked at Jacob.

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